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(Warrior Bunnies)

It was a bittersweet victory for the Lagomorphs. Though they had survived the siege, the damage had already been done. Dozens of their comrades laid dead, hundreds had been captured and their city was in ruins. The Imperials had destroyed much of their crops during their invasion, as well as poisoning their water and killing the nearby wildlife that the Warrior Bunnies had depended on for food.

However, despite that, there were upsides to this. The otherworlders had been helpful in their recovery. Indeed, it could be very well said if it were not for them, then none of Warrior Bunnies would be here right now. They even helped the Lagomorphs with their wounded and the recovery of their dead. Presently they were securing the gate or guarding the prisoners. Some of the Warrior Bunnies took in satisfaction at how rough the otherworlders were being towards the more difficult prisoners, mostly those who were Imperial Nobles as they were trying to assert themselves with their titles, only to receive a hit from the butt of a spear.

Presently a meeting had been called forth in a large tent serving as a makeshift command center. Seated in her throne was Tyuule, still dressed in her armor with bandages over her wounds. With her were the surviving veterans, tribe leaders, commanders, and elders of their race. The topic for the meeting was on their current situation, and what they would do next.

"It saddens me to see some familiar faces missing." Tyuule said in a somber tone, noticing that people whom she grew up and fought alongside with were gone. "But also gives me joy to know that many of us are still here." Her words brought smiles upon her peoples' faces.

"Indeed, the gods were smiling down on us today." An elder said.

Delilah snorted. "More like the otherworlders saved us. If it weren't for them none of us would be here." She commented.

Her words caused the others to murmur. The noise was swiftly silenced by Tyuule. "Delilah brings up a good point. If not for them I would have become that disgusting Prince's plaything. We owe them a great debt." She said, remembering the green knight who saved her.

Another elder spoke. "The question remains however, is what do we do now?"

At this, numerous Lagomorphs spoke up. Each one giving their own suggestions or ideas on what to do. Many of said ideas were based off their emotions rather than their heads.

"We should strike back! Attack and get our vengeance!"

"No! We're too weak to do anything! We don't have the forces to invade the Empire!"

"Then what about our captured sisters?! We can't just leave them to rot as slaves!"

"If we move fast enough, we might be able to find them!"

"What about the captured Imperials? Interrogating them could give us the information we need."

"We can hold them for ransom!"

"No! They're prisoners of the otherworlders!"

"Our first focus should be is how we will survive. Winter is coming soon, and we don't have enough supplies."

"I suggest we go to the nearby villages and towns and see if we can procure some food."

"We don't have any money. What do you suggest we do? Rob them? We would be the same as mere bandits."

The arguing went on for another three minutes when a sentry came rushing in, silencing all voices. The woman was gasping for air, had just managed to swallow some in before speaking. "Pardon the interruption, my Queen. But one of the otherworlders is here. He wishes to speak with you."

The room went silent at this. They had not expected this. So far, the otherworlders had been keen to leave them to their business after tending to their wounded and dead. The Warrior Bunnies had to tread carefully in this. With just a short demonstration, these strangers had proven to be far powerful than any force they had seen. Reinforcing her resolve, Tyuule spoke in a commanding tone. "Let them in." The sentry nodded and left for a moment.

A minute later an armored man came walking in. He wore white armor that had spots of dried blood on it. Resting against his left thigh was an exotic sword of similar color. His presence was imposing, befitting a warrior of his stature. Looking around the room, he stopped when he noticed Tyuule. "Am I correct to assume you are the leader of these people." He said in their tongue, surprising the Warrior Bunnies.

Getting over her shock, Tyuule nodded. "I am Tyuule, Queen of the Lagomorphs. I would ask for your name and reason for being here." She said in an authoritative voice.

The otherworlder bowed his head, a sign of respect, before speaking. "My lady, I am Roan. A Captain of the Night Sentinels. On behalf of Commander Valen, I have been sent to bring you to meet with him concerning the present situation." Roan said.

Silence followed that declaration. Many had expected this to happen, the otherworlders wouldn't ignore them forever. But it felt too soon for a meeting to occur. Still, Tyuule could not give up this chance of learning more about their mysterious saviors. "Very well, I will meet with your commander. But I request that you allow me to bring two bodyguards." She replied.

Roan was quiet for a moment before nodding. Minutes later he, Tyuule and two Warrior Bunnies left the tent. The Night Sentinel Captain directed them to a nearby skiff, where more Sentinels were waiting. The Lagomorphs were momentarily stunned by the strange carriage floating by itself. They quickly snapped out of their trance and boarded the vehicle. Once Roan was aboard, the pilot took off, causing the Lagomorphs to gasp at the sudden lurch. They were surprised by how fast they were going, the speed easily outstripping a war horse. As they moved, she spotted the Imperial prisoners to the side. As the Night Sentinels were still building their fortress, the prisoners were kept between two trees, Sentinels guarding them with their wolves. Every now and then a noble or soldier would make a scene, causing the Sentinels to strike them with the butt of their spears or have their wolves snarl at them threateningly. Tyuule found it comforting that their would-be conquerors were getting their just desert.

