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London: black and white horizontally striped long sleeve shirt and a black skirt with a dirty and tattered white pinafore over the top of them which bears a white and black checker border, black stockings and black ankle-high boots with buckles plus a tattered and beaten white bow around her waist.

Wonderland: A knee-length blue dress with short puffy sleeves worn with a white pinafore over the top and a fanned-out skirt that is cut to about mid-leg. To complete the outfit she wears a simple white apron over the dress with a white bow in the back that features a skull, black and white horizontal striped tights underneath and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. The pockets on her apron feature the symbols for Eris and Jupiter plus there are blood splatters on her apron. She also wears a silver necklace with a pendant of the Omega symbol on it

Hatter's Domain: The black leather dress that is influenced by steam-punk attire with a white neck-frill like collar, a waspie waist cincher with a harness attached and black leather buckled fingerless gloves with dark gold straps, Black and white horizontal striped tights underneath and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. The bow on the back of the dress features a green clock surrounded by a bronze metal border, two fairly worn and torn mechanical wings and leather straps and the brown leather apron features astronomical signs of Saturn and Mercury on the skirt. Plus her necklace with the omega pendant which is pink here.

Deluded Depths: A seafoam green dress with a bodice that appears to be composes of scales, the bust of the dress itself is shaped like seashells, the skirt is reminiscent of a jellyfish's body, Puffy short sleeves, there are patterns along the dress that glow in the dark based on bioluminescent deep-sea creatures, the apron is shaped like a seashell and has lace dollies at the end plus it has the astronomical signs of Luna and Neptune. Alice's omega necklace is made out of seaweed. There is a bow in the back at her waist with the skull of an angler fish in the center with the anger light that makes it look like Alice has a tail, the bow part is replaced with a large thick whisker type abnormality that is present on either side of the skull.

Mysterious East: A dark blue kimono/Hanfu crossover with short puffy dark blue sleeves, the dress has a pale blue, pink and teal floral and butterfly pattern, a white apron that is edged with a blue Chinese pattern and the astronomical patterns for Uranus and Pluto. The edges of the collar are folded over one another in a kimono-like manner and is edged in pale pink ruffles. Alice's omega necklace is also made out of Jade green and she wears pink and dark magenta arm warmers plus black and white horizontal striped tights underneath and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. She also has a bow around her waist in the back. The bow is quite large since it is a kimono bow. the skull in the center is a Jade green and the bow itself is actually two bows which are baby pink and carnation pink. the sash si tied with two cords in blue and teal/green. The face in the skull is similar to an oni mask then a human skull.

Queensland: It is based around the Queen of Hearts. The black and red gloves feature red over the fingernails that mimic the castle towers and the red dress which features red and dark brown vertical short puffy sleeves. The dress has recurring prints of golden hearts and black and white checker patterns. The white apron features and upside-down black spade as well as astronomical signs of Venus and Leo (South Ascending Moon). The border of the dress is gold, the dress features a dark brown bow at the waist in the back with a matching gold pattern around the edges of the bow and the hanging ribbons, the pattern is simply a golden lone which is covered by another line of golden hearts. It has a twisted heard shaped skill in the center. The dress is knee-length and has black and white horizontal striped tights underneath and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. Plus her necklace with the omega pendant

Demented Dollhouse: A vertically striped sky blue and yellow bodice with oversized blue and orange buttons, short puffy sleeves with pink lace at the end, the left sleeve has a tear with stuffing poking out of it, a black and dark magenta plaid tartan skirt with decorative stitching along the border over a baby-pink ruffled petticoat. Teal and white striped fingerless gloves that have pink lace at the top, a big pink bow with a broken doll's face in the center plus a dirty blood-stained apron with a lace Dollie border. On the apron's pockets are the astronomical signs for Mars and Ceres. She also has black and white horizontal striped tights underneath and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. Plus her necklace with the omega pendant


London: A white button-up shirt & a white and grey striped necktie covered by an olive green vest and a black suit coat with a white pocket square, tan dress pants and black dress shoes.

Wonderland: A light green button-up shirt plus a deep green necktie covered by a green military jacket, green trousers that tuck into eep brown knee-high boots and a Sam Browne belt with a strap that loops over his right shoulder under an epaulet

Hatter's Domain: A brown button-up shirt covered by a dark leather brown vest, a black leather waistcoat with gold buckles, white silk gloves, cream-colored trousers with a dark brown belt with a gold gear for a belt buckle, brown knee-length worker's boots plus a black top hat with black goggles on it.

Deluded Depths: A loose white button-up shirt covered by a black vest covered by a knee-length blood-red coat trimmed with gold plus golden buttons and gold epaulets with gold tassels, a white ruffle covered his neck and part of his shirt with a green stone atop it, a back tricorn hat with gold trim on his head with a massive white feather that trailed off the hat, brown trousers, black gloves, a black eyepatch covering his right eye and black knee-length lace-up boots. He also has a light brown bet holding a cutlass, a sword and a pistol.

Mysterious East: A white kimono shirt with dark red-violet kimono pants, white socks with dark brown sandals with red straps

Queensland: A gold suit of armor without the helmet, it is covered in golden clubs and a giant red heart on the chest plate, plus coral pink trousers underneath his suit of armor

Demented Dollhouse A pink button-up shirt covered by a purple sweater-vest, a sky blue bowtie, tan dress pants and black dress shoes, tan dress pants and black dress shoes