Quick note before I start this, I'm running out of ideas for this particular story so my next story/series is going to be MOSTLY fluffy bc im just out of adventurous ideas at the moment, so I'm gonna work on my ability to write the cute stuff a little better! Yes, this will be the last chapter of this book, but it will most likely be kind of long so I can wrap it up.

The kids entered the gate to find mountains and mountains of glittering gold shining in the candlelit rock crevice. There was a small path leading down to the base. Phineas went first, stepping softly with every step he took. He looked around to find smaller caves filled with small yellow eyes and every now and then, heard soft fluttering noises.

"Alright everyone, we have to be careful. It looks very dangerous, and we don't know what's in here." he warned.

With every step each of them took, a few small rocks plummeted down the cave and onto the stone floor that was very far down. Phineas made sure to tell everyone to walk on the side farthest away from the edge.

Ferb looked at him with a confused look. "Like we don't know how to walk on a steep path..." he whispered to Baljeet. Then, he heard more rumbling from the back of the line. They all turned around to see Buford walking on the edge.

"What are you doing?" Phineas hissed.

"Showing you that it's not that dangerous!" he said, then went back to the safe side.

"Try not to accidentally kill yourself, mkay? What the heck would we tell your parents? You got sucked into a simulator and died? They wouldn't believe that!"

Buford scoffed and continued walking behind the rest of them. Soon, they reached the base of the mountain, where a dragon lay sleeping behind the piles of gold.

"Whoa, how did we not see that thing?" Buford said, and the group quickly shushed him.

Phineas studied the creature, noticing that it was made of almost solid gold. "Baljeet, what's my task again?"

Baljeet flipped to the back of the book, where he found the last task had appeared on the very last page. "All you have to do is defeat the dragon." he whimpered.

"D-defeat? As in, kill it?" he stuttered.

"I guess so..." Baljeet replied.

All of a sudden, a wave of warm air rushed over them.

"U-um... I-I think y-you s-should look over t-there..." Emma whispered, and Phineas turned around to see the ferocious beast towering above him.

"Well, crap." he said, as the dragon roared and it echoed through the caves full of gold. Some of the piles of gold started to fall and almost crush them, but they ran for their lives back up the path to the entrance to the cave. Phineas had stayed behind to fight the dragon in order to hopefully save his friends.

He yelled and started to run around, causing the dragon to knock over even more piles of gold. Finally, as he was starting to get exhausted, he realized that there was a rock on a ledge right above where the dragon was standing, and there was a path that led to it. He motioned to his friends the rock and the path and they somehow understood.

"You two stay here and guard the entrance, and Baljeet, Buford and I will go and push the rock off of the ledge." Ferb said with a commanding voice.

"Bu-" Emma started.

"It's too dangerous. Please, just stay here. I'm not letting you get hurt." he said, embracing her and then running down the path to the huge boulder.

Back down in the labryinth, Phineas was trying to get the monster in place for the rock, so he came out from his hiding spot and ran towards the area where the rock would fall. The dragon was nearing the spot, so Phineas shouted, "NOW!" and the boys pushed the rock.

But Phineas wasn't out of the spot. He had tripped over a gold coin and fallen, and instead of just the dragon getting crushed by the rock, it had landed on him as well.

Isabella looked down through the cloud of dust, and saw the fallen dragon. She cheered at first, but when the dust cleared, all of the kids gasped.

"W-where's Phineas?" Isabella cried.

"No... this can't be happening!" Emma screamed, hugging Izzy and trying to comfort her, while the boys went down to see what happened.

The girls ran down with them and they sat down, crying.

Ferb could feel hot tears running down his face. This couldn't be happening. After all that had happened to them, he had died. Why was this simulation so hard? He should have said no to the simulator. This stuff only happens in movies, and it was dangerous to even attempt that. He felt himself getting angry, but the only thing that came out were tears and long sobs. He sat, curled up in a little ball, with his head in his arms that were hugging his legs.

Emma noticed that he was crying as well, and she asked Baljeet to come help comfort Izzy while she tended to Ferb. At this point, all 5 kids were bawling on the floor next to the dead dragon and brother.

They all cried, but then Ferb heard a familiar voice. "I'm still here!"

"It's as if I can still hear his voice." Ferb sighed.

"No, Ferb! Look!" Phineas said, tapping him on the shoulder. "I guess we have multiple lives! And look, we just defeated the dragon, so all that's left to do is to get out of this horrid place!" Phineas said.

The gang stood in shock at their newly arisen friend.

"PHINEAS! YOU'RE BACK!" they all yelled, embracing their friend in a group hug.

Phineas had never felt so much love in his life. He realized then how much this simulation had brought them closer as friends, and even in some cases, as more than friends.

"I love you all. More than you know." he cried, and then all 6 were back in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard in front of the rogue simulator.

"Look, we did it! We made it back home!" Phineas exclaimed with delight, and all the kids laid out under the tree in relaxation.

After they had finished relaxing from their traumatic experience, they looked up to find the simulators gone.

"And good riddance!" Emma said, and the gang laughed.

"Anyone want pie?" Linda called from the back door.

"Yes. Yes we do!" Phineas laughed and they all rushed inside for a snack.

"I haven't eaten in ages!" Buford said, inhaling his slice of pie.

"It's been the longest few days EVER!" Baljeet said.

"Well, I can tell you, I'm never taking Danville for granted ever again!" Isabella laughed, and they sat in happiness as they realized that they were happy just where they were.

A few hours later, Phineas and Isabella had decided to go to the movies on a date.

"You know, even though we were stuck in a creepy simulation, I'm kind of happy it happened. We wouldn't be as close as we are now." she said as they walked to the theater.

"You know what, Izzy? You're right. But the one thing I have learned is that I'm never letting you out of my sight!" He laughed and embraced her in a bear hug.

"Oh, Phineas, what would I ever do without you?" she smiled, and melted into his hug.

The End