In a matter of minutes, the Skiff had arrived. Sentinel engineers were still at work building the fortress, using Goliaths, smaller mechs compared to the Atlans, to assist with the construction, as well as the autonomous Custodians. Despite that, they were progressing much faster than anyone in this world could. Tyuule suspected they would be finished by the end of the month. As they entered, escorted by Roan, Tyuule saw that more soldiers were coming from the gate, along with beasts of war and war machines too. If the Lagomorph Queen had to count, there had to be over 10,000 of them here now. Such a force would be insufficient against the larger numbers of the Empire, but from she had seen from them, combined with their war machines, they might stand a better chance.

She was cut off from her musings when the screams of pain caught her ears. Following the source, her eyes laid on a reddish-brown tent to the side, guarded by a pair of Night Sentinels. "Higher-ranked prisoners." Roan answered, as if reading her thoughts. "We're interrogating them for information."

He approached the guards, presenting them with his identity before announcing why he was there. A few minutes later Roan returned to Tyuule. "Commander Valen is waiting for you inside. I'm afraid your guards will have to wait out here." Roan said.

The two Lagomorphs were ready to protest, but a look from Tyuule silenced them. Nodding wordlessly, she entered the tent. She was greeted with the sight of a rectangle metal silver table in the center of the tent, a chair placed on either side with designs foreign to her. In the corners were torches of the same appearance and design. They held mesmerizing blue flames. Other than that, there were assortments of other objects, such as a desk with papers, chairs, weapons, and so forth.

A few seconds later another person entered from the opposite direction. This person was a male. Like the other otherworlders, he had a build forged from training and fighting and exuded an aura that matched it. His armor covered his body perfectly, as it allowed her to see how well-developed he was. The man was clearly older than Tyuule, judging by the few wrinkles she could see on his tanned face. He had onyx eyes and white hair he had was in the form of a mohawk. She was curious about the strange object seemingly attached to his right shoulder but pushed it aside as he spoke to her.

"I am Commander Valen of the Night Sentinels. I've been temporarily put in command of this force. I assume you must be the Queen of the…" The Night Sentinel paused, as if trying to find the word.

"We are the Lagomorphs. However, most call us Warrior Bunnies." Tyuule replied. "And I am their queen, Tyuule. I cannot thank you and your men for saving us from the Empire."

"This Empire has also inflicted wounds on us when we were at our weakest. Thus, we merely retaliated. Besides, it was the Doom Slayer who led the charge when he saw your people in danger." Valen said as he sat down, gesturing Tyuule to do the same."

Doom Slayer? Was that the name of the man who saved her? Or rather, his title? Tyuule kept it in memory as she sat down and listened to Valen continue speaking. "Our King, Novik, has ordered us to set foot here and hunt down the ones responsible for the attack on us. After hearing of you and your people, he believes that this chance encounter might be beneficial for both of us."

Tyuule immediately understood what the man was referring to. "You are speaking of an alliance?"

"Correct. There is very little we know about this world and it will be some time until we can translate your language. The prisoners we have are not being forthcoming with information…at the moment. However, you and your people have also suffered under them too." Valen noticed the contemplative look on Tyuule's face. "King Novik does not wish to conquer you, but rather have you joined us as allies. We have a common foe. We possess the means to defeat them, and you possess the information we will need to know."

This was a lot for Tyuule to consider. She still knew almost nothing about these people, saved for that they were from another world and wanted to defeat the Empire. However, that was not good enough, for all she knew they could even be worse than the Imperials. But then she remembered the mask man, the Doom Slayer, save her and the strange sensation of warmth covering her. Plus, they could help in rescuing her captured people. "I will have to speak with my people, but I can see us forming an alliance. In addition, we have our own conditions if we are to work together, particularly saving those of my people who were taken by the Empire." Tyuule said.

Valen nodded. "That is reasonable. We shall allow you to speak with your people and wait for a decision. In the meantime, we will be continuing building our base. My men will escort you and your guards back to your city." Valen got up and bowed his head. "Your highness."

Tyuule returned the gesture and left the tent. She reunited with her guards, asking if she was okay. She simply nodded in the positive as they boarded the Skiff. As they were about to take off, Tyuule turned her attention to the one named Roan. "Captain Roan, if I may ask, what became of that helmet one? The Doom Slayer?" Tyuule asked.

Roan looked at her and said, "He was called back by his Grace. No doubt due to the recent happenings." He answered as the skiff took off.

(Exultia, Argent D'Nur)

King Novik watched as the Doom Slayer was escorted by two Sentinel Guards. With the Dreadnought's corpse still lying where it was slain, and most of the city destroyed, Taras Nabad was mostly abandoned, saved for a detachment of Night Sentinels to watch over the gate and any other future attacks. Sentinel Priests and Engineers were also present in the city, the former studying the demon corpses with the Khan Maykr's blessing to find any weaknesses, while the latter were reinforcing the city walls and the area around the gate. Thus, the King had relocated to Exultia, which was now serving as the temporary command base and capital.

The Sentinel King had just finished examining the Doom Slayer. Valen had already sent him a report on the happenings in the other world, including the Lagomorphs, this Empire and other information that was needed. Him summoning the Slayer had been to examine the changes towards the man once called the Outlander. As Valen and many others had said, the outsider now Night Sentinel had been changed since the now missing Samur Maykr brought him to the Divinity Machine. He gave an aura of power, imbued with the energies of the Argentas' old gods, and his body's limits broken and surpassing all others. It took one glance for Novik to realize that if the Slayer wanted, he could have slain him and his Sentinel Guards. And yet the Slayer did none of those things, except kneel before the king. Which is what led to Novik's next decision, now brought up by one other person present.

