Scene 1

*One day in Kanon Town*
Hibiki (Hojo): Hi, everyone. I am Hibiki Hojo. I will enroll in University of Kanon Town. I'm now a college student. *sighs* School will be soon, but anyways, I can handle this.
Waon (Nishijima): Hibiki!
Hibiki: Waon.
Waon: Where are you going?
Hibiki: I'm gonna enroll today. School will be 1 week away. Where will you study?
Waon: In...College of Clover Town. I'm gonna reflex my dance moves and also I wanna be a PE teacher.
Hibiki: That's great. Um, I have to go now, Waon. Bye! *leaves*
Waon: Bye, Hibiki!
Hibiki: Okay. I have to run quickly. Okay, school, here we come. *runs*
*20 minutes later in University of Kanon Town*
*Many people fall in line*
Hibiki: Wow! They're falling in line. Ya. Hehe. It's time for me to enroll to this University. *To Aoi (Tategami)* Excuse me. Should I fall in line here?
Aoi: Uh, I fell in line because I got a number. Mine is 47. Hmm. Do you get a number? I'm the last person to get this. You have to hurry, girl.
Hibiki: What? *leaves quickly*
Aoi: Silly girl.
*1 minute later*
Hibiki: *stands behind Aoi* Hey, um, are you Aoi? The resident of Ichigozaka?
Aoi: Why yes. You must be Hibiki. Correct?
Hibiki: I am. Why do you want to study here?
Aoi: Well, to pursue my dream of becoming a rockstar, and you?
Hibiki: To become a musician like my parents. Anyways, I wanted to study in College of Clover Town because I still love sports, but...
Aoi: Every course has a sport thing, Hibiki, but the sport belongs to the PE subject.
Hibiki: Oh, yes.
Aoi: Good luck for you college life.
Hibiki: Same to you.

Scene 2

*3 hours later in the registrar area*
Hibiki: *gives a money to the cashier* Here, miss.
The cashier: Okay. *takes the money*
Hibiki: I hope I will be enlisted as an enrollee.
*30 seconds later*
The cashier: *To Hibiki* Miss Hojo, you're now enrolled to this University. *gives a paper to Hibiki*
Hibiki: *takes a paper* Really? *sees the paper* Yes! Finally!
Aoi: Hibiki, are you enrolled?
Hibiki: Yes, Aoi. You're enrolled too, right?
Aoi: Yes. We will be schoolmates.
Hibiki: I know.
The unknown girl: *To Hibiki and Aoi* Ehem! Can you please back off? It's my turn now, stranger.
Hibiki: Sorry.
Aoi: Pardon us.
*Hibiki and Aoi leaves*
*2 hours later in Hibiki's bedroom(located in Hibiki's house)*
Hibiki: I'm so tired now. *yawns**falls asleep on her bed*
*Candy wanders around the town*
Candy: Miyuki? Akane? Yayoi? Where are you ~kuru? Too bad ~kuru. I'm tired now. *sees Hibiki's house* Oh! I should go to that house to rest. *enters Hibiki's house through window* Wow! The bed is so nice ~kuru. *jumps on a bed**yawns* I'm gonna take a nap ~kuru. *falls asleep*
*30 minutes later*
Hibiki: *half-asleep* I'm still tired. I need to sleep again. *unknowingly hugs Candy and falls asleep*
Candy: *quickly wakes up* Let go of me ~kuru. I'm not a toy ~kuru.
Hibiki: Huh? *quickly wakes up and sees Candy* Ahhhhh!
Candy: Waahhhh! You scared me ~kuru.
Hibiki: You scared me, too. Wait, you can talk?
Candy: I am. Uh, have we met before ~kuru? You look so familiar ~kuru.
Hibiki: Uh, maybe. By the way, are you a Precure mascot?
Candy: Yes ~kuru. Wait, how come you know everything about Precure, huh?
Hibiki: Because I was once a Precure.
Candy: I see.
Hibiki: Why are you here?
Candy: I want to take a rest. You know, I want to find Miyuki and her friends. I missed them.
Hibiki: Oh, I know Miyuki and her friends, but as of today, I still don't know if they enroll, too, so...
Candy: Bring me to any of them. This instant.
Hibiki: Wah! Okay, fine.

