The winchesters Castiel and Jack were on their way from another hunt

They were driving along the road, but suddenly a portal opened in front of them

Without having time to react, the Impala drove into the portal, which then closed

The Impala found itself in the middle of a village, where the inhabitants began to stare at it

"What the hell," Dean Said

- I don't know, but judging by the fact that we entered the portal, we were in another world

I see Ah that OK need to simply go back Jack let's go, open portal-Said Dean and withdrew from Impala, and the rest followed him

Jack pointed at the place where the portal was and tried to open a new portal, but it did not work

"Jack what's the matter?" asked Sam

"I don't know, I'm trying to open the portal, but I can't seem to get anything in the way

"I see what it means that we're stuck here," Dean Said

"Looks like it," CAS Said

"And I feel as if my strength has weakened

"Maybe that's why you can't open the portal," Sam Said

"Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but can I ask who you are?" Asked a man with makeup like a clown, but dressed in very expensive clothes

The man was flanked by two maids, one with pink hair and bangs that covered her left eye

The other maid had blue hair and bangs that covered her right eye

"Sam Dean is a demon," Cass Said when He sensed the demonic nature of the maids

What-said the Winchesters warily

"Oh, how did you know my maids were demons –" the man Asked, but got no answer

"Well, it doesn't matter, but don't worry, they may be demons, but they won't hurt you

"Well, what do you want?" asked Dean

- As I understand from your interesting transport you are not local – Said the man and looked closely at the Impala

"Well, let's say," Sam Said

"And I think you're in a difficult position, so I'd like to offer you my help

"Why would you do that?" asked Dean

- I will offer, you help in exchange that you will help me with one business-the man Answered

"What's the case?" asked Sam

"The one I'm looking after hasn't returned yet, though she should have, so could you bring her to me and I'll help you settle in

The winchesters considered the man's offer

"We'll move back," Dean Said, and they all moved back to the Impala so the man and the maids couldn't hear them

I think this is a good idea since we are stuck, we need help here-Sam Said, deciding to accept the man's offer since they were in a difficult situation

"Maybe you're right, but what if it's a trap," Dean Said, not trusting the man

"If it turns out to be a trap, we'll get out of it

OK, I agree-said Dean and together with all returned to the man

- We agree

- Well by the way, I never introduced myself, my name is Roswal L. Mathers, and my maids are RAM and REM - roswal Introduced himself and introduced his maids

I'm Dean Winchester this is my brother Sam-Introduced Dean themselves and Sam

This is Castiel, but can be simply CAS-Introduced Dean CAS

"I'm an angel of the Lord," CAS Said, surprising Roswal and the maids

- Wow angel interesting Frames and Remus asked not to interfere with Castiel Said Roswell and gave the order to the maids

"Yes, Monsieur Rosval," said the maids in unison

And this is Jack-said Dean and introduced Jack

- Hi – said Hello to Jack and smiled

- All right, so where do we find the one you're looking after

"You can easily find her, she has silver hair and is half-elven

Here is and still hold map, on it you will leave in the capital, in which she now lie-Said Rozval and handed Dean map

"All right, we're on our way," Dean Said

Dean got behind the wheel of the Impala and Sam got in the passenger seat

CAS and Jack sat in the back

Sam I will drive, and you tell me where to go-said Dean and handed Sam the map

"Let's go," Sam Said, and studied the map

The Impala set off, and Rosval and the maids watched it go.