Author: FireCracker


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Warnings: Secret Love and Lust / twisted relationship

Pairing: Barry Allen/August Heart aka Flash/Godspeed

Shades of Gray

Where there's fire, there's fire...

Central City was in total lock down. A massive escape of powered prisoners from Iron Heights had the city in chaos. Barry was taking a hot shower after a long and stressful day at the Lab. Normally he'd just race to the scene of action but this time he decided against it. The tv blared loudly from his apartment living room. For convenience he left the bathroom door partially open to peep at local coverage.

Looks like the local authorities have things under control anyway.


Barry stepped out into the living room, dripping on the carpet. "What the hell?" He stared at the screen intently.


Barry sighed, running a hand through wet hair. "Great. Just great. I was desperately hoping for some down time." He reached for a towel and tied it around his waist. "It's been nothing but chaos since this morning."

"Tell me about it!" a familiar voice said suddenly. Barry whirled in shock.


Heart nodded, standing in a far corner of the room. "In the flesh."

Barry took in the appearance of his friend. August was disheveled and dirty. His orange jumpsuit was tattered in several places. Keen blue eyes noted what appeared to be a state of exhaustion.

"I see you still have the inhibitor collar on."

August touched the device and snorted. "Yeah. A couple of the guys tried to get it off. Damn near tore my neck in half trying, so I told them to forget it."

"Good advice."

There was an uncomfortable silence that stretched to minutes. August kept staring, his wine gold eyes bright with emotion. And something else.

"Before you say anything-"

Barry cut him off. "Quiet! This is the stupidest stunt you could pull, August. You know what's going to happen now."

"Please, Barry. No speeches right now I can barely move." August dropped into a nearby chair.

"Yeah. Busting prison is hard work."

August looked at him oddly. "Damn, man. You can be so..."

Barry folded his arms. "What. Rational?"

"No, a hard ass. It's one of the things I love about you, your contradictions."

"It looks like I'll be escorting you back. Personally."

"Fine, whatever." August appeared weary, waving him off.

"What did you come here for, anyway?" Barry wanted to know. "I thought you wanted redemption."

"I do!"

"Then why break out of jail? You're only making your situation worse."

"I-" August sighed. "Everything happened so fast, Barry. I wasn't even on the first level of escapees. Alarms were going off everywhere in the prison. Somebody started a fire, then guards got jumped. Two of them were gunned down with their own taser rifles."

Barry blinked in disbelief. "How did you get out?"

"Just ran out in the chaos with the herd. People were fighting and running in every direction. Couple of transport trucks were hot wired and there you go."

Blue eyes blazed brightly. "Fool!"

August smirked. "Aren't I? But I figured we were close once. And I knew you'd at least hear me out. Better than being shot in the back I suppose."

Barry looked up, shaking his head. "I swear, sometimes you're impossible."

Bright teeth shone in a smile. "My gut told me you wouldn't throw me out."

"I'm about to."

"Can I wash up first? I feel really gritty."

Sharp eyes narrowed. "No tricks. I'll be watching. And listening."

August stood suddenly, glancing around. "There was another reason I came here."

Barry was suspicious. "More excuses?"

August lowered his eyes a bit, his voice husky. "Let me clean up a bit first. I'll be good, I promise."

Having hyper speed had its advantages. August quickly cleaned up despite the collar. Barry gave him a pair of boxers to wear while his tattered jumpsuit was in the washer.

August dried his hair. "Much better. Thanks, Barry."

The blonde nodded. "There's some leftover spaghetti in the fridge if you're hungry."

Burgundy eyes sparkled. "You're something else. Taking care of me after I let you won't regret it."

"Against my better judgement. You're still going back."

"I know." a sly smile. "You can watch me eat if you like."

"I will. Go on, fix yourself a plate." Barry nodded towards the kitchen.

True to his word, Barry kept an eye on his friend. He sat directly across from him at the table while August ate.

"I see you didn't change out of the towel."

"I have no intention of leaving you alone for one minute. Or one second."

August twirled noodles on his fork. "Now I'm really flattered." another smile. "Of course, maybe I could follow you and watch you get dressed."

Barry flushed briefly. "That won't be necessary. Where the hell are you going with that?"

