The Thundermans arrived at the Hero league headquarters.

They were already trashing the place.
They noticed the Thundermans and charged at them.
Thunderman knocked Ironclaw backwards and counterattacked by blasting Hank through a Wall.

Back in the future the Villain league were trying to get through the door to where Nora and the others were.

Slipknot used his ropes to bind Dark Thunder while Keely, Chester ,Scepter and Harris were blasting him with their powers but he broke free killing Them with his powers .
He then took a dna sample gaining their powers as well.

Slipknot tried to attack him but Dark Thunder used his laser eyes .

Sun streaker blasted him but a sentry cut off her arm and she blasted the sentry with her other arm before a skug stabbed her fron behind.
Blackguard used his shields to block him but Dark Thunder shot a Quill through Blackguards skull killing him and then absorbed his powers.

At the Thundermans home …
Max was sitting there thinking about what Jacob said. Would he really kill his friends and brainwash his girlfriend Allison ?

He called Chloe .
What is it ? She asked. Take me to the hero league headquarters.

In Metroburg The Thundermans were struggling against the Sentries.

One of them had knocked Barb to the ground but before it could finish her Phoebe froze it with her Ice breath.

I'm back ! she shouted

Phoebe! They all said.
Let's take these sentries down she said.

They used their powers to take down the sentries but suddenly Ironclaw blasted Jacob to the ground and stabbed him in the arm with a blade.
Once I kill you I will erase their memories of this incident preserving my master's Future!

At the same time in the future.
Dark Thunder broke through the door.
Angela and Argent tried to stop them but Dark Thunder blasted them.
They both screamed in pain as they were killed .
Dark Thunder was just about to Kill Nora and the others at the same time Ironclaw was going to Kill Jacob when suddenly Max flung Ironclaw across the room .

Leave my future nephew alone he said.
Max ? The Thundermans said shocked as he ran over to help Jacob.

You alright ? he asked Yeah Jacob said as his body quickly regenerated from the burns and stab wound.

You saved me.

I was a fool Max replied.
I never should have tried become a villain.
I don't want to lose my friends and family good choice Jacob said.

Then you will both die ! They faced Ironclaw to find him ready to blast them when suddenly Ironclaw body started to glow white and crack along with the others.

What's happening to me ? He said Max has changed his ways so Without Dark Thunder you guys never would have been inspired to Join the villain league ! Your being erased from existance.

Nooo! They screamed as they vanished from the timeline.
So is the Future really changed ? Phoebe asked.

One way to find out.
Computer what's the status of the villain Max Thunderman aka Dark Thunder in the future ?

No traces of a villain called Max Thunderman aka dark Thunder in the timeline. Max thunderman is not a villain Max is hero Called ThunderMax one of leaders of the t force.

Guess it worked Jacob said.
He then started to fade from the timeline.
Will we ever see you again ? Max asked. Sure you will but not for years see you in the future Jacob told them as he faded from existence.

The hero league Granted Max a Cape for his heroics helping his family.

A year later they were exposed as a family of superheroes and stopped Dark Mayhem.
later Phoebe and Max turned the z force into the t force after Kickbutt made them head of the z force. They recruited their family in as well.

Nora developed a crush on a super around her age named Johnathan who had the power to manipulate gravity.

They later started dating when they were 14.
Little did Nora know was that Johnathan would grow up to be Jacob's father.

Later after they married she gave birth to Jacob and she embraced him once he was in her arms.
He grew up just like the Jacob she met when he came to the past. A few years later betty was Born and Jacob and Betty were best friends like her and Billy.

Link and Phoebe got back together and later married and had twin daughters named Polly and Lilly. Polly could manipulate fire and And Lilly ice. Their twin power was that they could combine into a fire and ice humanoid. Cherry was the twins godmother much to her excitement.

Max and Allison broke up but he later met a girl named Josie who he had more chemistry with then Allison. They had a daughter named Ann like the the Ann in the future she could create plasma constructs.
She had a younger brother named Kevin who had the ability to read minds and telekinesis.

When Chloe was older she met a guy named Blake and they had a Son named Klaus who could create vortexes to teleport people or attack them.

Billy managed to redeem Candi Falconman and they had 3 children a boy named Frank who could manipulate kinetic energy.
A girl named Ivy that could manipulate plants And another son named carl who could transform his body into any material that he touched.

Hank and Barb had alot of grandchildren.
The new future was bright and it was still the age of heroes.

Note One more chapter and the story is finished