Belle went into Gaston's bar to get some alcohol for her father. It is rare that she is in here but when she is she is helping her father.

"The usual Belle?" asks the barkeep.

"Something a little stronger he hurt himself majorly this time," says Belle.

She takes out the money and hands it to him along with some tips to help his children out with their lessons.

"Thank you, remember no one knows," says the barkeep.

"Of course," says Belle.

He goes into the back to get the strongest he can give her without doing damage to Maurice. Belle sits on the stool reading ignoring everyone in the bar especially Gaston. Gaston is drunk as always showing off his muscles bragging that he can beat everyone in town. He brags about his muscles installing fear into anyone from trying.

"There is a difference between being afraid of someone because of their height and what their muscles look like isn't strength Gaston," says Belle.

This draws the attention of the bar to her. Gaston gets up from his chair and carries a table full of the triplets over to her.

"Excuse me? But do you not see how much I can weigh?" asks Gaston.

Belle flips through the book not even looking up.

"Yes, that isn't what I mean. Thre is the strength you install in your body and strength in your words and the brain. You lack in the area of the brains," says Belle without missing a beat.

"Oooo" says the whole bar.

"What does that mean?!" demands Gaston.

She sighs and closes her book that she's reading looking him in the eye.

"What I mean Gaston is that where you use your muscles to install fear into others. This thinking that you are strong. Where it is no question that you are strong in the body you lack common sense or any sense at all. You have told me all the time that you eat eggs every morning, correct?" asks Belle.

"Yes that is how I am so strong, I'm glad you have noticed Belle on how I do my daily routine are you that fascinated by me?" asks Gaston.

"No, it's the fact that I have heard you boast about that since we were children to the point of annoyance. Do you even know what "fascinated" means?" asks Belle.

Gaston thinks about that for a minute and smiles getting closer to her.

"You are obsessed with me," says Gaston.

Belle rolls her eyes and picks up the jug of liquor that is brought up to her.

"No, the word fascinated actually means: 'strongly attracted and interested to something or someone', Which I am neither interested or attracted to you," says Belle.

She gets up and starts to walk out of the bar.

"What does it matter that I don't know what a word means?"

"That is why I am stronger than you in many ways. There is more than one way to get strong. Do get some rest Gaston, good night everyone," says Belle.

"Good night Belle!" says the people in the bar.

Everyone spends the rest of the night making fun of Gaston. Gaston grumbles not taking it at all. The next morning he pounds on Belle's door. Belle answers it not amused when she is about to do the house chores for the day.

"Good morning Gaston," says Belle.

"I've been thinking about what you said at the bar," says Gaston.

"What conclusion have you came too?" asks Belle.

"That I am challenging you to a strength contest!" says Gaston.

She looks at him confused not liking where this is going.

"What kind of strength contest?"

"A wrestling match, this time next week no holds bar!" says Gaston.

Belle sighs even more confused on how he got "there is more to strength then bronze" to challenge her to a wrestling match.

"That isn't even close to what you were supposed to get from that, I politely decline your challenge," says Belle.

She goes to do her chores but Gaston doesn't let up. He tells her that she doesn't have a choice that it was because she embarrassed him in the bar that she has too. She informs him that it was that information right there is why he wasn't understanding what she was saying yesterday. LaFou chimes in that he thought this was a bad idea and there were better ways to show his strength to her. Gaston ignores him and makes it clear that Belle has no choice in the matter. She sighs finally agreeing to it. After he leaves she finishes her chores and then takes care of her dad's arm that he injured yesterday. She didn't want to worry her father more than he already would have been. She cleans his arm and promises to do the shopping and not just look for books all day. She takes the workshop key letting him know of it before heading out the door. She does the shopping then looks for books on bulking up her muscles knowing the way she is she won't stand a chance and wouldn't be any help to Maurice if she didn't bulk up and take this seriously. She heard people talking in town about her about this match but she ignored them, she didn't want to do this in the first place. She goes home and studies up before the next day in between her chores she starts bulking up she even eats more eggs than usual but she gets really discouraged when she sees Gaston move a cart with the triplets and LaFou by himself. She thinks about this and decides to take this another way. She will indeed fight Gaston but not in the way he is wanting.

The week is up and Maurice is feeling a lot better so she gives the key to the cellar, which doubles as his workshop.

"I'm going into town I will be back later Papa. The chickens have been taken care of and there is food in the kitchen when you get hungry," says Belle.

"Alright be safe," says Maurice.

He gives his daughter a hug and goes down to the cellar. She smiles and goes to the town where she sees some wheelbarrows and some places where she could get an easy blow on Gaston but doesn't know if she can get him into it but will try. The town backs up but stays in town where they can still sell match snacks from the boxes. The two walk up to each other.

"I see you haven't bulked up enough to fight me," says Gaston.

"I have as you say: 'bulked up' but not as much as you please, I see," says Belle.

Gaston rolls his eyes and takes off his jacket throwing it to LaFou.

"Lafou count it," says Gaston.

"I don't know if this is a good idea, she's a girl and dainty at that. You could do someBelledamage to her," says LaFou.

"Count it this woman needs to learn her place!" says Gaston.

Lafou gives Belle a look of apology before clearing his voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I give you the challenge literally no one thought would happen! Belle versus Gaston! Brains and Beauty versus Brawn and Handsomeness…" says LaFou.

They all cheer for Gaston which Belle expected.

"Kick her butt Gaston, send her back to the kitchen!" yells a stranger.

"Go Gaston Go!" cheers the triplets.

Gaston cracks his neck and goes to swing at Belle, Belle backs up and moves trying to get behind him but Gaston takes her ankle pulling her to the ground he goes to pull her under him to pin her and get it over with. She uses her spare leg to kick him up in the jaw making him let go of the other leg. She uses both legs sending a double kick into his chest. She flips him over knowing that she can't pin him at that moment. She backs up behind him and lets him get to his feet. He starts to turn to look for her but she sidesteps behind him with every movement. She pushes a barrel and he trips over it landing into some fish.

"Gaston! You owe me for every fish your mouth landed on!" says the fish seller.

"Yeah yeah," says Gaston.

He spits out a big fish and pushes three to the ground. The fish seller counts that as four fish from Gaston. Gaston ignores him and goes to swing at Belle again covered in water and ice. Belle uses this to her advantage. She grabs his arm at the wrist and forearm swinging his slick body into a barrel. The weight of his body hit into a wall as well making a sign hit into him. This making him dizzy, she pulls him down to the ground and starts pinning him to the ground. LaFou is starstruck but runs over to the two and does the count. Belle wins just as Gaston wakes up. She dusts herself off and straightens her hair.

"As I said Gaston there is more to strength than brawn."

She leaves going back home to check on Maurice leaving the whole town starstruck that she actually won.

The End