Scene 1

*One day in Kanon Town*
Kanade (Minamino): *While walking to school* I am Kanade Minamino. Finally, I finish high school. My dream of becoming a pastry chef and take over my parent's shop will finally came true. I always have a dream of making people smile. I took a course in cooking.
Seika: Kanade, don't be late for school.
Kanade: Okay, Seika.
Seika: I'm so glad we were now in college.
Kanade: Yeah. I miss being a Pre- No, no, no, no. I miss being a high schooler.
Seika (Higashiyama): Same here.
*2 hours later in Ichigozaka University*
The teacher: Good morning, students.
The 40 Students: Good morning.
The teacher: Today, you guys have to introduce yourselves. *while picking a paper from the basket* Who should go first? *picks the paper and sees Kanade's name* Kanade Minamino should go first.
*The students claps their hands*
Kanade: Me?
Anna (Yuzuhara): Yes, Kanade. By the way, I'm Anna Yuzuhara if you still forget. It's so nice to meet you.
Kanade: Oh, um, I'm Kanade Minamino.
The teacher: *To Kanade* Kanade, stand up.
Kanade: Okay! *stands up* I'm Kanade Minamino. I lived in Kanon Town. I went to Private Aria Academy. It's so nice to meet you.
*The students(except Kanade) gives around of applause*
*Kanade sits down*
Ichika (Usami): Let's get along, Kanade. By the way, have we met?
Kanade: Uh, maybe.
Ichika: In case you forgot my name, I'm Ichika Usami. I lived here in Ichigozaka. It's so nic-
Kanade: I remember you know, Ichika. You must be Cure Whip.
The students(except Kanade and Ichika): Huh?
Kanade: Oops!
Ichika: She said that I must be her pastry chef idol.
The teacher: *To Ichika* You!
Ichika: Me?
The teacher: Introduce youself.
Ichika: Okay, why?
The teacher: You talk too much, girl.
Ichika: Aw.

Scene 2

*2 hours later in the canteen*
Ichika: Why did you decide to study here, Kanade?
Kanade: I want to be a pastry chef.
Ichika: I see. Well, same thoughs here. Well, about Hibiki, why did you guys study in a different school?
Kanade: Well, she wanted to become a pianist, so she decided to study in College of Kanon Town.
Ichika: That's great, but of course you miss Hibiki.
*Yuko (Omori) arrive*
Yuko: *sits on a chair**To Kanade and Ichika* Hello, girls. Long time, no see.
Kanade and Ichika: Yuko!
Kanade: You went to school here?
Yuko: Yes. Too bad we were not classmates, but I'm glad that we were under the same course.
Kanade and Ichika: Oh!
Yuko: Well, I wanna build my own restaurant, that's why I went to study here.
Kanade: That's great.
Ichika: Well, good luck.
Kanade: Do you miss being a Pretty Cure?
Yuko: Yes, Kanade. Super. I lost my powers after the battle with Red, also known as Deep Mirror.
Ichika: So sad.
Yuko: I forgot. I have to go now. Bye! Thanks for the talk. *leaves*
Kanade and Ichika: Bye!
Kanade: I think we should go now to our classroom.
Ichika: Nice idea, Kanade.

Scene 3

*While in the Minor Land*
Noise: I shall take over the world once again. *laughs evilly*
Bass: What is it, Noise?
Noise: You, Treble, and Flat are now my minions. You better have to follow me or else I will torture you.
Bass, Flat, and Treble: Okay, Boss Noise.
Noise: Good. We should take over the world now that the Precures are gone.
Flat: So, you said that the Precures cannot transform anymore?
Noise: Yes, Flat.
Treble: I think we should have a group name. Hmm.
Bass: Treble has a great idea. Having group name is awesome.
Flat: I agree with Bass.
Noise: Well then. I decided to call you as "The Discordian Group".
Bass, Flat, and Treble: No!
Treble: What about "The Siren Trio"?
Noise: Great idea, Treble. *laughs evilly*
Bass: *To Flat and Treble* Well, we should practice our introduction. *clears throat* I am Bass.
Flat: I am Flat.
Treble: And I am Treble.
Bass, Flat, and Treble: We are the Siren Triiiiiooooo!
Noise: Excellent, the Siren Trio.

