Superman: Hero of Tomorrow

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"You cannot ignore these facts! It's suicide! No, it's worse. It's genocide! I tell you that Krypton will explode!" A man wearing a black body suit shouted at a council. On the man's chest was a white crest in the shape of a diamond with what looked to be an S in the middle of it.

"And I tell you Jor-L, Krypton is merely shifting in its orbit." A councilman said calmly.

"This planet will explode within thirty days, if not sooner." Jor-L said, glaring harshly.

"Jor-L please be reasonable." A different councilman said.

"I've never been otherwise. This madness is your own." Jor-L said darkly.

"Any more talk about this will give us no choice, but to charge you with insurrection and sentence you with life-imprisonment." The head councilman said with a note of finality.

"You would charge me of insurrection?" Jor-L asked incredulously. Couldn't the council see that Krypton was doomed? Couldn't they see past their pride to realize that they could be wrong about Krypton only shifting in its orbit?

"Has it now become a crime to cherish life?" Jor-L asked, saddened by the fact the council was so stubborn.

"Will you abide by the council's decision?" The head councilman asked as everyone stood to leave the room.

"I will remain silent." Jor-L said after a moment of thought. He then turned his back as though he intended to head back to his home.

"Neither I, nor my wife, will leave Krypton." Jor-L added as he took his leave.

A few days later Jor-L was preparing a small space ship with many pipes and tubes as Lara walked in holding their son, Kal-L in red, blue, and yellow swaddling clothes. She wished that they didn't have to do this. Kal-L was their child. Why couldn't he stay with them?

"It's the only way Lara." Jor-L said as if he could read her mind, which was close to what he could do since they had been married for years. This did not quell the tears in Lara's eyes.

"If he stays here with us, his fate will be the same as ours." Jor-L said sadly but firmly.

"But why Earth, Jor-L? They're primitives. They're at least 200,000 years behind us." Lara protested for the tenth time that week.

"He'll need that advantage in order to survive." Jor-L explained for the tenth time, and Lara accepted it as she placed Kal-L in the ship.

"He'll be so different. So alone." Lara said as she stroked her sleeping son's small patch of black hair.

"His dense molecular structure will make him strong. He'll be fast, nearly invincible, and Earth's yellow sun will cause his body to develop different ocular abilities more advanced than a human's or even our own." Jor-L said as he made the final adjustments to the ship's fuel tank.

"You will travel far, my little Kal-L." Jor-L said as he choked up slightly, and Lara felt the same as she felt tears in her eyes.

"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders." Jor-L said to his infant son, as he took a green box from the control panel and placed it into the ship. He then engaged the ship's system.

25 Years Later

"KENT! KENT! Where is that…" A man with brown hair, roughly in his fifties with his hair graying at the temples, shouted, pacing the floor of his office. Soon enough, a younger man poked his head sheepishly into his office door which read "Perry White: Editor in Chief"

"You wanted to see me, sir?" The young man said. He stood roughly six feet even, though he may have stood a bit taller if he didn't slouch. He wore a dull, almost boring grey suit, with the most color he wore being a pale yellow button up shirt, which looked less yellow upon further inspection and more it was a factory error of some sort that stained it as it was unevenly yellow in places and paler in others. His tie was a simple black, with grey stripes on it. On his face were large glasses, with a reasonably thick glass in them, about as thick as the bottom of a soda bottle, which covered his seemingly dull blue eyes. His black hair was a tossed and tumbled mess, as if he'd just gotten out of bed. He remedied this however, as he tried to smooth it out, which he did… Into a neat and tidy visage that truthfully did nothing to help his overly drab look.

"Oh so good you could show up Clark! I hired you because your a damned fast typist and you got an ear for news, NOT so you can spend all your time chasin' Lane's tail across the office!" White snapped, as he huffed and sat back down at his desk.

"That's not…" Clark tried to speak up, but he was cut off by a file being slammed hard on White's desk.

"This little baby is from a small time rat, who happens to work at the Schott Toy Company as a safety inspector." The chief said as Clark picked up the file and looked at it… And was appalled by what he was reading. Die cast metal parts in toys for toddlers, hard plastics for toy gun ammo, it all sounded like a parent's worst nightmare!

"I want you to go down and corroborate his story, we need to get full details on this before we make a move to publish, otherwise the lawyers will be all over us for slander." White said as Clark still looked horrified.

