Yuyu's life was filled with many regrets, many of which were centered around the fact that she said hello to Nejire one day and then had never had a single day where she hadn't been asked at least twenty questions. It wasn't all bad of course, Nejire was pretty much the strongest antidepressant in the entire world because she could smile at a villain and they would repent. However, all that wonderful fluffiness came to a sharp end once they met Izuku Midoriya, who was just, yes, hello, and then Prinz that was literally the exact opposite of Nejire in that villains would approach her and ask if they could get on whatever scheme she was currently cooking up.

The first meeting with Izuku had made Yuyu very aware that she could have a crush on a guy, and the subsequent teasing she had been a part of with the help of Nejire and Prinz had helped her discover that she had a type and that type was the kind that could pick her up and fuck her against the wall hard enough to break something. So far, Izuku was the only guy she had found in that category.

Prinz, on the other hand, had made Yuyu discover that she really fucking loved large sexy breasts and the girls they're attatched to, namely, Nejire and the devil with red hair herself, Prinz Eugen. Seriously, both of those girls made tens around the world feel like they'd be lucky to be a six.

And all those hormones that had been running through her body for the past month had finally come to an explosive climax when Izuku rubbed sunscreen on her back and she basically came right there on the spot, right before she confessed to being very into him.

Naturally, all that confidence had just kind of fucked off with the wind while they were at the beach and she spent much of the time lurking in the water just glancing at literally all three of them and trying not to have a massive bi-sexual panic attack. Seriously, something as little as a brush against her nipple was probably enough to set her off.

So would being alone in a room with Prinz for more than a minute.

Or being stuck in a room with Nejire and Prinz for any length of time.

Or just existing, really.

Okay, so she was already having a bi-sexual panic attack, but it wasn't her fault everyone around her was literally just more of a tease than an ecchi anime.

Yuyu hugged the pillow to her chest, fingers digging deep into the soft fabric as she tried really hard to focus on the movie that was playing.

And not at all on Prinz and Nejire.

Naturally, she had no idea what was playing and was very aware of what Prinz and Nejire were doing. Which just so happened to be a walking sexual coma waiting to happen.

Yuyu knew what was going to happen. She could see the future plainly on the horizon, a gathering storm that was going to leave her a happy twitching mess in a nearly catatonic state as she tried desperately to remain aware enough to make sure she was grabbing someone's tit. They were going to have sex. There was no way that they weren't. She could practically smell Nejire and Prinz's arousal and she was more than certain that Izuku was nearing his breaking point as well.

It was the calm before the storm, and it was fucking bullshit. Why were they waiting? Why were they just standing there groping each other like some softcore porn bullshit!


"Hmm," Prinz moaned, running her hands over her curves, the yukata she was wearing—if it could even be called wearing—draped over her in a manner so slutty that Yuyu wanted to nominate Prinz for a nobel peace prize of sexual arousal. It wasn't any different than Yuyu's own yukata, but Prinz made sure that everywhere she looked there was something juicy to look at. Leg, thigh, stomach, breast, neck, there was something for everyone. "What do you think, Nejire? Do you think he'll enjoy it."

Nejire, whose understanding of modesty had gone completely out of the window, stared right at Prinz's breasts, before moving to fiddle with her own Yukata. "How did you get your boobs to do that?"

"Here, here, let me show you," Prinz purred, pushing some of her long, silky white hair out of the way, before groping Nejire. Yuyu wanted to grope Nejire. "First you must—" Prinz licked her lips and Yuyu found herself assaulted by those fiery eyes of hers that could make the devil appear like a saint. "Mmm, Yuyu, come here, I might need some help with this."

"Huh?" Nejire tilted her head to the side, glancing at her Yukata.

Yuyu sighed and stood. Honestly at this point, she was just going to say fuck it and sail right into the storm. "What are you two up to?"

"Oh!" Nejire bounced, which made pretty much everything else bounce. She was so bouncy, why were they so perky? God she wanted Nejire's tongue inside of her. "That's easy, we're going to be seducing Izuku."

"So the same thing you do every time he's with us?" Yuyu asked, grabbing onto Nejire's boob. She didn't know why, wait, yes she did, she wanted to. God her tits were soft. "I don't get it. Why?"

"Because it's fun," Prinz said, grabbing onto Nejire's other breast. "And because it's payback for the year of sexaul frustration he's put me through."

"I just like him." Nejire grabbed both one of Prinz's breasts and Yuyu's own. It felt good, almost like there was a light vibration coming from Nejire. Was she using her quirk? "I mean, romantically, he's fun to be around, really sexy, and I want to know what his dick feels like."

"Same," Prinz moaned, moving closer to wrap her arm around Nejire's waist. "And I have no problem sharing him."

Nejire blinked. "I wanna be in a harem, that sounds like fun. I get to have a really hot boyfriend and at least one really cute girlfriend! That's like win win, hey, hey, Yuyu, you like Izuku too, don't you? You talk to him a lot, and you're always staring at me, and your hands feel really good when you grope me and—"

"Alright, so we're all thirsty as fuck for Izuku!" Yuyu let go of Nejire and spun away from the two of them. "But, here's what I don't get."

