Kanade: Hello! I am Kanade. I am from the Cutie Girls Squad! I wanna tell you that I love making sweets, but before I'll tell you my favorite desserts, I'm gonna introduce you my Joyful Girls Squad friends. One of them is my childhood friend.
*Hibiki and Miki make a scene*
Hibiki: I'm Hibiki!
Miki: I'm Miki!
Hibiki: Hi, Kanade! Long time no see!
Kanade: Hello!
Miki: So, how's your baking skills lately?
Kanade: It's good, Miki. Thanks!
Hibiki: Can you give me some sweets?
Kanade: Sure, if you promise not to steal some. Just ask my permission if you want more.
Hibiki: Okay. I've never do steal anything anymore since I know you're busy hanging out with your own friends.
Miki: Oh, really? Anyways, forgot about that! What if we mingle with the other Precures instead?
Kanade: That would work, too, Miki.

Scene 1

*One day in the entrance of Hongkong Disneyland*
*Rabirin, Nodoka, and Lala arrive*
Nodoka: Woah!
Lala: What is it ~lun?
Nodoka: I can't believe that we travelled here through the Magical Library. We can roam here whenever you want.
Lala: Oh, yes! I wanna experience one ~lun. I never even tried riding a roller coaster before ~lun.
Nodoka: It is fun in the roller coaster. Promise!
Rabirin: Indeed! Well, it would be nice if you guys have more best friends moment ~rabi.
Nodoka and Lala: Yeah.
Nodoka: I promised to Hikaru (Hoshina) last time that I mustn't let Lala down.
Lala: But, I'm pretty sure Hikaru will be happy for us ~lun.
Nodoka: Yes!
*Nodoka and Lala start walking towards the entrance*
*Ai, Hime and Aguri arrive*
Hime: I'm so happy that you came to my school earlier, Bestie.
Ai: Yeah, yeah!
Aguri: You said it yourself that you should treat me some sweets. You promised me yesterday.
Hime: Right! Do you want to ride on a roller coaster? Erika said that it is fun to ride!
Aguri: Up to you. *sighs* I even wished that Himari and the others are with us today.
Hime: Yeah. Anyways, let's go to the entrance! I can't wait! *runs towards the entrance*
Aguri: Wait for me! *follows Hime*
Ai: Huh?!
Nodoka: *To Lala* I can't wait to see what's inside this theme park! *runs towards the entrance*
Lala: Nodoka! Wait up! *follows Nodoka*
Rabirin: Don't forget me ~rabi!
Hime and Nodoka: *To themselves* I am excite- *bumps into each other and loses their balance* Ouch! *looks at each other* Huh?! *stands up*
Nodoka: Hime?
Hime: Nodoka? *hugs Nodoka* I can't believe that you are here! This is a miracle!
Nodoka: *holds Hime's arms* Oh, yes! Wait. Are you alone when coming here?
Hime: No.
*Aguri and Lala arrive*
Aguri: *To Hime* Hime!
Lala: *To Nodoka* Nodoka!
*Hime and Nodoka look at Aguri and Lala*
Aguri and Lala: Huh?! *looks at each other*
Lala: *To Aguri* Aguri, you're here?
Aguri: Yes. *To Hime and Nodoka* How did you two find each other?
Hime: Long story.
Rabirin: *To Ai* Hi, Ai!
Ai: Hello, Rabirin!
Nodoka: *To Hime, Aguri, and Lala* This timing is perfect! Let's enjoy this day! All four of us!
Hime, Aguri, and Lala: Okay!
Aguri: Wait. All four of us?
Nodoka: Yes, Aguri! Don't you want that?
Aguri: I didn't say that I don't want to, Nodoka.
Lala: I can't wait to eat donuts here ~lun
Hime: Don't worry, Lala. You can try some.
Lala: Yay!

