A white dress, with a transparent white veil held by a wreath of daisies, a white train and a small bouquet of daisies in her hands, Alexandra Eames advanced on her father's arm towards the altar, where her future awaited. husband.

The man who was waiting for him in front of the altar, was tall and of heavy build, he effaced all the people in the church by his imposing build.

He was wearing a beautiful gray suit that showed off his slightly tanned complexion and brown curls.

He looked at her with so much love in his eyes.

But who could have predicted what would happen.

She stopped at the young man's height.

The man gently took her hands in his, gazing into hers.

Her hazel eyes were so bright, Alexandra felt her whole body flare up and her heart pounding at the look.

Alexandra glanced at her bridesmaid and smiled.

How this child looked exactly like the man she was going to marry with.

The young child looked gorgeous in her little pastel pink dress, with a pink ribbon sash, and her little pastel roses in her ebony curls. She was very curvy, but so pretty.

- Alex, are you ready?

Alex aquiésa.

The man lifted his veil slightly, so that he could admire the lovely face of his future bride.

They both turned, hand in hand, to face the priest.

Robert Goren couldn't take his eyes off the young woman walking towards him.

He had believed he saw a divine apparition when it appeared in front of the church door.

He couldn't believe it.

How could such a woman have accepted to become his wife, or even simply wanted him.

He had taken a long time to come to terms with his feelings for her.

He had been so afraid of rejection, of her rejection. And he could never have recovered.

And then one day, by mistake, he had wanted to kiss her, and by accident their lips had met and there everything had lit up between them.

And since that day, he had started a relationship, but little by little.

And to think it had taken them over eleven years.

And the fact that they both changed sections, they had been able to open their eyes, and had been able to allow each other the right to be together.

And today, there she was, approaching with her delicate step to her father's arm.

She wore her late mother's ring, the one she never took off even for that shower.

He was proud that she wears it.

He had wanted to surprise her, but was still afraid of her rejection. But she had to accept his request.

And what touched her most was that she chose Molly her little niece to be her bridesmaid, which Molly had to accept immediately. And since that day the two had become inseparable. A bit like a mother with her daughter.

Sometimes he wondered if he was not too much. And since Alex had guessed his thoughts, she had always reassured him.

She knew him too well.

Every expression, every mood, every fear, every anguish, she knew who to tell him.

She stopped beside him.

Embarrassed and shy in front of her, he took her hand, blushing.

He gently lifted his veil, revealing her magnificent hazel eyes, which gazed at him with a gaze filled with love and gentleness.

Her pretty blonde hair fell on her shoulders, revealing her thin face and the delicate features of this one.

His heart began to beat faster.

Like a young college student, he felt embarrassed, and blushed.

-You are beautiful Alex!

Alex brought his hand to Bobby's cheek, stroking it gently.

- You're not bad either, Bobby!

It was the best day of his life. He was finally going to spend the rest of his life with the most important woman in his life. She was the only one that mattered to him, along with Molly.

And today she was there in front of him, beautiful as day, light of his life.

Hesitantly, he took both of her hands and they both turned to the priest, facing him.

But nothing could have predicted what was going to happen.

There was a violent detonation.

Under Goren's helpless eyes, he saw Alexandra collapse to the ground.

He dropped to her height, shaking her with all his might.

But he saw a pool of blood leak from the white dress, which was colored red.

It couldn't be true!

Molly had approached them, to see Alex's condition, crouching down beside them.

- Call an ambulance! He was screaming. Right now !

Molly pulled back in fright, but took the phone from her uncle's pocket and dialed the number.

What had just happened? And who could have done such a thing?

Didn't he have the right to happiness?

Logan, followed by Barek and Deakins rushed out to try to find the culprit, but nothing. No one around.