August tilted his head, teasing. "You're taking me back wearing nothing but a towel?"


"Tell you true, golden boy. You go into Iron Heights like that and you ain't coming out. And I'd be looking at a life sentence!"

Barry felt his skin heat. "Are you crazy!"

August leaned back, dabbing his lips with a napkin. "Serious buisness. I'd be fighting off half the damn cons there, not to mention a few of the guards. They'd be on you like candy."

A thought struck Barry as he leaned forward. "Wait, are you saying they came after you?"

Shrug. " A couple, yeah...there's some serious pervs in there, Barry. But I don't have to tell you. You know the system as well as I do."

Barry was suddenly angry, handsome features darkening. "When we go back I'll see what I can do about your arrangements."

"Don't worry about it." August stared with a strange intensity. The sultry eyes lowered under black lashes.

Barry was very still, his voice quiet. "Why are you staring at me so much?"

"Why?!" August blurted hotly. "Because...God help're the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on."

"Stop!" Barry went pale.

"No, you stop." August was insistent now, gripping the other man's wrist. "More than once, something was nearly said. There's something going on between us whether you admit it or not."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

August rolled his eyes. "Use that giant brain of yours and don't play me. Or are you gonna tell me nothing happened in that evidence storage room?"

Blue eyes clouded in memory. "The storage room..."

"That's right. We were joking around, talking about life and relationships. Didn't I tell you more than once you needed to get a girl?"

Barry glanced away briefly. "You did, but I also said there was too much to do as the Flash. Black Hole, investigations-"

August breathed deeply. "Same thing when I got my powers...we talked about life. Truth is, you gave off a vibe."

Barry snapped to at that. "Vibe?"

"It's true. Like someone who is confused and doesn't know what they really want. But me? I know exactly what I want."

Barry suddenly realized August was still held one of his hands.

"Have you ever wondered why everything with us is so intense, Barry? We've fought like enemies but remained friends."

"Am I supposed to forget you murdered people?"

"I KNOW that!" August sparked in anger, snatching his hand away. "If I have to spend the rest of my life making up for that I will. I'm still a cop, dammit."

That made Barry smile. "I know there's hope for you."

"And still a connection." August persisted. He ran a hand along Barry's right arm. "This isn't about justice, sweetheart."

"Stop touching me, August." Barry's voice went husky.

"Why? Don't trust yourself? We're like live wire" August glanced down. "Look."

Mesmerized, Barry felt a small surge shift through them. Vibration. A line of energy crackled between them.

"It's...this is..." blue eyes closed briefly at the sensation.

"Always like this" August edged closer over the table. "We bring out the best and worst in each other." The room was getting very, very warm.

"No" Barry moved away gently. "It's time for you to go."

August gave one of his most devastating smiles. The swarthy man was undeniably handsome with sharp features.

"I felt the sparks in the air when you visited me. We talked about my brother, remember?"

Barry sat very still. "We did. And I meant what I said about helping you find his killer."

August stared with raw hunger. "And did you mean what you said in the storage room? Or were you playing games?"

Barry stood abruptly and leaned against the kitchen sink. "I was tipsy, August. We both were!"

"Okay I'll grant you that." August stood as well. Barry got an eyeful of smooth dusky skin and shapely legs.

"I was hard for days after you visited me, you know that?"

Barry gaped. "Damn you-"

August closed the distance between them in an instant. "And now who's staring. Like what you see?"


"Want to tell me something, Barry?" August leaned in, wrapping his arms around a naked torso.

Barry felt another vibration between them, stronger this time. It was intoxicating, lifting his desire.

"Something?" August repeated, his voice like silk. He licked a shell shaped ear. "At Iron Heights, there were times I couldn't sleep or eat. All I thought about was banging you senseless."

Barry found himself arching against the man. "Get off-"

August suckled the side of a golden neck. "I had dreams of doing you filthy."

Barry gasped at their rising heat. "Go to hell. Maybe I should-" he yelped as teeth caught his ear.

"Yesss" August hissed hotly. "Tell me." strong hands clutched Barry's ass, squeezing and pressing in.

Instinctively Barry wrapped his arms around, moaning against increasing pleasure. The vibrations between their bodies intensified.

