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Naruto had thought things were over. He had learned a super-hard-secret jutsu, beaten up Mizuki, saved Iruka-sensei and been promoted to genin! He and Iruka had gotten ready to head to the hospital when Naruto sees a faded marking on one of the trees. A marking he had seen in the Forbidden Scroll when he was looking for a cool jutsu to learn.

"Ne, ne, Iruka-sensei! It's that mark again!" He shouts, pointing at it.

Iruka blinks.

"Mark?" He questions, squinting at it.

"Yeah, dattebayo! See, see! It's the one from the scroll!" Naruto exclaims, running over to it.

Iruka's eyes widen.

"Naruto, wait-!" He starts to say but it's too late.

Naruto touches the marking and it glows gold, startling him.

"W-What the heck, dattebayo?!" Naruto yelps.

Iruka drags Naruto behind him as the seal fills the clearing with a burst of light and smoke. They cough, waving the smoke out of their faces.

"What the blazes did you do this time?!" A girl's voice roars suddenly.

Iruka jolts and Naruto gulps fearfully as bloodlust fills the forest.

"Amaya-chan! Calm-" Another girl's voice tries to interrupt.

"Don't 'Amaya-chan' me, Natsuko! What the hell was that seal, Toshio?!" The first girl, 'Amaya' demands.

"A variation of the Hiraishin. And why are you complaining, it did its' job." A boy's voice answers coolly.

"Did its'-!" Amaya hisses but is interrupted.

"Didn't your father tell you not to experiment with that particular sealing formula, Toshio?" An older woman's voice asks.

"…" An awkward silence falls.

"I'll take your silence as a 'yes'." The woman's voice sighs.

The smoke dissipates, revealing four new figures. One is a brunette woman with a bang covering her left eye and wearing armor from the Warring States era over black clothes. Next are three shinobi children about Naruto's age, two girls and a boy. The boy has silver hair, honey-colored eyes and three blue lines tattooed on his cheeks and chin. His arms are folded across his chest, over his grey armor, as he faces off with one of his companions. The girl snarling in his face has a wild mane of dark spiky hair reaching her knees that partially conceals her crimson armor. A massive gunbai is strapped to her back decorated with a black flame border.

Next to her, a redhead with long straight hair fidgets in her green armor and wave patterned kimono as she watches her compatriots argue, only to spot Iruka and Naruto.

"Ah! We're not alone, dattenabe!" She yells, pointing at them.

Instantly four sets of eyes are pinning Iruka and Naruto in place. The woman stalks forward with a frown and unleashes icy Killing Intent.

"Who are you?" She demands, pulling a kunai.

Before Iruka can stop him, Naruto steps in front of Iruka, scowling.

"Naruto Uzumaki, dattebayo!" He bellows.

The girl with spiky black hair speaks next.

"Uzumaki? You?" She questions, narrowing her onyx eyes.

"Yeah! What's it to you?!" He glares at her furiously.

The other boy, Toshio, speaks up next.

"He's telling the truth, Amaya- and his chakra feels like yours, Natsuko. But I don't remember hearing about any other Uzumaki immigrating from Uzushio." He remarks, grimacing at the overwhelming amount of orange.

"I don't remember either, dattenabe." The redhead, Natsuko, admits, tilting her head as she examines Naruto.

"Oba-san would have mentioned it." She adds firmly.

"You're wearing the hiate-ate of Konoha- are you Konoha shinobi?" The woman asks, frowning at them.

Naruto nods proudly and Iruka sighs at Naruto's obliviousness before nodding himself.

"We are." Iruka tells them.

"What about that one?" Amaya demands, pointing at Mizuki.

"A traitor." Iruka tells her.

"He tried to kill Iruka-sensei and I beat him up, dattebayo!" Naruto adds.

Her eyebrows rise and she suddenly smirks.

"Hn. Good." She grunts in approval.

Toshio rolls his eyes.

"Typical." He grumbles.

Amaya snorts at him but doesn't say anything when the woman levels a look at the pair of them. The brunette turns and stares down Iruka.

"Take us to the Hokage." She commands.