Scene 2

*6 minutes later at the park*
*Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala are taking a walk*
Hime: I was happy that you guys are my co-stars for the TV series.
Nodoka: And the genre is a Magical Girl. I was super happy because it reminds me of the Precures.
Hime: I was even happy because I'm with my...
Nodoka and Lala: Bestie!
Hime: Yes. That!
Nodoka and Lala: Oh!
Hime: There's something I'd like to tell you: Don't mess with Aguri, or else you're doomed!
Lala: Like what ~lun?
Aguri: Teasing or even make fun of me, if I remember well.
Hime: Guess what I did to Hibiki because she always make fun of Aguri?
Nodoka and Lala: Ahhhh!
Lala: Oyo! You're going to teach us a lesson ~lun?
Nodoka: S-So scary! *To Lala**while whispering* Um, Lala, we better tell this to Kanade and the others about Hime.
Lala: *while whispering* Yeah.
Nodoka: *To Hime* L-Let's forget about this, Hime. Anyways, why not we'll enjoy this day instead?
Hime: You're right, Nodoka. We must enjoy!
Rabirin: I wanna enjoy, too ~rabi.
Ai: Same here.
Lala: *To Aguri* Let me watch over Ai ~lun!
Aguri: Okay!
Hime: *To Nodoka* Can I watch over Rabirin?
Nodoka: Of course!
Lala: Which ride shall we go first ~lun?
*3 minutes later*
*Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala ride on the elephant (in Dumbo the Flying Elephant)*
(Nodoka and Lala scene)
Nodoka: This is fun!
Lala: Oyo!
*Nodoka and Lala look behind and wave at Hime and Aguri*
Hime: Hi!
*Several minutes later*
*Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala ride on a cart (in Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway)*
*Rabirin and Ai watch the cart moving faster*
(Nodoka and Lala scene)
Nodoka: Weeee!
Lala: I'm scared!
Nodoka: Don't worry. I'm here for you.
Hime: *To Nodoka and Lala* Guys!
*Nodoka and Lala look at Hime and Aguri who sat behind them*
Hime: Are you guys having fun?
Nodoka: Yes!
*Several minutes later*
*Ai, Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala ride on a horse (in Merry-go-Round)*
*Nodoka and Lala hold each other's hand*
*Hime and Nodoka look at each other and Aguri and Lala look at each other*
*Rabirin sits on Ai's lap*
Aguri: Ai, hold on tight!
*Ai, Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala ride on a boat (in It's a Small World)*
Nodoka: Wow! Just look at that! The background is so nice.
Rabirin: Rabi!
Aguri: I wanna go back to Blue Sky Kingdom once I see this.
Hime: Same.
Lala: I see the moving statue ~lun.
Ai: Same.
*Several minutes later in the restaurant*
*Ai, Rabirin, Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala eat their own cake*
*Aguri finishes her cake*
Nodoka: Wow! You're too fast.
*Hime was about to eat a cake*
Hime: Huh?! *looks at Aguri*
*Aguri make a cute face*
Hime: Um...Okay. It's all yours now. *gives a cake to Aguri*
Aguri: *hugs Hime* Thank you, Bestie.
*Nodoka and Lala becomes startled*
Nodoka: *To Lala* I was surprised to see Aguri like that.
Lala: Same ~lun.
*Rabirin and Ai continue eating a cake*

Scene 3

*The next day in Emiru's house*
Erika: *To Nodoka and Lala* Really? You saw Aguri and Hime there?
Nodoka and Lala: Yeah.
Nodoka: We didn't know that they also went abroad.
Kanade: How did they get there?
Nodoka: Hmm. I guess they used the Magical Library.
Yayoi: Well, that's great.
Erika: I taught Hime on how to activate the code.
Emiru: So, tomorrow, shall we go to Nodoka's house?
Alice: Yes, Emiru.
Kanade: We'll gonna bond there.
Lala: Nice idea ~lun. I like it! I also want to see Aunt Yasuko (Hanadera) and Uncle Takeshi (Hanadera). I'm sure they'll gonna miss me.
Rabirin: Of course they'll miss you, Lala. You are Nodoka's Best friend ~rabi.
Coffret: Even Yayoi's mother missed Erika.
Yayoi: Well, yeah.
Kanade: *To Erika* About someone who bullied you yesterday in school, Erika, did they hurt you?
Erika: Yes, but thanks to Alice, they ran away. Alice is way too scary when she's angry. Even the teacher is scared of her.
Kanade, Emiru, Nodoka, Lala, and Yayoi: Yeah!
Lance: She even defended Emiru when someone made fun of Emiru's singing ~lance.
Rery: I can't believe that Alice has a big sister instinct ~rere.
Fary: Same thoughts here ~fafa.
Alice: Sorry if I'm like that. You know that I don't want to hurt your feelings.
Emiru: Change topic, I say. About our plan tomorrow, what shall we do while we're in Nodoka's house?
Yayoi: Let's cook food, or better yet, we'll help Nodoka clean the house.
Nodoka: It would be happier if we also rally Aguri and Hime.
Lala: We promised yesterday to bond with them for the next day ~lun.
Kanade, Emiru, Erika, Alice, and Yayoi: Uh?
Erika: Oh, yes! Bring Hime to your house, Nodoka! I missed her so much!
Alice: And also Aguri. Emiru and I missed her.
Kanade: I missed Aguri, too, Alice.
Alice: Okay.

