Purple feelings

How could this have happened?

Her worst nightmare resurfaced and it was real!

It was past two in the morning, when the bells had sounded! Startled Eames!

She had gone to the door and opened it!

But seeing the people who were in front of her doorstep, she realized that it didn't bode well!

In front of her stood the police, they looked embarrassed and looked gray!

- We have bad news for you!

Alex stepped back as though dumbfounded!

It couldn't be true! Not yet !

She knew why, who they were there for!

In shock, she felt her legs give way.

If one of the policemen hadn't rushed up to her and barely caught her, she was squeezing to the ground.

- Inspector Goren ... During a mission received a bullet! He's at Saint Vincent hospital!

Alex's blood swirled around his body. His heart had just broken into a thousand pieces!

It was not possible, not yet!

- Do you want us to take you there?

Alex thanked the policeman with a small smile, who was supporting her, helping her to walk.

Her legs no longer held her.

If the policeman hadn't been there, she would never have been able to walk!

She wanted to cry, but she had to restrain herself! She shouldn't cry! Not in front of them!

Arrived in front of the room, she remained motionless and contemplated the inert body on the bed!

He was breathing weakly and all his threads on his body kept him alive!

It was too hard a sight for her!

He was so white, so livid!

She walked over to the bed, fell to the floor, trembling all over her body, taking the lifeless hand in hers and let out her grief.

It hurt, so hurt!

- Alex…

She felt Goren's hand squeeze hers weakly.

He had such a weak voice when he said her name, that she couldn't stop her tears from falling!

She wanted to show him that she was strong, but it was simply impossible. She couldn't hide what she was feeling.

She had taken eleven years to finally recognize her feelings!

And today it had happened!

It wasn't fair!

As if fate was beating down on her and denying her happiness.

He tried to smile at her, like every time something was wrong.

For so many years.

And to think that they had taken so many years to realize that they were made for each other. They had taken more than eleven years. While they had all been together for ten years.

She had to change section, so that he finally dares to tell her how he feels.

And today the worst thing had happened!

He saw her, so sad.

Why it had to happen, when their history was recent.

He brought his hand to her cheek, stroking it.

She put her hand on his, savoring the gentle caress.

She didn't want their story to end, not already and not after what she had just discovered!

She was pregnant and wanted to have the right to this family life.

No longer in the same unit, they finally managed to move forward and build a life together.

And the worst was happening today, the day she found out about her pregnancy!

- Bobby… She squeezed her hand tightly against her, tears in her eyes. I am pregnant!

Bobby smiles!

- That's wonderful!

But his gaze was veiled with sadness!

He was in excruciating pain and was afraid of what was going to happen!

Tears came to his eyes!

Why had this happened?

He who had always dreamed of having a normal life, a family!

And today everything was torn from him! It wasn't fair!

He had to get out of it! But he couldn't hide his face, he knew something was wrong!

Alex was crying even more.

Bobby wiped away Alex's tears with his fingers.

In Alex's face he sensed that something bad was happening!

- You look so sad ... Her voice broke. Do I go…

The eyes were bulging with fear at the words he had just spoken, she gently put her hand on his mouth, shaking her head in negation!

- Don't talk nonsense! Her tears flowed more beautifully! She couldn't stop crying. You are very strong and you will get by!

He gave her a small smile, but it looked more like a grimace as the pain was unbearable.

Alex knew well how to smile. The smile he had often used to disarm her and every time it had worked.

Goren put his arm around Alex's back as best he could, gently pulling her closer to him.

Logan and Barek had just entered the bedroom.

They had heard their conversation, and also the child.

But the worst part were the words Goren had spoken!

Those who had sounded like the death knell.

When they called them about Goren, they rushed to the hospital!

But when they arrived, they had managed to find the internal doctor and discussed Goren's condition.

But he had told them the bad news!

Goren would not survive!

The bullet had punctured an artery in the heart, causing a bleeding that they couldn't stop!

He only had a few hours left, even a few minutes to live!

- Mike I need to talk to you!

Logan walked over to Goren, resting his hand on his shoulder.

With a nod of his head, he indicated to Caroline to go out with Alex.

Caroline somehow helped Alex to walk.

She was so weak and in shock that her legs were having trouble carrying her.

Her eyes were swollen and red from crying so much.

Goren held out his hand to Logan, opening his palm and closing it.

He had just handed her a small silver object.

Logan analyzed the object and recognized a small ring.

- You will give it to Eames… Goren wiped the tears from his eyes with his arm. I wanted to ask her, but I guess I never could.

Logan looked at Bobby!

His heart sank at the sight!

He was livid, his eyes shining with tears.

Mike had seen Goren in several moods a lot, but seeing him in that state really hurt him.

