Just a quick one-shot to get me back into writing. This is my first time writing for a rare pair so I'm just going to feel it out and see where it goes. I own nothing.


Tenya Iida considered himself a patient young man, one who could keep a level head and be understanding. It wasn't as if there was no evidence for this claim how else was he supposed to deal Mineta's perverted antics or Midoryia's self-sacrificing martyr-dom or even his best friends admittedly frustrating inability to express her feelings, the less said about Bakaguo the better in his opinion.

He always tried to cultivate a calm level headed persona ever since his dear brother and mentor, the original Ingenium, sat him down as a child and told him the ideals of the Iida family line of heroics. He especially needed to be patient with people in the aftermath of the Cultural Festival where it seemed everyone was panicking and worried about the future of the country and world. He hated to admit it but the stress of the world had weighed on him more than he would have liked, he hid it well behind a mask of professional exuberance, but there was more than one night when he kept awake by the weight of his thoughts. This phenomenon had contributed to the situation at the moment as he had not a wink of sleep the night before.

He was stomping down the hallway of the dorm a floor above his room, a scowl carved in the marble of his face, his indigo hair hanging in his eyes in a sloppy combing job that begets the rush he was in and the lateness of the hour. He had a single destination in mind the dorm room of his classmate Kyoko Jiro. For the last week, ever since the festival, from dusk to dawn was an ever-present miasma of sound coming from her room, Now he glad for his classmate to have regained her love for music but this was ridiculous, there was a time and a place for personal passions but three am on a weeknight was not one of them, unless they were Mineta.

He had tried talking to her about it, he tried it every day for the last week but every night without fail the indecent punk music was screeching. Tenya was at the end of his rope, he was tired, frustrated, and a little bit insulted to have brushed off so casually. He has had it he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He was going to march right up to her door open it, step in, unplug her stereo, look her dead in the eye, and say

"You're not the only one that lives here, keep it down."

He had all in his head he kept repeating the words like a mantra. He was so pumped, kept thinking yeah this will show her. That lead him to right now, his hand on the knob, his face set, he breathed in and pushed.

His stride died, his foot halfway to the floor. Right there on her bead was Jiro but she was crying, no bawling her eyes out was a better description. She was crying so hard that she hadn't even noticed him come in, her eyes near welded shut her arm crushing around a pillow. He just couldn't understand it here was Kyoko Jiro the unflappable, sarcastic, cool, punk rocking future hero just broken down. Iida always thought himself a smart cookie but he just could reconcile the image of Jiro the strong-willed badass with the vulnerable teenage girl before him.

His heroic empathy must have kicked on without him realizing because one second he was in the doorway and before he knew it he was next to her and saying.

"Jiro-san are you ok, what's wrong, do you need medical assistance."

Jiro flinched at the sound and her eyes flung open in surprise, she rushed to her feet and tried to wipe the fluid from her face, unsurprisingly she was still crying but that didn't stop from trying to save her image, she didn't want anyone to see her like this, she didn't want to see her self like this.

"IIDA What the hell. Why are you in hear," she near shouted, shifting her stance to a wide aggressive stance, trying to put on a strong face after being discovered.

"I came to talk to you but when I say you were in pain I knew you needed help, what's wrong I can help," Iida responded with genuine concern, he was partially crocheted to be eye to eye with Jiro, his brother always said that having direct eye contact could help put people at ease.

"I don't need any help, I'm fine, just just get OUT," she panicked, she wanted to be angry but she could feel at the moment was embarrassment and shame.

Tenya responded the best he could with,

"Jiro-san you were obviously in pain for me to leave you like this after what I suspect has been a week of this would be irresponsible of me, please let me help."

This went back and forth for a few more moments both participants becoming more and more emotional, Iida was trying his best to help his classmate but he didn't know what was wrong and he wasn't the most experienced with personal problems on his best day. And Jiro, Jiro was tired, tired of the constant feeling of regret, of the guilt, of the embarrassment, of everything that she had been holding in for the last week. She crumpled to her knees and everything just hit her again, she started sobbing. Tenya sunk to meet her, he put his arm around her and with the softest tone he could conjure said.

"Please, Jiro-san talk to me, I want to help, and I can't do that if you don't let me, you don't have to tell me what's wrong but please if I can do anything let me."

Jiro to the end of her days couldn't tell you why she did it, maybe it was Iida's tone, maybe it was all the time she spent bottling it up, maybe she justed wanted to talk, but she told him in the soggiest broken tone.