Scene 4

*The next day in Nodoka's house (in Sukoyaka City)*
*Hime, Aguri, and the Cutie Girls Squad sit on a chair*
Erika: Finally, Hime, you get to bond with me. *hugs Hime* Can I call you "BFF" or even "Bestie"?
Hime: It's up to you, Erika. *from her mind* What if she's going to call me "Bestie", like me and Aguri did?
Nodoka: It's been a while since you guys finally decide a friendship nickname.
Lala: *To Yayoi* How's your bonding time with Ruru ~lun?
Yayoi: It was great! Erika and I will get to draw posters tomorrow along with Ruru. *To Erika* Right, Erika?
Erika: Right!
Kanade: *To Aguri* Are you sure that you're going to borrow my cupcake recipe?
Aguri: Yes. You know that I want to be a pastry chef.
Emiru: Well, good luck, Aguri.
Alice: I will be happy if you achieve that.
Aguri: Of course I will, Alice.
*Yasuko arrives*
Yasuko (Hanadera): *To Nodoka* Hi, Nodoka. You brought many friends today.
Nodoka: Yes, Mother.
Yasuko: And, *sees Hime and Aguri* who are those two girls? Are they your friends?
Nodoka: Yes! Actually, we already know each other already for months.
Yasuko: I see. Because I only know Alice, Kanade, Erika, Emiru, Yayoi, and Lala. *To Hime and Aguri* Are you girls the friends of Nodoka?
Hime and Aguri: Yes!
Hime: I'm Hime Shirayuki.
Aguri: I'm Aguri Madoka.
Yasuko: Hi. I'm Yasuko. I'm the mother of Nodoka. Call me "Aunt Yasuko". Anyways, are you two related?
Hime and Aguri: Uh?
Nodoka: Um...yes! I mean, no. I mean, they treat each other as...uh...
Hime: *hugs Aguri* Though we're not related, I treat Aguri as my baby sister. *kisses Aguri on the cheeks*
*Kanade, Emiru, and Yayoi laugh quietly*
Yasuko: I see. Anyways, I have to buy some groceries today.
Nodoka: You don't have to, Mother. I'll buy one for you.
Yasuko: Okay, if you insist, but you must have Lala or any of your close friends with you.
Nodoka: Okay!

Scene 5

*A half-hour later in Nodoka's bedroom*
Emiru: I hope Lala, Aguri, Nodoka, and Hime will be here soon.
Kanade: You forget Ai and Rabirin, Emiru.
Emiru: Oh, yes!
Alice: *To Erika* Erika, why didn't you come with Hime? You wasted your chance to be with her.
Erika: Aguri is with Hime. You know that I don't want to be with that strict girl.
Coffret: *To himself* Until today, Erika still didn't change.
Fary: Erika's been so stubborn, just like Kanade ~fafa. *To Kanade* No offense.
Yayoi: *To Erika* As what I told you, Erika, Aguri is a good girl. She talked to me politely last time.
Kanade: Indeed she is. I agree with Yayoi. I wish I could come with Aguri.
Rery: No worries ~rere. They'll be here soon ~rere.
Alice: Why not I tell you guys a story about why I got imprisoned in my mansion long time ago?
Yayoi: Good idea, Alice.
Kanade: I wanna hear your story.
Lance: Hold still because we get a chance to hear one ~lance.
*While in the market*
Nodoka: This is it! I'm gonna buy some hotdogs, potatoes, bread, cheese, all-purpose flour, and...
Lala: I think these are enough ~lun.
Nodoka: But once we have many foods, the better. At least we have many food choices.
Rabirin: I agree ~rabi.
Ai: Yeah, yeah!
Hime: Too bad Erika didn't come with us today.
Aguri: Maybe Erika hates me even though she lets you be with me, but I don't know why.
Lala: Probably because she fears that you're going to order her around ~lun. Erika hates strict people ~lun.
Rabirin: True ~rabi.
Hime: Just like me at first, but I overgrew it.
Nodoka: Well, why not we'll invite all the Joyful Girls Squad on our upcoming outings?
Hime: Nice idea, Nodoka. This would be a great chance for Erika and Aguri to be best friends. Can you and Lala help me convince Erika that Aguri is really a good girl?
Lala: Sure thing ~lun.
Nodoka: I wanna help, Hime.
Hime: Thanks! *To Aguri* Do you mind if you and Erika become best friends?
Aguri: I don't mind at all, as long as we managed to get along.
Lala: We have to hurry up ~lun. Our friends are waiting for us ~lun.
Rabirin: I agree with Lala ~rabi. Why not we have to fall in line now ~rabi?
Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala: Okay!
Hime: *To Aguri* This is it, Aguri. Once we go back to Nodoka's house, we shouldn't call each other "Bestie".
Aguri: I know. We all know Erika will be pissed off. I'm scared of Erika. Probably we'll continue doing that once Erika is not around?
Nodoka: Continue what, Aguri?
Hime and Aguri: Huh?!
Aguri: It's nothing, Nodoka.