August panted against him, neck sweaty. Hips swayed and slithered, grinding leaking cocks together. Crackling energy snaked over their bodies.

"You're so hot, Barry" August gripped him harder. "Can't...I'm gonna blow-"

Barry was breathless as well, breathing in spicy scent emanating from his friend. Unthinking he grabbed the inhibitor collar with so much force it shattered. Both men cried out in blind pleasure as a surge of speed force enveloped them.

August blinked spots from his eyes, leaning heavily against his friend. "Well shit, that was awesome."

Barry agreed, eyes rolling. "Hell yeah. But August-"

"Shh" the dark haired man put a finger to his lips. He looked down. "I think we made a helluva mess. Sorry about your boxers."

Barry gripped his hand. "I don't care about that."

August gave a sloopy grin. "Figured you wouldn't. So...what about what you said in the storage room?"

The blonde heaved, easing out of the embrace. "Why do you keep bringing that up?"

Deep eyes raked over Barry's body. "We do it the hard way, then. I'll just have to bang you until you 'fess up."

Barry was defiant yet turned on. "You and what army?"

"MMm" August grinned widely. "Damn,'re such a hard ass when you get stubborn. But I wanna tap into the real you. The one I always feel in my gut."

Barry snorted, moving away. "That damned gut. It's all I ever hear about."

August patted his glistening midsection. "Like it? Tell you what, the Speed force did a nice job with the bod. I never had this much definition even when I worked out."

"August you're perfect." Barry said carelessly. "There's nothing wrong with you. If anything I think-" he caught himself.

Golden brown eyes narrowed in suspicion, taunting. "You're either stubborn, deluded or waiting on me." He touched his neck, smirking. "You broke the you do trust me."

Barry sighed. "It was an accident. I was feeling too good to notice."

"Ice on the outside but fire on the inside. And I'm gonna prove it."

What does that mean?"

"This" August licked a finger before swiping it across perfect abs. "Just a little cream to get you started, sweetheart." He dipped a sticky glop on a fingertip, touching Barry's lips.

"Now taste."

Bright blue eyes darkened in lust, lids lowering. Long blonde lashes fluttered.

"mmm" soft lips suckled the finger.

"Oh yea" August panted, reaching for Barry's towel. "That's it, baby...we're gonna do this good."

"Want you" Barry dipped his hand into the wet boxers. August was rock hard. Smooth fingers squeezed.


"You got me hot, August" the baritone voice was low. A sniff of black, shining hair.

August shivered. But he couldn't stop smiling. "What's going through that head of yours?"

Barry kept nibbling, sliding warm lips along a sharp jawline. "You taste good, too." He nuzzled the dark head, his voice a whisper. "I can't fight this anymore."

August closed his eyes, turning into a kiss. "Screw all this drama-" they slammed into a sizzling lip lock. August tugged at Barry's ass again as tongues fought for dominance.

The air crackled. Speed storm energy flared again with even more intensity, racing around the room. The two men were oblivious in their passion. August ripped Barry's towel away, pulling him towards the bedroom. They kept kissing.


They toppled onto the bed. August raked blond hair with his fingers, feeling the soft texture. Slicked bodies slid and collided with reckless abandon. The speed storm now manifested outside. Night skies filled with lighting and high winds.

Barry rolled on his back and lifted a leg, sprawling wantonly. One hand played with a plump nipple. The other...held the prize. Hot eyes looked up through golden lashes. "Got something for me?"

August paused over him, eyes popping from the sight. Looks like a freaking god. Barry was sheer perfection, all lustrous skin and rippling muscle. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Nordic blonde hair shaded the lewd expression.

August felt the blood pound in his veins. "You're a slut." he hissed, features dark.

Barry licked his lips nastily, crooking a finger in invitation. "Let's find out."


August groaned, hips snapping hard as he drove into his lover. Sweat beaded and popped from exertion.

"Gonna bang you senseless Barry-" he gasped, pleasure overwhelming his senses. It was as hot as every fantasy he had in prison. The sight of Barry twisting and moaning, screaming his name already had driven him over the edge three times. This was round four.

Barry vibrated, tightening around the cock that filled him. The dark haired man jolted with lightning, nearly passing out.

