1. Max thunderman aka Dark thunder. Age 51 Powers telekinesis freeze breath heat breath flight laser vision energy projection flight super strength Speed super kick. Elasticity. Slow aging regeneration super speed invulnerability invisibility super fast reflexes Power/dna simulation.

The twin brother of Phoebe thunderman and oldest son of the thunderman family. While Phoebe trained to be a hero. Max trained to be a villain. Hank and Barb thought it was just a Phrase but they were wrong . He joined the villain league and used the orb to steal his families powers. Phoebe managed to get the orb back from max and restore her family's powers but when Dark Mayhem and the villain league arrived Max stabbed him from behind killing him. He revealed he injected himself with a serum that would give him the ability to gain the powers of anyone's dna he absorbed. He then took control of the villain league. In his dying breath Dark Mayhem laughed saying he was impressed with max as his body went limp.

Phoebe tried to talk him down saying he would lose his friends in family . But max used his new super strength to snap Phoebe's neck killing her.
He then donned the identity of dark thunder flying off with the villain league.
He lead an attack on the hero league killing super president kickbutt. He then plucked a strand of her hair absorbing her powers. He fought his former family next killing Hank and Barb and replicated their powers too . He then destroyed the hero league leaving it burning to the ground and leaving Billy Nora and Chloe Orphans.
He then recruited a few others giving them powers . He and his forces succeeded in ruling the world. So far He has killed and gained the powers of Hank, Barb , Link Evilman, president kickbutt , Dark Mayhem, Blobbin Mandy mcbooger and even Kid Danger.

2. Dr colosso chroniligically 78 physically 48.
Powers transform into any animal. Genius intelligence.

Dr colosso was Max mentor for being a supervillain. He is Max's best friend.
When max took over the world Max turned him back into a human with the animalizer and gave him the ability to turn into any animal he wants as well as decelerated aging. He looks the same as he did in 2018.

3. Allison aka orchid age 51. Powers plant manipulation hypnosis.
Max's girlfriend now wife Max manged to turn her evil as well as give her powers. She uses her plant powers to punish people who pollute the earth. She is also the mother of twins Drake and Ann.

4. Drake aka impactor age 26.
Powers super strength energy constructs.
The twin brother of Ann . Drake is just as ruthless as his father. He is cunning and a force to reckoned with.

5. Ann aka Argent age 26 powers energy constructs super strength The Daughter of Max and Allison And twin sister to Drake. She is the opposite of Her twin brother and parents. She wants to be a hero .
After saving Jacob and Betty She told them about Max's plans. Since then she has been a spy in the villain league giving the resistance valuable information. Nora treats her like family as do Jacob and Betty Thunderman.

6. Wilson grant aka Wind shear age 44 Powers super strength and flight Wind shear is one of Max's most trusted followers . He is a fierce follower .
He has been loyal to Max since the Day max recruited him when he was a child.

7. Ginny aka Gale Force age 43 Powers wind manipulation

In the regular timeline Gale force was reformed when Max was turned good and visited her in prison to reform young delinquents.
But since he never became a hero and try to reform her she never became good and was recruited her into the villain league by Max.

8. Maisie aka brainwave age 42 Powers telepathy and telekinetic tickling and telekinesis.
She was a delinquent along with t bone and gale force .
Max recruited her when he was building his army.
She is one of his most favourite members.

9. T bone aka Magneto . Powers magnetism age 43 T bone is a powerful member of Max's villain league. He has a real tough guy personality.

10. Destructo The robot destructo was built by dark Mayhem to be his sidekick but dark Mayhem locked him away because he didn't trust him.
In this timeline instead of Phoebe finding him max found him and used his powers to threaten him causing him to swear loyalty to Max .

11. Sabrina aka shockwave age 31 powers generate powerful shockwaves. Sabrina is a powerful villain who is ignorant rude and reckless. She tends to get on Max's bad side Alot.

12. Balfour aka controller age 49. The son of Dr colosso Balfour was raised in a orphanage when colosso was arrested.
He trained to be a superhero dubbing himself the gamer. in the original timeline he met max and phoebe in the z force championship but in this timeline Colosso found him in the orphanage and he joined the villain league under the name controller using a mind control helmet along with a bracelet capable of shooting control microchips onto his enemies giving him the ability to control them with his helmet.

13. Ian quinn aka ironclaw. Age 46 Powers enhanced strength speed stamina and x ray vision via cybernetic enhancements and robotic arm.
A scientist ian quinn is a expert in robotics and surgery. He was badly injured in a lab accident by the hands of Weather witch. He used cybernetic implants to repair his body along with replacing his arm with a robotic claw. His claw can shoot out and grab his enemies along with regenerat his robotic claw if cut off.

14. Quinn Murphy aka Mantis age 50.
Powers turn herself into insect form.
The daughter of beetle girl and insecto Quinn was childhood friends with Link Evilman.
She developed a crush on him and tried to harass Phoebe thunderman into breaking up with him but Phoebe foiled her plan and took her to the hero league for memory wiping. Max broke her out and recruited her into the villain league. She has started to regain her memories and now hates max for killing Link but she obeys him out of fear.

15. Maxine Sinclair aka multiplex age. 29.
Powers self replication. A newer member of the villain Multiplex is a one woman army. She is a master martial artist and Carries a blaster that converts into a sword in battle.

16. Heath stokes aka heatstroke age 18.
Powers Pyrokinesis Heath is a dangerous arsonist he loves to burn buildings or people. He is also very reckless much to Max's frustration.

17. Eddie aka Emerald archer. Age 16.
Expert archer and hand to hand combat.
Eddie is one of the newer members of the villain league. He is their long range attack specialist.
He enjoys robbing people and using his trick arrows to hurt superheroes.

18. Garret Donahue aka gauntlet age 23.
Powers super strength and energy blasts via gauntlets.
Garret is a expert on tech like Ironclaw.
He serves as a arms dealer selling the villain league weapons. He prefers to go hand to hand with his opponents.

19 Candi Falconman age 46 powers candy manipulation

A B list villain Candi may have a sweet personality but Is ruthless villain who loves to use candy to trap her opponents . In the original timeline she met Max when he was reformed and lived in his lair when they were banished by the hero league.
She turned her family into gingerbread and hypnotized the town but was stopped. In this Alternate timeline. Max sensed the evil in her and recruited her into the villain league. Some villains laugh at her but she doesn't care.

Foot soldiers.
1. Cybercons - one the 2 the primary foot soldiers of dark thunder .People captured by the villain league and infected with Balfour/controller's chips and equipped with battle armor that enhances their physical abilities . They are under the Controller's control.

2. Sentries.
One of the 2 primary foot soldiers of Dark thunder. Created by Max , dr Colosso , Iron claw and Gauntlet. These 18 feet tall robots are programmed to hunt down superheroes. They can fly shoot lasers and missiles, regenerate from damage making them almost invincible.
The mark 2 models are capable of adapting to the abilities of their opponents as well as generate blades and other weapons.

3. Annilators Destructo's robotic soldiers.
The look just like him except they are a different color.

4. Slugs Mutant creatures created by Dark Thunder.
They have razor sharp claws and a long tongue capable of grabbing their opponents.

5. Golems another creation of Max aka Dark thunder. They are grey skinned humanoids in black trench coats armed with a hammer , axe or laser cannons.

Okay characters are introduced next update will be the story.