"Oh?" Prinz asked, still grabbing onto Nejire, her hands slipping down under the folds of her yukata.

"Yeah, what, what, I wanna know." Nejire bounced, causing her yukata to open up revealing a sexy strip of her bare naked body. Of course she wasn't wearing underwear. Why would she?

"So you two are planning on seducing Izuku."


"Ya ya!~"

"And where's Izuku right now?"

"Oh!" Nejire jumped up, her quirk pushing her off the ground and causing her Yukata to just fall to the ground. "He's taking a bath!"

"Right, so here's my question."

Yuyu took in a long, sexually frustrated breath, and then screamed. "Why the hell is no one riding that dick already! Like, fuck! It's one thing to tease him, but if you both want him, why not just tell him! Yes, he's stubborn, but he's also really really nice! And that's why I like him, I like you two too, but at some point you're going too far, so please, can we please fuck him already? I can't take much more of this. I want him to pick me up and fuck me against the wall, I want to ride him while I make out with Nejire! I want to watch Prinz finally break from cumming too many times! I want to know what it feels like to make out with all of you! I want to have sex! So why aren't we fucking already?"

Prinz's smile twisted and brightened with each and every word Yuyu spoke. "I believe she has a point, don't you Izuku?"

A hand fell on Yuyu's shoulder, it was strong, firm, calloused, and it belonged to Izuku. "So, let me get this straight, I don't have to choose between you three?"

His voice was so deep, he was shirtless, wrapped only in a towel, and she could feel the heat of his dick through the towel. She nearly came.

"You just have to choose who goes first." Prinz purred and flipped her hand, eyes locking with Yuyu. "I don't mind waiting."

"Oooh! I wanna watch Yuyu get fucked against a wall! That sounds hot AF!" Nejire flipped in the air, diving down to pull Prinz's clothes off with a light touch before diving towards Yuyu. "And this is what my tongue feels like."

The kiss was everything Yuyu had dreamed it would be.

Nejire pulled back laughing. "I was right, you do taste good."

"Well," Izuku's voice was like a dick in her mind as his breath touched her ear. "I guess you're first, Yuyu."

Ahh, she came.


Instincts took over.

When he had heard Yuyu shouting, he came running, only to find her long rant about the current sexual frustration that Prinz had put them all in, and a very naked Nejire not even caring. When he heard everything, he had been stunned, happy, and so horny he could classify his erection as a quirk. It took all his self control to ask, all his self control not to pounce on them all and just start grabbing.

The choice for Yuyu to go first was because of just how much it sounded like she needed this. That desperation matched his own, and the idea of sexing her against the wall was just about one of the hottest things he could think of.

Their first kiss was impassioned, blending awkwardness, desire, and attraction all into one clumsy gasp for each other.

Nejire floated about, eager to help, eager to kiss, and eager to touch and be touched. She helped by stripping Yuyu, removing her bra and panties with ease and showing off Yuyu's slender body like it was a work of art. The fairy-like hands of Nejire cupped one of Yuyu's more modest breasts, before Nejire started to lick, suck, and kiss on any surface of Yuyu's body.

The scene almost pushed him away, almost made him feel out of place, but Yuyu's hand around his erection, and the look in her eyes, forced him to press forward.

It wasn't until he had her against the wall, his dick buried inside of her, a soft moan breaking across her face as she gasped, that reality finally caught up to Izuku. He was having sex. He was going to have a lot more sex after this if the way Nejire was touching him was any indication.

"You-you're," Yuyu gasped, hands on his shoulders, nails biting deep. "You're so big."

That just made him want to go harder.

He kept his hands on Yuyu's hips, leaning in to kiss her and moving his hips along with hers, the wall keeping her from moving while her legs hooked around his waist. She was too cute, too eager, and she felt so good. Every single thrust felt like a wave of relief after being teased for so long. He pulled back from his kiss with Yuyu only for Nejire to slither around him from the side and steal a kiss for herself.

Kissing Nejire was like drinking a very fizzy soda; it made his entire body tingle, and made him feel more energetic than he had a moment ago.

"Hmm," Nejire purred, kissing his shoulder and then moving to kiss Yuyu, who was all but lost in the motion of sex, her hips pressing against his, legs squeezing tighter and tighter. "Kissing you both is really fun."

"Oh?" Prinz, moved over to him, grabbing his head and pressing her lips against his. A kiss with Prinz was like a shot of espresso right into his veins. He felt Nejire and Prinz sandwich him between their breasts where he continued to move in and out of Yuyu at an alarming pace. "Just one, and I'm already addicted."

"Izuku~" Yuyu moaned, her soft salmon eyes opening for a moment before she moved forward kissing him harder. "I'm so close, I'm~ Ahh!"

She screamed, head throwing back, while she let go of his shoulders to cover her mouth. Izuku held her in place moving quicker and quicker with each thrust, up until the point that he too felt his own climax.

With a massive grunt, he came, and slammed his arm against the wall to hold them both up. Yuyu slid off, sliding onto the ground with a massive smile on her face.

One down.

He looked towards Nejire.

This was all her fault.

"You're next."


AN: I'll take my Nobel Peace Prize now.