"How did any of this get past…" The mild mannered reporter asked as White shrugged a bit.

"Before Schott got booted off the board, he had all this set up apparently. Last gag looks like." White said as Clark sat the file down.

"I'll be back before you know it Chief!" Kent said as he went out of the office as Perry smiled, but soon scowled.


In a warehouse, two guards were overseeing a shipment, as large crates were moved in to be locked up and then retrieved at a later date to be disposed of. The box bore the name, "Schott Toys" on the side.

"Man, Bibbo, can you believe how crazy Schott went?" One guard asked as he idly looked over at the last crate being unloaded, waving off the movers who got in their van and drove off for a well deserved break. His partner, a man quite larger than him who had a bit of a beer belly, nodded as he leaned on the crate and stretched a bit.

"Yeah, all those kids gettin' maimed… Gives me the spooks about the guy, I'll tell ya that much Frank." Bibbo said, both of them double checking the place.

"I mean what kind of whackjob loses a company like that, just because he can't get over there's safety guidelines for toys these days?" Frank said as suddenly someone leaped from behind a crate, throwing something at them that tied them up… They looked and saw it was...

"Silly putty?" Bibbo asked as their attacker stepped forward.

"My own personal batch." The assailant said… With a large, ever smiling, doll-like mask over his head. His clothes were a garish ensemble, a striped coat of pink and bright blue, a comically large red bow-tie and clown shoes with baggy pants.

"You want to know why I made my toys like that? It's fun. Kids these days are being denied the joys of life. What's more fun than having a laser pistol that REALLY shoots lasers?" The masked madman said, his voice never raising above a calm, if somewhat jovial tone.

"They think they can fire me?! ME?! I BUILT THAT COMPANY FROM THE GROUND UP! Just because I finally decided to give kids what they WANTED they have the GALL to call me a maniac?! Well… They'll get theirs…" The masked man said as Bibbo realized something.

"What're ya doin' Schott?! Ya can't…" Bibbo was cut off as another piece of "silly putty" was thrown at his mouth to silence him.

"They killed Winslow Schott when they took his company. But everyone's going to remember…. Toyman!" The newly dubbed Toyman shouted as he pulled out a remote control… And all the toys in the various crates broke out the second he pushed a button…. All coming together and morphing into… A giant wind up robot.

"It's play time."

Clark made his way to the Schott Factory, exiting his cab and paying the fair. As he did so his cellphone rang.

"Hey Smallville, Perry said you got the Schott story."

"Yeah, sorry Lois, you weren't back yet from…" Clark began, but stopped when Lois began to chuckle a bit.

"Clark I'm messing with you, Schott's small time. It's not like Luthor got booted out of LexCorp… Now wouldn't that be nice?"

"Hey, Lex isn't THAT bad." Clark said as he entered the building.

"He's just so… Unnerving. I've never met anyone with that fake of a smile, keep it up so long."

"Maybe he's smiling because he's in a legitimately good mood?" Clark said, as he saw the directory for the factory floor and headed down in the elevator for it.

"... Do you have to see the good in everyone?"

"Well I could stop… But you DID say that's one of the reasons you love me so…"

"I don't love the sarcasm right now."

"Sorry, guess you're rubbing off on me… So, if we keep dating and you're rubbing off on me, then I'll be rubbing off on you… And any day now you'll be living your worst nightmare, seeing the good in people." Clark said, laughing a bit as Lois just chuckled on the other end.

"Hate you Smallville."

"Love you too. Be home for dinner?" Clark asked as suddenly he… Heard something rumble in the distance.

"Should be, but… Wait what is…"

Clark could also hear the rumbling, even clearer, on Lois' end. This was not going to be good, whatever it was. In a flash he was out of his clothes, and nothing more than a blue and red blur that shot out of the elevator's escape hatch and up through the elevator shaft and up into the sky.

He was clad in a blue body suit, which stopped at small blue metallic cuffs at his wrists, a pair of red trunks, and a black belt around his waist with red boots that went up to just short of his knees. On his chest was a diamond-like shield symbol, with a yellow outline surrounding a black base with a bright red S in the middle of it. A red cape bellowed behind him, but with an all yellow and black version of the symbol on his chest.

"... Great Scott…" Was all he could say before a blast felled him to the ground, having taken him unawares.

