Chapter 6: Moment of Truth

Lily sits on the window bench in her room with the door closed and the room darkened. She is not surprised that Weevil broke up with her. They have broken up before. She knew he would be hurt and upset with her; he can't overlook the fact that she had a one night stand while he was in the hospital. No, what is hurting her is the fact that he thinks he really could have loved her. That is what she really lost today. She ruined that and now he has walked off leaving her alone. She has really messed up and Eli's leaving feels permanent this time. Her door opens and she yells, "Leave me alone!"

The lights flip on and Lily is surprised to see Veronica standing in the doorway. She ignores Lily's anger and shuts the door behind her. Taking in her best friend's red, puffy eyes and messy makeup, Veronica heads into the adjoining bathroom to get a washcloth. It hurts her to see her best friend so devastated and yet, it is promising that she can feel deeply about someone; deeply enough to be upset when it is over.

Logan gets Veronica's text from the Kane house and is sad that Lily is crying but crosses his fingers that Veronica can talk her into trying to change for Weevil. He would like to see Lilly be happy.

Veronica heads home after staying with Lilly until she fell asleep. Telephoning her boyfriend, she updates him on her talk with Lilly. She held her best friend while she cried and although it was hard, she kept to her plan. When Lilly calmed down, Veronica talked openly to her about how she pushed Logan and Weevil away. To the tiny blonde's happiness, Lilly seemed to listen. Emotionally she doesn't mess words with her best friend. This is so important. "Lily, I know you and I love you. You don't need to be anyone else but you for me to be here. No matter what happens in your life, I will be your friend. I know that you love me and you are my real friend. I know you will always be there for me but I need Logan too. I love having a guy who knows me, loves me even though he knows my flaws. It's better because he loves me and I love him."

Although Lilly tried to blow Veronica off, she found that today Veronica wasn't having any of it. Surprising the older girl, Veronica tells her, "Lilly you need to search for love, not sex. Guys who don't get you and don't know you and don't care about you are just a step above masturbating. "When Lily looks like she is going to argue, Veronica drives the point home, "If sex with random guys is good, why did you keep going back to Logan and Weevil?" Before Lilly can answer, Veronica answers her own question, "It's because it is better when you are loved."

Lilly doesn't have a rebuttal because she knows that what Veronica is telling her is true. Pushing her hair back from her face, Veronica softly says, "Why don't you give a relationship a real try? Stop running each time you get scared or worried. If it doesn't work out, then move on and know that the sex was better because the guy cared about you."

Knowing she is making headway in the conversation, Veronica tries, "Only pay attention to guys who want to date you not guys who only want to score. You know the difference. Make them make you feel special, sexy and beautiful inside and out. Don't waste your fabulousness on a guy not worthy."

When Lilly agreed she was fabulous, Veronica looked at her and said seriously, "You are but you need to be careful not to waste your fabulousness on guys who don't recognize it." She adds, "I think you care about Weevil and if you do, you need to open up to him more." Taking Lilly's face in her hands, she seriously tells her, "You can only keep a guy if you let him see the real you and you see the real him."

Lilly lying in her room basked in the love she got from her best friend. She enjoyed being held and being told she was special and worth it. Although she was hurting that Weevil broke up with her, she felt loved. She fell asleep knowing she had a best friend who loved her and thought she was worth it. It meant everything to her.

Logan the next day gets his chance to plays his role in Veronica's plan. He is Lily's ex-boyfriend but he is also her friend. He now needs to make her see that she is worthy of love and should fight for it. At lunch, he sits at the same table as Lilly and he deflects any negative comments by waving off the bitch crew so he can talk to Lily alone before Veronica arrives. He shows her on his phone the promise ring he wants to buy his girlfriend and asks her advice. She dutifully looks at them and shows him the one she feels will suit Veronica the best. She is happy that Logan wants to spoil her best friend but she does her usual deflection of what the ring means by asking Logan if he is trying to tie Veronica to him.

Frowning at her he very quietly tells her, "I don't want to ever lose her but I've learned that the way to hold her is to love her and be a good friend and boyfriend to her." Meeting her surprised gaze he shares, "We both know I am a huge screw-up and I don't deserve a girl like her. You know what my life in Casa Echolls is like." Taken aback, the spoiled, rich blonde just nods and listens as Logan tells her that Veronica says she needs him to help her and be there for her and she is going to help him and be there for him. "She doesn't care I am an asshole most of the time, she loves me for me." Whispering he tells her, "I am going to be there for her, help her get her dream of college and a career. I am going to marry her someday and we will be a real family."

Shocked, Lilly checks, "You love her that much?"

Logan nods and shares, "I am going to work every day to make her happy, make her smile and make her feel good about herself because that is what she does for me." Shrugging he adds, "If we are happy every day then the days will go into weeks, the weeks into months and the months into years."