"Sonufabitch you're so tight" he growled in delight, arching as he angled in for another thrust. His body vibrated in response, electric charges dancing over them both. The pleasure was nearly painful in its intensity. A loud buzzing rattled his head, like electric current.

With agility that would do a gymnast proud, Barry managed to reach up and pull him into a kiss, throwing his legs even further apart. August moaned against the vibrating tongue as he stabbed in deeper.

"Nowwww" Barry growled into his mouth, stroking himself with his free hand. Their bodies were shaking uncontrollably.

August couldn't think, his mind white noise. BarryBarryBarry

Barry yelled and fired out, spurting everywhere. August was done, eyes rolling back as he slammed in a final time.

A wash of energy blinded his vision, fire and heat. It was exhilarating, pure emotion that blasted his senses. Just as his balls burst there was a tremendous explosion, rendering both men unconscious.

"Huhnn hnnn" August cracked an eye open slowly. He had a blinding headache. "Barry?" he whispered, feeling a warm body underneath him. The world was tilted, however.

"Don't shout" Barry groaned, his hands over his eyes. "And look carefully around."

August rolled to an elbow and nearly hit his head on the floor. "The hell?"

"Told careful."

August angled his head up. The mattress they were on was sideways on the frame and halfway to the floor. He squinted around the room. The window was blown out with broken glass everywhere. Both nightstands were toppled with one broken lamp. Cracks were all over the walls and ceiling.

"What happened here?!" August nearly shouted. It cost him, making his head pound in pain.

Barry lay next to him like a rag doll. "How are you feeling?"

"My body feels great. My skull feels like target practice for a bat."

Barry pinched his eyes shut again. "Same here."

"Looks like its nearly dawn outside."

They were silent a moment. August shifted over sticky sheets.

"Did you..did you check around the rest of your apartment for damage?"

"No." Barry rolled to his side slowly. "Legs too weak right now." he managed a grin.

"Heh, that's funny."

"We've got trouble August. One, I need to get you out of here. Two, I have to explain all this damage to the landlord."

August strained to a sitting position on the floor. "Can't we just run downtown, get supplies and repair this?"

"It's too early, only quarter of five."

"Damn. I'm shocked no one has complained or come up here."

"They may have." Barry glanced around with worry. "We were out about two hours."

"Wait, the glass! If it hit outside-"

"Seems like we got lucky." Barry pointed at the window. "Match the shards on the floor. Everything blew back in."

"Probably the only reason the cops aren't here now. So what happened? I heard an explosion when I...when we..." August flushed deep red.

Barry did smile then. "Speed force storm. I've learned its connected to everything. Space, time and emotion. It's also a form of communication and holds the structure of reality together."

"Makes sense what happened then." August winced as he sat.

Barry sidled alongside him on the floor. "Just had a thought. There's a storage room in the basement. If I can find some glass-"

Dark eyes brightened. "Works. At least there won't be suspicion from the outside."

Luck favored them. Barry decided to trust his friend (for about three seconds) in order to get glass. It was slightly over sized but sufficient to avoid suspicion from the street view. To his surprise the apartment was restored to order when he returned. August was sitting on the couch wrapped in a bath towel. He stared at the flat screen intently.

Barry padded over in bare feet. He hadn't bothered with his uniform when he went in the basement. A plain shirt and jeans were better suited to civilian identity in case anything went wrong.

He nodded at the tv. "I see you've got the news up. What's the latest?"

"I'll hit the sound up."

Barry watched intently. "It's the warden of Iron Heights, Wolfe."

"Not my favorite person. He's a real pill." August sneered. "Probably needs to be behind bars like the rest of us."

"Shh, quiet. I want to hear-"





August made a gesture at the screen. "Yeah, like no rat poison in the food."

Barry couldn't believe his ears. "You serious?"

August folded his arms. "Maybe not." he glanced over at his lover. "Damn."

"What else?"

August sighed, running a hand through his hair. "You're the only man I know who could look hot in a burlap sack."

Barry glanced down at himself. "C'mon, August. Jeans and a baggy shirt?"

Dark eyes narrowed with heat. "I've seen the goodies. Can't get it out of my mind, and don't want to. Even your feet are pretty."

Barry's smile faded. "We were looking at the news."

