Hibiki: Hello, everyone! My name is Hibiki!
Miki: I'm Miki!
Hibiki and Miki: We are from the group of Joyful Girls Squad.
Hibiki: Anyways, guys, we brought a friend from the Cutie Girls Squad!
Miki: Well, she is one of Hibiki's Bestie! You know who.
*Kanade makes a scene*
Kanade: I'm Kanade!
Hibiki and Miki: Kanade!
Kanade: Hi, guys!
Hibiki: Kanade. Hi! How's your day?
Kanade: I'm always okay.
Miki: That's good to here. Anyways, have you find some cupcake recipes? Hibiki wanted it badly.
Hibiki: Hey, Miki. I didn't said that. *To Kanade* Kanade, don't listen to Miki.
Kanade: Alright, then. Anyways, I believe you two want cupcakes.
Miki: Before that, I'm going to greet our other Precure friends out there! Who's with me?
Hibiki and Kanade: Me!

Scene 1

*One day in Himari's house (in Ichigozaka)*
Ruru: I can't wait to see my movie with Erika and Yayoi, Himari.
Himari: Really, Ruru? That's great!
Ruru: Thanks! I bet Erika and Yayoi will get excited, too.
Himari: Well, I will get to be in the movie with Kanade and Ha-chan, but it is just a rumor.
Ruru: I hope it's true, Himari.
Himari: I hope.
*someone knocks the door*
Ruru: Coming! *stands up and goes in front of the doorway**opens the door*
Hibiki, Kotoha, Hime, Aguri, and Miki: Hi!
Ai, Dory, Miry, and Pekorin: Hi!
Ruru: Guys!
Aguri: Hibiki decided to come here.
Himari: Did she said that?
Aguri: Uh-huh!
Ruru: Nice timing. I have something to tell you.
*About several seconds later in Himari's bedroom*
Hibiki, Kotoha, Hime, Aguri, and Miki: Huh?!
Hime: Really?
Himari: Yes. Ruru got to work with Yayoi and Erika. They already started shooting since last 2 weeks.
Hibiki: Why didn't you tell us this before?
Ruru: I wanted to surprise you. I bet Erika and Yayoi told this to their friends.
Kotoha: I can't wait to see the movie, Ruru.
Ruru: Thanks, Kotoha.
Aguri: Ruru, if you have a friend to support, we're just here for you.
Ruru: Thanks, Aguri. By the way, I'll going to meet up with Erika and Yayoi tomorrow.
Miki: Good luck then, Ruru.
Hime: Say "Hi" to Erika for me, in case we didn't see each other.
Ruru: Fine.

Scene 2

*The next day in the park (in Nanairogaoka)*
Ruru: Hmm. What shall I do now? I hope Saku will see me here.
*Coffret, Erika, and Yayoi make a scene*
Coffret: Hey, Ruru!
Ruru: Huh?! *looks at Erika, Yayoi, and Coffret* Oh! You guys are here!
Erika: Have you wait for too long?
Ruru: Uh, no! Why?
Erika: Nothing.
Yayoi: Anyways, let's travel to Legoland Malaysia. We'll try some rides there.
Erika: Yeah! It would be great!
Coffret: You said it.
Ruru: Alright!
Erika: Have you try travelling by airplane?
Ruru: Yes, Erika. Me and my friends go in any places, like the Great Wall of China, Hollywood, among others.
Erika and Yayoi: Oh!
Coffret: Why not we'll do it now?
Erika: Nice idea, Coffret!
Ruru: So, where are Kanade and the others?
Yayoi: Kanade went with Alice and Emiru at Alice's mansion, while Lala and Nodoka went somewhere else to bond.
Erika: They'll try using the Magical Library without your help, Yayoi.
Yayoi: Yes! That's it!
Ruru: Either way, I still miss going abroad.
Erika: Well, since my Mama gave me a lot of money today due to my hardwork, maybe it's time for us to relax and enjoy!
Ruru and Yayoi: Yes!
Yayoi: Plus, I can't wait to bond with Ruru.
Erika: Is it because she's a robot?
Yayoi: No. Because Ruru is our friend, too. It doesn't even matter whether she's a robot or not.
Ruru: So, can you bring me to Legoland Malaysia?
Erika: Yes, Ruru. It's nice there!
Ruru: Okay!
Yayoi: But first, we have to find some library.