"Was that wise, King Novik?" Grav, one of the head priests of the Order of Deags, asked. The Sentinel Priest had been silent most of the time during Novik's examination of the Slayer, speaking only now that the man had left.

"His prowess is unmatched, and he has shown leadership skills if the reports are true. I see no reason not to grant him the title of General." Novik said, sparing the priest a glance.

"But your highness. Never in the history of the Sentinel Empire has an outsider been knighted, let alone given a position of leadership." Grav said.

"Are you questioning my decision, Deag?" Novik asked, narrowing his eyes.

Grav shook his head, realizing he stood out of line. "No, forgive me your highness. I merely feel that we should've have consulted with her Grace regarding this matter…especially since he was blessed by the Divinity Machine."

A new voice spoke. "The decision regarding the making and promotion of Night Sentinels falls to the King. The Maykrs have no say in the matter." Tyeth, head of the Inquisition, said from the other side of throne. Like all Inquisitors, he wore a variant of the Knight-class armor, with a pair of horns sticking out from the sides. Over the armor he wore a white tabard with black trims, held by a black belt with their order's symbol engraved on the buckle in gold. Resting against his shoulder was an Inquisitorial spear, the blade energy protruding two smaller blades on the sides. Tyeth was never fond of the Deags, having come from a long line of Argentas who still revered the Wraiths, and mostly worked alongside the Triad Covenant, a splinter group of the Deag Order who continued to worship said old gods. "And you are only saying that because the only other Sentinels blessed by the Divinity Machine are part of the Deags' Sol Guards." Tyeth added, referring to the Priests' personal bodyguards.

Grav let out what sounded like a growl but was cut off by Novik. "Enough. My decision is final. The Doom Slayer is now a General and will be put in charge in the expedition to combat the Empire and bring those responsible before us. Valen will serve as his second and you, Tyeth, will continue your interrogation of the prisoners and complete the alliance with these Warrior Bunnies. Grav, you will return to your work on studying the demon corpses. Learn what you can, for if they should strike again, we must be ready."

(Next Three Months)

Three months had passed since the Night Sentinels entered the new world, and much had changed.

An alliance was formally made between the Lagomorphs and Argentas. In return for information about the possible threats in their world, the Argentas would work to help recover the Warrior Bunnies who had been captured by the Empire. Said demi-humans were eager to help, wanting justice against said Empire. They even helped with the interrogations of the prisoners, assisting with translations. Though the Sentinels' magic and technology helped in communicating and breaking the language barrier, having those who could the native tongue fluently was good to have.

By the end of the first month, the Sentinel Engineers had finished construction of the fortress, to the Lagomorphs' awe. Named Ferrum Stella, the fortress was built around the Warrior Bunnies' city, Kerato, so that it served as a smaller fortress itself. The city itself was also repaired by the engineers too, much to the Lagomorphs' gratitude. It now looked better than before.

In addition to the walls, the Sentinels also placed other defenses too. Positioned behind the walls were Wraith Catapults, artillery pieces capable of firing ionized plasma balls at great distances. On the walls themselves were watch towers, short-ranged neutron blasters, and long-range pulse cannons. Not even demons would be able to breach the fortress without taking massive losses, so it was doubtful the primitive armies of this world would be able to leave a dent.

The relationship between the Warrior Bunnies and Night Sentinels was slow at first. Despite having saved them, many of the Lagomorphs were still unsure if they could trust the Argentans, as they could be worse than the Saderans. There was no telling if they had ulterior motives. However, the words of their Queen seemed to ease their worries and under the advice of Tyuule and Commander Valen, the two sides began interacting. It was only when the Night Sentinels constructed a training arena did things start to accelerate.

Warrior Bunnies were known for being blessed with superhuman agility, reflex, and speed, in addition to superhuman strength. Their fighting prowess made just one Lagomorph equal to five trained Imperial Soldiers. Even among the demi-human races, there were very few that could match them. So, imagine their surprise when a single Night Sentinel warrior defeated ten experienced Warrior Bunnies in five minutes. The scene was unbelievable to the Lagomorphs. The Argentan warrior had been wielding only a spear, while his opponents carried swords and shields. With the fact that he had been outnumbered, the outcome should have been obvious. And yet the Night Sentinel took them down with ease.

It did not take long for the Warrior Bunnies calling for more matches, which the Night Sentinels answered. In the end, the Lagomorphs won only one-third of the sparring duels, and yet they were rather pleased. As mentioned, very few could match the physical prowess of the Warrior Bunnies, saved for the Apostles, and yet these newcomers had proven that they were just as strong.

And it was not just their prowess as warriors. In the short time since the alliance began, the Night Sentinels had worked to bring life to the nearby fields where the Warrior Bunnies hunted for food. Their mages and alchemists fertilized the lands, restored crops, gathered animals for sustenance and restored pockets of water that had been poisoned by the Imperial Army. All this was proof enough for the Lagomorphs that the Argentas were truly different from the Empire…many of them starting to see the males as suitable partners. But that is a story for another time.

