Old Man Meddling

I hear a knock on my door at 9pm at night. I open the to see my oldest daughter Alex standing there shaking and crying. I practically pull her inside and into a hug and ask what's wrong sweetheart. She starts crying heavier and the only word I get out of it is Bobby. So now i understand something happened today in their partnership. I lead Alex to her old room and tuck her in. i decide that in the morning I go over to Bobby's and see what happened between my daughter and him as she seems super distraught.

I awake at 6 dress and head to Bobby's apartment to see what happened between the two of them. I knock and a girl answers the door. I'm now immediately curious as to who this girl is and why she is in Bobby's apartment. She says "can i help you?" for a minute im stumped on how to answer. i finally say "Is Bobby here?" her head falls and she says "no he had a falling out with his partner and left. I'm one of his friends daughters and am currently going to school here so he allowed me to stay in his place. hopefully he comes back from California." Then I hear a noise coming from down the hall and there I see Bobby running from one room to another. Now i know something bad is happening and I'm hoping it doesn't affect Alex and Bobby's relationship as i know they need to be together or the entire world will fall apart. I start by asking "whats going on and why is Bobby hiding from me?" she hangs her head down and says come in and go talk to him yourself