What happened to the man that got everything he ever wanted? Jeff Winger surely didn't know the answer because he's giving up the chance to have everything he wants right now.

He had to get away from that bar. He just couldn't take it. She was leaving and for who knows how long? Jeff didn't want to lose Abed of course and he's still upset about Troy and Shirley leaving and Pierce dying, but he didn't take their departures as hard as this one, and he knew exactly why.

Jeff had rushed back to the study room to be alone, but sure enough she was right on his heels and soon enough she walked right through those study room doors too.

Now there she was standing right in front of him. She looked beautiful tonight, her blue eyes so soft they could make you feel warm even on the coldest, winter nights. Her gorgeous brown hair flowing down to her chest. Jeff always liked it better when she wore her hair down. He was glad when she started doing all the time. She was dressed up fancy tonight as she had just gotten a job with the FBI, but it meant she was leaving. Of course Jeff was beyond happy for her, but he was also


Jeff explained to her how he wanted to be young like her again. To be able to live life to the fullest with no regrets on what's yet to come. She said the opposite, she wanted to be grown up and to have had a crazy life full of wonderful experiences. She wants to live her life so the future is hers for the taking. Then she said Jeff should except the fact he's grown up and let the kid stuff go.

Jeff was a heartless person sometimes, well at least on the outside he seemed that way. However, the truth was he just didn't want to deal with his emotions so he hid them away. Now he figured it was time to put his cards on the table because he didn't want her to leave without knowing the truth. The truth being

Jeff loved her.

"I let you go Annie" Jeff began. Annie stopped and looked at him, wondering where he was going with this. "With my hands, and my head." This is his final chance to tell her how he feels. Jeff now knew what she wanted. She wanted to go and live her life, but he couldn't give that to her and he knew it, but she wasn't leaving until Jeff told her everything or he could never live with himself.

"The heart, which cynics say is code for penis, wants what it wants" Jeff continued.

"But I let you go" he finished. There it was, everything was laid out for her. What she said next would decide it all. Jeff knew they couldn't be together, but he wanted to know if she felt the same way. Does she love hi...


Annie's phone went off. She picked it up, tears starting to fill her eyes.

"The others are coming" she admits

Dammit, that's the last thing he wanted. He was finally ready to admit these feelings he's had for Annie since she kissed him for that first time during that debate, but now they were being cut short by by everyone else. He looked at her in defeat. Anything she might have said to him will never be said. He'll have to live in wonder forever.

"I think you should kiss me goodbye or you might regret it for the rest of your life." Annie finally said.

"What about you?" Jeff replied. Would this kiss mean anything to her? Does she love him as much as he loves her? Of course she does. Right?

"I'll regret the kiss for a week. I'm in my twenties. Who cares?" Annie answered.

Jeff forced a dry laugh, he was heartbroken but a kiss goodbye was better than a blow up and a storm out. Even if he knew they were never gonna happen he'll take a kiss over nothing.

They looked at each other longingly for what felt like an eternity. Jeff never wanted the moment to end. But, like all things, it had to.

He then leaned in slowly, gazing at her eyes that had come straight from a Disney movie. She was famous in the group for her Disney eyes. However she only really used them to guilt people, mainly Jeff into doing the right thing or her thing. However Disney couldn't quite capture the beauty of her eyes.

Jeff then pushed her hair aside, almost melting when he touched it. Tilted her chin up and kissed her.

Just for that sweet moment Jeff was happy. He wasn't thinking about his best friends leaving, keeping him at Greendale forever. He wasn't thinking about how everything he cared about was slipping through his fingers and he wasn't thinking about how his friends were gonna walk through the door at any second and end this goodbye kiss. No, all he was thinking was the same thing he's thought everyday he's seen this driven woman surprise him in every way a possible

"I love you Annie Edison"

He of course couldn't ever muster up the courage to say that to her. He didn't want to stress her out even more and a confession of love would do just that.

Then as soon as it began it ended. They gazed at each other once again and smiled. They were both thinking the same thing. That was perfect. But back to reality. The study room doors opened and everyone came in.

Jeff splashed some water on his face. He'd been dreaming about that day again. He'd been dreaming about that day everyday for five years.

He was sweating buckets so he'd figured it'd be best to take a shower. He turned the water on cold. He liked cold showers. He heard from someone that cold showers made your skin and hair glow, and if he could look even better than he already did well, he didn't want to deprive the world of that.