(Sadera, Imperial Senate, half a month after the Night Sentinels passed through the Gate)

In contrast to how the Warrior Bunnies were feeling, the mood in Sadera, capital city of the Saderan Empire, was the opposite. Survivors of the failed invasion had already returned and relayed the horrors of what transpired. Their words caused fear and worry to spread among the populace, and despair among the nobles who had family members among the forces. In response, a meeting of the Senate was called. Now the politicians and military leaders of the Empire were meeting to discuss of what to do next.

Taking the floor was the main speaker, Marquis Casel El Tiberius. "Your majesty, just what is the meaning of this catastrophe?" He began, speaking to Emperor Molt Sol Augustus. "Forgive my rudeness, sire, but this is a dire situation we find ourselves in!"

He paused as there were murmurs among the senators. Casel then continued. "To begin with, I never approved of the Crown Prince's expedition to subjugate the Warrior Bunnies. It was a waste of time and resources and the only thing it brought us were additional slaves, no extra fields for us to grow crops, nor new mines filled with gold and jewels. And now we face an even greater threat, for according to the survivors' words, a gate has appeared near the Lagomorphs' capital! Instead of sending word back to the capital and securing it, Crown Prince Zorzal sent half his armies through the gate, only to incur the wrath of those on the other side. According to the survivors, they were knights who possessed armor, magic, weapons, and war beasts never seen before, led by what they described as an apostle!" The last part caused louder murmurs. "They assisted the Warrior Bunnies, routed the Prince's army and captured his highness!" Casel looked at Molt. "You're majesty! How do you intend to compensate for this disaster?!"

All eyes directed towards the Emperor. The man cleared his throat before talking in a clear and loud voice. "Marquis Casel, I share your concern. I too spend sleepless nights of foreign lords rising against us as one. Yet in each time of crisis have we not pulled together and struggled through? Such as the Arctic War two-hundred and fifty years ago. Do not accuse me of being invincible or would you be one to play the court day after day till the enemy has come all the way to our front door?" Molt said.

Soon the floor was opened as people were speaking out loud of concerns or accusations of those present. "But it's been fourteen days!" A senator exclaimed. "Fourteen days since the Crown Prince's forces were repelled and the gate seized!"

Speaking next was an old man with a bandage wrapped around his head. Godasen, a mage, senator, and general, and one of the survivors of the battle, exclaimed. "Their weapons were covered in magic that tore soldiers to shreds, and some even emitted magical blades! A single warrior slaughtered twenty of our own soldiers with ease! And their staves fired powerful spells that burned and melted the unfortunate souls to death! Our soldiers were completely annihilated! I never seen such terrifying magic!" Godasen said, recounting horrors he witnessed.

"Then fight!" Podawan, a bald senator and general, roared in response. "If our forces are insufficient than we can just gather more from our vassal states!"

"No, we should negotiate! Ensure the release and safe return of Crown Prince Zorzal and the nobles!"

"You fool! You really think those barbarians would agree!"

"That's right! We cannot show cowardice! Attack and crush them!"

"What good would brute force do?! They slaughtered five corps! You would only be sending more soldiers to their deaths!"

"Damn warmongers!"

"What was that you coward?!"

The entire Senate hall was now filled with the yelling of the senators. One side wanted to fight and crush the invaders, while the other wanted to negotiate to ensure the safe release of Zorzal and other captured nobles. A fight would have escalated had Molt not raised a hand, immediately silencing the others. Once all eyes were on him did Molt speak.

"I understand all your concerns, my countrymen. My son and heir, as well as many other promising young men, are being held by these savages, possibly being tortured." Molt said as he looked upon the Senators. His eyes were firmed and serious, freezing anyone who found themselves under their gaze. "That said, we cannot remain idle, and thus that leaves us no choice but to fight." His decision had mixed reactions from the gathered men, some in agreement while others wished to protest but stayed quiet. "Send out messengers to all our vassals and request reinforcements so that we may combat this threat that wishes to invade our continent, Falmart." Molt raised a fist and shouted, "We will muster the might of the Army of Unified Kingdoms, drive these invaders and rescue my son!"

His words were met with loud applause from the pro-war senators, a few neutrals, and begrudgingly from the pro-peace members. Only Casel remained still, observing Molt. He could see right through the Emperor's words. While the allied army's purpose was indeed to drive the invaders back, there was an ulterior motive too, a motive that the Marquis did not agree with. With the Empire currently weakened and the Crown Prince captured, it would only be a matter of time until an ambitious lord or several of the vassal kingdoms decided to rebel and civil war consume the Empire. Thus, whether the allied armies achieve victory or defeat, the Empire would still be standing.

(Present Time, One Month Later, Fort Ferrum Stella)

High above the fortress, just above the clouds, was a Void Fortress, named the Fortress of Doom as it was given to the Doom Slayer for his use as a home and command base. Presently said man was there, sitting on a throne-like chair on the bridge. With him were Night Sentinel officers, including Valen and Roan. Standing to his left was Lord Sash of the Calerus Clan in his Ascendant class power armor. Sash had participated in repelling the demonic invasion and the Saderan one. He had been chosen to serve the Slayer as his personal standard carrier.

The gathering of officers surrounded a large holographic image of the planet, which they have named Perdita. There were several green spots on the image as Valen began explaining. "Our fleet has finished scanning the planet. It appears that the Saderan Empire's influence only extends to most of this continent, which Queen Tyuule says is named Falmart. However, because the Empire lacks a sufficient navy, they have been unable to expand their influence on the nearby islands and other lands on Perdita."