He was so fragile right now, so weak.

- Don't say nonsense… A big fellow like you!

But Logan knew he was lying!

He knew Bobby wasn't going to be long.

But he really hoped that the doctors were wrong about his case, and that he would survive!

Goren shook his head in negation.

- Promise me to watch over Alex ... Over the child she is carrying.

Logan drew back as if dumbfounded, looking away.

He mustn't show her that it broke her heart!

And above all he should not cry.

He had to be strong, but it was really difficult.

He had understood many years that Goren and Eames were more than friends, before they even realized it. That they were made to be together!

And when they finally took the plunge, everything collapsed!

And how Alex was going to be able to live with that!

Barek entered with a completely collapsed Eames, and white as an aspirin pill!

If Caroline hadn't been there to support her, Alex would have collapsed to the ground.

Caroline shook her head in negation, making Mike understand that she hadn't been able to tell Alex the truth, nor about Bobby's condition,

It was too hard for her.

The last thing Alex saw was the ring Logan was holding in his hand!

Bobby's mother's ring.

But the monitor buzzed continuously!

It didn't bode well.

It was no longer the beating of a heart but a continuous line.

As the medics rushed into the bedroom, Caroline and Logan tried to hold back an Alex, who was struggling and screaming with all her heart.

The medics were running in all directions, under the eyes of a raging Alex.

They were trying as best they could with the defibrillator to revive the injured body, but nothing helped!

Alex wanted to free himself from the two bodies that held her!

But they were too strong for her.

- Let me go! She was screaming louder and louder. Bobby needs me!

Her voice broke, and Mike and Caroline's heart broke.

They almost let go but revived.

They had to be strong for her, especially not to let go!

The nurses stopped with serious eyes, looking in the direction of the three people, uttering the words that Alexander didn't want to hear, never thought he heard.

- It's over ... They lowered their eyes. There is nothing more we can do. Time of death 4:13 a.m.

With superhuman strength Alex pulled away from Logan and Barek still reeling from the news, rushing to Bobby's bedside, shaking his body.

- Tell them it's wrong! She shook her body more beautiful, but no reaction! Tell them you're alive!

Alex was screaming!

Her eyes were bathed in tears.

She couldn't control her grief, her distress!

Barek approached her, taking her by the arms.

- Alex it's over! Caroline with tears in her eyes, her voice breaking! He left us!

- No ... Don't say those words!

She had spoken her words coldly.

Alex cried even more, throwing himself into Caroline's arms.

She clutched at her shirt, desperate and screaming in pain.

Then suddenly nothing.

Everything goes dark in Alex's mind and she collapses.

Logan had rushed over and narrowly caught Alex before she hit the ground.

Alex had been in the hospital room for hours on end, staring at the empty bed where Bobby's body had been.

She put her hand to her stomach.

- What are we going to become?

Logan and Barek entered the bedroom, sitting down next to him.

Alex blinded by his tears hardly could see them.

Logan gently opened his hand, handing him the ring Bobby had given him.

- He wanted to ask you ... Logan's voice broke. But he didn't have time.

Alex's sobs redoubled.

Caroline hugged her, stroking her back and whispering words to soothe her.

Alex was screaming.

She was in so much pain.

His cry froze their song.

They looked at each other without a word!

Because they knew that nothing could alleviate his grief, nor his pain.

Alex had always been in control of his emotions, but today they saw a totally different and very fragile Alex.

An Alex that only Bobby knew.

On the day of Bobby's funeral, Alex had thought about it and made a decision.

She entered the captain's office.

- Eames ...

Alex walked over to the desk, took out his badge, his gun, dropping them there.

- I resign!

The captain was speechless, speechless.

But he understood why she had decided that!

- Are you sure of yourself?

Alex nodded.

She had been through the hardest choice of her life, and she never wanted to go through it again.

- Alex thinks well…

She stopped him.

- For the sake of my child, I will not continue! Alex caught his breath before continuing and saying what was on her mind. Besides, I'm sure Bobby would have approved of me. He was stubborn, but fair! And without him ...

Her voice broke, her eyes on the verge of tears.

She was going to burst into tears again, but she had to stay in control, be strong.

- You do not have to…

Alex shook his head in negation.

- Well, I have to go!

Alex squeezed in the palm of her hand, Bobby's ring that she had put around a chain around her neck.

- Alex…

To his name, she does not even answer, turned on her heels and left.

For her, the police had ended.

She had lost everything!

For her unborn child, she had to lead another life.

She would tell him about her father.

She would tell him how happy she had been with her father all of her years.

Until she realized she couldn't live without him.

That their partnership had turned into something stronger and that despite all the hardships they had gone through, they had always stayed together and united.

From today she was going to live her life for their child and the happiness of this one.