"Screw the news." August was instantly in front of his friend. He pulled him in close.

"I think I'm addicted to you." the dark head nuzzled.

Barry closed his eyes, sighing. "I' need to go, August. Don't you realize what all this means?"

"Means I want this fabulous body of yours." August nipped an ear. "We still need to talk, Barry. And I don't mean about Iron Heights."

"I know." Barry smiled sadly. "But this situation can't work. Not with your status as a felon."

August moved off. "Way to kill the mood, goldilocks." he flopped down on the couch.

"Can't ignore the reality."

August shook his head. "You're something else, Barry...the way you flip on a switch. One minute you're blazing hot, the next ice cold." a pause with a grin. "Maybe that's what I love about you...among other things."

A soft chuckle. "Mom used to wonder at that a lot, too. She said if I ever went bad, the universe would be in trouble."

"Sit next to me." August extended a hand. Barry took it.

"Didn't mean to go into hard ass mode again. Sorry." soft lips brushed August on the cheek.

August nuzzled, smiling. "I can't stay mad at you. You have that effect on people, too."

"We still need a plan."

August silenced him with a kiss. "I've got until midnight, remember?"

August could barely walk after the two of them showered together.

"You're gonna kill me, goldy. My legs won't stop shaking." swarthy features smiled brightly as Barry adjusted the orange jumpsuit. August was amused by the attention. "Thanks, mom. I think I can dress myself!"

Barry held him from behind and kissed a damp neck. "I was a little hard on you in the shower. Just a little TLC, hmm?"

August laughed out loud. "You were hard in me. Felt like I was riding a bat. Was that revenge for last night?"

"Pretty much."

"You're just no good. Maybe I should break out a lot more. Or come visit me at Iron Heights! Quit being a CSI and go porn star. We'd make the nastiest prison flicks!"

Barry went beet red. "Fool!" he whacked August across the butt.

"OOOH" August pouted and bent over playfully. He wiggled his ass. "Hit me, baby. Make me feel CHEAP!"

"You-" Barry exploded in laughter. "You are so not right."

August fell to his knees. "I'll do anything you want, sweets." he buried his face against Barry's groin and licked. "I'll beg like the worst dog."

Strong hands gripped the tousled head. "Midnight." Barry panted, blue eyes dark with lust.



"Something needs to be said, okay?"

Barry rolled over, his expression serious. "Okay."

August stroked his lover. "We've danced around it since I got here."

Blue eyes were soft. "What was said in the storage room."

"Yeah. I don't buy that it happened as a booze fever dream. You said earlier you couldn't fight it anymore."

Barry edged up against the headboard. "I wanted you. It just got to a point that denying it would be stupid."

August smiled slowly. "And?"

"And what?"

"I think about how we always had an energy, sympatico you know? My gut and your brains."

Barry smiled back. "Helluva combo."

A nod. "Even the department wondered at how quickly we had chemistry. There were so many times I wondered how to approach you in a different way."

"I didn't know you liked men either."

"Well, let's just say tolerance isn't completely there yet, especially for cops. I sensed you were kind of a confused chick magnet."

"Funny guy."

"No, seriously." August held Barry close and cuddled. "Like two magnets. What's that retro song, something about "You are the Magnet and I am the Steel?"

"'re right." Barry glanced over at the clock. "It's getting dark again. We don't have much time."

"I know that already-"

Barry shook his head quickly. "This was a mistake, you and me."

"Why? Because the world would discover you're a total freak in bed?" August snapped sarcastically.

Barry looked away angrily.

August pulled his face around. "Tell me, dammit! Stop being dramatic."

Crystal blue eyes matched sultry brown ones in intensity. "What do you want, August? For me to say it? I will! I dreamed about you all the time. Even when we fought, we tried not to hurt each other."

"I remember" August whispered in his ear, voice deep. "I hated that it came to that."

"I was seriously attracted but tried to low key it. And then you found out my identity. I was rattled."

August licked perfect abs, making Barry shiver. "Why were you at Iron Heights? Rumors ran wild that you'd gone bad, but I didn't believe that."

"Things were chaotic in my life at the time-"

"Being a speedster means never ending crazy, Barry. We both know that."