The Slayer said nothing, saved for a nod. He then pointed towards several green splotches. Valen nodded and continued. "According to the Intelligence Division, the Empire has four fortresses that serve as vital defense points for them: Mare, Fyue, Rekki, and Marais. Taking them out will put them into a corner."

"Can we not just march towards their capital and seize it?" Roan asked. "Their forces are insignificant compared to our own, as we have already seen." There were murmurs of agreement from the other officers.

"If we took their capital now, it would only incite their other forces to act out." Valen said. "Before we can bring justice, we must bring order. That includes sending a message: a message that tells them that we are a power above them. Taking these four fortresses will show them the futility of their attempts to stop us."

Tapping a few buttons on the right arm of his throne, the Slayer then, shifted the globe to point towards a large green marker.

"The next target is Telta. According to Queen Tyuule, it is the second largest city in the Empire. It is also the primary source to buy slaves." Valen said. The word 'slave' earned several growls from the officers, but the Commander continued. "It is most likely here where we shall find the captured Lagomorphs. If we cannot fulfill our side in freeing them, it would bring great shame to the name Night Sentinels."

It was that moment a console began to make a noise. Pressing the button, Lord Sash responded. "It's the perimeter watch towers, sirs."

"What do they say?" Roan asked.

Sash took a moment to read the message. "They're reporting that a large gathering is amassing about three miles outside the firing range." He pressed several more buttons. The holographic globe changed to a screen. Said screen showed what appeared to be a massive number of soldiers coming together. Many were still arriving, while others were just starting to set up tents. The Night Sentinels noticed that these men all wore different types of armor and carried banners different from that of the Saderan Empire.

Valen looked at the Doom Slayer, as if silently communicating with him. The Slayer nodded in response. The Sentinel Commander than looked at the others. "Tell all warriors to be on alert. And notify Queen Tyuule. We must ascertain these people's identity."

(A few minutes later, Fort Ferrum Stella's Wall)

Tyuule quickly arrived with some guards and an elder to the walls of the fortress. The Slayer and Valen, along with Sash, were waiting for them. After being momentarily stunned by the holographic image that of the campsite from Valen's gauntlet, the elder began identifying the banners.

"The Kingdom of Elbe, Kingdom of Alguna, League Principality, Kingdom of Mudwan, and seventeen other kingdoms and dukedoms that I don't recognize unfortunately." The elder said. "However, I can confirm that they are all vassals of the Saderan Empire."

"And yet no sign of the Empire's forces." Roan commented. "If they were planning on a massive counter-attack, then surely the Empire would send its own soldiers too."

"Because they are not expecting this 'Alliance' to succeed." Valen said. Beside him the Slayer tightened his fists, anger as the obvious conclusion came to mind. "From what you have told me, Lady Tyuule, these people care more for their own ambition and status then being unified. This Emperor Molt no doubt sent these vassals as sacrificial pawns. He must be hoping that we will wound one another that we will not become threats to him."

"What will you have us do, Lord Slayer?" Roan asked.

The Doom Slayer just stared at the large army in the distance, arms crossed. He then gave a nudge with his head towards Valen. The Commander nodded and looked at Sash. "Take a few men on Jet Chariots and deliver these lords a warning to leave. Our fight is with the Saderan Empire. We will not run from a fight. But a meaningless battle holds no honor." Valen translated.

Sash nodded and he and Roan headed off to make preparations. Valen left soon afterwards, leaving only Tyuule, the Lagomorph Elder and the Slayer. The Slayer was about to take his leave when Tyuule put a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw the worried look on the Queen's face.

"Lord Slayer, I must ask, if they do indeed decide to attack, will your forces be able to stop them? I do not mean to belittle you Argentas, and my people will gladly fight alongside you, but their army makes up 100,000 strong." Tyuule said worriedly. Knowing he did not speak, Tyuule at least hoped to get a shake or nod as an answer from the Doom Slayer.

What she was not expecting, however, was for the Slayer to gently pat her head. Despite his armored gauntlet, the way he rubbed against her fur and between her ears made Tyuule feel a comforting shiver crawl down her body. When he removed his hand, she came back to reality and her face turned beet red. "W-w-what was that for?!" Tyuule demanded, her face as red as a tomato.

The Slayer said nothing. He merely left, leaving a flustered Tyuule and amused Lagomorph elder. The Warrior Bunny Queen gave a glare towards the older woman when she giggled. The look did not bother the older Lagomorph. "Oh, come now, your highness. You must admit that it was an adorable gesture. And it did seem to calm you down." She said, causing Tyuule to huff. She gave a sly smirk. "In truth, he would make a suitable mate for you, no? He did save you after all."

The elder was once again greeted with an embarrassed Tyuule. Said Queen furiously tried to reply to that statement but found her words all jumbled.

(Allied Army's Camp)

The lords and leaders of the allied armies of the Vassal States were meeting inside the large command tent. The sun was already setting and yet these men were wide awake. Many were talking about strategy. Others were boasting how they would be the ones to drive back the enemy forces. The only one who did not speak was King Duran of Elbe. The veteran lord had a serious and stern expression on his face as he thought back to the warning.

A few hours ago, while the camp was still being set up, several of the otherworlders appeared on flying Chariots. The one leading them identified himself as Sash and declared that they were the Night Sentinels of Argent D'Nur. They made mention how their only opponent was the Saderan Empire and that they had no conflict with the vassal states. He ended that the Allied Army would have until tomorrow to leave and remain out of the war. They then flew off back to their fortress.

