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Summary: For Frodo Baggins, rejection was something he got used to. Trying fanfiction, Frodo finds himself meeting new friends. But what happens when the ghost of his true love follows him around? How will he cope with just a ghost of his true love? Will it drive him mad? Sequel to 'Frodo's Escape'.

Warning! This chapter is Rated T for mild sensual content.



Frodo set his hardbound book on his bed. It was finished. The second book in his series was finished. Now, onto the third book and finding out whether Melody would survive for what was to come.

All this talk of a War. A War which seemed to progress in Phases… it made no sense.

Frodo sighed. If only there was a way for him to find out more about this War and whether or not it was actually happening.

Hmm. He wondered…

…a note appeared out of a white light, landing on his bed, right where his book was located. Frodo picked up the note, reading it to himself, as he sat back down on the bed.


Ditch your girlfriend. She appears to be a ghost, but the way you've written her makes her a grey character!

Ditch her now, or I'm sending Eretria in to clean up your mess.

I hope you've realized what you've done. Because what you did, right before you published your first fanfiction story, caused a massive ripple effect.

We may not be the only ones surviving. Voices are coming and they're interfering with our plans, unless we become Voices, too.

Sending you updates. Don't be late.



Druid of Paranor, the Druid's Keep

The Four Lands

"Ditch her?" Frodo sneered. "Why would I do that to my Melody?" He set the note down, rubbing his eyes in an effort to stay awake.

The last thing he wanted to do was ditch Melody. Didn't this Allanon understand that? Unless he was an upcoming character, then Frodo would have matters to attend to.

Frodo grunted at the thought. "A new character telling me what to do?" He sneered with glee, "I would never!"

The door burst open. Frodo stood up, greeted by a woman with long dark hair and brown eyes. Her fair features were unquenchable. And yet, she was donned in a grey-green shirt, a brown leather jacket, green pants, and black boots.

On her belt were a series of weapons, mostly daggers. She rushed towards Frodo, grappling him against the wall, and pointing her dagger at Frodo's throat.

Frodo looked at her, amused at what she was doing. She was pretty. Frodo could tell. But she was also deadly. What was she doing here?

"What are you doing here?" Frodo asked.

"Never mind that," the woman said, fiercely. "I'm Eretria. This may be the last time we see each other."

"Eretria, I like it. It makes you sound unique, seeing as how you want to kill me," Frodo said, grunting as she moved her dagger's blade against Frodo's throat.

"You have something. I want it," Eretria said.

"I don't know what you're talking about—" Frodo closed his eyes. Her pressure with the dagger against his throat was relenting. Surely, she could let him go. "—I'm not a threat to you."

"On the contrary, you are a threat," Eretria said, releasing him. Frodo massaged his throat, as Eretria searched his bedroom for the two books, which she found. "As I understand it, Raulin Clarke is the one who set you free from your own story. Well, he did that to me, too." She faced him, hotly. "And now, you plan on bringing people from other Earths to our Character Earths?" Eretria shook her head, telling him, "I don't know why you plan on doing this. It's reckless. It breaks a lot of laws. All for the sake of meeting a young girl, or so I hear."

"She's not a threat to you either. I don't know why you would think she is," Frodo said.

Eretria gulped. "On the contrary, she is. She's a grey character, you say. Neither hero or villain."

"She's more of one than the other. Why do you ask?" Frodo asked, intrigued.

Eretria nodded. "I want in, too. I want to be with her when she goes amnesiac."

"Amnesiac?" Frodo asked, startled. He shook his head. "No. I couldn't do that to her."

"Well, Allanon's going to do that, before the 90s show up. She's become part of the real world and we'll still be here. Characters." She huffed, sneering at the last word. "Allanon wants to make sure she has a good life, whether or not she's with us. We'll always be with her, but I want to make sure that I'm in her life, too. It's for her own good."

Frodo walked towards his bed, as Eretria looked at him in interest.

"It's a cycle we're going through. You say the War came to you. I want in. I want to know what is going on within your story. It breaks a lot of rules, but that's why its brilliant. Writers make rules to break them, don't they?" Eretria said, interested.

Frodo faced her, determined. "So, you threatening me… what was that about?"