Scene 3

*A few minutes later in Legoland Malaysia*
Ruru, Erika, Yayoi, and Coffret: Wow!
Erika: This is so cool!
Yayoi: Woah! Cool it is, Erika!
*Erika and Yayoi jump in excitement many times*
Ruru: Oh, I guess you guys burst in excitement, huh?
*Erika and Yayoi stop jumping*
Erika: Yes, Ruru!
Yayoi: Well, my excitement doubles a lot when we get to bond someone who isn't from the Cutie Girls Squad, like Hime, Himari, Hibiki, and even you, Ruru.
Ruru: Huh?! I am?!
Yayoi: Yes.
Erika: Even I was excited, too! I miss bonding with Hime, though! She's my best friend after all!
Ruru: Would that be fine if Aguri is with you and Hime?
Erika: *covers her ears* La, la, la! Don't ask! I don't wanna hear that! I don't want to hear the word "Aguri". That girl even ruined mine and Hime's bonding time.
Ruru: Sorry. I didn't know that question makes you upset.
Yayoi: But Ruru, Erika lets everyone happy even if she doesn't like it.
Erika: *stops covering her ears* Yes! I let Hime be with that strict girl because that's what makes Hime happy.
Ruru: I know what you feel, Erika.
Yayoi: Anyways, Ruru, is it fine by you if Alice and Emiru always hangs out more often?
Ruru: Of course I do. That's what best friends are for even though I miss hanging out with Emiru.
Coffret: No time for chitchatting! We must roam around this place.
Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi: Okay!
Erika: *To Ruru* Let's go, Ruru!
Ruru: Okay!
*Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi start running*
Coffret: *To himself* Just look at them! Oh, no! They're going to leave me behind. *To Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi* Wait for me! *follow Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi*
*A few minutes later in the roller coaster waiting line*
*many people fall in line*
Yayoi: *shivers* I can't believe that we'll be going to ride in a roller coaster.
Erika: You sure are!
Ruru: Well, shall we try riding on a roller coaster?
Erika: Yes!
Yayoi: I'm scared.
Erika: *pats Yayoi's shoulder* No need to be scared. I am here and so is Ruru. *To Ruru* Right, Ruru?
Ruru: Yes.

Scene 4

*3 minutes later*
*Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi ride on a roller coster (Dragon's Apprentice)*
(Yayoi and Ruru sit on the same cart)
Yayoi: I'm scared!
Ruru: I'm here for you, Yayoi!
(Erika sits on the other cart)
Erika: Are you guys okay there?
Ruru and Yayoi: Yes!
Erika: Here we go!
*The cart moves faster*
*A few minutes later*
*Ruru, Erika, Yayoi, and Coffret ride on a Technique Twister*
Erika: *To Yayoi* Remember, Yayoi? We get to ride on an amusement park, but Kanade is with us last time.
Yayoi: Oh, yes! I remember!
Ruru: You and Yayoi are indeed the best of friends.
Coffret: Yeah!
*Several minutes later*
*Ruru, Erika, Yayoi, and Coffret ride on the Aquazone Wave Racers (they ride on a boat individually*
Erika: Weeee!
Ruru: This is 100% fast.
Yayoi: It was great!
*A few minutes later in the toy store*
*Ruru holds Coffret*
Yayoi: The toy store is so nice.
Erika: Well, yes! Feel free to buy robot toys! I wanna play some with you!
Yayoi: Huh?! I thought you don't like robots.
Erika: Well, I got an interest for robots because you inspired me to.
Ruru: So, you want me to be with you?
Erika: Um, yes!
Ruru: I knew it. Come on. We have to pick some toys. We have to find the nearest school to travel back in our town.
Erika and Yayoi: Okay!
*A few hours later in Himari's house (in Ichigozaka)*
Himari: *To Ruru* So, how's your outing?
Ruru: It was fun, Himari!
Himari: That's good to hear. I suppose you're going out of country, do you?
Ruru: How did you know?
Himari: Well, Yayoi told me through text. You even decide what toys she must buy.
Ruru: Oh, yes!
Himari: So, wanna meet up with our friends tomorrow?
Ruru: Okay!