Iruka is blindsided by her order but his mind starts to whirl, especially when Natsuko tilts her head and her hair slides aside to reveal a hiate-ate of her own. In the middle is the familiar leaf of Konoha. The other two also reveal their hiate-ates, Toshio's tied around his left arm and Amaya's on the top of her head, hidden by her thick hair. Iruka feels a headache building.

I am not qualified for this. He bemoans silently.

Hiruzen sighs as he completes another form, puffing his pipe as his pen scratches. A knock on the door distracts him and he looks up.

"Enter." He calls.

Naruto bursts in first, chattering loudly, followed by a limping Iruka. But it is the four figures behind the pair that seize his attention, making his jaw drop open and release his pipe. He stands, pale, as he stares at them.

"Toka-sama, Toshio-sempai, Amaya-hime, Natsuko-chan." He gasps.

Four sets of eyes survey him and it is Toshio who realizes who he is first.

"Saru-kun?" He whispers, dumbfounded.

Amaya shoots Toshio a sharp glance and activates her bloodline limit, dark irises changing to the crimson of the Sharingan. The ANBU guarding the room suppress their disbelief but Amaya's three teammates all sense it judging by their glares at the ceiling. She narrows her eyes, ignoring the ANBU as she inspects him closely before stepping back in surprise.

"Saru-kun, how are you so old?!" She yells, glaring at him.

Toka frowns at him, still as imposing as he remembers. Natsuko's jaw drops in wonder and confusion.

"Wah, Saru-chan is a jii-sama, dattenabe! But how did that happen?! Where's Hashi-oji-san and Mito-oba-san and Tobi-oji-san and Madara-oji and Izuna-oji?" Natsuko asks rapid fire.

"Natsuko, Amaya, Toshio, that's enough. Let him speak." Toka commands.

"Hai, Toka-sensei." The trio grumble but concede to her wishes, watching Hiruzen intently.

Hiruzen sighs and looks at Toka across the room.

"Toka-sama, I am sorry to inform you that it has been over seventy years since your last mission in Kumo. Team Toka was declared missing in action by the Shodaime after a year of searching and dead after seven years of no clues or leads." He states.

Toka's expression is unreadable as she processes the information.

"Who of our families are still alive?" She asks quietly.

Hiruzen hesitates and Toka's eyes narrow fractionally.

"Hiruzen Sarutobi." She says coldly, letting him know dodging the question would do him no favors.

He sighs heavily, his expression weary and sad as Hiruzen faces the formidable kunoichi.

"None of them. Only descendants of your families, distant relatives at best, remain and there are precious few of them. One Uzumaki, two Uchiha and one Senju."

Natsuko chokes on a sob and Amaya's jaw clenches. Toshio is unnaturally still while Toka nods stoically before inhaling deeply, rolling her shoulders back.

"Contact the remnants of our clans. And compile a comprehensive timeline of what happened after we went missing- and don't feed us the propaganda bullshit, Hiruzen. You can find us at the Senju compound." She tells him.

As she turns to leave the room she pauses and looks at Naruto, who watches her awkwardly.

"Naruto-kun, right?" She says softly.

He nods, a smile brightening his face. Toka smiles back- it's not a big smile, but still heartfelt nonetheless.

"We'll visit tomorrow. You and Natsuko can talk then, ne?"

Naruto tilts his head in confusion.

"Eh? Why, dattebayo?" He says in confusion.

Toka sighs, ruffling his hair.

"Natsuko is an Uzumaki like you. You'll have lots to talk about, alright Naruto-kun?" She tells him.

Naruto freezes, blue eyes impossibly wide as he turns to look at the weeping redhead then Toka then Hiruzen and Iruka.

"W-We're-?" He whispers, unable to finish the question.

Toka nods firmly, giving him another head pat.

"Yes you are. Get some sleep then we'll talk tomorrow."

Naruto nods frantically, sneaking glances at Natsuko as Toka starts to herd her team out of the Hokage's office. Toshio walks alongside Toka, not touching but staying close while Amaya supports Natsuko and guards her sensei's back. The quartet make their way to the Senju compound and Toka focuses on the seals Mito made, deactivating them to allow her team inside. Once Natsuko and Amaya step over the threshold the seals reactivate and tension leaves Toka's shoulders.

