It was another ordinary day in New York almost, it start's off normal for a kid named Peter Parker, but on a class fieldtrip he's bitten by a radioactive spider, but there's one detail they left out, the spider crawled away, so where did it go? And also if that lab had a tank of those genetically engineered spiders what consequence could come of it?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that isn't mine; Spiderman is respectively Sony and Marvel's franchise. All I own is my OCs Slay3r, Dark Crimson, and Dolohov.

This Fanfiction goes along with most of the first movie but includes elements from The Amazing Spiderman movies as well. In this one Spider man is the Toby Maguire version. This happens during the first film and after it, but it will be a little different from the movies, enjoy! – THE LEGENDARY PIZZA SLAY3R.

Cast: Spider-man, My Oc (Jack Taylor is his name if you're wondering), and a female Oc, Villains and a few other Spider-man characters we all know and love.


It's the fieldtrip to this laboratory in New York City and a group of students walk in with their teacher, there's also another group of kids and among them is a boy named Jack Taylor, he's sixteen has brown hair that's kind of curly and blue eyes, he goes to Midtown High, he's very tall and skinny and wears green a lot. Anyway, he was walking when his group saw the other group leave and Jack noticed something odd, the guy called Peter was clutching his hand in an odd manner, Jack noticed what looked like some kind of rash, "oh well none of my concern, he probably just hit his hand on one of the tables by accident". As they walked the class got to see genetically made spiders! "That is so cool!" whispered Gwen Stacy as she looked at the spiders and took notes in her little sketch pad, Jack heard that there were supposed to be 18 spiders in there but he only saw 17, heh must of miscounted. He and the class were about to leave when he saw a blue blur crawling on the floor, "no way…"

He picked it up with a lid he had with him and put it in a jar and hid it in his backpack. When the bus was dropping them off he kept quiet. He didn't want some idiot like Flash or Brock to find out he stole a spider from a lab! He was being careful to stay inconspicuous as the long drive to home seemed to take longer than usual. When the bus finally reached home he got out and went towards his house, if you could call it that, it was more of a tech tower of the future, he was the son of Adam and Mariana Taylor, acclaimed owners of Taylor Incorporated, the company has been friendly rivals with Stark Industries for years and was really bumping up the tech scale these years with advanced medical equipment plus prostatic parts, he walked in and he saw a hologram say "Hello. Jack" the hologram was of a face with two purple eyes with no pupils and no mouth, it was basically a blue shadow with purple eyes and dark blue hair, and its name is Advanced. Programmed. Artificial. Intelligence. Network, A.P.A.I.N. for short, but Jack always had called her Annabeth since he was eleven since he thought the real name was not catchy at all. "Hey Annabeth" greeted Jack as he walked in and set his backpack on a white chair and he headed to the kitchen and he asked "So what state are they in this time?" Annabeth answered "They are currently in the country of Korea on a business trip, and say that they will be home soon" that didn't surprise Jack at all, his parents were barley home at all, they'd built Annabeth to keep an eye on Jack, they would sometimes call but Jack was always resentful of how they were never around for him but he'd learned to shake it off and not basically care anymore. Anyway he went to his room, he had a thing for gadgets like his parents and was always building things on his own, he would build his own action figures and his own watches, but his parents never noticed anything he built, they were never around to see it. He strode over to his desk and pulled out the jar with the spider in it and said "Annabeth, can you scan this for me?" "Sure, Thing, Sir" responded the A.i. and she scanned the jar and said "Nothing" Jack looked at her and exclaimed "What?!" "There is no spider in the jar. Sir" Jack looked and saw that the lid must have come off while he had set it in his backpack! "Oh no" he muttered and franticly looked around for the arachnid but saw no trace of it, he stuck his hand in the backpack and screamed as he felt a burning sensation on his wrist; he took his hand out to see the spider had bit him! He quickly flicked it off and back into the jar he didn't pay attention to the giant welt on his wrist and he carefully set the jar on the table and Annabeth said "Sir. You have a massive bite mark on your left wrist" But again Jack paid no heed to her words and went back to work. Hours later after he had showered he had taken off his shirt about to go to bed when he found that the spider bite could have side effects as he checked the scan he had taken with his own self built I-phone and he asked out loud "What side effe- and he passed out.

