"And from the support department! The man and a half with a wrench and one hell of a chip on his shoulder! Izuku Midoriya!"


Well, she did just literally hear his name, but if Nejire was honest, she really hadn't been paying attention to anything going on in the sports festival. Not because it wasn't interesting, but mostly because there were just so many interesting people around! She wanted to ask all the pros about their quirks and there were even some people from other schools! And during the first couple of matches—she had gone first—she hadn't even bothered keeping track of time and almost missed her second and third matches!

So she had no idea who she was fighting. Which was weird because she knew all of the other third years in the hero course.

It really didn't matter too much though, she was going to win, and then she was going to fight either Mirio or Tamaki. She let out a snort, yeah, right, Mirio would win because Tamaki had a chicken heart. Plus Mirio was tricky.

And she always got the tricky ones.

Nejire flapped her arms as she looked at the tall—He was taller than Mirio which compared to her was really tall—muscular third year wearing the same U.A. gym uniform that she was. Only where she was unarmed he was the exact opposite. He had gear! Lots of it! The biggest thing on him was his giant wrench. It was huge! It probably weighed as much as she did even if she had a giant meal for lunch that would make her feel like she was going to pop!

"Hey, hey, what's all that for?" Nejire pointed bouncing up and down. "Why do you have so much gear and stuff? Do you really need all that?"

"Probably not," Izuku shrugged, he sounded annoyed. And kinda hot. "I think I can beat you with just one or two items."

Oooh! He was confident! That was good! But that still didn't answer her questions. "But why do you have all that?"

"Cause I made it."

"Your quirk lets you make stuff?" Wait, she heard of that quirk, but didn't it belong to that cute first year? Was he her brother? What was her name again? Did she hear wrong? No that couldn't be, she could hear super good."

"Don't have one."

"Don't have what?"

"A quirk."




What was happening? She was fighting against someone that was quirkless? Was that allowed? What if she went all pew pew on him and he went waaa! Blargh! Ded! That'd be so bad! Was she allowed to be a hero if she murdered someone on accident? Was it still murder if it was on accident?

All of her thoughts were cut short when Izuku tossed something at her feet that exploded into a cloud of smoke.

She always got the tricky ones!

With a burst of energy that came from her legs and sent her flying upwards, Nejire barely managed to avoid the massive swing from that wrench. That looked like it would have hurt! This guy wasn't going to go easy on her! She liked that! Most guys—including Mirio—went easy on her because she was cute! Which was good most of the time, but she was just as durable as any of the other guys!

"Up Here~!" Nejire hummed, gathering a massive amount of her wave energy within her arms and then slammed it down towards Izuku, she had to use some energy to stabilize herself in the air but that was easy-peasy. Her blast slammed into the ground dispersing the smoke and revealing Izuku, who was taking it like a champ, most people would have been knocked down by a blast like that. Was that more gear? Neat!

He flung his arm at her, causing a piece of gear on his arm to activate. It was a lime green rope-like goo thing. She tried to dodge but it followed her, wrapping around her ankle.

"Gotcha!" Izuku shouted, grabbing onto the booger-rope with both hands and began to pull her in. He was strong.

"Not really!" Nejire fired two quick starburst blasts at his body trying to get him to let go, but he didn't, he dodged out of the way and continued to pull her in. "Hey! You're pretty good!"

"Thanks! That means a lot coming from one of the big three!" Izuku roared, digging his feet into the ground to fight against the force she was using to push away from him. She had taken on bigger guys than him when she interned with Ryukyu, dealing with his strength wasn't going to be a problem.

But she liked that he was doing everything in his power to try and beat her, and she wanted to know more about his stuff and why he was fighting and stuff! He brought out his arm again and more of the booger-rope wrapped around her, binding her arms and hair!

"This better wash out!"

"It does!" Izuku shouted and spun around, using all of his strength—he had really nice arms. They were big and strong—to fling her out of bounds. Nejire blinked and saw the ground fast approaching.

Against almost anyone else Izuku would have won. But Nejire had a great deal of experience at being flung around at high speeds and how to use momentum to her advantage. With a blast coming out of her mouth to keep her from hitting the ground and an even larger blast to pull Izuku out of the ring Nejire abused her well-trained ability to fly and avoid the dreaded ring out.

She felt the rope around her go slightly slack and she spun, seeing that Izuku had let go to avoid being pulled out of the arena. With a burst of power from her entire body, she shook off the rope. It did get stuck in her hair. Gross! But also neat! What was it?

"Like I said!" Nejire shouted, gathering a large blast with both arms. "You're good!" She let loose a blast that could take out someone several times Izuku's size and blasted him with it. "But I'm better!"

But he was still really really neat!

Nejire watched as Izuku's eyes went wide and he tried to use his wrench to hold his ground, but her spiral energy slammed into him with enough force to send him flying backward and completely across the arena and to the other side.

Nejire hummed and landed back down into the arena and looked at her hair, there was so much green gunk in it!

"Winner is the always adorable, fairy-like, Nejire Hado!"

