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Summary: For Frodo Baggins, rejection was something he got used to. Trying fanfiction, Frodo finds himself meeting new friends. But what happens when the ghost of his true love follows him around? How will he cope with just a ghost of his true love? Will it drive him mad? Sequel to 'Frodo's Escape'.


This is the last chapter for this fanfic. :')


Frodo sat in a corner of Melody's classroom, pondering over a lot of things. He watched her from where she sat. Ah, Melody was only a little girl. Eight years old, and yet Frodo kept watch of her to make sure she didn't miss anything.

He smirked to see her play with her friends, but also felt as sad when she was bullied. She wasn't getting treated fairly, but that didn't mean everything was at a total loss.

Frodo made his way to her tiny desk. The desk was simply too big for her to sit in. She was the hobbit of her classmates, as small as she was, but in a way Frodo was happy. There was some hobbit in her after all.

He neared her desk, watching the teacher write some cursive writing. A thought crept across Melody's mind, one that Frodo would treasure always: I can get into this. Maybe I will start writing, become a writer.

Frodo pressed his hand against her shoulder, being gentle with her. He whispered in her ear, for only her ears to hear, "I doubt you will ever stop writing. You'll love it, eventually. No matter how hard it is, I know you will do well. I know you, because I created you." He patted her shoulder, telling her, "We'll be reunited soon. I promise."

And Frodo would keep that promise.


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