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As soon as I'm in our room I fall on my bed and start crying. In a second Sam is with me and I throw my arms round her and cry into her chest. At any other time I would feel like a pervert with my head here but I'm so upset.

Sam doesn't speak and there are no words to be said at this moment. I can feel her hand stroking my hair, I find it relaxing and can feel my tears slowing. I lean up and kiss her gently, she kisses me back but we don't deepen the kiss, the time just doesn't feel right. It's about comfort in this moment.

Time seems to disappear as I hold Sam in my arms so I couldn't tell you if it was one hour or three before Spencer knocked on our door and we let him in. When he is in the room he hugs us both tightly and we can feel his love for both of us.

"We will run away Spencer." For a moment the room is silent as Sam and Spencer take in my words.

"I mean it. If he tries to stop me seeing Sam I won't forgive him and we will go if it means I get to keep Sam." Spencer looks Sad for a moment as he takes in my words. I continue strengthening my resolve.

"I have money left over from some of our endorsements on ICarly and I've been saving parts of my allowance ever since you gave me one." Spencer laughs for the first time tonight and I look at him confused.

"If you're running I'm coming to. Your my amazing and wonderful sister and your girlfriend here would die for you if she felt it was needed. I would never leave you girls to run away alone."

Both me and Sam hugged him tighter and I noticed all three of us were crying lightly now. As the room went quiet I'm sure I heard footsteps walking away from our room and I hope that he heard us and understands just how far I'd go for Sam.

I'm thoroughly exhausted from crying and I can see Sam falling asleep too. "Spencer we love you but would you mind leaving for tonight I want to take my beautiful girlfriend to bed."

At my words Spencer gives me a look of absolute shock and I realise how that sounded.
"To sleep Spencer, I promise nothing more. I'm not ready for that yet."

At this Spencer smiles kissing my cheek I smile at him and then to my surprise, and Sam's he kisses Sam's cheek too. as he gets to the door he turns and looks at us.
"I will always protect my sisters so don't you dare leave without me. I will try and fix this so give me time ok?"

He has left before I can answer so I can't respond instead I pull Sam off my bed so we can change. I don't try to hide the fact I want to see her this time and we openly change before each other then head to bed.

The next day my Dad was nowhere to be seen at the breakfast table, To be honest I was glad he was not there. For so long I had wanted at least one of my parents present. With my Dad the only one around I was so happy he was staying and now I want nothing to do with him. I felt like crying as this realisation hit me and suddenly found Sam's hand in mine. She gives me a forlorn smile and we eat breakfast.

Today is Friday and we were hoping to do the first ICarly since I decided to stay but I was struggling to find the motivation for it. While at school I was distracted and I couldn't get my Dads prejudices out of my mind. At lunch Sam cornered me and dragged me into an empty classroom.

"Cupcake I know how you're feeling and I know you're hurting so I wanted to show you this."

Looking at Sam's Pear Phone I recognised our site instantly and looked at my new girlfriend confused.

"Read the comments Cupcake trust me we have so much support even from the Seddie and Creddie supporters.

My lunch was forgotten about as I browsed the many many comments that we had received over the week since we got together and I was completely blown away. Placing Sam's Pear Phone on the desk I was sitting on, I grabbed Sam and kissed her. I kissed her hard and put as much love into it as I could, Sam's lips were certainly not idle either. I admit the kiss got a little too heated for a classroom.

As the bell rang signalling the end of lunch we stopped kissing and after fixing our clothing left for class. Thanks to Sam I was ready for the show tonight and for the rest of the day I refused to let my Dad bring me down.

When I got home I noticed Dad was still not home. I wondered for a small moment if I should be worried but I refused to spend time on this thought for long. Tonight was ICarly and I was determined to be happy for it.

The show went off brilliantly. We of course had to have baby Spencer on for our first webcast from the new studio. We also did a new "The idiot farm girl who thought the cowboys moustache was a squirrel. This skit was definitely a fan favourite and me and Sam have so much doing it. I felt bad for not having spoken to Gibby as much since staying so we also had him come in too. We painted a target on his stomach and fired meatballs at it. It was hilarious.

After the show I felt like nothing could get me down. So when we excited the studio and saw my Dad with his laptop out and the webcast on I tried to pretend he wasn't homophobic. We had kissed on the show and I didn't care he saw it ok that's not true I'm glad he saw it he needs to get over himself.

"Great show guys." His comment sounded forced but I was so shocked he said it. We stumbled our thanks and he must have been able to sense our hesitation because he asked us to sit with him.

As I went to sit down I felt Sam's hand in mine and she sat closest to my Dad almost as if she was ready to protect me if needed. I kissed her cheek, not caring who saw. My Dad's expression showed disgust for a moment then I saw him force it away.

Having gotten himself out of the crib Spencer entered just as our Dad was about to talk. He immediately crossed the room and stared at our Dad. "I told you to leave them alone. Your behaviour was despicable."

As I heard Spencer scold our dad I've got to say I was really impressed and grateful all in one. I expected Dad to get mad instead he took a breath.

"I owe you both an apology." He says looking straight at me and Sam.

My mind is melted and I feel like I'm dreaming, I guess Sam did too because she pinches herself hard and yelps in surprise. I look at her arm and see a red patch where she pinched and kissed it lightly.

"Carly I'm not going to lie and say I suddenly agree with your choices. I still prefer you were with a nice guy." The Five other people in the room, yes Gibby and Freddie had decided to stay for awhile I hope they don't regret it, all looked angrily at the colonel. He must have seen them because he held up his hand for silence.

"But" He quickly added. "I did not come back just to see my daughter run away. If I have to accept her sexuality choices to keep her here I will try my best to understand it."

I looked first to Spencer, who looked visibly shocked, then to Sam.

"Sam what do you think?"

At my question I could see my Dad tense a little. I'm guessing he didn't expect our forgiveness to be put in Sam's hands.

"Carls I know more than anyone, well maybe not Spencer you guys are crazy close, that you have always wanted your dad to be more involved if he really wants to try we should let him."

I kiss Sam before looking at my Dad. "If you are serious you should know I do not intend to hide my relationship with Sam especially not in our home if I want to kiss her I will no matter who is in the room.

I don't know what emboldened me to say it but seeing Sam's eyes as I stood up for our relationship, to a soldier in the air force no less, she looked impressed and dare I hope it slightly turned on by my boldness.

The look on my Dad's face was slightly different; it was like he wasn't just looking at his little girl but a young woman. He nods showing his acceptance but that wasn't enough for me.

"Dad I want to hear you say it. Say you will not get in our way or try to tamper with our relationship."

I must have looked scary because Freddie took a step further away from me and I saw awe in Sam's eyes. She flashed me a thousand watt smile and I knew for her or with her, probably both, I could… no would do anything.

"Carly, Sam I promise I will do my best to respect the love you share."
For the first time in what felt like ages I wanted to hug my dad again and so I did. What I did not expect was him extending an arm and asking Sam to join.

"Don't hurt my little girl is all I ask."

"I never would Mr shay, Never."

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