Jacob opened his eyes when he heard a alarm clock. He hit the button turning it off.
He realized that he was in a house.
He looked around and found out that he was in a nice room. He looked at his alarm clock and it said it was Saturday.

He then saw his sister come in to his room.
Morning Betty said.
Mom made us pancakes our favorite.
Jacob quickly hugged her tight.
Easy she said your going to break my back. Sorry he told her.
What did I do to deserve that.
I just love you little sis Jacob told her.
Me too she replied smiling.

They went downstairs and had breakfast.
Jacob was happy to see his dad Alive and well. In the original timeline his dad died a year after Betty was born.

After breakfast his dad went to work and betty was at her friends house.

Jacob helped his mom in the kitchen for a bit.
I did it he told her.
Nora looked at the clock oh your going to be late.
she said Late for what ? Jacob asked.
Your training with the T force.
Your girlfriend Angela called to tell you and Betty to meet them there Nora responded.

I may need some help. Jacob told her.
With what ? She asked.
History back in 2016 when Max became good.
Nora's eyes widened realizing that he remembered.

Welcome back she said hugging him.
I'll catch you up on what happened.
She told him that everything that he missed out.
Jacob was Happy about everything being better in this new future.

He went over to Betty's friend Via was and called her telling her about the meeting of the T force.
They were then teleported to the hero league headquarters for hero training.

He walked around the hero league and saw Billy with his kids he greeted them. Billy had gotten smarter just like he was in the other future.

He saw Scepter ,Jocelyn, Keely,Chester, Sammantha and rest of the other heroes he knew in the alternate future.

He then heard someone say yo Jake ! He turned around to see Bludgeon. What's up ? he asked as they did their handshake.
Not much looking for Angela,

She's in the training room with the other t force members Bludgeon said.

They walked to the training room and found Phoebe and Max they saw Jacob.
Jacob your just In time Phoebe said.
We were just about to start the training simulation

Hi Jacob Angela said kissing him.
Ready For training? Yeah Jacob said smiling

Alright everyone get in your positions. Phoebe told them They all got in positions.

Remember when your training bots come out you will all have to work as a team to take them down So get ready.
Phoebe activated the training program and the walls opened up revealing sentries.
Sentries ? Jacob said okay this will be good he said as he pulled out his fusion cannon and sword with a smile as he and the other recruits charged towards the sentries.

The end Hope you enjoyed it.

I have a few other projects in mind Like a terminator /i an frankie crossover.