Scene 6

*10 minutes later on the streets*
*Aguri and Lala are carrying a bag of groceries*
Nodoka: *To Hime* It's fun to be with you, Hime.
Hime: Same here, Nodoka.
Hime and Nodoka: *while slapping each other's hands* Yes!
Rabirin: Well, you and Nodoka can be great partners, too ~rabi.
Hime and Nodoka: Us?!
Rabirin: Yes ~rabi.
*Aguri and Lala see Hime and Nodoka rejoicing*
Lala: *To Aguri* I feel jealous ~lun.
Aguri: Same, but we should be happy for them, Lala. Grandma taught me not to get jealous.
Lala: Same goes with my Mother Kaka ~lun.
?: I am jealous of my friend!
Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala: Huh?!
*the three Desertrians (Bag, Sweet Bun, and Banana) are attacking the city*
*the townspeople run away while screaming*
Sweet Bun Desertrian: I hate going back to school!
Banana Desertrian: I wanna impress my grandparents by faking my kindness!
Bag Desertrian: I hate my sister, Yuria!
Rabirin: *To Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala* Oh, no! It's a Desertrian ~rabi!
Nodoka: Regardless, we have to stop it.
Hime: Right. Wait. I haven't encounter that monster before.
Aguri: Neither did I.
Lala: I think we should save everyone ~lun.
Ai: Yes!
(Healin' Good Precure Transformation Theme)
Rabirin: Start! *entering into the Healing Stick*
Nodoka: Pretty Cure Operation! *inserts her Element Bottle into her Healing Stick*
Hime: Pretty Cure! *presses the button* Spinning Mirror Change! *raises her PreChanMirror as the latter shows Cure Princess' image on the card*
Aguri: Pretty Cure, Dress Up!
Lala: *while drawing a heart* Color Charge!
Nodoka: Cure Touch! *touches Rabirin's paw*
Rabirin: Kyun!
*Hime, Aguri, Nodoka, and Lala's transformation sequence*
Cure Princess (Hime): The blue wind dancing in the sky!
(Tenkū ni mau aoki kaze!)
*fires a beam in front of her and blows her two ring fingers*
Cure Princess (Hime): Cure Princess! (Kyua Purinsesu!) *poses*
Cure Ace (Aguri): The Trump Card of Love! Cure Ace! (Ai no kirifuda! Kyua Ēsu!) *poses*
*Cure Grace touches Rabirin's paw*
Rabirin: Kyun!
Cure Grace (Nodoka) & Rabirin: The two overlapping flowers! (Kasanaru Futatsu no Hana!)
Cure Grace: *spins the Healing Stick and holds the latter* Cure Grace! (Kyua Gurēsu!)*poses*
Rabirin: ~Rabi!
Cure Milky (Lala): The milky way stretching across the heavens! Cure Milky! (Ten ni Amaneku Mirukī Wei! Kyua Mirukī!) *poses*

