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Getting my room to look the same as before was a real challenge. Some things had to be moved and I had to get rid of a few minor things but overall I had it pretty close. Sam and Spencer were really helpful getting it to this point. I looked at the set of drawers labeled Sam's clothes and laughed lightly. It was impressive how much of her wardrobe had ended up at my house instead of her own. This made sense of course since she slept at my house way more than her own anyway.

When Sam arrived she surprised me with a long hug and a small kiss on my cheek. As close as we were and as close as I hoped we would be kissing is never something we had done until now. I gave her a look that suggested she was acting odd.

"So can I see what our studio looks like with everything in it?" She asks, completely ignoring my look and changing the subject.

I decide not to question it for now and lead her into the studio. She lets out a low whistle of approval. She looks at the car sculpture, which I had not let Dad get rid of even though he didn't really like it, and finds her remote sitting on the hood. She picks it up and presses the top button….. It does nothing.

"Feddie hasn't been by to set up the techy stuff yet." I say laughing lightly.

"So when are we staring back up ICarly?" Her question reminds me that we said we weren't going to do another.

"I'm not sure. I think maybe we should wait a few weeks until we have settled in properly." Sam nods in agreement and places the remote back down.

As if she could feel my eyes on her, totally not checking her out, she turns round and looks at me. I quickly look away embarrassed.

"So you hungry? Spence is making his famous Spaghetti Tacos for dad today."

"I'm always hungry you know me." I laugh and lead her to the kitchen.

As we lay in bed sometime later I roll to face Sam and poke her to get her to turn. She turns to face me and she has a small satisfied smile on her face. I take her hand in mine before speaking.

"So you've been acting somewhat different this past week Sam, you feeling okay?" As I ask this she looks away and I get to witness a rare moment of weakness where Sam looks vulnerable.

"I knew you had not remembered" Was her answer. This makes me wrack my brain trying to remember what I had forgotten. I cannot think of anything that would make Sam act different and she must be able to see that because she speaks again barely above a whisper.

"You… You said you love me Carls." I feel my face heat up and I turn around not wanting her to see my face.

"Cupcake turn around." Sam's voice is still quiet and yet it's somewhat demanding and so I turn to face her. I move closer so I can hide my face in her neck."

"You don't hate me now? I don't want things to change. I know you don't feel the same." I start crying lightly not wanting her to reject my feelings for her.

"After this week you really believe I don't feel the same?" I hear Sam ask. I look at her. My shock must be clear because she speaks again. "Cupcake you can be so blind sometimes."

She leans in and kisses my lips lightly and then looks me dead in the eye and in that moment I know what she is going to say and I hold my breath desperate to hear it. "Carls I'm in love with you too I have been for a very long time."

I find myself unable to respond and so I lean in and kiss her. This kiss is longer and I can feel Sam's tongue on my lower lip asking to enter. I open my mouth willingly then let our tongues dance over each other.

After our long kiss turned make out I pulled Sam closer than ever, I kissed her one last time and settled in for the night with a silly grin on my face.

Waking up with Sam in my arms is one of the best feelings in the world. I kiss her gently trying to rouse her from her slumber.

"Kisses later sleep now." She responds sleepily and tries to pull me back closer to her.

I try to escape but her grip is too strong. "Sam!" I whine playfully. I see her smile but she doesn't let go. Unable to move I sink into her embrace and kiss her nose.

The next time I wake it's because Spencer is shaking us. "Wake up Kiddos."

As I stir and wake Spencer looks nervous. "Probably best to lock your door if you and Sam are going to sleep like that. I don't think Dad likes how close you are."

"That reminds me what were you talking about when I came down last week?" Sam kisses me lightly now interested in the conversation she stops pretending to be asleep.

"Well he was asking me if you two were together. I told him you weren't and that you were just really close. Not sure he bought it. I'm guessing now you're actually together though since you're getting kisses from her?"

I blush and nod, Sam beside me is blushing too as she looks at Spencer with a nervous expression that makes me laugh.

"I told Spencer nearly a year ago I love you. He supports us." Sam looks at me shocked.

"You waited a year to tell me?" I just nod and wait for her to continue.

"You should have told me Cupcake. I've been in love with you for years. I only went on dates with guys to seem normal."