Scene 3

20 minutes later, while riding on the train to Nanairogaoka*
Candy: So, how long should we travel from Kanon Town to Nanairogaoka ~kuru?
Hibiki: 1 hour, I guess.
Candy: Well, I can't believe that Kanon Town is a town near the ocean ~kuru. In case you didn't go to Nanairogaoka, Nanairogaoka is also a town near the ocean ~kuru.
Hibiki: I know. Miyuki told me before. Can you tell me the time you and the Smile Precures share before you left the human world for good?
Candy: Well...
*flashback in 4 years ago, while in the park (located in Nanairogaoka)*
Miyuki (Hoshizora): *To Candy* Candy, don't forget about us.
Yayoi (Kise): I will miss you.
Nao (Midorikawa): Promise, Candy, we will never forget you.
Reika (Aoki): We'll create a remembrance dedicated to you.
Akane (Hino): We will always be in your hearts, Candy.
Candy: *cries* I will never ever forget you ~kuru. *cries* This is our last time that we see each other ~kuru. I love you all ~kuru.
*Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi, Nao, and Reika hug Candy*
*flashback ends*
Candy: That is the saddest day ever, Hibiki. The good thing is I was permitted to return here because the Royale Queen sense that there will be in trouble ~kuru. I dunno if it will be the Bad End Generals or not ~kuru.
Hibiki: Okay.
Candy: Did you separate with Hummy ~kuru?
Hibiki: Not so. In fact, Ellen and Ako were allowed to stay here whenever they liked.
Candy: Good for you ~kuru. Well, Nanairogaoka, here we come!
Hibiki: Yeah! If you ask me, I missed Miyuki and her four friends so much, too, Candy.

Scene 4

*While in the Criasu Corporation*
Himeko: Hihi. After so many years, we recruit our own group.
Sarai: Yes. Indeed.
Nezumi: Well, I heard from George Kurai in the final battle that all of his colleagues got purified.
Himeko and Sarai: Huh?
Sarai: We know that already, but...
Ouji: We should prove ourselves that we are more powerful than that George Kurai and his minions. They're weaklings.
Nezumi: That's right, Ouji. Our Oshimaidas are powerful.
Sarai: Well, who will summon the Oshimaidas today?
Himeko: Me.
Ouji: No, me.
Nezumi: Let me do it, you idiot.
Sarai: Stop. We should do a rock-paper-scissors. If he or she wins, he or she will summon the Oshimaida today.
Himeko, Ouji, Sarai, and Nezumi: Rock, Paper, Scissors! (Himeko got a paper, while Ouji, Sarai, and Nezumi got a rock)
Sarai: Himeko wins. *To Himeko* Himeko, you should beat the Precures today. We'll come with you.
Himeko: Okay, Sarai.
*Ruru (Amour) spy on the new members of Criasu Corporation*
Ruru: Oh, no. I have to go and warn Emiru and the others. *leaves*
*30 minutes later in the playground (located in Nanairogaoka)*
Hibiki: Here we are, Candy. How can we find Miyuki and her friends?
Candy: To be honest, I don't know, Hibiki.
Hibiki: What's the use of coming here if you don't know where they lived?
Candy: Well, Actually, I was gone from this world almost 5 years ago ~kuru. Now that I came here just recently because there will be another danger, I forgot the house where Miyuki, or any of them lived ~kuru.
Hibiki: This is not good. I even went here without Papa's permission. I have to go back to Kanon Town. Until we don't know where Miyuki or her friends lived, you'll stay in my house. Got it, Candy?
Candy: Okay.
Hibiki: We'll go home.

Scene 5

*While on the streets*
Miyuki: Yes. I entered college life. I can't wait to see my classmates. Well, of course I'm nervous because I can't decided which course I should take. *holds her head* I'm so confused.
*While the Criasu Corporation employees are flying across the town*
Himeko: I sense the asu-power here in this place. *sees Miyuki* It's from that girl.
Sarai: Well, Himeko. What are you waiting for?
Ouji: Create an Oshimaida right now.
Himeko: Okay, okay. *goes towards Miyuki*
Nezumi: Let's make this world in chaos and destroy everyone's future.
Sarai and Ouji: Yeah. *laughs evilly*
Miyuki: Akane will take a cooking course. Yayoi will take a fine art course. Nao will take a PE course. Reika will take an education course. Ah! What about me?
Himeko: *To Miyuki* So, wanna let me take your dreams away, eh?
Miyuki: What are you talking about? Who are you?
Himeko: Hope for tomorrow...Disappear. Negative Wave! *casts her power on Miyuki*
*Miyuki falls asleep as she was affected by toge-power*
Himeko: *takes her phone* Hello, hello? Requisition, please: Oshimaida.
*the dark wave goes to the house, thus forming the house Oshimaida*
Oshimaida(house): Oshimaida!
*the townspeople runs away*
Candy: Although it's not an Akanbe, something's wrong ~kuru. People runs away because there's trouble ~kuru?
Hibiki: How can you tell if it's Akanbe?
Candy: Akanbe was created with a corrupted nose, but I don't remember that the Bad End Generals summoned Akanbe without unleasing the Bad Energy.
Hibiki: Well, let's go and check. What if it's not an Akan-
*The Oshimaida make a scene*
Hibiki: Oh, no! What is that?
Candy: I never seen that monster before ~kuru.