Scene 7

*A few seconds later*
Usajacky: We all summon the monsters at once.
Komorina: Yes! Let's see if the Precures manage to beat them all.
Rakuda: You guys said it. Now, you have to watch over your summoned monsters.
Usajacky and Komorina: Okay! *leave*
*Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky make a scene*
Cure Grace: Well, guess who's here!
Rakuda: Huh?!
Cure Milky: We'll beat the monsters once and for all ~lun!
Rakuda: You say so! *To the Banana Desertrian* Desertrian, finish off those Precures!
Desertrian (Banana): Right! *fires multiple bananas at Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky*
Princess, Grace, and Milky: Ahhh!
*Grace raises her Healing Stick*
Rabirin: Puni Shield! *creates a shield*
*the bananas hit the shield*
Cure Ace: *To Milky* Milky!
Cure Milky: Okay!
*Ace and Milky go towards the Desertrian (Banana) by running*
Cure Princess: Be careful!
Cure Ace and Cure Milky: *jumps* Pretty Cure Double Kick! *kicks the Banana Desertrian on the head*
*The Banana Desertrian knocks out*
*Ace and Milky reunites with Princess and Grace*
Cure Princess: *To Grace* Let's go, Grace!
Cure Grace: Okay!
Cure Princess: *turns the rainbow-colored dial from her LovePreBrace and the heart shines* Princess Cutter! *fires multiple blades (using the tip of her hair) at the Desertrian (Banana)*
*Grace inserts the Fruit Bottle into the Healing Stick*
Rabirin: Fruit Element!
Cure Grace: Ha! *fires her attack at the Desertrian (Banana)*
*The Desertrian takes a hit and loses its balance*
Cure Princess: Yes!
Cure Ace: *To Grace and Milky* Grace, Milky, do something!
Cure Grace and Cure Milky: Here we go!
(The song similar to Hikari Shiratori [of Miracle Tunes] Transformation Theme was played)
(Link of a song: /4JbHHK-ak2U)
*Grace and Milky starts dancing*
(the song ends)
Cure Grace: *while smacking the tambourine* Are you ready, Milky?
Cure Milky: *smacks her own tambourine**while raising the tambourine on the left* Okay!
Cure Grace and Cure Milky: Lively...Party! *fires the silver beam at the Desertrian*
*The Banana Desertrian takes a hit*
*The Desertrian turns back into a banana*
*The Heart Flower heals*
Princess and Grace: We did it!
Rakuda: Don't you celebrate just yet. You have have another two monsters to deal with. They're in the other side of this town.
Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky: Huh?!

