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In this story, everyone is 16 and sophomores in High School

It wasn't a super hot or humid day, temperatures were starting to climb, but being outside was a dream for Phineas. He loved sitting under the huge oak tree in his backyard with his brother and closest friend, Ferb. They seemed to have their best ideas come to them under this very tree, but today, something seemed... off. Something was gonna change today, but Phineas had no idea what it was.

Meanwhile, at the Garcia-Shapiro household, Isabella was finishing up a painting she had been working on for a week now. It was a painting of her one true love, Phineas Flynn. Ever since she was little, she had had a huge crush on Phineas, and no matter how much she tried to show him, he seemed so oblivious when it came to her feelings. She had started to give up, and this painting was supposed to be a symbolic last act of putting her heart into him and just accepting that he was her best friend, and that is all it would ever be.

As she was finishing up this painting, she heard a moving truck in the front yard. "Who could that be?" she asked herself out loud. Upon a closer inspection, she found that there was a girl who looked around her age moving into the house next door.

"Mom, do you know who's moving in next door?" she called to her mom, who was cooking downstairs.

"No darling, why don't you bring over a plate of these cookies I just made as a housewarming gift?" her mother responded with a smile.

"Okay, mom! Be back in a second" Isabella smiled and walked out the door with the cookies. She came to the house next door and walked up to the door. It almost seemed like the days when she would go house to house and sell Fireside Girl cookies, so she wasn't very nervous when it came to this stuff. She heard a latch unlocking and put on her best smile. The door opened to a girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes, smiling happily and glad that she wasn't the only teenage girl in the neighborhood.

"Hiya! My name is Isabella! My family and I live next door, and we wanted to give you these cookies as a housewarming gift." she exclaimed.

"Hi! I'm Emma, we just moved in this morning, but I guess you already knew that..." Emma giggled, "anyways, thanks so much for the cookies! Hey, I know we just met, but, do you think you could maybe show me around? I'm new and I'd like to be a little more familiar with my surroundings so the summer gets off to a good start, you know?"

"I'd love to! Where would you like to go first? We could go to the mall, or walk around downtown, or meet some other people?" Isabella was happy she was going to make a new friend, and maybe, just maybe, this tour would get her mind off of Phineas so she could start to get over him.

"I'd love to check out the mall, if that's okay with you?"

"Sounds like a plan! I have to finish something real fast, but you can come over and we can talk a little before we go?"

"That sounds perfect to me! Mom, can I go to the mall with Isabella?" she called to the kitchen.

"Making friends already, I see? Of couse, just be home by 10 please!" a sweet voice, who Isabella assumed was her mom, replied.

"Awesome! Let's roll!" Emma laughed and they ran to Isabella's house.

-In the Flynn-Fletcher Backyard-

"Hey Ferb, I'm having a bit of a mind block. Any ideas for what we should do today?" Phineas asked his brother, who wasn't very talkative. Ferb shook his head and shrugged. "Oh. Okay. Hey I wonder where Isabella is... she's usually here by now."

Phineas was confused. He hadn't seen Isabella for a week since they were out of town with her family in New Mexico, and she hadn't really responded to any of his texts, except for a few dry responses. He didn't know why, but he felt kind of hurt. He missed her eyes, her smile, and her little catchphrase that would always pop into his mind at the most random times. What was wrong with him?

Just then, the back door slid open.

"Phineas! Ferb! What are you guys- wait what are you doing? Usually you're halfway done with your crazy contraption by now..." his sister, Candace, asked him. She was now 21 and in college, but she was visiting back home for the summer. She had mellowed out a little from when they were kids, but not by much.

"Hi Candace..." Phineas mumbled and went back into thought.

"Is he okay..?" Candace asked Ferb and after receiving yet another shrug from Ferb, walked over to Phineas.

"What's wrong bud?" she seemed genuinely concerned. She hadn't seen him this upset in a long time.

"Candace, I honestly don't know. Nobody comes over anymore. It's like we lost all of our friends. Buford is visiting family in Maine, Baljeet is at GeometryCamp, and Isabella doesn't really talk to me anymore. Does she hate me? I mean I don't think I did anything... did I?" Phineas was really distraught and Candace decided she was going to get to the bottom of it.