The day was a sunny winters day in New York, with blistering cold and an icy wind. Yet despite these condition that had most people on Long Island comfortably in their homes huddled together under blankets, a small congregation of people stood at the sea where the waves lay flat and no current was streaming.

The group arrived to lay to rest one Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, twice Saviour of Olympus. Percy Jackson managed to do the impossible, he lived a long life full of happiness after the long wars in his youth.

A few people spoke words. Annabeth, his wife of 56 years made a short and simple speech how both thought they would never make it to their age and made known her sadness but also the hope that soon, they will be together forever again.
The next speaker was his only surviving friend from youth; Thalia Grace. Still 15 years and 364 days old, she speaks of the old days with her (now extinct) male friends and companions. That she hopes he is where he deserves to be; which causes Poseidon and a few other Gods to look pointedly at Hades who simply nodded his head in confirmation of eternal Elysium.
After a decidedly long speech from the King of the Gods himself, almost killing the remaining mortals with boredom, the funeral procession lit the pyre below the old body and watched as the flames consumed him. Soon, only the ashes remained and a small tombstone stood were the pyre was lit. It simply read "Perseus "Percy" Jackson; Hero, Husband. He did the impossible".

Annabeth, her two children and 3 grandchildren left the scene quickly to get into the warmth, knowing they will return at a date more comfortable.

The present Gods flashed away; Hermes and Apollo to find solace in the arms of some girls to get over the loss of a demigod they both respected and saw as a friend. Artemis flashed herself and Thalia back to the hunters who currently resided in Yellowstone National Park. The presence of the goddess of the moon was unexpected though Artemis didn't fathom why; she honoured a warrior she respected and who always respected her and maidens. Few males could call the honour to have received the respect of the Huntress.
Zeus, finally relieved of his duty disappeared without another thought wasted on the upstart demigod with his wife, while Athena remained for a few more moments and nooded her respect to the tombstone. Hestia, donning her brown plain dress for a black one soon followed her niece to find solace in the hearth.

Only one God remained. The God of the Seas stood there alone. His favourite child, one whom he held and now buried and one whom he cherished above all else. He was reminded by the heartbreak to be a God, watching your children live and die.

He raised his head to thank the fates for Perseus Jackson and in a cloud of sea water disappeared back into his kingdom.

High above in a secluded area only known to very few, three sisters sat on what appeared to be a giant string of wool. The three fates finally cut the life of Perseus Jackson. "Perseus Jackson, rest well. You were our masterpiece". And with that, the string was no more.