Today was the fifth anniversary of the day he told Annie how he felt about her and to celebrate he was gonna do what he did every year: get drunk on scotch and feel sorry for himself while NCIS: Los Angeles played on his TV

After Jeff got out off the shower he checked his his phone: 3:15 oh good he doesn't have to start teaching at Greendale for another 15 minutes. Wait, 15 MINUTES! Jeff got changed and rushed out the door. He'd been so preoccupied with being depressed today he completely forgot that he had to teach.

Jeff started to enjoy teaching at Greendale, well more like he forced himself to enjoy it. About a year after Annie and Abed left, Britta got a job as a therapist in the next town over. That made it official, Jeff was the only one left at Greendale so he decided that he had to like teaching there or else there was nothing left in life for him.

He still kept in contact with everyone and he even went out for drinks with Britta at the bar she used to work at once a month but it didn't make not coming to school to see them any easier.

He got to school about 10 minutes late and sprinted down the halls into his classroom. He pushed opened the doors and everyone looked up at him for about three seconds before they went back on their phones.

"Sorry I'm late" Jeff said as he walked to his desk. "But I'm worth the wait" he smiled to nobody but himself. "Now I hoped you all read chapters thirty to thirty-five in the textbook last night and I also hope you didn't watch Anatomy of a Murder last night because we're gonna watch it today and you'll be writing an essay on what Paul Biegler did right in that trial."

Jeff opened a drawer in his desk filled with movies that Abed had recommended to him that were mainly focused on court trials. They did studies on these movies whenever Jeff had a bad day and couldn't bring himself to teach. They always watched a movie on today. Every year for the past 5 years. It was the end of the year anyways. They were gonna have finals soon so a movie day was welcomed with a round of applause from the class.

About halfway through the movie Dean Pelton came in and ducked down to walk all the way to Jeff's desk so he didn't block the view of the students watching the movie.

"You could have just walked around them if you didn't want to block their view" Jeff said pointing a pen at the left side of the classroom as the Dean approached

"We need to have an emergency budget meeting" the Dean said.

"I told you, not every meeting is an emergency one" Jeff responded

"Well when it comes to money it is, you know I'm not responsible with our finances"

Jeff looked up and saw the class starting to get annoyed at the the Dean and his conversation as it was making it hard to hear the movie.

"Let's continue this in the hall, shall we?" Jeff asked the Dean.

"Oh Jeffrey, we shall" the Dean smiled and batted eyes at Jeff.

Jeff looked back in disgust "ugh, c'mon let's go."

The Dean got up and crawled back down to the door as Jeff walked around the left side of the class so he could avoid blocking their view of the movie.

As Jeff was leaving the class he announced "if I'm not back by the time the movie ends dismiss yourselves and have the essay done by Monday"

The class murmured in acknowledgement to busy watching to listen to him.

"We need to discuss the budget for next year Jeffrey" The Dean said once they were in the hall.

"Alright fine, but let's do this quick I have plans tonight and I don't want to miss them." Jeff responded

"Oh what are they?" The Dean said generally intrigued.

"Not being here" Jeff retorted

The Dean scoffed and went on his way to their conference room. Which was just study room F. Their study room which has been left completely unchanged for five years except for a sign the Dean made or rather he wrote "Conference room. Faculty only" on a piece of paper and taped it to the door.

When they reached the conference room Jeff saw nobody was in there. The only thing at the "Table MKII" was the Dean's laptop. Which was open to a graph of the schools yearly expenses.

"Craig, are there only two of us at this 'emergency meeting'" Jeff asked surveying the room

"Yes, because I could only invite people who are safe" the Dean replied


"You see Jeffrey the budgets pretty tight, we need to fire a teacher and the only safe people are you and Frankie but since she's out of town, it's just you."

"Didn't Chang go missing a few weeks ago? Doesn't that count as a fire, of course I assume you're not paying him"

"No I'm not paying him and technically he is on unpaid leave until he comes back-" the Dean began

"If he ever does" Jeff interrupted

"Anyways, we still need to fire someone to save the budgets. So tell me, any ideas?" The Dean finished and looked at Jeff with a desperate look on his face.

"What! No of course not! I can't think of any one besides Chang to fire off the top of my head!" Jeff shouted

"They all bring something good to the table, again besides Chang." Jeff concluded.

The Dean nodded in agreement

"Well we need to fire somebody"

"Okay tell you what," Jeff began "Let's see what class gets the lowest scores and fire them. It's easy and it doesn't look like we're playing favourites"

"Jeffery that's a great idea!" The Dean yelled and a wave of relief washed over his face.