The queen of the 09ers looks at her ex-boyfriend and asks seriously, "Can you and I even make someone else happy?"

Immediately Logan nods and says, "We can. We just have to find the right person." Bending his head to look into her eyes he asks, "Was Weevil the right person for you?"

She immediately puts up her guard and leans away dismissing, "We are over."

"Aren't you tired of just reacting to your life? Don't you want to choose what will make you happy?" he asks sincerely. He waves his arm around the group they are sitting in and adds, "In a few months you will go to college and be away from all the people who judge you and your parents." The corner of his mouth quirks and he adds, "You will still have Duncan, Ronnie, and me of course but if you love Weevil, don't push him away. Keep the people around you who love you and who will make you happy each day."

Lilly quickly looks and sees that everyone is looking at them sitting alone together at a table. She hisses, "Logan people are looking at us. There will be rumors."

Snorting he tells her, "I don't give a shit. We are friends and your happiness matters to me. I care about you and Duncan and I love Veronica. You guys are my family. In a few short years I will be far away from Aaron and what he thinks about me won't matter anymore." He waves around to the tables around them and adds, " I probably won't see very many of my high school friends once Veronica and I go away to college." Smirking a little he adds, "You need to quit caring about what people who don't matter and that especially includes your parents. They love you but they don't know what makes you smile and makes you laugh. If Weevil makes you smile, laugh, and makes you feel beautiful, you need to give your relationship a fair chance and to hell with what the people who don't matter think."

Lilly is shocked silent. Logan has never talked to her like this before. He has changed dating Veronica. He is strong, confident and he is happy. She wonders if what he is telling her is true. If he makes Veronica happy each day then eventually they will be happy for weeks, months and years. Is it really that simple? Is Logan right in that other people don't matter and she should focus on the people who truly know her and love her?

Just then Veronica sits next to Logan and asks quietly, "Is everything OK?" She is looking specifically at Lilly as she asks. Logan happily wraps his arm around her pulling her closer to his side and he looks at Lilly waiting for her answer.

Lily looks across the table at Logan and her best friend for a moment. She answers slowly, "We are fine. Logan is just giving me some advice on being happy."

Tilting he head at her boyfriend she teases, "Dare I ask what his advice was? Does it involve surfboards and big waves?"

Logan immediately smiles and leans down to kiss her forehead as Lilly answers honestly, "Actually he was giving me some good advice. I have something I should go and do." She gets up and smiles at both her friends before she tells them she will talk to them later.

Veronica leans up to look at her boyfriend and asks excitedly, "Did you already talk to her about being worthy of love?" Nodding easily he leans down and kisses her gently. She asks very quietly, "Right here in front of the whole school?"

Leaning down to nuzzle her cheek and then down to her ear he tells her, "The right atmosphere adds to the meaning of a scene. None of these people truly matter so they can all watch and gossip. The Fab 4 doesn't need to care about gossip."

Turning her head to enjoy his attention she immediately understands that Logan did talk openly to Lilly. Pulling back she frames his face with her hands and squeals, "You are the best!"

Looking at the girl he loves more than anyone, he slowly smiles and suggests, "You might have to come over and see me this evening. My parents are going to an important dinner and won't be home until late."

"That is a great idea!" she tells him with her eyes full of love, "Sometimes we are both so busy we don't get enough alone time."

Leaning in and putting his nose to hers he tells her, "Forever will not be enough time."

Uncaring that everyone is watching, Veronica leans up and kisses her boyfriend. She feels so blessed to be loved by a guy with such a big heart. Logan feeling equally blessed, kisses her back. They both see long years of kisses and love. The students in the Quad watching started gossiping and sending videos about Logan and Lilly. Now they see that Veronica and Logan are still going strong. They do the next best thing and talk about how Veronica and Lilly are sharing Logan.

Lilly looks for Weevil and according to Veronica's plan, Weevil is alone in the auto shop. He still has a lot of bruising but he is moving better. He has not been sure about the tiny blonde's somewhat crazy plan but he has to admit that so far, she has been right about Lilly's reactions. He loves Lily Kane; deeply loves her but they are so very different and he knows the chance of them making it is slim. The thing is, what they have between them is special; he gets that. He is willing to work outside his comfort zone to try a real relationship with her. She has to stop pushing him away though and has to stop looking for other men.

The truth is, he wouldn't have even tried Veronica's plan if he hadn't seen how different Logan is with her. Logan Echolls is the most entitled, spoiled brat Weevil has ever met. Even though his grandmother loves the rich boy, Weevil has no respect for him. When Veronica started to date Echolls, Weevil couldn't understand it. He respects and likes the tiny blonde. Why would she waste her time with him? Now that they have dated awhile, even Weevil can see the changes in Echolls. He is still arrogant and stupid at times but he is certainly dedicated to being with Veronica. His whole manner changes around her and he is softer, more loving and caring. He clearly makes Veronica happy as well. It gives him hope that his life can change if he has the right person.

