Solving Problems

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"Ah, Toshinori," Nezu smiled as the Pro-Hero entered his office, "Glad you could make it!"

"Did you think I wouldn't?"

"Eh," the Quirk-Chimera shrugged, "Nemuri's been bragging to everyone that she's going to foist hosting the Sports Festival off to you. I thought you might just avoid U.A. altogether until the festival started."

Toshinori huffed, crossing his arms, "I've faced worse than her. Besides, she can whine all she wants, I'm not putting myself in the spotlight like that. Bad enough you're forcing me to give out medals."

"I told you I'd milk you for all that you're worth," Nezu teased.

Toshinori rolled his eyes; in truth, Nezu had made him do very little in terms of public relations. No doubt honoring the true reason why Toshinori had bothered to join U.A.'s staff. It really was the least he could do—but he wouldn't host the Sports Festival, no matter how much Nemuri begged.

"In any case," Nezu straightened in his seat, a frown overtaking his features, "we have other matters to attend to."

Toshinori grunted, "What have you found out about the Nomu? I asked Detective Tsukauchi, but he told me the particulars of the creature's genetic make-up was 'above his paygrade'." Naomasa was a pretty genial and easy-going guy, but he'd confided in Toshinori that the amount of red tape surrounding the USJ incident made him want to pull his hair out.

"There isn't much to know," Nezu sighed. "The creature's base genetic code is human—a human with an active Quirk gene—but it's too heavily mutated to really get anything out of it."

Toshinori hummed, "I know a couple of—"

Nezu held up a paw, "Let me stop you right there. We're not going to be able to get the data over to your friends in the United States."

Japan's Top Hero scoffed, "Bureaucrats."

"No kidding," his boss commiserated. "They're not even letting the Chinese take a crack at it—and in terms of superpowered policies they're the closest thing we have to friends!"

Toshinori could never get behind Japan's staunch isolationist policy. He'd tried to use the influence he'd gained as Japan's Top Hero to foster better international relations but was stopped at every turn. Of course, the fact that Toshinori was once an American Vigilante didn't really endear him in the eyes of the Japanese government. If not for Gran greasing a lot of palms (and the fact that Toshinori was simply too powerful to reasonably ignore) he probably would have been blacklisted.

He shook his head, "I know five people that, in seconds, would be able to figure out what made that thing tick—"

"How unfortunate," Nezu cut in, "that those five men are all American." Toshinori's face twisted into a thunderous scowl. "But let's move past that." Nezu's furred lips curled into a frown, "I've finally got word on increasing our security for the festival."

"I still can't believe that you need to get approval for that sort of thing."

The chimera shrugged, "Part and parcel of being part of modern society. In any case, we've got the local agencies to agree to more rigorous patrols of Tokyo." He reached into his desk, pulling out a large packet and letting fall on his desk with a heavy thump, "Here's one of the contracts."

Toshinori picked up the massive bundle of paper, brow furrowing deeper with every turn of the page. "'No more than ten hours'? 'Must be at least two city blocks away from Endeavor's agency'? 'Reserve the right to any captured villains'?" Toshinori slammed the contract on the table, "What the hell is this?!"

"One of several similar contracts drawn up between the legal teams of the Hero Agencies that 'graciously' agreed to provide extra security," Nezu said, no more pleased than Toshinori.

Toshinori leaned back in his seat, taking a deep breath. In truth, he loved the idea of Hero Agencies. They provided a very wide safety net for any Hero that needed it. God knows he and the other Vigilantes that operated in New York years ago could have used better than their illegal (if genuine) support network.

But pride and greed and envy had to go in and twist what should have been a noble institution.

"Thankfully," Nezu spoke up with a wry smile, "we managed to avoid the rather lengthy…discussion that occurred when Team Idaten and the Endeavor Agency both 'laid claim' over Hosu."

"Hosu?" Toshinori parroted, "Why the hell—?"

"No one would come right out and say it, but it's believed that Stain has been operating out of there."

Toshinori's mood dropped for a decidedly different reason. The 'Hero-Killer'. A madman with a grudge that was slicing people up like a blender. He'd been operating around central Japan for months, but lately was seen nearer to Tokyo's newer districts than not. He'd killed or crippled at least thirty people since he started.

Toshinori tried to find him, put an end to his reign of terror. But the man, unfortunately, was smart. He'd scurry away to whatever hellhole he crawled out of whenever Toshi thought he had a lead on him. It wasn't a total waste—Villains that tried to take advantage of the chaos were always apprehended—but it frustrated him to no end on the days he wasn't busy with the Midoriya family.

He shook his head, "Okay…that…aside things are good then?" Nezu's frown spoke wonders. "Ugh, what is it?"

"I…" his boss shook his head, "I just worry it won't be enough. Hundreds of Villains managed to infiltrate USJ. I developed the security measures myself, and they did nothing to prevent it!" Nezu punctuated his words by slamming his paws on the table. "And the masterminds behind the invasion are still in the wind."