Toshio prowls into the main house, checking for living suitability and dangers before nodding to Toka. The elder Senju leads her students into the main house, satisfied with the rooms for now (they desperately need cleaning). Toshio gravitates towards his room and slides the door open. Dust is everywhere but it looks undisturbed from the last time he had seen it. He hesitates then starts cleaning- Toshio doesn't want to think and housework is rather mindless.

Amaya finds him soon after and silently retrieves more cleaning supplies before helping. Neither of them say anything as they exterminate dust bunnies and cobwebs together. When Toshio's room is clean, Amaya nods her head towards where Toshio knows is Natsuko and Toka's rooms. They go to Natsuko's first, finding it in poor repair and empty. Toshio and Amaya leave it alone for now- Natsuko is possessive of her things.

It's in Toka's room they hear Natsuko's sobs and they share a glance before entering. Toka is hugging the Uzumaki girl, petting her hair as silent tears slide down her own face. Amaya walks over to them and holds Toka's and Natsuko's hands, rubbing circles with her thumbs. Toshio awkwardly glances around and spots a teapot. He unseals some tea and with a quick suiton jutsu fills it and boils the water with a cooking seal. When it's ready, he pours four cups and gives them to each of his teammates.

Amaya nods to him in thanks while Toka accepts hers with a quiet 'thank you'. Natsuko doesn't even notice the offering, her face burrowed into Toka's shoulder. Toshio holds his teacup, staring into the golden liquid and tries to wrap his head around what had happened to them.

Otou-san, Hashirama-oji, Mito-oba, Madara-sama, Izuna-san, Kagami-kun... they're all gone?Why did the seal send us into the future?! We arrived at the right location, so the space aspect of the seal was fine- augh! If only Otou-san had actually showed me how to draw the damn thing instead of me having to recreate it from memory!

Amaya sees the well-hidden frustration on Toshio's face and rolls her eyes.

"Toshio, stop it."

His honey irises meet her dark ones and he glares at her.

"No, I won't! I can fix this-! I just need to study the damn seal better-!" He starts to ramble.

"Toshio!" Amaya yells, startling the Senju boy into silence.

"Stop blaming yourself, dammit! I may not like what happened, but if you hadn't tried to Hiraishin us out of that damn cave we would have died! End of story! Yes, we're in the future and our families have fucking died but we still have each other! So don't you dare give up, baka Senju!" Amaya roars.

Natsuko unexpectedly giggles, causing her two angry teammates to glance at her wide-eyed. The redhead wipes her tears away messily, laughing all the while.

"Sorry, sorry! It's just, Amaya-chan you never give pep talks! And you're encouraging Toshio!" She explains.

Amaya and Toshio gape at her and Amaya's face burns cherry red from embarrassment; she didn't want others seeing her encouraging Toshio-baka! Toka chuckles at Amaya's expression and Toshio ducks his head, his own cheeks an amusing pink. After the laughter dies down, Toka meets all their eyes.

"Listen up; we're in a strange time and things may not be as we remember. When all else fails, we will have each other's backs. Lean on each other, lean on me and we will figure this out- we're Team Toka so we'll make it work. I will ask for us staying together, unless you want to stay with your relatives, Natsuko, Amaya." Toka tells the two girls.

They glance at each other then Natsuko speaks first.

"I would like getting to know Naruto-kun, dattenabe, but I'm not sure I want to live with him, ya know?" Natsuko admits.

"I find myself curious concerning my remaining kin, but I am not certain I wish to live with them." Amaya states, folding her arms.

Toka nods in understanding and Toshio's shoulders loosen slightly in relief, though he hides it well.

"We should get some rest before tomorrow." He reminds his teammates.

They all nod and unseal their traveling futons, arranging them in a giant mattress. Toshio leaves the room to change into his own nightwear and knocks politely when he returns. Natsuko calls him inside, already yawning as he enters. Toka lays on the outside with Natsuko sandwiched between her and Amaya, leaving the other empty spot next to the Uchiha kunoichi. Toshio and Amaya stick their tongues at each other before laying down. Natsuko yawns and activates a set of barrier seals around their futons before falling asleep. The rest of team quickly follows suit, dreaming of better days.