Scene 5

*The Next day in Aguri's house (in Oogai Town)*
Erika: *To Hime* So, do you like to stay here, Hime?
Hime: Yes.
Yayoi: Oh. Did Aguri let you stay here? That's cool!
Hibiki: Cool it is, Yayoi!
Kotoha: And it's nice to see Aguri being kind to someone.
Miry: After she always show her strict side, of course ~mimi. She is sweet and friendly towards Hime ~mimi.
Ruru: Well, at least Hime lives with her...
Erika: La, la, la! I know! Bestie, you say!
Aguri: What's with the attitude, Erika?
Erika: Well, I don't wanna hear you two calling each other "Bestie". That even hits my nerves. You can continue to call each other that when I'm not around.
Hime: Um, if you don't want me and Aguri to call each other that, then we'll call each other by name instead. *To Aguri* Aguri, come here!
Aguri: *goes near Hime* What is it, Be-
Hime: Ah, ah! Call me "Hime" for a while!
Aguri: Fine. What is it, Hime?
*Hime whispers to Aguri*
Miki: *To Erika* Oh, Erika. You're so being picky.
Coffret: I can't blame Erika though. She don't trust strict people.
Miki: But still.
Erika: I don't know why I don't trust strict people, but whenever I see them, it makes me... I don't know, irritated?
Hibiki: *To Himari* I miss Kanade. I rarely visit her shop because she's with her own friends today.
Himari: You do?
Hibiki: Yes! I miss her cooking! Also, I bet she already taught Lala and Nodoka on how to cook some sweets.
Yayoi: Kanade did taught Lala and Nodoka. Nodoka frequently visit there just to see Lala, and oh! I wanna cook sweets, too.
Aguri: Same here. I have a sweet tooth, you know?
Yayoi: Really, Aguri? That's great!
Himari: If that's the case, I'll teach you two. I already taught Kotoha, so...
Ruru: In a next few days, Erika, Yayoi, and I go to the studio and try painting. Right now, we have to go there today just to visit Akari and Saku. I heard that they were there, so...
Miki: Well, good luck with that, Ruru.
Ruru: Thanks, Miki. Well, you can visit us in the studio in a next few days or so to support me, Erika, and Yayoi.
Kotoha: *holds Ruru's shoulder* Well, Ruru, Saku will visit you there. He texted me.
Ruru: He did?
Kotoha: Yes!
Ruru: *To Erika and Yayoi* Yayoi, Erika, come with me.
Coffret: Don't forget about me!

Scene 6

*Several minutes later on the streets*
Erika: So, you want us to come with you, huh?
Ruru: Yes! The studio is in Hagukumi City. We have to travel there quickly.
Yayoi: Great.
Erika: Actually, Ruru, Yayoi and I have to go to Alice's house today. I think we have to cancel our plan.
Yayoi: Well, we can call Akari and Saku that we cannot come there today.
Ruru: Why don't you guys use the Magical Library instead?
Erika and Yayoi: Huh?!
Erika: Come on, Ruru. We still have to find a library in order to do so.
Ruru: Why not we'll go to Oogai Town Middle School instead?
Yayoi: Nice idea, Ruru.
Coffret: Well, I guess we have to go there quickly!
Ruru: Also, Erika, why is it that you ask Aguri and Hime to never call each other "Bestie" in front of you?
Erika: Um, well, I don't want to be reminded that they are best friends. Besides, I don't trust Aguri because of her being strict and bossy.
Yayoi: I already talked to Aguri. She promised to be the good girl she wanted to be.
Erika: Really, Yayoi?
Yayoi: Yeah. She acted sweet towards me recently.
Ruru: Why don't you take back what you just said, Erika?
Erika: I'll try.
*The Dark Magicians make a scene*
Piggy: So, I suppose you guys are going anywhere!
Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi: *gasps*
Erika: Who are you?
Ruru: I know them, Erika. They are Piggy, Froggy, and Tokah. They call themselves as "The Dark Magicians".
Erika, Yayoi, and Coffret: Huh?!
Piggy: She's right! Anyways, we're here to bring chaos all over the world on our watch.
Tokah: Piggy and I will summon the monsters together!
Piggy: Magic infused! Come forth, Yokubaru! *fuses a tree and a garbage can to create a Tree-Garbage Can hybrid Yokubaru*
Yokubaru(Tree-Garbage Can): Yokubaru!
Tokah: Magic infused! Come forth, Yokubaru! *fuses a car and a house to create a Car-House hybrid Yokubaru*
Yokubaru(Car-House): Yokubaru!
Erika: It looks like we have to deal with the two monsters.
Ruru: You're right.
Coffret: *To Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi* You guys have to transform now!
Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi: Okay! *takes out their own transformation item*
(Hugtto Precure Transformation Theme)
Ruru: *covers her face first using her Preheart* Mirai Crystal!
Erika: Pretty Cure! Open My Heart! *inserts the seed into the Heart Perfume*
Yayoi: Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!
Smile Pact: Go! *the pact shines* Go!
Ruru: *inserts a Mirai Crystal into the top of Preheart**switching the Preheart from phone mode
to heart mode**while waving the Preheart* Heart Kiratto!
*Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi transformation sequence*
Cure Amour (Ruru): Embrace the sparkling future! Loving everyone! The Pretty Cure of Love! Cure Amour! (Kagayaku mirai wo dakishimete! Min'na Daisuki! Ai no Purikyua! Kyua Amūru!) *poses*
Cure Marine (Erika): The flower that flutters in the ocean winds, Cure Marine! (Umikaze ni yureru ichirin no hana, Kyua Marin!) *poses*
Cure Peace (Yayoi): Sparkling, glittering, rock-paper-scissors! Cure Peace!(Pikapika pikarin jankenpon! Kyua Pīsu!) *poses*