Many scoffed at the threat. To them, they assume that the enemy was giving off false bravado in the face of their mighty army. However, Duran was not so sure. According to his spies, Zorzal's army had three times the size as the Allied Army and yet were swiftly crushed. And according to the scouts, the enemy's forces were smaller than theirs, effectively outnumbering the otherworlders ten to one. But they also reported the many strange constructs that the enemy had, including floating metal chariots and carriages. And there were the various war beasts they had too, including dragons around the same size as ancient dragons. Even they did win, it would not come without severe losses.

What really bothered him was the Empire's actions. In its entire history, the Saderan Empire has never faced a foe they could not defeat. So why summon all the vassal states against such a small force? There was also the fact that the Imperial Army was nowhere in sight, though according to a messenger, they had camped up in a different position, planning to flank the enemy at the same time when the Allied Army moved out. There were a lot of variables that seemed out of place, and Duran's instincts were telling him something was not right. Thus, he decided not to be part of the first wave and would watch from a distance.

(Next Day)

The day had come. The sun had just started to rise when the Allied Army began to move out. Alguna, Mudwan, and League Principality would be leading the first wave. Duran would remain behind, ready to lead the reserves in should the situation call for it. However, many of the lords believed that it was unnecessary, still under the belief that this would be an easy battle. With just a mere 10,000 against their 100,000, it would be a quick engagement. Imagine their surprise when the enemy was already prepared.

Already anticipating that their warning would be ignored, the Night Sentinels had readied their forces for battle. With their disciplined minds and training, the warriors and templars had already gotten into formation outside the fortress. Riders on hoverbikes, Drakes, Direwolves and Goryls were at the front. Hovering above were Jet Chariots with Dracones, Wyvern and Gryphon rides. Also, in the formation were multiple Mamuts. They had iron carriages strapped to their backs, the creatures' large sizes allowing twelve Sentinels to ride them, able to fire mounted particle repeaters and ballistae while in cover. The Mamuts' tusks had adamantine bracers with spikes on.

At the front of the formation was the Doom Slayer, clutching his super shotgun. On his left was Sash, carrying the Slayer's personal banner, while on his right was Roan. "Lord Slayer, they are in position." Roan reported as he spotted the allied army.

The Slayer said nothing, merely gave a nod in approval. Roan nodded back and spoke through his helmet's built-in transmitter. He said only one word. "Fire"

From atop the fortress walls, the pulse cannons facing the direction of the enemy moved. At the same time, Sentinels manning the Magma Catapults inside the fortress were adjusting the range of the artillery. A ball of bluish thermal energy began to charge up Seconds later the catapults fired, flinging the projectiles at a far greater distance than any kind of catapult this world might have. At the same time, the cannons fired high-speed energy beams directly at the oblivious Allied Army.

The energy beams struck first, carving bloody paths through the soldiers. There was barely anything left of those who were hit, having been vaporized upon contact. Their comrades barely had time to figure out what happened when the lava balls struck. Upon impact they exploded, either burning, crushing, or incinerating anyone unfortunate to get hit. Confusion spread as the soldiers and officers tried to reorganize. Many raised their shields up, but they proved useless and as more of them were killed by the onslaught.

After three minutes, the artillery was stopped. Roan then gave the command the cavalry rushed forward. The bike riders flew off first, followed by the wolf riders and the aerial forces above. A minute later the infantry rushed forward, the Slayer taking the lead and the wolves following their masters. The Goryle and Mamuts were following behind them. Their steps shook the ground like an earthquake.

Back with the Allied Army, the soldiers were desperately trying to reorganize. The wyvern riders, seeing their comrades in trouble, decided to strike at the Night Sentinels to buy the others time. Unfortunately, it did not amount to much as the Goryle riders fired the mounted plasma blasters, shooting down several of the enemy flyers. The riders on the Mamuts did the same, forcing the wyvern riders back, and leaving them open to the Argenta air forces. The Dracones bit down on the smaller wyverns, while the Gryphons and Argenta Wyverns viciously wrestled with them while their riders impaled the allied soldiers with their more advanced and powerful weapons. The Jet Chariots meanwhile just flew by, firing their plasma blasters while the Sentinel marksman fired their ballistae and crossbows at the enemy below, sowing more destruction.

A few allied soldiers managed to regroup and under their officers' command, formed shield walls in hope that it would stop the Night Sentinels. Once again, their primitive weapons were of no use as the Sentinel bikers tore through them with their vortex lances, the spinning weapons shredding their flesh and armor to pieces. This gave the Direwolf and Drake riders an opening to pounce on the shaken soldiers, striking them with their weapons or having their mounts go at them with their fangs and claws. The Drakes did the same thing except they would breathe fire out as well.

The infantry had finally arrived. The Doom Slayer was the first to jump in. Raising his super shotgun, he fired the meathook, impaling a troll's shoulder. Now infused with Wraith fire, the flames traveled across the chain and lite the troll on fire as it pulled the Slayer towards the monster. Its suffering was stopped as the Slayer decapitated it with his new arm-blade. While in the air, the Slayer spun around and fired his shotgun at the closes target, which unknowingly was the Duke of the League Principality. He then landed on top of a soldier, crushing his skull under his boot before moving onto his next kill.