Eretria smirked. "It's my way of greeting you."

"Yeah? So, threatening me is the only way you'll greet me. That's rich, coming from you," Frodo said, impressed.

"How else was I supposed to give an entry. Allanon, too. We're the new characters, and you are old school, even though you haven't aged a day. You're what? Eighteen?" Eretria asked, jokingly. "I'm kidding. But I do want in."

"You're mad. Why would I help you out? You tried to kill me a moment ago," Frodo implied, worriedly.

"Because you need me and I need you. And if this works, you'll be a legend, not just to the real world, but to the characters as well. You started a revolution and I want to see it through to the end," Eretria said, impressed.

"So, this is a warm greeting?" Frodo said, calming down.

"Whatever you want," Eretria said. Frodo chuckled, beside himself with wonder. Eretria placed her hands on her hips, sheathing her dagger, "I say we make a good team then. Don't we, Frodo Baggins? See? Told you you're already a legend. I'm very impressed with your fanfics. Keep writing. I want more info on the War." She walked out of the room, leaving Frodo perplexed.

"Yes, of course. Whatever you'd like," Frodo said, hating that he had to make his true love amnesiac. But it had to be done, right?


Frodo made his way to his flat's balcony.

There, standing on the balcony, was his true love. Her curly, wavy, dark brunette hair flowed with the wind. She was dressed in a white shirt with beads at the bottom. She was also dressed in blue jean shorts, as well as white socks, and brown dress shoes.

She was exquisite, but drifting off into a dream world, Frodo had to admit.

He sighed, realizing what he had to do.

He made his way out to the balcony, standing next to his beloved Melody, as a white light engulfed her and returned her to the present state.

He looked at the white light, seeing another face come through it. The white light nodded to Frodo, almost as if whispering in his ear to do the thing he should have done when Allanon requested it.

Frodo hated this part. He hated what he had to do.

He looked at Melody, smiling at her. "It's quiet, isn't it?"

"It's not bad," Melody said, somber. "I wish it didn't have to come to this. We'll be together. I know it. I just don't know when that will be, before I'm completely whole. Before I remember everything about my life, and the previous lives to come…" She was interrupted by Frodo, who placed his hand on top of her head.

Frodo shushed her, embracing her and he fell into the white light with her. They stayed that way for a good couple of minutes, not letting the other go. Frodo held onto her tightly, making sure his powers were working.

He closed his eyes, engulfing himself in the white light with her, as the white light finished the spell.

It was set. The stories could go on, but where Frodo could handle Melody's story on his end, Melody would handle his story on her end. They would write fanfiction together, while being apart and only catching glimpses of each other.

Frodo let out a sigh, as the white light evaporated. Frodo was on the same balcony, but Melody was back to being a ghost to him, an invisible being who he could catch glimpses of out of the corner of his eye.

Just as he would do for her in return, so they would never be alone. Where they could touch each other, and still be frightened of each other. Where everything would be okay, in the position they were in.

Frodo looked at the balcony, at Melody with understanding. For Melody knew this had to happen.

"It's all right. I may not remember everything away from this Earth, but I do remember everything that transpired here in these Character Earths, as well as elsewhere in the Universe," Melody's ghost said, coming in and out as glimpses.

"Then we both knew what had to be done," Frodo nodded.

"I'll always be a spirit to you," Melody said. "Just as you are to me."

Frodo nodded. "Just as I am to you." He repeated.

Melody nodded. "I'm sorry, Frodo. The story must go on. And who knows. Our journeys have only just begun."

Frodo sighed. "Then I'll see you in the 90s then."

Melody nodded. "Maybe before then."

"What?" Frodo asked, smiling.

"I'll see you soon," Melody vanished, but she wasn't entirely gone. Frodo jumped when Melody wrapped her arms around his chest.

Frodo chuckled, enjoying himself, "You like doing that, don't you? It's so awkward!"

"Hmm. But it's fun," Melody said with a sigh. "We've got a lot of work to do. Let's get to it. Together."

"Together," Frodo said, managing to kiss her hand, when she let him. Frodo sighed. Yes, this was worth it. For now. Oh, what could he do next? Hmm. That was a good question.