Hi everyone! So I'm rewatching WOWP and decided to finally let out my latent Jalex love through some writing. After each episode, I'm going to see if I can write some Jalex fluff/drama/angst/something based on each episode. I can already tell you that not every episode will be covered, cause let's be honest, there are a few stinkers. The chapters are basically one-shots, but all based in the same universe so hypothetically they build off each other. Some creative liberties may be taken with plot/canon, all to up the Jalex-ness. No idea how many chapters there will be, or how far I'll go in the show.

Disclaimer: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or any of the characters from said show.

1x2, First Kiss

The Russo living room

"Yeah! And if Miranda's ready to kiss me, I should be ready to kiss her! And this time I'm gonna be ready!"

Alex stared jaw-slack as her dork brother jerkily thrust his hips and limbs wildly. Was he having an epileptic seizure? Did this mean she'd finally get his iPod? With horror she realized….oh no….this was him trying to be….romantic? Her mind flashed through memories of him awkwardly holding out his hand for Miranda to shake, walking into stop signs next to Miranda, stepping on Miranda's feet when he tried to get close….crap, this was gonna take actual work.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Getting ready for my training montage" he replied, grabbing and kissing an imaginary...something, no human woman would be held like that.

"Yeah, okay, slow down there lover boy" she drawled. With a sigh she stood up from the couch. "You're gonna send her packing if you come at her with those moves. She won't let you touch her let alone kiss her."

"Well what am I supposed to do, Alex?" Justin complained "I haven't exactly done this before. It always looks so easy in the movies"

Alex raised an eyebrow at the thought that any actual kissing happened in those Space Trek Explorer whatever movies he watched. "I can't believe I'm actually helping you Justin, but I'd rather you not embarrass me for once by upping your dorkiness even more. Come here"

She grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her. Very close. She could see the freckles on his neck and the long dark eyelashes covering chestnut eyes looking down at her. When did he get so freaking tall?

"Alright, listen nerd. When you're with Miranda you're going to pull her in close like this."

She used her hand to move Justin's arm around her waist, holding her. Justin didn't say a word, just nodded. Could she feel his stomach breathing against hers, or was that her own body? Concentrate Alex. You might not have done this before but no one needs to know that.

"Then, you're going to touch her face. Gently. No crazy movements or whatever the hell you were doing back there. Just enough so you can lean in and kiss her." She slowly took his right hand, and moved it so it was cupping her cheek. Why was his hand so large? Why wasn't he saying anything? She could feel the warmth from his hand on her face, his arm holding her back, his body against her body. She looked up into his brown eyes and swallowed, her stupid body not breathing right again. Justin didn't move an inch, just holding her in his arms exactly as she had positioned him, looking into her eyes with an expression that was impossible to read.

She jerked her body out his arms, shaking herself a little "And there you go, you do your thing, you kiss Miranda, you thank your lucky stars there was a girl on this planet willing to actually pucker up with you."

Justin nodded, looking the same way he did when he was trying to absorb a particularly difficult magical equation. Serious, concentrated, and slightly bewildered. Alex needed a soda. Like now. As she started walking into the kitchen, she called back "And for the love of God, Justin, please don't stick your tongue down her throat like you're giving her a dental exam. That really turns a girl off."

Later, in the sub shop

"How about you, Alex? What was your first kiss like?" Justin asked curiously.

Alex stammered. Shit. She wasn't expecting actual questions, she assumed that her worldly attitude and trademark confidence would sell the impression that she was an experienced kisser. The truth...not that she'd tell Justin...was that she'd never been kissed. She didn't really know why, it had never bothered her before now. She'd had lots of guys who'd been interested in her, flirted with her, hung out with her. A few had tried, but not the ones whom she'd wanted to. Those had moved on to other girls before she'd gotten the chance. A steady diet of rom-coms and magazines had taught her everything she needed to know about make-outs. Realizing everyone was staring at her, she made up a quick story about Christmas vacation. Of course, Justin could tell she was lying. Justin always knew, always. It was so damn annoying. Justin walked off with a smirk and Alex scowled, plotting in her brain how to come out on top. She didn't know why it was so important to her that Justin got kissed and she didn't, but she knew that that was gonna change real soon.

The next day at school, Alex watched from her locker as Justin made out with Miranda with new found confidence. What the hell was he doing? This was a school for Christ's sake, and Justin was so not a PDA guy. They had to be going on ten minutes now, and the way he was nodding and chest bumping with the passing jocks was disgusting. As he leaned in for the umpteenth time, Alex had had enough.

"Hey Justin . . ." she called as she strutted past him. Matt was at his locker. Perfect. Without thinking, she grabbed Matt's collar and pulled him in for an epic kiss, tongue and everything. Victorious, she looked over at Justin, no longer focused on Miranda, just staring gobsmacked at her. She smirked and said something about having one over on him. He stared at her as she strutted away, pulling Matt behind her like a puppy. As far as first kisses go, this one went pretty damn well.