Spencer laughs and faces me. "Pay up kiddo." I hop out of bed thankful I was wearing Pj's and find my purse. Sam looks confused but doesnt ask. I slide Spencer $20.

"Told you she loved you and for ages. Thanks for the money. Breakfast in 30."

As he leaves Sam looks at me she has a smirk on her face.

"You bet Spence that I was in love with you?"

"Well no he bet that you have loved me just as long as I've loved you, I said there was no way it was true."

This made me think. "How long have you known?" Sam looks thoughtful before answering.

"Well I first noticed when you started dating Griffin. I became super jealous and wanted to hurt him every time I saw him." She looks nervous for a second then asks "you?"

"I first noticed during Mrs Briggs forced talent show auditions. I didn't realise at first but when I thought back that day we were practically on top of each other at the end."

"Oh yeah. We saw so many bad acts I guess I needed your touch to get me through I don't know." Sam looked embarrassed then suddenly said loudly. "So breakfast, I'm starving."

"You're so cute when you blush." I find myself unable to stop myself from saying. She leans in and kisses me still looking embarrassed then goes to find clothes to wear. For the first time I can remember I find it really hard not to watch Sam change. To stop myself I grab my clothes and retreat to my bathroom. If Sam finds this odd she doesn't say.

Over the next week me and Sam were rarely seen out of each other's company. Rumours were springing up all over school about us, which we did not deny. ICarly fans would approach and ask us about it and we would tell them the truth. Neither of us wanted to hide it.

In hindsight maybe we should have hit it a bit. When I got home Dad was sitting waiting for us at the kitchen dining table. Spencer was sitting across from him. This struck me as a bit odd, normally they would sit on the same side and me and Sam would sit on the other. Today the chairs were arranged so three were on Spencer's side and one on our Dads side.

I grab Sam's hand for comfort and sit next to Spencer. We share a look and he nods, I gulp and squeeze Sam's hand harder. When we were all seated Dad spoke his voice was distant and he sounded in a word disgusted.

"I think I deserve to be told the nature of your relationship. According to your shows website the 'Cam' ship has won the ship war. I had no idea what they were on about but Spencer here has been quite informative."

I look at Sam and she gives me a reassuring smile. Unfortunately this seems to anger my Dad.

"Oh my lord it's true isn't it? My daughter is a lesbian?"

The way he says it makes my stomach queasy. He doesn't just dislike our relationship he hates it and it's clear to see. My eyes tear up but I try to answer anyway. He may see it as wrong but I do not. I love Sam and there is nothing wrong with that.

"I don't know if I'm a lesbian exactly. I don't seem to have any interest in any one other than Sam. Boys or Girls. But I love Sam." Sam is smiling at me, my words seem to have made her very happy.

I feel Spencer's arm on my shoulder and I can feel his love and support. It emboldens me and makes me feel I can fight for my love. My Dad on other hand is looking at me as if I am a stranger who just walked into his house and myself comfy.

"I cannot believe you allowed your sister to grow up with such warped views Spencer. Carly you will end this 'relationship' you will meet a nice young man. Like that Benson boy from your show."

Before I can stop myself I mutter "Eww Freddie? No way." This makes Sam laugh and kiss my cheek. This probably was not smart though because my Dad seemed even more enraged.

"Dad I will tell you now loud and clear I WILL NOT BREAK UP WITH SAM!"

"Mr Shay I love your daughter very much. I will look after and protect her. I will give her all the love that she deserves and much more. I can see myself with no one else."

"I did not ask for your input, Miss Puckett. Frankly I don't know why you are still here."

"DAD! You will not speak to my girlfriend in this way."

"I've heard all I want to on this matter. I forbid this relationship you hear me. Forbid it! Say goodbye Carly."

"If you do this Dad I will hate you. You understand that? Do you really want to push me away after abandoning me for years?" My voice cracked as I finish my statement I pull Sam off to my room ignoring my Dads shouts that Sam leave.

My Dad looks hurt probably because of my abandoned comment. But it is how I felt so I don't feel bad saying it. Okay maybe I feel bad about the way I said it. My Dad starts to follow us and I'm sure he intends to drag me away from Sam. As he gets close Spencer grabs our Dad and pulls him away from us. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

"Go to your room Carly, with Sam. I need to speak to Dad." I had never heard Spencer so mad. I silently thanked the gods for him and followed his advice taking Sam to our room. As far as I was concerned it was ours.

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