Rita's Protectors

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"So what are we gonna do with him? Because he really doesn't match the living room." Wondered Sylvia Prado as she nodded in the direction of a tied up, gagged, and very unhappy Paul Bennett in the household of the Morgan family.

"Report him to the Police." Immediately suggested Brother Sam as it was the most logical choice after all.

Especially since the man refused to abide by Rita's demands and had ignored the restraining order against him more than once. The fact she had moved on and is happily married to Dexter hadn't pleased him as Paul didn't like her being a strong woman. Preferring her to be his old punching bag who did as told unless she wanted to be in some pain. That she had sold his house before moving to the Suburbs hadn't really pleased him either. "I could make a few arrangements that makes his next stay in a cell a long one." Suggested Miguel.

"Miguel!" Reprimanded Brother Sam.

"Por Que!? I'm just saying!"

Rita from nearby couldn't help but smile at the scene as Paul made muffled noises that soundly went ignored. The mother of three being grateful that Astor and Cody were at a friend's house for the night since they didn't need to see all of this where Paul was concerned. "I could take him somewhere out of the way and torture him with soda up his nose?"


The second Prado brother just sighed over the reprimand as his wife also gave him a reproachful look. "I could plant some evidence that'll see him go away for a long fuckin' time." Offered up Debra and a proud and amused look came her way from her husband.


Debra rolled her eyes as her husband wrapped an arm around her and kissed her on her forehead. "I could get him the good stuff so that he'll be so high he won't know where he is."

"Anton!" Came Brother Sam's voice yet again as he sighed heavily and the other man snickered.

Paul was starting to get a little worried though but his muffled noises were ignored again while Rita was just feeling more and more grateful for everyone present for caring as much as they did. "I could put some Poison in his food or drink? I mean, the amount I put in would be up to Rita but I could do it."


"That's sweet, Hannah, but I don't think that's necessary just yet." Rita told her fellow Blonde.

Whom, like Lumen, had become like a sister to Rita since meeting her thanks to Dexter. "Lord give me strength." Muttered Brother Sam and a few amused grins were seen after that.

"Little Brother and I could go Ice Truck Killer and Bay Harbor Butcher respectively on the asshole." Offered up Rudy/Brian as he kissed Deb on the forehead again while Dexter looked a bit eager at that idea.

Paul, meanwhile, was frightened by that prospect! "Brian! Come on, man! You too, Dexter!"

Brian just held up his hands in a defensive manner. "He's been making my wife unhappy, I don't like it when she's unhappy." Dexter told his friend with a frown on his face as Rita smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"What about you, Lumen? Any suggestions?" Rita asked curiously.

"Rita! Come on, girl!"

Rita couldn't help but laugh at Brother Sam's response. "I uhh… I got nothing. Mostly because I hate going near barrels." Answered Lumen and got a weirded out yet scared look from Paul.

Not that she saw of course. "Lumen!" Brother Sam said in a disappointed manner.

She just shrugged unrepentently at the man and he sighed in a despondent manner. "Uhh… We could take photos of him in embarrassing situations? Maybe it'd get him to leave Rita alone for good?"

Brother Sam almost yelled Zach's name before he stopped and realized what the boy had said. "I like that idea. Its not violent at all. And afterwards, we can throw his ass in jail for the shit he's pulled since gettin' out."

Though while that wasn't a prospect Paul liked much of, it was probably a safer one given all the nutjobs Rita had in her's and the kids' lives now! The photos wouldn't happen but he would end up back in prison and Rita would be able to breathe a sigh of relief at the knowledge. Something even Astor would do as well while Cody would be disappointed for awhile until he was talked too about the situation. Allowing him to understand things better and for him to put his 'dad' at the back of his mind where he'd stay for the rest of his life.

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