Deep in thought, he doesn't notice the blonde vixen he loves has come into the auto shop area until she quietly says, "Eli." Looking at her he keeps himself from smiling hello.


Logan puts on his graduation gown and looks down at his girlfriend. She has her gown and cap on. Of course, she is graduating at the top of their class and has the valedictorian ribbon and sash. She looks beautiful! To Logan's surprise and delight, he has also been accepted into Stanford. He is cynical enough to know that his grades are good but it is his name that ensured his admission. Typically Veronica doesn't believe that he was only accepted because he is an Echolls. She believes his acceptance was because of his good grades and superior writing ability. Logan touched by her strong belief in him just relaxed and accepted that they were going to be together. His parents bought him a three-bedroom condo close to campus. It has good security and a locked parking area. In the last few years, he has not seen his father much. He has been working in LA and to Logan's happiness, England and then New Zealand. Logan busy on the school paper and with Veronica has not been able to show up on set or accompany his parents to LA very often.

Since Logan has been dating the Sheriff's daughter, his altercations with his father have almost stopped. Part of it is because he is getting good grades and doing well in school. He is not getting in trouble dating Veronica so it is tough for his father to manufacture reasons to whip him. The majority of his father's lack of physical abuse is because Logan is dating Veronica Mars. They have been together a while and Aaron knows they have sex. She will see any fresh bruising or scars. Aaron is cognizant of the fact that Sheriff Mars is quite perceptive and could notice any signs that Logan is injured. Although Aaron has done his best to convince his son that he is not good enough for Veronica, Logan only listens to Veronica now. He only hears how much she loves him, how they belong together and how they will be a family. He only sees that he is in love and that Veronica loves him. He has a real father in Keith Mars who has over the years decided that his daughter is going to marry Logan Echolls one day and treats him like a son. Mr. Mars is interested in his grades, how editing and writing for the school paper is going and how he is doing in the surfing competitions he enters. Keith Mars listens to Logan and welcomes him into their home. He is a good man and a loving father. Logan just soaks up any attention he gets from him. Each time Keith has to run for Sheriff, he gets the 09er endorsement from Aaron Echolls and Jake Kane. He is a popular Sheriff and runs unopposed.

Veronica got a full scholarship to college and has booked a dorm room. Logan doesn't anticipate that she will spend much time there. He knows that she will spend most of her nights at his condo. He has promised her a room to study in and knows that his part-time housekeeper will keep the place clean, make them meals and do the laundry. He is going to ask Veronica to marry him this year and ask her to move in with him permanently near the end of their first year of college; however this year he is going to let Keith have the illusion that he and Veronica do not spend all their time together.

He hears the group greet Lilly and smiles. She went away to Vassar last year and she and Weevil ended up breaking up. Lily did learn to be in a real relationship with Eli but the distance became too much for them. Weevil is going to graduate with his class and he has been out of the gang for a while. He interned with the Sheriff's department and now is going to attend the police academy in the fall. Lilly has been doing well at college. Away from her parents, she has blossomed. She is taking clothing design and is enthused about her courses next year as she has almost finished the basic courses. She is interning in New York this summer and is very excited about what she is going to learn. She is always drawing clothes and showing Veronica what she thinks she should wear. She tells Logan that she is going to design Veronica's wedding dress and he doesn't doubt she will.

Duncan and Meg are both going to Columbia. Meg is looking forward to getting away from her parents. He doesn't know all that goes on in her house but he knows that she confided in Veronica who made her talk to Keith. Keith is going to quietly investigate what Meg has told him.

His parents will be in the audience today and they will garner a lot of attention. He knows that he only has to make it through the ceremony and then he will begin his life with Veronica. His parents are only here for a couple of days to see him graduate. They will milk the press talking about how proud they are of him and how they are so excited that he is going to Stanford. They will show up again to take him to college for the photo op there and then they will disappear from his life again. He is done ever living with them again.

The decree that today is the first day of the rest of his life is true. A few years ago, he was in a dark tunnel with no real light at the end. He was already drinking heavily having given up the dream of having a sober mother and a father who loved him. He would eventually marry Lilly, they would have affairs on each other and both be in the press for partying hard. All that changed when he started dating Veronica. Now he has what he longed for most in life; someone who loves him and will be there for him. When they move to Stanford, Veronica is going to be his true family. She has been that since they started dating but now it is just going to be them. His parents, her father, their friends will all be important but they will be a true couple; facing life and making it on their own terms. Today is a big step towards his dream. He is going to stand in the sunshine and let the warmth soak into his skin. He is going to enjoy the light.

Straightening his gown and cap, he looks over and puts his hand out towards Veronica. Smiling she puts her hand in his. They are ready.