Toshinori nodded. He pursed his lips, "You know, I'm not actually needed until you start handing out medals." It would pain him to not be there for Izuku, but he couldn't leave innocent people out in the wind.

"No." Toshinori glared at the declaration, and Nezu glared right back. "No, Toshinori. If the worst—like someone crashing the festival—comes to pass, I want you at full strength. Can't have you running around all over Tokyo before then."

Sighing, Toshinori slumped in his seat. "Fair enough." He frowned, "What about outside assistance?"

"Like the Avengers or the MI:13 in the United Kingdom?" Nezu cocked a brow, "I brought it up. Guess what I was told. Go on, guess!"

"I get it," Toshinori groused. He couldn't even blame that entirely on Japan. Both the American and United Kingdom governments had their own issues with 'their' superpowered operative acting on foreign soil. Brian was only ever able to visit and act within U.S. soil because of the time he'd spent as a Vigilante back when they were in college. But the one time he tried to bring his friend over to Japan? God, he'd wanted to pull out his teeth. And Brian was a legitimate, government-backed Hero! Forget about trying to invite Peter, who, despite the increased relations with the Avengers, was still very much a Vigilante. A non-entity as far as Japan was concerned.

And then, like lightning, an idea lit up in Toshinori's mind. As he thought more and more one it, he grinned, earning an inquisitive hum from Nezu.

When he told the anthropomorphic animal his fledgling plan, he too was grinning ear-to-ear.



Peter blinked, looking up from his newspaper (the Daily Bugle, of course) to see his daughter run into the living room. She was running full speed and would have rammed knee-first into the coffee table, had she not leapt into the air and front flipped over it.

Peter felt a twinge of panic over the acrobatic display but calmed down when his spider-sense reported nothing out of the ordinary. Still, he plastered a frown on his face. "Mayday, what have your mother and I said about using your powers in the house?"

She tilted her head, "But my spider-sense didn't go off. You said it would keep me safe."

"No," Peter shook his head, "I said it will help keep you safe."

Mayday's nose scrunched (much like her mother's did in similar situations) and she asked, "What's the difference?"

"The difference is that the spider-sense isn't infallible." At her blank stare, he clarified, "It doesn't always work." She frowned, crossing her arms and giving him a stare that told him she didn't believe him. He just folded up his newspaper. She was watching him leaning back on the balls of her feet (she had good, non-spidery instincts, at least). Thus, she was startled when he tossed the newspaper in the air and let out a yelp when he reached out and tweaked her nose.

"Hey!" she swatted at his hand, "What was that for?"

"Oh?" Peter grinned, "Didn't sense that coming?" She was still frowning but was more thoughtful than annoyed. It was only then that he noticed that she had his phone in her hands. And it was on. In a call.

Peter's stomach dropped. "U-Uh…Mayday? Who's on the phone?"

She blinked, "Oh, yeah! Uncle Toshi called."

Peter managed not to sigh in relief, "Oh, ok. Hand it over," she did, (and his mood further brightened upon seeing that Mayday had also muted the call). "Thanks sweetie," he pressed a kiss against her forehead, "Now go finish your homework."

"Yeah, Dad," Mayday nodded, giving him a quick hug before leaving the room.

Peter smiled, leaning back into his seat and unmuting the call. "Heya, Toshi."

"Peter, good to hear your voice," his friend responded.

"Same here." Peter cleared his throat, "How's the investigation going?"

"Stalled," the Japanese Hero growled. Peter nodded in sympathy—more than once Toshi, and Brian, had complained that investigating crimes was just as, if not more, difficult working with the police than slinking around as Vigilantes. Sure, they had a better support system and more resources, but there was red tape up the wazoo.

"Bu~ut," Toshi sang, "I may have a solution to that—and another thing that's been bugging me."

"Okay…" Peter said, not needing his spider-sense to tell him something was up.

"Did you know that Spider-Man doesn't technically exist?"

"…Is this your way of telling me that we've been dumped in some sort of alternate dimension, because I've got a ten-year-old girl in the other room that says otherwise."

"No—at least, I don't think." Peter let out a disinterested hum, "Anyway, Spider-Man still isn't officially hired by the Avengers, right?"

"Define 'hired'."

"Given a paycheck, part of an employee roster, earn a 401k, the whole shebang."

"No," Peter shook his head. He got free use of any labs and resources, and a coupon book every New Years, but no actual money. He cocked a brow, "Why?" Toshi exclaimed triumphantly. "Toshi?"

"Spider-Man is officially a commodity of All Mighty Saviors."

Peter was silent for a moment, before bursting out into laughter, "Oh my god! I forgot you called it that!"

"Shut up, it's a good name!"

"No! No, it's not!" Peter snorted, "Don't know how you convinced Granny to let you call it that."

"Well," Toshi grew bashful, and Peter knew he was blushing, "Gran didn't find out until after he filed the paperwork. Gave me an earful about it." Peter guffawed once more.