Scene 7

Cure Marine: *To Coffret* Coffret, you better tell Hime and the others about our fight!
Coffret: Got it! *quickly flees*
Piggy: *To Amour, Marine, and Peace* So, you want to fight, huh?! *To the Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can)* Yokubaru, you should get rid of the three Cures!
Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can): Yokuba- *fires multiple cans at Amour, Marine, and Peace* Ru!
Cure Marine: Marine Shoot! *fires her attack at the cans*
*the cans get destroyed*
*Amour and Peace run towards the Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can)*
Cure Marine: I should fight the other monster! *goes towards the Car-House Yokubaru*
Cure Amour and Cure Peace: Pretty Cure Double Kick! *about to kick the monster*
*The Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can) fires a banana at Amour and Peace*
*Amour and Peace take a hit and lands into the road*
Cure Marine: *looks at Amour and Peace* Guys!
*The Yokubaru (Car-House) tries to smack Marine*
*Marine runs towards Amour and Peace*
Yokubaru (Car-House): Yokubaru?
The Dark Magicians: Nooo!
Cure Marine: *To Amour and Peace* Are you guys alright?
Cure Peace: I'm fine.
Cure Amour: Let's fight! One more time!
Cure Peace: *while panicking* Why not we have to leave this place and s-seek help from others?!
Cure Marine: Peace, calm down!
*the lightning struck the The Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can)*
Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can): Yokubaru.
Piggy: My Yokubaru!
Cure Marine: *To Amour* Amour, now's your chance!
Cure Amour: Here I go!
(The song similar to Akari Shiratori [of Miracle Tunes] Transformation OST was played)
(The song link: /0MJDNYTz5wM)
*Amour starts dancing*
(the song ends)
Cure Amour: *while smacking the tambourine* Are you ready? *smacks her own tambourine**while raising the tambourine on the right* Okay!
Cure Amour: Royal...Dream! *fires the gold beam at the Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can)*
Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can): Yokubaru! *vanishes as the tree and the garbage can separates from each other*
Piggy: No! This can't be!
Cure Amour: Well, I guess it's over.
Cure Marine: *To Peace* You did it, Peace!
Cure Peace: I did?
Cure Marine: Yes, but next time, don't cry or panic. Who knows, maybe your lightning struck either some things, innocent people, or even one of your friends.
Cure Peace: Sorry! I wouldn't do it again.
Tokah: Well, you still have one monster to deal with. *To the Yokubaru (Car-House)* Yokubaru!
Yokubaru (Car-House): Yokubaru!
Amour, Marine, and Peace: Huh?!
*Coffret arrives*
Coffret: *To Amour, Marine, and Peace* Hi! Guess who I brought today!
Cure Amour: Who?
*Melody, Felice, Princess, Ace, Berry, and Custard shield Amour, Marine, and Peace*
Cure Melody: *To the Car-House Yokubaru* Stop right there, you monster!
Yokubaru (Car-House): Yoku!
Cure Berry: Don't hurt our friends!
Cure Marine: *To Princess* Princess, you're here!
Cure Princess: Well, Coffret bring us here.
Cure Ace: Let us finish this!
Amour, Marine, and Peace: Okay!
Cure Peace: *To Custard* Good luck, Custard.
Cure Custard: Thanks, Peace.