Jeff smiled. The Dean got on Jeff's nerves sometimes, but he was really the only only friend Jeff had left at Greendale so he was happy to help him, even if it's the last thing he wanted to be doing.

The Dean went on his laptop and pulled up the records from last semester.

"Let's see here" the Dean said squinting at the computer screen

"Ah here we go!" He said joyfully "the lowest records belong to Mr. Levanno and he teaches... Criminology!"

Jeff winced at the answer. He hasn't even gone down the hallway that Criminology is on since Annie left.

"I thought that was a great class. Annie got a job in the FBI because of it." Jeff managed to say before sighing.

"It WAS a great class, but it went downhill after Buzz Hickey died. No one could teach it as good as he could" the Dean answered

They both then took a moment to mourn their old friend.

"Well that's that then" Jeff said "Levanno has to go. Now if you excuse me," Jeff checked his watch before continuing. "My class has officially ended and I'm going home to drink scotch and wonder where it all went wrong." Jeff said making seem like he was joking when in reality that's exactly what he was doing.

Jeff then turned to leave when the dean called back to him

"Jeffery! One more thing, can you fire him for me? Please" the Dean begged

"What! No! You do it, it's you job, besides to reiterate once again, I'm busy tonight." Jeff replied annoyed.

The Dean than began crying and saying something about how he's not strong enough and how he's a bad Dean.

"Alright fine!" Jeff gave in "but I'm doing it on Monday, and stop crying." Jeff demanded. The Dean did look kind of pathetic but he did this about four times a week so Jeff was used to it.

"Oh thank you Jeffery" the Dean said sniffling. The Dean then gave Jeff a hug but when he touched Jeff's muscles he passed out on the spot. Jeff scoffed and went home.

Jeff pulled in to the parking lot at his apartment and checked his phone: 6:00, perfect it's happy hour in his apartment! Well every hour's happy hour in his apartment but he still gets excited for it.

Jeff went up to his apartment and opened the door to see a pile of letters on the floor. He picked the up and flipped through them. It was mostly bills and this months issue of 'Men's Health Magazine' which Jeff only subscribed to so the mail man would think he reads it. Jeff threw the magazine into his pile of 'Men's Health Magazines' which stems back three years. All of them have never been opened. Then at the bottom of the stack was a letter from an address that he couldn't quite remember who's it was. Then he saw the stamp, it was an 'Inspector Spacetime' stamp which Jeff only knew because the picture was of Thoraxis, a villain from the show that looks an awful lot like Jeff. In an instant he realized who this letter was from. It was from Abed.

Jeff opened the envelope and read the letter:

Five years ago our series ended, but now it's time for the reunion! So please come to the Greendale Seven reunion special. It's taking place on the S.S Buttsoup which is currently at the Malibu Docks. Please be here on Monday the 8th as that's when we are departing. We will be returning one week later. We can't wait to see you!


Abed Nadir and

Troy "Buttsoup" Barnes

Immediately after Jeff finished reading the letter he got five text messages at the same time from Troy, Abed, Shirley, Britta and even Annie asking him if he was coming to the party.

"Did they watch me read this letter?" Jeff said to himself before looking through his window to make sure no one was hiding on a ledge.

After confirming that no one was spying on him Jeff answered 'Yes can't wait' to every text. Of course he going! All he does anymore is miss these people. He hasn't seen some of them in years! Like Annie, oh yeah Annie. He'd talked to Annie on the phone and texted her quite a bit over the past couple years, but seeing her in person was a whole new story. It was definitely going to be kind of awkward right?

Well he wasn't going to worry about that right now. He called Dean Pelton to ask for the week off

"But Jeffery! You have to fire Mr. Levanno on Monday! Remember?" The Dean yelled the phone with terror in his voice.

"I'll only be gone a week, I'll do it when I get back." Jeff responded

"I can't wait that long. What if I pass him in the halls, I won't be equipped to handle that!" The Dean continued.

"Then don't pass him in the halls. Stay in your office all day." Jeff answered

"But Jeffery-"

"But nothing Craig I'm going in this trip! I'll see you when I get back"

"But Je-"

Jeff hung up. There was no way he wasn't going on this trip. He needed it. Now his plans had changed for tonight. He was originally going to drink scotch, watch NCIS: Los Angeles and feel sorry for himself. Now he's going to pack a suitcase and celebrate and oh yeah, he's gonna drink some scotch too.