The next morning he found himself on the floor and he looked up to see Annabeth's face asking "Sir. Are you ok?" He leaped up with inhuman speed and he looked at himself in the mirror and saw he had, abs? Holy cow he looked like Captain America! He then looked around and saw he had been asleep all night! The time was exactly 12:00 o'clock, "thank god it's Saturday or I would have been doomed!" He got dressed and as he went down stairs Annabeth greeted him with a good morning and he greeted her back then after breakfast he said "Hey Annabeth I'm going out and will not be back for a few hours" "Very well, sir" she said and she shut off her form. He was walking down the street in deep thought when suddenly he felt a weird sensation and jumped out of the way of a garbage truck! "Holy cow that was close, but how did I know the truck was coming"? He hurried down the street hoping no one had seen.

Later Jack found himself going to the only person he trusted with any secret, his distant Uncle, Dr. Curt Connors. He saw the man leaving one of his lectures he had given at the college he worked at. Jack Exclaimed "Hey, Uncle Connors!" Curt turned around to see the teen coming and said "Oh hi Jack, how has your morning been?" "Fine" said Jack quickly, he didn't want anyone to eavesdrop on them. Curt suddenly said "Do you want to come to my lab? I've been working on something you simply must see!" "Ok!" said Jack, this would be the perfect opportunity to tell him, they walked over to his car and loaded Jack's bike into the trunk and they drove off to Curt's house. Later they arrived at the lab and Jack asked "Is Aunt Sal here?" Curt shook his head saying "No she's out buying groceries at the moment, now let me show you this" they walked into a shed and inside was all sorts of tanks holding lizards and Geckos and a workbench with all sorts of serums and tonics and a microscope. "Here's my idea, tell me how many people lose a limb every year? Thousands right? Well my idea is what if we could grow our limbs back? Think about it, Millions of dollars saved and I am in the process of creating a serum that mimics the way lizards grow back their limbs!" Jack was impressed and asked "How long do you think its goanna take?" Curt looked slightly not as excited now and said "Well it could take a few more years but I'm sure we'll have a breakthrough soon" Jack nodded then said "Uncle?" "Hmm? Do you have something to tell me?" But at that moment something stopped Jack from continuing and Jack asked "May I help around the lab?" Curt smiled and said "I appreciate the offer but I'm not really sure what you could do, but don't worry I'll let you know if I need a hand" Jack smiled and said "Ok, see you around Uncle" "goodbye Jack" and Jack left wondering what had stopped him from telling.

Later he was walking down an alley when suddenly a thug stepped from out of nowhere and Jack turned to go the other way but saw two more guys blocking the exit and he was so scared and he stuck out his hands in front of him when suddenly, something squirted out of his wrist! "Holy sh-" but he suddenly turned his wrist and he was pulled upward towards a rooftop and he screamed in surprise and he was surprised to find he landed right side up! "How the heck?" he exclaimed and pulled back his sleeve and he saw there was an almost impossible to see slit in his skin and that some sort of sticky fluid was hanging out like a rope. Jack was overcome with shock and he sat down and exclaimed "How the heck is this stuff coming out of me, it's like a spide-" then it dawned on him how this must have happened, "The spider! Of course, but how is this even possible?!" he flicked his wrist again and more fluid popped out and he made it come off, "cool". Then he got to the edge of the building and tried to get the fluid to aim for a nearby lamppost but it wouldn't come out! He started shaking his wrist when he started to lose balance and he fell off the ledge! He felt that same sensation again when the truck had been about hit him, "so it's a sixth sense, now it warns me!" He screamed and he had his hands out trying to grab onto any loose brick crevices nearby but to no avail, he honestly thought this was the end when he realized he wasn't falling anymore! He opened his eyes to see that he was sticking to the wall! He looked around in shock and he put one hand in front of the other and made it back to the top! He was amazed and he grinned and started to run and he jumped from building to building and he whooped in joy and stuck out his wrist and the fluid came out and stuck to the next ledge and he was swinging from building to building and he landed next to the door of his home and he opened the door and walked inside. He was greeted by the familiar sight of Annabeth and she asked "Did you have a nice day, Sir?" Jack grinned and said "Oh yes, and tomorrow's goanna be awesome too!"

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