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Summary: For Frodo Baggins, rejection was something he got used to. Trying fanfiction, Frodo finds himself meeting new friends. But what happens when the ghost of his true love follows him around? How will he cope with just a ghost of his true love? Will it drive him mad? Sequel to 'Frodo's Escape'.

Opening Song for Fanfic: 2019 Tolkien movie song, "The TCBS".


Welcome to the fifth part of my Classic Literature Chronicles, part of my Prelude Series and my Long Series. :)

I know I started this mini-series out of order, but that was because I really wanted to get to Frodo's part in this mini-series. I'll get to the other parts soon. But I really wanted to see how Frodo got to a certain point, and how Melody Corner came to be.

So, it's interesting seeing where this Long Series takes me and everyone as well. :)

Enjoy! :)



Frodo Baggins' work, about his true love Melody Corner, was rejected. Over and over again, Frodo kept getting more rejection letters.

He was better off writing fanfiction, they said. Well, then that's what he would do.

Frodo was considered taller than some and fairer than others. He was a perky chap with a bright eye and had rosy cheeks. He had soft, thick, curly, dark brown hair on his head and his feet. He had lighter-than-usual skin, thanks to the Fallohide blood on his mother's side. His ears were pointy, resembling his hobbit features that he still carried with him to this day.

He was eighteen years old and had been, ever since he left his storybook in 1940. He hadn't aged and his age hadn't aged. He was a character, but a living, breathing character, living on an In-Between Earth, parallel to the one he just left years ago.

He wore a velvet waistcoat, a velvet jacket, velvet breeches, tan suspenders, and a white dress shirt. Because of this apparel, it wasn't hard for anyone to guess that he came from a simpler time, or so they say. He was beside himself with worry, for at times he found himself unable to do much with his apparel, which he often found himself sewing new clothes for himself.

He considered himself a tailor and a cook, for he could do both without a hitch. Naturally skilled in these two vocations managed to get him to work at a tailor's shop and a bakery, both of which he gave up.

His money had come with him, since he left his book. He had so much money to spare, since his adventure of a lifetime. He didn't know what to do with it. Well, he could do whatever he wanted and still be rich.

It was just… he needed a person in his lifetime who he could talk to, who he could get to know and love. That was the reason he created Melody Corner. Well, maybe he didn't create her, but the very thought of her being as broken as he was sent shivers up his spine.

He wanted her! He wanted to get to know her, to learn from her. It was the best thing he could do. He just had to see her.

And so, after reading his latest rejection letter from a local publisher, Frodo brought his manuscript to Raulin Clarke's office, disturbing the poor man while he was working.

"I say! What is the meaning of this?" Raulin asked, closing the door.

Frodo rushed into Raulin's office, delighted with his own news. "I'd like you do something for me."

Raulin nodded. "Yes."

Merlin entered the room, youthful as ever. "Ah! I see our intrepid adventurer returns. My, my, I must say, Frodo, you don't look an age over fifty."

Frodo stopped and looked at him. He was serious. "Fifty? I'm eighteen. I'm not fifty. Even if I was, the last thing I want to do is re-enter my story."

Raulin raised his hands in the air. "Yes, I understand that."

Frodo gulped, passing the manuscript over to Raulin. "I need you to do something for me. I'd like to bring Melody Corner into this world. She's my true love."

Raulin stared at the manuscript in wonder. He looked at Frodo, admitting, "You want to bring your true love here? She may still be living on another Earth, in another time." He shook his head, passing the manuscript back to Frodo. "I'm sorry, Frodo. I cannot do that."

"Why not? You brought me back!" Frodo exclaimed, approaching Raulin, as the wizard sat down at his writing desk. "Why not bring Melody into this Earth? It'd be the least you can do."

"Frodo, she'd be a shadow in your life. An invisible being not yet here. Are you sure you want to do this?" Raulin asked Frodo, cupping his forehead.

Frodo nodded several times. "Come on. What's stopping you? I need to know if this will work. Please. I'll do anything. I'm just desperate."

Raulin extended his hand, "Hand it over here. Let me take a look." Frodo handed him the manuscript, leaving Raulin chuckling. "You're a good writer, you know. Quite good."

"I know I wrote a history book in Middle-earth. This time it was for fun, for pleasure. I quite enjoyed it," Frodo said with a warm-hearted smile.

Raulin stood up, leaving the manuscript on the writing desk, "Here. I'll see what I can do." He observed the manuscript, checking to make sure he had Melody Corner's name right. "Ah ha! Here she is! Here's her description! Now, let me see what I can do!" He stuck his hand into the manuscript, causing a white light to surge through the paper. He moved his hand up, causing the light to show itself off into full force.

"That's it! You're doing it," Merlin said, helping him with the spell.

"Now, for the finaltouches!" Raulin grunted, keeping the white light steady. At last, he released the light into the air.

"Yes! It's working! You're doing it!" Frodo said, delighted to see Melody come out in the flesh.

Melody's eyes turned blue-green, while her hair was dark brunette, curly and wavy at the ends. Her skin was pale, while her features were fair. She was dressed in a pink shirt, delicate and fair with flowers on it, while she wore blue jeans, white socks, and brown shoes.

Melody looked up at Frodo, saying to him in a light voice, "Frodo? Eh…" She leaned her head back, vanishing in the white light until the white light returned to the page.

"No!" Frodo rushed over to the manuscript, seeing the white light evade on it, before evaporating.

Raulin observed his hands, trembling fiercely, "I failed. I never fail!"

"There's always a first time. Magic can be tricky, Raulin," Merlin said, patting Raulin's shoulder.

"No. Where did she go? Where is she, Merlin? Raulin?" Frodo asked, facing the two wizards. Pity and angst filled his eyes. They failed to bring Melody Corner to life. "Where is she?" he shouted, knowing then, all was lost.


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