Scene 8

*While in the other side of the streets*
Desertrian (Sweet Bun): School makes me sick!
Desertrian (Bag): My sister ruined my life!
*Usajacky and Komorina claps each other's hands*
Usajacky: Nice one, partner! We can turn the world into a desert easily cause we world together.
Komorina: Yes! We did!
*Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky*
Cure Grace: *Usajacky and Komorina* Not a chance! We won't let it!
Cure Milky: Yeah, yeah!
Cure Ace: Those monsters can turn the world into deserts?
Cure Grace: Yes, if we don't stop the Desertrian.
Cure Princess: Right. Erika told me.
Usajacky: *To Grace and Milky* You two! You really brought someone new?
Grace and Milky: Uh? *look at Princess and Ace*
Cure Princess: Yes, we a-
*Ace smacks Princess' shoulder using her wrist*
Cure Milky: What now if we brought a new friend ~lun?
Komorina: It does matter, dearie. Maybe they're naive about Desertrian, huh?!
*Rhythm, Macherie, Marine, Rosetta, and Peace make a scene*
Cure Marine: They may be naive but they're good in fighting a monster!
*Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky look at Rhythm, Macherie, Marine, Rosetta, and Peace*
Cure Princess: Marine!
Cure Macherie: *To Rhythm and Marine* Rhythm, Marine, let's attack the Bun-like monster together!
Rhythm and Marine: Okay!
*Rhythm, Macherie, and Marine go towards the Sweet Bun Desertrian*
Cure Rosetta: *To Peace* Let's attack the Bag one!
Cure Peace: Alright!
*Rosetta and Peace go towards the Bag Desertrian*
Cure Rhythm: *To Marine* Let's kick the monster together!
Cure Marine: Alright, then!
*Rhythm and Marine jump towards the Desertrian (Sweet Bun)*
Cure Macherie: *stops running* Good luck!
Rhythm and Marine: Pretty Cure Double Kick! *kick the monster on the head*
*the Desertrian (Sweet Bun) knocks down*
Cure Peace: Take this! *kicks the Bag Desertrian*
*the Desertrian (Bag) knocks down*
Cure Rhythm: *To Macherie* Macherie!
Cure Macherie: Okay! *summons a Twin Love Guitar*
Cure Peace: *To Rosetta* Rosetta!
Cure Rosetta: Okay! *summons a Lovely Force Arrow*
Cure Macherie: Macherie Poppin'! *fires her attack to hit the Desertrian (Sweet Bun)*
Cure Rosetta: Pretty Cure, Rosetta Reflection! *pushes the arrow, and forms a circle to form a shield* Go! *fires her shield to hit the Desertrian (Bag)*
*the Sweet Bun Desertrian was hit by Macherie Poppin'; the Bag Desertrian was hit by Rosetta Reflection*
*The two Desertrians fling and crashes into the ground*
Usajacky: No fair!
Princess, Ace, Grace, and Milky: Wow!
Rabirin: You guys have to hurry in purifying the monsters ~rabi.
Cure Grace: *To Princess* Princess, let's purify the Bag one!
Cure Princess: Okay!
Cure Milky: *To Ace* Guess we'll do the Bread one.
Cure Ace: Right!
Cure Grace: Pretty Cure, Healing Flower! *fires her attack at the Bag Desertrian*
Cure Princess: Pretty Cure *smacks her LovePreBrace* *while rolling her hands* Blue Happy *releases a Blue Circle* Shoot! *fires her attack at the Bag Desertrian*
*Desertrian (Bag) takes a hit*
Cure Milky: *her Star Color Pendant shines* Pretty Cure! *creates a large green heart* *while spinning* Milky Shock! *fires a lightning bolt from her antennae towards the Sweet Bun Desertrian*
Cure Ace: Please throb! Ace Shot! *raises a Love Kiss Rouge in front of her* Boom! *fires her attack at the Sweet Bun Desertrian*
*Desertrian (Sweet Bun) takes a hit*
Desertrians (both Sweet Bun and Bag):
*two Heart Flowers heal*
Usajacky: That's it!
Komorina: Let's get out of here!
*Usajacky and Komorina leave*
The 9 Cures: Yes!
Cure Rhythm: Let's bring the persons back to normal.
Cure Grace: Let's do it!
Cure Milky: Lun!

Scene 9

*10 minutes later in the park*
*Emiru and Alice carry the groceries*
Coffret: *To Hime, Aguri, and the Cutie Girls Squad* We collected three Heart Seeds today!
Emiru: Yes! We got one!
Aguri: What is Heart Seed?
*Hime and the Cutie Girls get startled*
Rery: We get it right after we beat the Desertrian ~rere.
Kanade: Didn't Hime tell you that, Aguri?
Hime: I told you about Desertrian and the Heart Seed during our time in Major Land, Aguri. Don't you forget that?
Aguri: Oh! Sorry I forgot.
Nodoka: I think we have to hurry in bringing the groceries.
Erika: Oh, yes!
Aguri: Let me cook!
Lala: Same ~lun!
Yayoi: I wanna cook, too!
Alice: Same. I wanna improve my cooking skills.
Emiru: Let's be fair! Let's cook altogether.
Alice: I like your idea, Emiru.
Lance: I can help you guys cook ~lance.
Rabirin: Same here ~rabi.
Ai: Let's cooking!
*Everyone except Ai giggles*
Fary: This is it ~fafa.
Hime: It would be fair if Hibiki and the others are here.
Aguri: Agree with you, Be- *look at Erika, then look back at Hime* Hime.
Erika: That's okay, Aguri. I let you guys call each other whatever you want.
Hime and Aguri: Really?!
Erika: Yes.
*Hime and Aguri leap in joy*
Kanade: *To herself* It seems like they're happy.
Nodoka: Yes, they do!
Lala: Just like me and Nodoka ~lun.
Yayoi: I think we have to go now!

-To be continued-

My OC Character:
-Komorina (コモリナ, Komorina)(She looks like Orihime Mitsuishi from Aikatsu, except that her color scheme is black)
-Rakuda (ラクダ, Rakuda)(He looks like Akoya Gero from Cute High Earth Defense Club, except that his hair is red)
-Usajacky (ウサジャキー, Usajacky)(He looks like Kumojacky from Heartcatch Precure, except that his color scheme is yellow)