By then the rest of the Night Sentinels had engaged the enemy. Roan cut down soldiers left and right with his quake sword, while Sash shot anyone that got too close with his energy pistol, his other hand holding the standard. The rest of the Sentinels were overwhelming their foes despite their numerical superiority. Whether in melee or range, the allied soldiers stood no chance as they were killed. Their armor and shields proved useless, and their weapons merely shattered upon contact with the Sentinels' advanced armor. It only got worse when the Goryle and Mamuts came, the former grabbing, tearing apart, or batting aside anyone in their way with their large hands. Their riders guiding their actions while firing the plasma blasters. The Argenta Wolves were also making a tally. They lunged at the enemy, tearing their throats out before moving to their next prey, working in packs or with their Sentinel masters.

For the Mamuts, it was much worse for the allied soldiers. The large beasts would simply walk through their forces, crushing those unfortunate under their feet. The riders would steer the Mamuts' heads, allowing their spiked bracers on their tusks to impale and send the enemy flying bloody. The passengers would fire their weapons at the same time, easily picking off any stragglers. The allied soldiers would try to wound the beasts with arrows and spears, but the flimsy projectiles would simply break against their armor and thick hides. Even the war elephants were useless against these larger counterparts, as the Mamuts would simply knock them aside without trouble.

The mages of the vassal states at the rear were preparing to launch spells to support their allies. But they were stopped when various elemental projectiles struck, killing them instantly. If one followed the trail of said attacks, they would see a group of people levitating a couple of feet off the ground. They wore light armor with grayish-blue colors and helmets that looked like the ones from the Knight armor. Over their armor were sea green hooded coats with short sleeves that stopped at the elbows. These men were Sentinel Mages, combat wizards who still revered the Elemental Wraiths, drawing power from the Firstborn for their spells. After ensuring the Falmart mages were unable to fight, the Sentinel Mages turned their attention to support their comrades.

In just ten minutes since the battle started, the warriors of Argent D'Nur were pushing back the allied army. Not a single one of them were killed or injured during the entire battle. As for the allied army, the opposite could be said as they already lost one third of their forces. Soldiers were either dead or dying. Despite everything they did, the Night Sentinels would not be stopped. Though they only numbered 10,000, the Sentinels made up for it with skills, equipment, weapons, and powers. To their enemies, the Night Sentinels were something akin to warriors of the gods.

From his position atop a small hill, Duran watched in disbelief. The battlefield had turned into one of chaos as his allies were being slaughtered. Though the most logical route would be to retreat, he could not simply abandon his comrades. But, before he could give the order, a messenger came riding towards him. "King Duran! We're being attacked from behind!"


(A Few Minutes Earlier)

As the main force of the Night Sentinels were preparing to engage the enemy, a small task force was preparing a more covert assault. Consisting over 300 Night Sentinels and the Lagomorphs, while the Doom Slayer led the frontal assault, Valen would lead a flanking maneuver against the enemy's rear. Their forces would ride on skiffs and attack from both sides. While Valen and Tyuule would attack from the right, Gor and Lieutenant Owain would strike from the left.

Thanks to the skiffs' incredible speed, they easily bypassed the primitive army and reached the allied campsite just a minute after the main battle started. From his position on a small hill, Valen looked through a binocular as he scanned the area. "As we suspected, most of the warriors left to join the battle, leaving behind a skeleton crew to guard the camp." He then turned on his arm-mounted transmitter. "Owain, are you in position?"

"We are Commander Valen. Merely give us the word and we shall charge in." Owain reported.

"Good. On my signal, attack. Do not kill anyone who isn't a soldier. And do not kill those who surrender." Valen ordered. He looked back at his forces, both Night Sentinels and Warrior Bunnies. The Lagomorphs were dressed in their usual armor, including war paint. However, the weapons they wielded were made of Adamantite metal, but with the vibration feature removed.

Looking at Tyuule, the Lagomorph Queen was wielding an adamantine single edge shortsword. Getting a nod from her, Valen activated his energy hammer and raised it above his head. "Attack!"

The Night Sentinels and Warrior Bunnies all roared back in response and as one charged forward. The sentries were taken by surprise at this sudden attack that they had no time to raise the alarm or defend themselves. The two closes were taken care of by Tyuule and Valen, the former removing her target's head from his neck, while the latter completely obliterated everything from the waist up.

The rest swarmed the campsite, cutting down any soldier they saw. A few allied soldiers tried to fight back but were unable to repel such a ferocious attack from both sides and were swiftly killed. Some of the soldiers tried to fire their arrows but were shot down themselves by Sentinels with their energy bows. Servants screamed when they saw the otherworlders and demi-humans, but were slightly confused when they simply ignored them, as per Valen's orders. The allied soldiers who surrendered were also spared, though had their weapons taken from them.

Gor laughed happily at the sound of battle, even if it was one-sided. He bashed aside any foe with his mace, while doing the same with his energy shield. Spotting some enemy cavalry close in, he pressed a button on his weapon's handle. The mace became a flail as chains extended the weapon, and struck the horses on the side, sending them and their riders crashing to the ground. Beside him, Deliah rushed forward at impressive speed. Wielding dual daggers, she slit the throats of the disoriented soldiers before they could recover. The Warrior could not help but marvel how sharp these knifes were, as they easily cut through flesh and armor without getting dull from blood.