And then he remembered the bit Toshi said before mentioning the ludicrous name of his Hero Agency. "Wait, what was that about Spider-Man?"

"Ah," now Toshi sounded all too pleased with himself. "See, technically speaking, Vigilantes are not considered people by their countries' governments."

"I've got a couple bullet wounds that suggest otherwise."

"Well, sure, you, you know, exist, but you aren't a citizen of the nation. You don't have a birth certificates or tax information or, in the U.S's case, Social Security Numbers."

"So, vigilantes might as well be, what, robots?"


Peter pinched the bridge of his nose, "And why are you telling me this?"

"Because, through that technicality, I—through my Agency—can claim you as an asset. Thus, I want you to come to Japan to patrol Tokyo. Sections of it, at least."

"…No, seriously, what do you want?"

"I'm being serious."

Pater clicked his tongue, "C'mon, Toshi, really?"

"Peter," Toshi's voice took on a grave tone, "I'm worried. Something's happening in Japan, and I need someone I can trust to help pick up the slack."

"Oh, so you want me to just commute halfway around the world?"

"Not all the time! Just for the next few days, while the Sports Festival is in full swing."

Peter rolled his eyes, "Oh yeah, your country's 'let's laugh as children try and kill each other' national holiday weekend."

"It's steeped in tradition," his friend half-heartedly countered.

"Whatever. I still don't see why I have to go."

"Because your one of a handful of people I trust implicitly." Peter blushed a little at that. "And because I need to give you the data we've gathered on the Nomu."

Peter blinked, then frowned, "Your own eggheads haven't gotten anything?"

"No," Toshi spat. "We don't get a lot of clones in Japan—I'm thinking they're an American affliction."

"I'll be sure to tell Kaine you said that."

"Point being, we don't know what to look for. And the higher-ups don't want to admit it."

"So on top of getting me to do your dirty work—"

"I'll also be able to hand you the data on Nomu."

"Why Toshi," Peter teased, "I thought you left behind such illegal, Vigilante behavior here in the States?"

"Alas," Toshi sighed, "The corruption runs deep." Silence followed, before it was broken up by their gleeful laughter.

Peter collected himself first, "I'm gonna have to talk it over with MJ, but I think this could work. Give me the details."

"Thanks, Peter. Ok, so it'll go like this…


"Oh, Peter, do you have to?"

"Technically, no," Peter said, dropping onto bed next to his wife. "But…Toshi wouldn't have asked if he wasn't worried."

MJ bit her lip, nose scrunching as she fell into deep thought. "You wouldn't be gone all day?"

"No. Just as long as the festival goes on. I think that's something like four hours a day for three days. Give or take an hour."

She cocked a brow, "Four hours to swing around the capital of a country to keep it safe?"

"Not the entire city," he shook his head. "Toshi's outlined several districts that he thinks are the most vulnerable. Plus, theire train system is at least ten times more efficient than ours." At her dubious expression he added, "I won't get tired. I'm not that old."

"I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it."

"Oh, so you're a telepath now?"

"I prefer to call it MJpath. It's very specific, only works on one person."

"Oh?" His wife leaned over, running her fingers down his chest, "And what am I thinking now?"

"You're thinking you can use sex to distract me from this conversation." At her pout he added, "It's an effective strategy, but one both of us have used many times before."

The gorgeous redhead huffed, "Way to spoil the mood."

"Excuse me for wanting to give me friend a definitive answer by tomorrow morning."

"Well, you're not," she said, turning around and pulling the covers up to her shoulder.

Peter sighed, scooching forward and pressing against MJ's back. "What's up?"

"Thought you could read my mind?"

"You're giving me a lot of negative feedback. It's hard to parse out the true signals. Might need a repeater, it should lessen the error."

MJ sniffed, but he could hear the smile in her voice as she said, "Nerd speak, just what I wanted to hear." Peter just hummed, running a hand through her hair. "It's just," she turned around, staring into his eyes, "it's stressful enough when you're traipsing around the Bronx. And now want to go thousands of miles away?"

Peter smiled, leaning forward and pressing a kiss against her lips. "I'll be fine. The Villains in Japan aren't like the ones here. There are more of them, sure, but they're mostly one-trick ponies. Idiots besides. And I'll be careful." She sent him a look. "I will! I won't go looking for drug dens or follow-up on leads. Just going to go out, punch some fools into the pavement, and be back in time for dinner." She still looked reluctant. "C'mon, it's for Toshi. You know he can't put on his cape if I'm not right next to him coaching him through it."

That brought a smile to her face. "I guess it would be cruel of you to leave him hanging." She sighed, "Fine. But you're going to tell Mayday that you're going on a trip without her."

Peter sucked in a breath, "Ooh…maybe I won't go." MJ laughed at that, and Peter took the chance to kiss her again. And again. And again.

He quickly found himself on his back, MJ leaning over him. He blinked, a bemused smile on his lips, "Wait, seriously?"

His wife smiled, trailing kisses down his neck, "You did read my mind," and Peter was left a moaning mess.


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