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On a normal Saturday, after The Leaf had closed and there was nothing left to do, it was often the case that Naruto would find himself in Kurenai's apartment. Not that he didn't want to go to his own home, mind you, or for any other reason than he enjoyed being in the raven-haired woman's company.

On a normal Saturday, the two would make a meal of Kurenai's leftovers - often some pasta dish shoved into tupperware or Asian takeout from a few nights before.

On a normal Saturday, after a late dinner, the teacher and student would talk about anything and everything new or old, often falling into arguments about something or the other,

On a normal Saturday, after depleting whatever energy they had left from the day chatting and bickering, the duo would relax into Kurenai's couch in front of the television, putting on whatever was interesting enough to catch their attention for more than a few seconds.

And so, this night turned out to be one of those normal Saturdays. After a quick supper of two-day-old lo mein and a brief spat about Naruto's rising truancy, the pair slumped lazily onto the sofa, with Naruto slumping into its armrest and Kurenai laying across it, her head in his lap. Their eyes both hovered on the television, focusing in and out on whatever niche Spanish game show they'd agreed was funnier to watch without any context.

It was during a commercial break - one of the many since they'd left the program on and dropped the remote somewhere onto the floor - that Naruto spoke up in a tired, rasped voice.

"Kurenai," he muttered.

"Yeah?" Kurenai replied, not finding the motivation to turn her head from the ad for a new barbeque restaurant in the city on the TV.

"Are we dating?"

The question was casual and came out far more offhand than one would expect of the subject matter. Yet, in just as easygoing of a tone, Kurenai responded.

"I don't know, are we?"

"I don't know."

"That's weird."


There came a pause, though not from awkwardness or hesitancy. Neither of the two felt uncomfortable discussing nearly any subject with the other. No, the silence was one of thought and consideration, not one born of a lapse of readiness or confidence.

Suddenly, Kurenai spoke again. "Everybody we know teases us about it."

"That is accurate," Naruto nodded.

"And we basically do everything that couples do together."

"Those are also things that we do."

"The only thing we haven't done is any of the sexual stuff."

"Have we kissed?"

"I don't think so."

"Is that even considered sexual?"

"I think it depends on the country you're in and how you do it."

"Like a peck isn't sexual but tongue is?"

"I think there's a few more in between those two but yeah, I'd say that's about right."

"Huh. That's weird."

"Yeah, it is. Should we kiss?"

The words were spoken so casually that one could have missed the true meaning behind them. However, in the same dismissive fashion that the two always maintained in these sorts of discussions, Naruto replied in just as laid-back a manner.

"I'm definitely not going to be the one saying no to that."

It didn't seem that Kurenai caught his agreement. That, or she did and simply ignored it - something that she did too much of when the blond spoke, in Naruto's opinion. Instead, she continued to explain herself, rotating her body on the couch so that she could stare up at his face.

"Just to see if we feel something," she elaborated. "We could start with a peck and if it feels awkward we can stop and if it feels good or we don't feel anything we can go a bit deeper until we figure it out."

"Why are you still explaining?" Naruto asked in joking confusion, looking down at her. "I was on board thirty seconds ago."

The amused huff that Kurenai gave was soon smothered by Naruto's face as he leaned his head down to hers, giving her lips a quick peck.

The kiss was brief, and just as quickly as Naruto had bent his body downwards, he righted himself again, looking back towards the TV.

"Feel anything?" he asked.

Kurenai shrugged, her shoulders lightly tapping Naruto's thigh. "Not anything bad," she replied, "but it was too quick to feel any sparks or anything either."

"Try again?"


Once again, Naruto bent forwards and brushed his lips with Kurenai's. Just as with the prior, the kiss was brief, only lasting a second longer before Naruto once again pulled away.

"How about now?" he queried.

"Let's try again."

The next kiss was more involved. Instead of two seconds, they lingered for ten, letting their lips part away from their closed positions a time or two. Naruto again pulled away.


"Again," Kurenai demanded.

This time - much to Naruto's excitement - there was tongue! Not a pornographic amount, of course - the blond hated to admit when the French of all people made something that he enjoyed - but enough to make the kiss deeper than either of the two thought they would

They separated, both sucking in air.

"That was…" Naruto trailed off.


"Did you feel-?"

"One more time."

It didn't take long for the pair's excitement to get the best of them, and by the time they separated some minute or two after closing the gap, Kurenai was upright and facing Naruto, straddling his legs with her own and making a seat out of his lap.

After pulling away from each other for the fourth time that night, the two were slightly winded, sucking in light gasps of air. Between those heavy breaths, Naruto found the will to once again ask her opinion.

"Woah…Uh, how about that one?" he asked.

Kurenai rolled her eyes. "Just shut up and take me to my room," Kurenai sighed, both in annoyance and frustration that the blond couldn't get a clue about what came next.

In another life, in another state of mind, Naruto might have questioned her command. However, the current Naruto - a Naruto flush with anticipation and with more than the appropriate amount of blood travelling towards the male body's head that wasn't quite known for critical decision making - nodded dumbly, his eyes glazed and unfocussed.

He wrapped his arms around her and stood up, feeling her legs circle easily around his waist, and he walked off, disappearing into Kurenai's bedroom.

By sunrise, the two were huddled together in bed, Naruto reclining on a few of the many pillows Kurenai had called decorative and he had dubbed a waste of money, and Kurenai resting her head on Naruto's chest.

As was normal for the two, it was Naruto who spoke first.

"That was fun," he said. At any other point in time, the smugness he'd laced the words with would have sent Kurenai into a mild fit of anger. However, the activities she'd partaken in for the past few hours had wiped her of the ability to rise at his tone, and instead she sighed in contentment.

"Yes, it was," she replied.

"I didn't know you were that flexible,"

Kurenai snorted and looked him in the eyes.. "I didn't either."

Coming together, the two kissed each other through happy smiles.

"So…" Naruto trailed after their parting. As always, he felt the need to add something he thought was witty to steal a smile from her, never remembering that almost nothing he said was ever described by Kurenai as 'witty' to anybody after the fact.

"Did you feel anything?" he smirked.


The response was immediate, and if Naruto hadn't immediately become offended and started a playful pillow fight - one which he would swear until his dying day that he'd won handily - he would have heard the playfulness in her tone and seen the teasing smile she'd donned.

Letter from the Esteemed Dicktock McJerry, Esquire

There's a little Valentine's Day Omake to tide you over.

Note: THIS IS NOT CANON. It's just a 'What If?' Omake. There will be a few more of these with other characters and situations.

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