Scene 6

Himeko: *To Hibiki* So, you're not running away, huh?
Hibiki: You...You create that *referring to the toy Oshimaida* monster?
Himeko: Yes, dear.
Nezumi: It's called "Oshimaida". It was created when that person or animal is overflowing with negative energy. Us, the employees of Criasu Corporation, can summon Oshimaida.
Hibiki: Which person or animal was been victimized by that negative energy thing?
Ouji: See for yourself, girl. *looks at Miyuki*
*Hibiki and Candy see Miyuki being affected by negative energy*
Candy: Miyuki!
Hibiki: Oh, no! Miyuki! Wake up!
Sarai: You can't wake that *referring to Miyuki* girl up. Until the Oshimaida is defeated, she cannot be woken up.
Hibiki: Oh, no! What have you done to my friend? use her negativity to create a monster. Unforgivable!
*The G-clef appear in front of Hibiki*
Hibiki: What's going on?
Nezumi: It's so bright.
Oshimaida(house): *covers its eyes* Oshimaida!
*The G-clef transforms a Cure Module*
Hibiki: *holds a Cure Module* What is this? Oh! I know now! I can become a Precure.
Candy: Yes ~kuru. Go and transform ~kuru.
Hibiki: Okay, but I have to rally Kanade first before doing that. I can't transform without her.
Candy: Oh, no.
*Aphrodite appears in front of Hibiki*
Aphrodite: Hibiki, you can transform now without Kanade on your side.
Hibiki: Queen Aphrodite!
Aphrodite: You have to hurry, Hibiki. The fairy tones will automatically appear everytime you want to transform. Just say "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!". *disappears*
Hibiki: Wait! *looks at the Oshimaida* Let's...
*Dory comes*
Dory: Dodo! *plays a "Low Do" note and insert into Hibiki's Cure Module*
Hibiki: Let's Play! *while drawing a G-clef* Pretty Cure Modulation!
*Hibiki's transformation scene*
Cure Melody(Hibiki): Strumming the wild tune, Cure Melody! (Tsumabiku wa araburu shirabe, Kyua Merodī!) *poses*

Scene 7

Cure Melody: I'm now a Precure, but without Kanade, I mean, Rhythm.
Candy: Finally ~kuru!
Himeko: Ugh! You pissed me off even further, Cure Melody. *To the house Oshimaida* Oshimaida, destroy that *referring to Melody* Precure!
Oshimaida: O-shi-mai- *while about to punch Melody* da!
Candy: *To Melody* Melody, jump!
*Cure Melody jumps*
Cure Melody: I jump higher again! Yay!
Candy: You have to kick the Akanbe, I mean, Oshimaida.
Cure Melody: Okay! *kicks the house Oshimaida*
Oshimaida: *while being flung* Oshimaida! *crashes into the road*
Himeko: No!
Candy: Now, Melody. Purify that monster.
Cure Melody: I can't, not without the Miracle Belltier, but, *To the Criasu Corporation employee* I won't let Miyuki suffer from your evil plan. I...I want to save her or everyone else.
*Rhythm's Cure Module glows*
Cure Rhythm: What?
*The Siren Team and the Negatone covers their eyes*
Flat: This is so bright!
Pekorin: Wow!
*Miry appears riding on a note and jumps*
Miry: Miry! *shines*
*Cure Melody snaps her finger two times to form an orange and a pink notes respectively, and then combines the two notes together*
Cure Melody: Let's play! Miraculous Melody! *forms a belltier**holds a belltier* Miracle Belltier!
Cure Melody: Come here, Miry!
Miry: Mimi! *inserts into the Miracle Belltier*
Cure Melody: Fly forth, *while forming a ring* Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Music Rondo! *fires a Music Rondo at the house Oshimaida*
*The House Oshimaida takes a hit*
Cure Melody: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!
Oshimaida: Please accept my resignation! *vanishes*
*the house turns back to normal and Miyuki was freed from the negative aura*
Himeko: Ugh! I won't forget this!
*The Criasu Corporation employees leave*
Miyuki: *wakes up* Huh? What ha- *sees Melody and Candy* Melody! Wait, you brought Candy with you?
Cure Melody: Yes.
Candy: I miss you, Miyuki!
Miyuki: Candy! *hugs Candy*

Scene 8

*8 minutes later*
Miyuki: Thank you for bringing Candy here, Hibiki.
Hibiki: It was nothing.
Candy: By the way, Hibiki, this is not the last time we see each other. I will go back to your house when I have free time.
Hibiki: Sure thing, Candy.
Miyuki: Hibiki, I have to go now. Bye! *walks away*
Candy: Bye ~kuru!
Hibiki: Bye!

-To be continued-

My OC Character:
-Sarai (サライ, Sarai)(she looks like Yurika Todo from Aikatsu, except that her eyes are red)
-Himeko (ヒメコ, Himeko)(she looks like Yume Nijino from Aikatsu Stars, except that her hair is red)
-Ouji (オウジ, Ouji)(He looks like Hiro Hayami from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, except that his hair is orange)
-Nezumi (ネズミ, Nezumi)(He looks like Helia from Winx Club, except that his hair is grey)