Scene 8

Froggy: *To himself* Well, it seems that the other six Cures make a scene.
Piggy: Yeah.
Tokah: Well, it doesn't matter at all! *To the Yokubaru (Car-House)* Yokubaru, better crush those Cures into pieces.
Yokubaru: Yokubaru!
Cure Felice: Let's go, everyone!
*Felice and Custard run towards the Yokubaru*
Melody, Princess, Ace, and Berry: Alright!
*Melody and Berry also run towards the Yokubaru*
Cure Felice and Cure Custard: *jumps* Pretty Cure Sweetie Kick! *punches the monster*
*the monster knocks down*
*Melody and Berry stop running*
Cure Melody: *To Berry* Let's get ready!
Cure Berry: Great!
Cure Melody and Cure Berry: Go! *kicks the Yokubaru on the opposite sides*
Cure Ace: *To Princess* It's your turn to distract the monster.
Cure Princess: Okay!
Cure Princess: *turns the rainbow-colored dial from her LovePreBrace and the heart shines* Princess Cutter! *fires multiple blades (using the tip of her hair) at the Yokubaru (Car-House)*
Yokubaru: Yoku! *takes a hit*
Cure Ace: Beautify! Love Kiss Rouge!
*the lipstick shines in blue color*
*She waves the lipstick across her lips*
*Ace kisses her own hands, and then raises her hands to form the blue heart that appears in front of her*
Cure Ace: Please throb! Ace Shot! *raises a Love Kiss Rouge in front of her* Boom! *fires her attack to freeze the Yokubaru*
*The Yokubaru gets frozen*
Cure Princess: *To Amour, Marine, and Peace* Guys, it's your turn to purify the monster now.
Cure Felice: We'll give you a chance!
Amour, Marine, and Peace: Alright!
Cure Peace: Let's do it together!
Cure Amour and Cure Marine: Okay!
Cure Peace: *makes a peace sign high above her head* Pretty Cure *the lightning shows onto her hand* Wahhh! Peace Thunder! *fires her attack at the Yokubaru (Car-House)*
Cure Marine: Pretty Cure Blue Forte Wave! *fires her attack at the Yokubaru (Car-House)*
Cure Amour: Hooray! Hooray! Heart Dance! *fires her attack at the Yokubaru (Car-House)*
Yokubaru (Tree-Garbage Can): Yokubaru! *vanishes as the car and the house separates from each other*
The nine Cures: Yay!
Piggy: *To Tokah and Froggy* Ugh! Let's get out of here!
Froggy: *To the 9 Cures* See you soon, Precures!
*The Dark Magicians leave*
Cure Marine: It's over!

Scene 9

*Several minutes later in Alice's mansion*
(Cutie Girls Squad and Joyful Girls Squad Scene)
Kanade: *To the Joyful Girls Squad* So, I guess we'll meet in the studio a few days from now.
Ruru: Okay, Kanade. *To Erika* Erika, just remember what I told you earlier.
Erika: Okay, okay! I won't forget that. *To Hime* See you soon, Hime!
Hime: Okay!
Yayoi: Tee hee hee! It's so nice to be with all of you.
Himari: I'm happy, too, Yayoi!
Kotoha: Same here. If Hinarin is happy, then I am, too!
Hibiki: Good luck, guys!
The Cutie Girls Squad: Bye, bye!
The Joyful Girls Squad: Bye! *walks away*
*A few days later in the studio (in Hagukumi City*
*Ruru, Erika, and Yayoi paint on the wall while being filmed*
Erika: Painting is fun!
Yayoi: I know right, Erika!
Ruru: I didn't do this for a very long time.
*Dory, Rery, Miry, Fary, Rabirin, Lance, Coffret, Lance, Ai, The Joyful Girls Squad (except Ruru) and the Cutie Girls Squad (except Erika and Yayoi) are watching*
Miki: *To herself* Just look at them!
Nodoka: I know right, Miki!
Lala: *To Aguri* Well, Yayoi is right about you, Aguri. You've really changed ~lun.
Alice: If that's the case, I'm so proud of you.
Aguri: Well, I'll try my best to be a good girl. Hime will help me, *To Hime* right, Bestie?
Hime: Oh, uh, yes! Ha, ha! Good thing Erika allowed us to called each other whatever we want.
Emiru: *giggles* Silly Hime!
Kanade: Yeah! Just like Hibiki.
Hibiki: You're right about me, Kanade.
Kotoha: Well, Hibiki influenced me.
Dory: Yes ~dodo!

-To be continued-

My OC Characters:
-Piggy (ピギー,Piggy)(he is a pig)
-Froggy(フロギー, Furogī)(he is a frog)
-Tokah(トカ, Toka)(he is a lizard)