Even as she was announced the winner, her attention was on that green-haired boy that had fought against her so well. He didn't look defeated when he stood up from the ground and pushed away the medics. He looked really really mad.

Did she do that?

Her mind remained on him even after she lost the fight against Mirio. Mostly because no matter how much Yuyu scrubbed that green gunk was still in her hair!

He lied!


He should be happy.

He made it to the semi-finals.

Considering how he didn't even have a quirk, that was actually pretty good.

But it wasn't. Nejire Hado had toyed with him. She had made him feel weak. Every countermeasure he had thought would work on her was completely overpowered by not only her quirk but her own training as well. He couldn't even use his back up plans against her before she just knocked him out like he was a fly in the way.

And he talked so much shit too!

Izuku glanced down at his latest project and let out a long dejected sigh.

Physically, he was fine. Mentally, he was upset. He shouldn't be this upset. But he was. He—

"Oh, him?" The constantly teasing voice that enveloped a thick german accent that Izuku was way too used to shook him out of his thoughts. "Ja! He's right in here, nursing his wounded pride."

Izuku glanced over his shoulder and saw Prinz Eugen, a second year in the support department that abused the fact that Izuku had a key to the workshop to spend all of her own free time here. Technically she was a member of his unofficial crew. So far his crew was himself as the third year, Prinz Eugen as the second-year student, and Mei Hatsume, who he wasn't entirely certain wasn't a gremlin.

If he let any of them—including himself—they'd end up sleeping in the workshop because they were all grease monkeys.

Other support course students thought they were insane.

Which they were.

"Oh, but be careful with him ja? I'd hate to be left picking up the pieces of the little boy's spirit." Prinz placed a hand on her face and wiggled her hips smiling and winking at him before she marched off to continue her own project.

Those that she had pointed his direction became apparent quick. He recognized both of them more or less instantly, the first was a taller girl with red hair that was in the general department; Yuyu something or other, he never really talked too much to her, and then there was Nejire Hado.

The person he least wanted to see right now. But she looked a bit different today, her hair was straight, and it looked a little bit wet.

"Hey!" Nejire flew towards him, using her quirk and knocking up some of the scraps on the ground as she did so. She landed in front of him and pulled on her long blue hair and pointed towards a spot covered in green goo. "You said it washes out! We've been washing my hair for an hour but it's still there! Why! Also what is this stuff?"

"Booger!" Izuku announced ever so slightly proudly. That's just what they ended up calling ever so slightly gross glue-like material that he had been developing for three years now.

"I knew it," Nejire mumbled and then flailed her hair at him, a cute pout forming on her face. "But, how fix?"

"We've tried everything," Yuyu stepped forward and grabbed Nejire's hair carefully, "steam, hot, cold, brushing, dye remover, nail polish remover, basically anything that wouldn't actually damage her hair."

Judging from how he saw Yuyu with a new style/color of hair every other month she was probably an expert on all things hair.

Izuku tapped his lip and hummed. Normally he had no problem helping people that asked him for it. But, at the same time, he was also incredibly petty, and if anybody was asked they'd probably say that he was ever so slightly an asshole. "Have you tried cutting it?"

Both Nejire and Yuyu—and Prinz who was doing what she did best with sticking her nose into literally everything—gasped at the very notion, Nejire grabbed onto her long blue hair and held it close while Yuyu did the same to Nejire's whole body.

"No way!" Nejire jumped up, forcing Yuyu to catch her. The punky-redhead was stronger than she looked, or Nejire just weighed like nothing, which given how she beat him—and the fact that she was on the busty side—felt a bit wrong. Then again she was what, 5'3"? Really, when he was nearly a foot taller than someone they just kind of became varying degrees of short. "I can't cut my hair!"

"What Nejire said! It's super cute and fluffy and we spend so much time taking care of it!" Yuyu nodded along with her friend/lover/platonic life partner or whatever the hell those two actually were. Izuku didn't understand female friendship. Actually, he didn't understand friends in general.

"Oh? So are you saying that Nejire wouldn't look super cute and fluffy with short hair?" Izuku leaned forward holding his chin between his pointer and his thumb smiling at the two girls.

Yuyu blinked, staring at him like he had just dropped the hottest peace of wisdom on her since someone said killing each other was a bad thing. She turned to Nejire and stared hard enough that Izuku could practically hear it. "Holy shit, I think he might be right."

"No!" Nejire screamed and shot up into the air holding her hair tightly as she spun softly like she was weightless, she stuck her hand out and stabilized herself. "We're not cutting my hair!" She pointed her finger at him. "You gunked me! You un-gunk me."

Izuku let out a sigh, really it was pretty easy to get the booger compound out of most things, it was designed to wash out of clothes with the correct level of heat and water that would be unlikely against most foes. But the idea of a short-haired Nejire was rather appealing. In part because it would be a sign that he had made her bleed. Except not really.

"Fine," He grabbed his stool and gestured for her to sit. "I'll remove it."

