Juliette smoothed out her long white wedding dress. She had to admit that it was quite lovely. It had belonged to her mother Madame Giry.

The top of the bodice had brocade designs at the top. Two pieces of piping ran down the front stopping at the end of the bodice. The skirt was plain but had a lovely simplicity to it. Her sleeves were three quarters in length and she was wearing white gloves that came to her wrists.

Earlier that day her friends Christine and Marietta had come over to help Juliette's sister Meg make Juliette presentable for the wedding. There was plenty of excitement in the air.

"So, are you nervous?" asked Christine.

"Are you kidding? I feel like I swallowed a jar full of butterflies," said Juliette.

"Well, I would be surprised if you weren't nervous. Even I was a little anxious on my wedding day," said her mother soothingly. Madame Giry had taken a break from her usual black attire and gone with a deep green dress.

"So, it's a tradition? Fantastic." Said Juliette dryly. Meg laughed as she worked on Juliette's eye shadow.

"Trust me, Julie, you will be fine."

"Your sister is right. Jamie is a great young man." Said, Marietta, as she fixed the bouquet.

"Hoping to catch that bouquet Etta?" asked Meg teasingly. Marietta arched an eyebrow.

"And you aren't?" Marietta and Christine were Juliette's bridesmaids and Meg was her maid of honor. It was funny, thought Juliette, that Marietta, would end up as one of her bridesmaids given the heavy rivalry that had once been between them.

"Well I think that about finishes everything," said Christine. Juliette looked at herself in the mirror. She did a mental checklist. Something old; her mother's dress, something borrowed; Christine's pearl earrings, something blue; the light blue ribbons around the bouquet of yellow roses. All she was missing was something new.

"A well, it's just a superstition." She thought to herself.

"It is almost time, should get going" said Marietta flipping her light blond curls and smoothing her long lavender dress both Christine and Meg wore the same dresses. As their gift to Juliette Raoul and Christine, who were now dating, had paid for the bridesmaid dresses despite Juliette's protests.

The dresses had flowy chiffon skirts and flowered bodice. The sleeves were also short and lightweight.

The four got in a carriage and made their way to the church. When the four women got to the small church Juliette waited in the atrium.

Suddenly, her veil slipped out of the clip that was holding it in her hair. She sighed she would have to have Meg fix it quickly.

In order to calm herself, Juliette let her mind wander. She had hoped that HE would come. Then again, despite the entire fiasco with the opera house has been over for several years it wasn't exactly wise for him to be in Paris. Juliette tried to replace the comb that held her veil in place but failed.

"Perhaps I may be of assistance?" a smooth and familiar, tenor voice said from behind her. Juliette slowly turned around with her eyes wide and a look of shock and delight on her face.


To be continued...