Scene 4

*6 hours later in the Kanade's bedroom(located in Lucky Spoon)*
Kanade: Souta, do you know how to solve maths?
Souta (Minamino): Yes, big sis. Thank you.
Kanade: You're welcome.
Souta: By the way, sis, I have to go downstairs and help Mama and Papa bake. *leaves*
Kanade: Sure. *sees the unknown object from the sky* Wait. What is that?
*While in the sky, Pekorin rides a rocket*
Pekorin: Oh, no. The rocket is out of fuel ~peko.
Kanade: *sees the rocket(while Pekorin is riding) coming towards her* Oh, no. It's coming this way!
*The rocket lands on the Kanade's bed*
Pekorin: Ouch! *To Kanade* Sorry. I'm very sorry. I storm in this house ~peko.
Kanade: *To Pekorin* Who are you? Wait...Wow!
Pekorin: Excuse me ~peko?
Kanade: Are you a mascot who guides a Precure?
Pekorin: Why, yes. I'm Pekorin. I am a mascot best known for making sweets ~peko.
Kanade: Did I heard it right? You like sweets?
Pekorin: Yes.
Kanade: *holds Pekorin and hugs her* Yay! Looks like you're not the only one. I'm Kanade. Kanade Minamino. I also like sweets. I wanna be a pastry chef.
Pekorin: Kanade, stop it!
Kanade: *stops hugging Pekorin and puts her on a bed* Sorry. I'm just delightful.
Pekorin: That's okay ~peko.
Kanade: Why are you here, Pekorin?
Pekorin: I'm going to search for Precures because there's another chaos ~peko. Hold on, why did you know about Precure?
Kanade: Because I was once a Precure, Pekorin. I'm Cure Rhythm.
Pekorin: That's great ~peko. By the way, do you have a Transformation device?
Kanade: Not anymore. My friends and I have to surrender our own Cure Modules because we want to have a normal life. Plus, even if I have a Cure Module, I have to be with Hibiki in order to transform.
Pekorin: So, I guess I have to find another person then ~peko. Thanks anyway. *leaves*
Kanade: Wait, No. Stay here, Please. I guess you have no place to stay. You are free to stay here as long as you like.
Pekorin: Really?
Kanade: Yes. I wanna be a Precure again.
Pekorin: Yay! *hugs Kanade*

Scene 5

*While at the park(located in Kanon Town)*
Bass: Well, I have to look for notes.
Treble: Same.
Flat: I have a feeling that Queen Aphrodite scattered the notes.
Treble: Yeah. *sees the note that sticks to the toy* I saw the note. Come out, Negatone! *sends a dark wave to make a note turn evil and the toy becomes a monster*
Negatone(Toy): Negatone!
Bass: Let's see if you can defeat it, Precure.
*While in Kanade's bedroom(located in Lucky Spoon)*
Pekorin: I sense something bad ~peko.
Kanade: What? Where?
*5 minutes later in the park(located in Kanon Town)*
Treble: *To the Negatone(Toy)* Negatone, make those people cry.
Negatone(Toy): Negatone! *sends sound waves to the townspeople*
*The townspeople take a hit from the soundwaves and cry*
*Kanade and Pekorin arrive*
Kanade: Oh, no!
Pekorin: I knew it ~peko.
Kanade: *To the Siren Trio* You three! You must be Noise's minions, right?
The Siren Trio: Yes!
Bass: I am Bass.
Flat: I am Flat.
Treble: And I am Treble.
Bass, Flat, and Treble: We are the Siren Triiiiiooooo!
Bass: We have to spread chaos all over the world. Noise said that to us.
Kanade: You...You just make innocent people cry. I just won't let this happen again. I was wrong to surrender my Cure Module.
The Siren Trio: Huh?
Kanade: This is unforgivable!
*The G-clef appear in front of Kanade*
Kanade: What happened?
Negatone(Toy): Nega!
Bass: What is going on?
*The G-clef transforms a Cure Module*
Kanade: *holds a Cure Module* Finally, but I have to rally Hibiki in order to transform.
*Hummy arrives*
Hummy: No need, Kanade ~nya.
Kanade: Hummy!
Hummy: Since you get your module individually, you can transform alone ~nya. No need for you to rally Hibiki.
Kanade: Really?
Hummy: Yes. Fary and Rery will automatically appear when you transform and summon your attacks.
Kanade: Amazing.
Hummy: Do you still remember the Transformation Phrase that turns you into Precure ~nya?
Kanade: Um, *looks at the Negatone* I'll try to- Let's...
*Rery comes*
Rery: Rere! *plays a "Re" note and insert into Kanade's Cure Module*
Kanade: Let's Play! *while drawing a G-clef* Pretty Cure Modulation!
*Kanade's transformation scene*
Cure Rhythm(Kanade): *strums a Staff* Playing the Graceful tune, Cure Rhythm! (Tsumabiku wa taoyakana shirabe, Kyua Rizumu!) *poses*