Nejire glared at him, or what she could manage as a glare given how her entire facial structure seemed to be designed to make every emotion she made cute. Damn, why the hell was he thinking that she was cute? "You're not going to cut it are you?"

"Nope!" Hopefully. "Yuyu can watch me."

"Oh," Nejire hovered over there was a soft sound that came from her quirk. He still remembered watching the girl fall asleep during her first-year sports festival and missing her target horribly. Honestly, losing to her didn't feel too bad considering how much work she must have put into training her quirk to the point where she could just casually use it to fly. But he was still a bit bitter. "Okay, you seem nice so I'll trust you."

"You must not know me very well," Izuku muttered and turned to rummage through his stuff. He had a solution for the goo somewhere in here. Maybe a heat press? Ahh! This should work. He turned and got to work on Nejire's lightly damp hair, slowly working the Booger out of her hair.

"Oh, so are you really quirkless?" Nejire asked, humming, and kicking her legs like a kid waiting for their parent.

"Nejire!" Yuyu hushed, "You can't just ask someone that."

"Oh, it's no problem. I'm totally not bitter about it or anything," Izuku pulled on her hair just a bit hard. What, was he seven again? That was when boys pulled the hair of pretty girls right?

"Oh good! So what's it like being quirkless? It sounds weird not having a quirk. Why were you in the sports festival without a quirk? Are you sure you don't just have a really super lame—"

"Nejire," Yuyu interrupted the chatterbox. "Sarcasm."

Izuku could feel Nejire's pout.

She flailed her arms and kicked her legs. "Why do people do that to me! I don't speak sarcasm! I'm starting to think you're not actually a very nice guy."

"Sorry, sorry," Izuku chuckled. "But, to answer your questions. It sucks being quirkless, especially when you want to be a hero, and it is weird not having a quirk. I was in the sports festival because I'm a stubborn asshole and I wanted to prove myself. And I'm positive I don't just have a super lame quirk."

"Oooh, so you want to be a hero! That's." Nejire paused, and it felt like her entire body was about to explode. "That's so cool! And if it had been anybody else, well not anybody else, I think Mirio would have beaten you and Tamaki would have been like 'ahh he's scary, clam shell thingy win by accident cause he's weird like that, but like anybody else, you would have been like goo whip! Wrench! Wait, why do you use a wrench anyways? Oh! You should meet Mirio! He'd like you! Tamaki wouldn't really like you, he doesn't like anyone, at least not right away, I've known him for three years and I still don't know what he thinks about me."

Izuku blinked, it was rare for him to be overwhelmed by information. But Nejire just put out so much white noise that he completely forgot what she was talking about. He looked towards Yuyu. "Does she always do this?"

"Yea~" Yuyu let out a sigh that basically said 'hey, I'm hopelessly in love with an idiot.' she then blinked and turned into a tsundere. "I mean, yeah, she talks a lot. It's a cute thing she does because she's basically as curious as ten thousand cats."

"Except not dead!" Nejire flailed her arms. "But yea! You're really strong Izuku! And tall! It's neat that you're so tall! And you're like, really muscley too. Do you work out?"


"Ooooh, that makes sense. How'd you get into U.A."

"A rat showed up and kidnapped me."

"Wah! Nezu kidnapped you!" Nejire's shoulders shrunk slightly and she leaned forward. "I knew he was the sneaky kind! Wait! Was that sarcasm again?"

"You're learning fast."


Yuyu just sighed into her palm.

Izuku pulled free the last glob of Booger from Nejire's hair and tossed it into the bin. "Alright, all done. You're free to go now."

Nejire bounced up and floated to the ground, running her fingers through her impractically long hair and smiled as she twirled in the air, again and again, laughing with pure unbridled glee. "Thank you Izuku! Thank you!"

She darted forward and hugged him tight around the chest, despite their height difference Nejire floated just high enough off the ground to place her chin on his neck and her chest—her large, bouncy, full chest—against his.

Naturally, as an incredibly awkward virgin and self-proclaimed introvert Izuku froze and would do anything that Nejire asked in the following few moments of boob contact fog.

"Hey, hey, give me your number! I wanna text you and stuff!" Nejire spun away and pulled out a fancy looking phone from somewhere in her vest before she grabbed Yuyu's. "Yuyu too!"


"What! He's fun!"

Izuku blinked and then nodded, pulling out his phone and holding it up for Nejire.

"One boop for me!" Nejire tapped their phones against each for a moment, causing it to vibrate slightly. "And one boop for Yuyu! Now we can text all the time! Oooh! I'll make us a group chat too!"

"Uhh, wait," Izuku blinked and realized that his phone had now been compromised with the terrible virus known as friends that texted. If Nejire texted as fast as she talked he was probably going to need a new phone. "Why did you want my number?"

"Huh?" She turned to look at him. Her large blue eyes and sparkling smile swallowed up the entire world making her the only thing worth paying attention to. "Isn't it obvious Izuku? I want to get to know you better."

He wasn't blushing.

He had a sudden fever from inhaling to many fumes.

And he really.


Didn't just get a crush on Nejire Hado.

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