A Night Sentinel in green Warrior power armor impaled an Elbe soldier through the chest with his energy spear and pinned the corpse to the ground. His attention shifted when the sound of multiple feet running caught his ears. Looking up, he saw several men on horses heading towards them. Leading them was Duran, though the Argenta did not know that. "Archers!" The Sentinel yelled to several nearby comrades. Said Night Sentinels got into formation and raised their energy bows. Taking aim, they fired their arrows as they flew through the air at high-speed. The cavalry didn't even have time to react, as some of the riders were killed as the arrows pierced through their armor, while others killed the horses, throwing their riders off. Argenta wolves came charging, biting at the horses' necks and legs, knocking them down and leaving their riders open to be killed.

Duran somehow managed to avoid being hit, pulling out his sword and headed straight towards the Night Sentinel. Swing his sword, the king missed as the Sentinel easily dodged the blade. Then with his own spear, the Sentinel impaled king's horse, causing Duran to fall off.

Orienting himself, Duran grabbed his sword and tried to get up, only to be knocked back down by the Sentinel, who kicked the king's sword away. He proceeded to point his spear at Duran's face when, "Isake!"

The now named Isake looked up and saw Valen heading towards him. Behind him were three other Night Sentinels, one of whom was Owain in his Fanatic power armor, and Tyuule, their armor covered in blood. Valen looked at Duran before turning to Tyuule for confirmation. When the Lagomorph nodded her head, Valen gave the order. "Take him prisoner. Show him to the rest of them and tell them to stand down."

Owain nodded and signaled the other two Sentinels. They proceeded to grab Duran by the arm before dragging him off. Tyuule walked away to check on her people as the battle began to die down. That left Valen to look at Isake, who had removed his helmet. Doing so showed that he was a young man in his early twenties, with tanned skin like Valen, but lighter. He had shaved black hair and similar eyes as Valen.

The Commander smiled and put a hand on the younger Sentinel's shoulder. "Good work, my son. You helped us end this pointless battle quicker." He told his son proudly.

"Thank you, father." Isake said with a small smile before putting his helmet back on. The two joined the others in rounding up the new batch of prisoners.

(With the Doom Slayer)

Back at the major battlefield, things were nearly done. Already two-thirds of the allied army had been destroyed, without a single loss on the Night Sentinels' side. Many of the soldiers had surrendered to the otherworlders, as the Sentinels ensured that none of them could escape. There were still a few die-hards that kept fighting but were immediately put down.

The Slayer knocked aside another idiot, with Sash beside him as he covered the General's rear. By now he had stopped trying to kill these natives. They were so outmatched that it wasn't even worth killing them, plus the fact that they were not even a part of the Saderan Empire was another reason too.

"Attention!" Owain shouted from above a Jet Chariot, two more beside him.

Everyone stopped and looked up. Owain was holding a bound Duran with one hand. He was holding the king over the edge of the vehicle, so that if he let go the man would fall to his death. "We have captured your commander! Your army is in shambles and you are surrounded! Surrender and you will be spared!" Owain declared loudly.

"Same old Owain, always have to act so dramatic." Sash muttered so that only the Slayer heard him.

Either way, it had the desired effect. One by one, the soldiers of the Army of the Allied Kingdoms threw down their weapons as the Night Sentinels raised their weapons menacingly. The Doom Slayer gave a nod to Roan who began ordering the others to escort the prisoners back to the fortress. The wounded were also carried back too, as a show of respect for having faced the might of the Argenta Empire. In just thirty minutes, the Allied Kingdoms had been defeated.

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Kerato is Greek for "Horn" like the horn of a Jackalope.

Ferrum Stella is Latin for "Iron Star"

Perdita is Latin for "lost".

Drakes: Cousins of the Dracones, they are wingless four-legged dragons with the frame of a horse. They are capable of breathing fire like Dracones and are reserved for the Sentinel Templars and high-ranking leaders.

Mamut: Polish for "Mammoth". Basically, Mammoth creatures except with four tusks and used as war beasts. They have bluish-purple hair.

Goliaths: 7 meter mech. It looks like an Atlan but smaller and can also fly short distances. Normally the arms are equipped with range and melee weapons.

Custodians: Automatons that are similar in appearance to armor but with obvious mechanical parts. Used for various purposes and can have armaments placed above their pauldrons/shoulders and can wield weapons in their hands.

Particle Repeaters are energy-based weapons based off the Slayer's old Chaingun.

The Wraith Catapults, also called Hover-Catapults due to using built in anti-gravity engines. Fires Wraithfire converted into balls of volatile ionized plasma. Also has built in dual plasma blasters too.

Adamantine: After the meteor, the 'Cosmic Spear', struck Argent D'Nur, it spread out a new type of metal called Adamantine. It is what many of the Sentinel's structures, armor, weapons, and vehicles are made from. Near indestructible, it can be used as a focus to create energy projections such as for both melee and range weapons, as well as channel the energy to release vibrations and much more. Got the idea from Black Panther and Vibranium.

Sentinel Mages are combatants who can use magic in fights but also skilled with weapons. Unlike the majority of their people, they still revered the Elemental Wraiths solely as their magic originally came from them. They primarily use magic to control elements, psionic, enhancements, control space and time, but possess other magical abilities too.