"Superman? I would rather not hurt you, please move." An eerily calm voice spoke out of the robot. Using his x-ray vision, Superman viewed inside and saw a masked man piloting the robot… Pearing past the mask, he saw one…

"Winslow Schott?!" Superman exclaimed as he flew up and saw the way the robot was heading, straight for the toy factory.

"My name is Toyman… And I'm just here to play." The masked maniac said as he fired a missile directly at the factory, Superman catching it, but it broke apart instead of exploding… Into small model airplanes that began to dive bomb the factory, one of them exploding as it hit the building. Quickly using his heat vision, Superman blasted the other planes out of the sky before any more damage could be done.

"That wasn't very nice Superman, breaking my toys… But I forgive you, I always did want to make an action figure for you… Maybe when I'm done, I'll make you one for real…" Toyman said as the robot's eyes began to glow green, which was followed by a blast that knocked Superman to the ground.

"An action figure… Made from your bones." Toyman said as Superman, horribly dazed… Flew headlong into the robot and ripped him from the cockpit, the robot stopping in place.

"NO! NO! NO! THAT'S NOT FAIR! THAT SHOULD HAVE STOPPED YOU! THEY SAID THAT IT WOULD STOP YOU!" Toyman ranted as Superman flew him down to the police that were forming a barricade below to stop oncoming traffic from the would-be-disaster.

"Detective Turpin, he's all yours." Superman said as the older man, looking to be in his mide fifties cuffed the madman who was still ranting and raving.

"Get this guy outta my face." Turpin said as he lit up a cigar, causing Superman to wince a little.

"You know those are…" Superman started, but a blank stare from Turpin made him sigh.

"Right…" He said as Turpin just smirked.

"Yer gonna give yerself a stroke worryin' about everyone so much Supe." The detective said as Superman chuckled.

"I can think of worse ways to go out." Superman said as he looked back up at the robot… Looking inside it with his X-Ray vision to see a lead lined reactor, but given the effect of its beam on him he knew it could only mean one thing.

"When you get him down to the station, you might need to ask him something in particular." Superman said as he sped up to the inactive robot and pulled out the reactor and put it on the back of a disposal crew truck.

"Where'd he get Kryptonite…" Superman said as Turpin looked surprised.

"Hmm… Seems our dear Mr. Schott did have his uses after all. The Kryptonite Reactor was a success." A man, looking to be in his late thirties said as he looked out the window of his high rise office. He was dressed in a dark purple turtleneck, with olive green slacks, with his head completely bald. He turned his head to his office door, his green eyes flicking over to see a rather husky man come in.

"Uh, Mistah Luthor? Would ya like yer lunch now or…" The man said, as he looked rather nervous.

"Oh yes Otis, lunch sounds perfect. The usual please." Luthor said as Otis nodded, smiling nervously as he was about to leave.

"Oh and Otis… I hate to be the bad guy here, but it seems that we didn't QUITE get that shipment to Mr. Schott as… Under the table as we could have. Now I know it's not your fault, you're the hardest little worker I've got. I remember saying to myself, 'Lex, hire this man, he's got an appetite, he's got drive, he's got passion,' so you can see why I was surprised to learn… You let yourself be followed and a security guard saw you make the delivery to Schott.. So Otis, this won't happen again… Will it?" Lex said as Otis audibly gulped.

"N-no Mistah Luthor." Otis said as Lex smiled.

"Good, that's what I like to hear. Go on, lunch won't get itself."

"Kryptonite… How the hell did Schott get his hands on that?" Lois asked as she sat down on the couch with Clark.

"I don't know, it didn't feel… Right though." Clark said as he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes a bit before putting them back on.

"Well yeah, that stuff's like…" Lois began as Clark shook his head.

"No, I mean it didn't feel like it was… Enough to kill me or even take me out really." Clark said as he got up and looked out the window.

"Which means…" Lois thought and hit upon a realization.

"It wasn't meant to kill you... I mean every time Intergang brought it out, they just kinda… Threw it at you." The intrepid reporter said as she went over to her boyfriend's side.

"And this was some kind of weapon… Someone was behind Schott's rampage… Question is who." He said as she looked up at him… Before smiling.

"Well that can wait, because tonight is…" She began before Clark's eyes went wide, and he smiled as he sped them over to the couch and turned on the TV.

"Classic Who binge night!" Clark exclaimed, giddy as can be while Lois laughed.

"Never change Smallville."

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