"I fucked up, I fucked so bad, I thought that she felt the same I thought that he would always be there as a backup or something, but now their just not," just choked in a breath as if her lungs were full of tar, and continued.

"I don't know why though it would work, that she saw me as anything more than a friend but, I just thought, no I didn't think I just felt so alive after the performance, I thought I was fucking invincible," she paused for a second to snort snot back into her nose and wipe some of the tears, and continued.

"We were alone after the festival I, behind the gym building, and I-I just went for it," she stalled gathering the courage and said, "It was quick less than a second when I realized she wasn't kissing back, you should have seen the look on her face it was like I don't know like I had just betrayed her it was horrible."

Iida was frozen able to form any coherent thought over the pounding of his heart, his mouth was hanging open and all that came from it was shapeless sound. Jiro continued not hearing him or even acknowledging him anymore just spewing out all her feeling into the ether.

"She just gave me this shell shocked speech about how she's flattered but not into girls but we could still be friends after that, she just ran off after while I stood there like a fucking idiot," another sob and she continued.

"I ran back to the dorm to find Kaminari, I liked him too just not as bad as Momo, but I just needed to see him, I don't know why maybe to convince myself that it wasn't all real that I didn't just destroy my friendship with my best friend, that if I got Kaminari to be with me that there wasn't something wrong, that everything was ok," she slammed her hand into the bed frame and more tear rained down on the growing stane on the carpet.

"I got to his room and just threw the door open and saw him and Sero making out, kami just gave me that stupid stupid handsome smile at and told me that he was gay, he was all nervous like he was scared that I was gonna react bad, I just swallowed and smiled told him I was happy he finally got a date. Just fuck what is wrong with me, the only people I've ever liked that way and they both turn out to not even have the capability to love me, am I that bad, am I so unappealing that the fucking universe doesn't want me to find love, WHATS WRONG WITH ME EH," Jiro let out a wet wail and sobbed into her hands, just broken.

Tenya wasn't thinking for the first time in his life Tenya Iida, Mr lace each boot one at a time, just acted on impulse. He wrapped his arms around her in a vice grip, he pulled he head into his should just like his brother did when his grandfather passed and said with sincerity so strong it would make All Might look weak, and said.

"Jiro, I'm so sorry, I can't imagine going through that, I don't know what I can do to help but I swear that I will do anything, I'm just so sorry."

He kept telling her how sorry he and trying to help, and somehow Jiro felt he was sincere and trying, it helped a little but what was really helping her was him just being there and letting cry her eyes out, she eventually cried her self to a fit full sleep and Tenya tucked her in the best he could and went back to his room after leaving a note to Jirp that he would always be there to help if she wanted it, now kept awake with thoughts of a different breed.

The next day it seemed that the world had gone back to a sense of normalcy Iida tried his best to keep the peace, and Jiro was still snarky but things changed not in a grand way or even a way that could be noticed for months but things changed. Jiro and Momo stopped being friends they were still friendly with each other, they still studied together, worked together, and everything else they used to do but now there was a wound one that never healed right and never would. Iida stated being more compassionate and quiet, he wasn't as serious with his vocab and he let his facade drop a bit more each day. Kaminarn and Jiro became even better friends as if an invisible wall had crumbled. Jiro became Iida's friend and merged in with his group, it started slow a saying high in the hallways a meal joined, an inside joke formed, and suddenly she and Kaminari had been so intertwined with the group that it was hard to tell that they hadn't been there from the start.

Years went by and graduation and hero worked complicated all their lives, but they adapted some of the class got closer some drifted away but they never lost that initial spark that the class had turned into a raging fire. And one day Jiro and Iida were together, together together, one day they were friends, and the next they were together, there wasn't any big moment of realization or spontaneous declarations of love the two just fit together like two puzzle pieces, some understood some never would but years down the line when Jiro looked back so was at peace the pain had faded and she was happy, she and Iida worked there was no reason it did it just worked and she didn't need to know why.


Ok, that came out way angstier than I originally planned but hey I had fun and maybe I'll expand this AU someday.

Before I got I just wanted to clarify a few things.

Momo isn't homophobic, just young, awkward, and had no idea what to do.

Jiro is Bisexual, not a lesbian she genuinely fell in love with Iida in this timeline.

I am Bisexual and a dude so I come from a space of semi experience with this so if anyone has a problem with this portrayal of LGBT themes that comment about it respectfully in the comments don't flame don't hate, I wis I didn't need to say this but the MHA fandom is notorious for being toxic about this.