Scene 6

Hummy: Yes!
Pekorin: Finally! Kanade transforms ~peko!
Cure Rhythm: I did become a Precure, but without Hibiki.
Treble: *To Rhythm* Cure Rhythm, eh? I suppose you have to try harder to stop the Negatone yourself. *To the Negatone* Negatone, destroy that *refering to Rhythm* Precure!
Negatone(Toy): Negatone! *comes towards Rhythm*
Cure Rhythm: *while kicking the monster* Yah!
*The Negatone(Toy) takes a hit*
Rhythm: *about to punch a monster* Haaaaaahhhh!
Treble: Negatone!
*The toy Negatone dodges and try to smack Cure Rhythm but, the latter try to dodge the Negatone's attack*
Cure Rhythm: Take that! *kicks the Negatone*
*The Negatone flings and crashes on a tree*
Cure Rhythm: *To the Siren Team* I have to protect people's heart now, from the person like you.
*Rhythm's Cure Module glows*
Cure Rhythm: What?
*The Siren Team and the Negatone covers their eyes*
Flat: This is so bright!
Pekorin: Wow!
*Fary appears riding on a note and jumps*
Fary: Fafa! *shines*
*Cure Rhythm claps her hands two times to form a yellow and white notes respectively, and then combines the two notes together*
Cure Rhythm: Let's engrave! Great rhythm! *forms a belltier**holds a belltier* Fantastic Belltier!
Cure Rhythm: Come here, Fary!
Fary: Fafa! *inserts into the Fantastic Belltier*
Cure Rhythm: Fly forth, *while forming a ring* Tone Ring! Pretty Cure Music Rondo! *fires her attack at the Toy Negatone*
*The Toy Negatone takes a hit*
Cure Rhythm: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!
Negatone(Toy): Nega! *falls asleep**turns back into a toy*
Hummy: Nyapu, Nyapu! *claps her hand*
*the notes come out of a toy and comes towards Fary*
Fary: Fafa. Fary!
Bass: *To Cure Rhythm* I remember this, Cure Rhythm.
Treble: We'll be back.
Flat: Just you wait!
*The Siren Team leaves*
Cure Rhythm: I did it.
Pekorin: Yes! *hugs Rhythm*
Hummy: Rhythm, if you need me, just call me. I have to go back to Hibiki. Bye ~nya! *leaves*
Cure Rhythm: Okay. Bye, Hummy.
*While hiding on a tree*
Emiru: *sees Cure Rhythm* Oh my goodness. Did I just dreaming? I finally saw the Precure fighting. Too bad I lost my Precure powers. I can't fight anymore.

Scene 7

*1 hour later in the Lucky Spoon*
Hibiki (Hojo): It's so nice to transform alone, Kanade. You got a Cure Module on your own.
Kanade: I know, Hibiki. Can you transform alone, too?
Hibiki: Yes. Too bad you didn't came.
Kanade: Well, I found a mascot.
Hibiki: Who?
*Pekorin shows herself to Hibiki*
Hibiki: Who's that?
Pekorin: I'm Pekorin ~peko. It's so nice to meet you, Hibiki.
Hibiki: How did you know my name?
Pekorin: Kanade told me about you ~peko. I lived here in Kanade's house, *To Kanade* right, Kanade?
Kanade: Yes. *To Hibiki* Pekorin live here, Hibiki.
Hibiki: Oh, okay. I have to go now. Maybe Papa were looking all over for me. Bye. *leaves*
Kanade: Bye, Hibiki.
Pekorin: Well, Kanade, you need to have a teammate ~peko.
Kanade: Okay. I'll try finding some.

-To be continued-

My OC Character:
-Anna Yuzuhara (柚原アンア, Yuzuhara Anna)(She looks like Hinaki Shinjo from Aikatsu)
-Bass (バス, Basu)(He looks like Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club)
-Flat (フラット, Furatto)(He looks like Atsushi Kinugawa from Cute High Earth Defense Club)
-Treble (トレブル, Toreburu)(He looks like Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club)