"True. But I had lied to my family and made mistakes that were costly. Guilt made me believe I belonged at Iron Heights."

"That's nuts!"

"Maybe, maybe not." Barry fell silent.

August slapped a golden thigh. "Earth to Barry!"


"There's nothing to be sorry about! I swear, you and your pity parties."

"You're wrong. I wasn't depressed or anything."

"Your emotion clouds your judgement a lot. It's wonderful."

Barry stared at him. "That's the most bizarre compliment I've ever had."

August gave another brilliant smile. "Well, think about it. Here you are, a cop in bed with a class A metahuman felon. Not to mention harboring a fugitive. When you make mistakes, you make the best ones!"

Barry clutched his head. "Maybe I'm not wrapped too tight either. When I broke you out of prison everyone thought I'd gone mad. You drive me out of my mind sometimes!"

"That's why you're crazy about me." August looked at their twined bodies, comparing complexions. "Don't we make a pretty pair?"

"Yes...yes we do." Barry gathered August close. He ruffled shining black hair.

"I'm serious about wanting redemption, Barry. I don't know if that will happen, but I want to do what's right. And redeem myself in your eyes."

"I know, I believe you." Barry felt his chest tighten with emotion.

August tipped his chin up. "But I need something from you, and this is the final time I'm going to ask. If we're going to be together at all you have to tell me."

"But Iris-"

August shook him. "She ain't in this bed, hotshot. Last chance or I leave now." he moved to go.

"No, stop!" Barry grabbed him. "Don't leave like that."

August stared into his eyes, waiting.

A deep breath. "I love you. I think I've always loved you."

"You have?" August stammered in shock. "If I'd known-"

"Yes" Barry's voice went dry. "It's why I went to such lengths to make sure your accomodations were modified at Iron Heights. I know how they treat the prisoners there. They often come out worse than when they went in. I...didn't want that for you."

August stroked silky blonde hair. "So that's why I was moved to another block."

Barry nodded, grinning.

"I love you too, goldy. But you already knew that."

Blue eyes sparkled with warmth. "I knew. Didn't mean to keep you waiting."

August beamed in delight. "Told ya. Felt it in my gut." he pulled Barry into a crushing kiss.

"Well look what the cat dragged in." Heavily armored guards stood at the entrance of Iron Heights. August Heart moved at them, holding his hands up.

"Just turning myself in, guys. No trouble."

The guards laughed, pointing their taser cannons. "No funny stuff, Godspeed. Good thing you just made the curfew. Warden's gonna love this."

Giant gates slid shut as he was escorted along. "They get everybody?"

"What, you think we're kids or something? You're the last one."

Across town, Barry breathed a sigh of relief with the midnight news reports.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down, August. Someday..."

He held up a wine glass as a toast.

Cold and Glider sat at one of the mess tables in the lower levels. The whole facility was buzzing about the return of Godspeed just under curfew.

Lisa poked at her plate. "Food here gets worse and worse. How anyone can eat this slop is beyond me."

"Maggots wouldn't even touch it, sis." Cold sipped his soda. "The thing with Godspeed is strange, though."

"Weird is more like it. Don't you find it suspicious he just walks in fifteen minutes before the midnight curfew?"

Len nodded. "Yeah. It's obvious he holed up somewhere safe. But who would harbor him, especially with his history?"

"Someone that he trusts or is close to. Hmm."


Lisa twirled her fork. "Word is when he arrived his inhibitor collar was gone."

"The hell? How?"

"My point exactly. No way he could break it himself."

"No normal human could, either." Snart's eyes widened in realization.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin' sis?"

A smirk. "I'm way ahead of you."

Snart laughed out loud. "Hit your contacts. I have a feeling something big is behind this. Might even be good for a favor or two down the road!"


August stretched out on the cot in his cell. His mind raced over the previous 24 hours. He couldn't sleep.

At least I'll only get one week of solitary. Better than getting shot up by trigger happy guards.

A broad smile spread across his face in dim lighting. Unbelievable. My body is still buzzing. I'm gonna rock your world,'re mine, all mine. I'll get redemption and out of this hell hole. And then I'm gonna slam that legendary ass some more. Every freaking day and night.

"Look out, Iris...I'm gonna steal this one!"