Toka wakes first at the crack of dawn and silently climbs out of bed. The baths, to her relief, still work and she quickly refreshes herself before pulling out clean clothes. A short kimono top with ninja pants and sandals works nicely, with many senbon tucked away in the folds of her clothes. The kunoichi nods in satisfaction and heads to the Hokage tower, leaping over the rooftops. She slips inside easily and knocks on the door.

"Enter." Hiruzen responds and Toka walks in, her body language serious and reserved.

She bows slightly to him.

"Hokage-sama. Thank you for meeting with me." Toka says formally.

Hiruzen waves it off, his attention solely on the kunoichi before him.

"Not at all, if anything I should be thanking you for being willing to speak with me so soon." He assures her.

Toka smiles slightly at him and takes one of the chairs before the desk.

"I suppose you are curious how we came to be here." She states.

Hiruzen nods.

"Indeed. No one knows what happened to your team on that mission; it was supposed to be solely reconnaissance, was it not?"

"Yes. We were to appraise the defenses Kumo had recently built and analyze them for weaknesses. My team did the scouting part easily but a group of hunter-nin stumbled across us on our return trip. We killed most of them but two escaped and brought reinforcements. They chased us most of the way across Kumo and cornered us in a cave. The enemy proceeded to collapse the cave while we were still inside. Toshio had been developing his own version of the Hiraishin and used it as a last resort to escape. The next thing we knew we were in a forest clearing with Naruto-kun and Iruka-san." Toka recounts their misadventures.

Hiruzen nods, puffing his pipe contemplatively. Toka eyes him.

"Saru, who are Amaya's relatives and are they in the village?"

Hiruzen conceals a wince and sighs.

"One is, but he is twelve years old. The other is an S-class missing-nin." He explains.

Toka frowns severely at Hiruzen.

"Their names, Hiruzen."

"Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke-kun is the one still living in the village. He is going to be assigned to a genin team today." He elaborates.

Toka hums in acknowledgement.

"Did you send the message to Toshio's and my kin?" She asks.

He nods, grimacing.

"Tsunade will likely not answer, but we can hope…" He groans.

Toka quirks her eyebrow.

"I see. In that case I would like to establish my team under my guardianship until they are sixteen years of age. That should help with some of the legalities and prevent opportunistic bastards from taking advantage of them. And I have a suggestion that my team shadow another genin team as we adjust to this time period." Toka informs him.

Hiruzen blinks as he considers the circumstances and an idea occurs to him. Several in fact.

This would be a good opportunity for Sasuke and Naruto to rebuild family connections. And if Toka so happens to see their current living situations, she could be spurred to adopt them as wards of her clan as well. Haruno would also benefit from a strong kunoichi role model and Toka will likely set a fire under Kakashi's lazy ass if he tries to neglect them..!

He conceals a smirk as he looks at Toka across his desk.

"Is that so? Then I have the perfect team for you to shadow, provided they pass the final exam. Team Seven, consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. They can assist your team in adjusting." He offers.

Toka thinks it over and nods.

"Very well. If you could, please arrange a meeting with Uchiha-kun in a few hours; Amaya is not awake yet but she is curious to meet him." She explains.

Hiruzen chuckles and nods.

"I imagine she must be." He muses.

Toka snorts and stands to leave.

"Send me the paperwork and I'll have it filed by the end of today."

Hiruzen sighs as he tries to find the correct forms in the paper piles stacked in front of him and Toka gives an amused chuckle.

"Saru, I know you're old, but you can still use a clone jutsu to help divide the workload. It's what Tobi would use when he was swamped and Hashirama had run off to leave him to deal with all of it." She reminisces.

Hiruzen stills in surprise and groans, face palming.

"That's how Sensei dealt with the paperwork?!" He demands.

Toka nods, grinning wickedly.

"Indeed. Now, I need to get food for my adorable but ravenous genin. You can give me the papers when I swing by with Amaya later, say nine o'clock?"

Hiruzen nods and Toka shunshins out of his office. He sighs and tells one of the ANBU to inform Sasuke he is wanted at the Hokage Tower by nine am, before the genin are told who their teammates are. Then he looks at the sea of paper and forms three mud clones. They nod to their creator and start sorting the forms, reports and other miscellaneous pieces of paper.

I should have done this years ago! He grouses mentally.

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