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Intro Summary: Elsa dreamed of visiting her sister. As she travels to Ahtohallan, Elsa is in for a big surprise. Challenge: Music by Themes. Music Genre: Movie Soundtracks. Themes: Variety.

Inspiration for Fanfic: Movie Soundtracks.

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Welcome to the next part in my Music by Themes Challenge. :)

This time, the focus is on movies and their music. These will be blockbusters, as well as films that captured our hearts.

These movies have been loved by millions, and they continue to do so to this day. So, naturally, I had to start with "Frozen II".

Enjoy! :)


Elsa climbed aboard her steed. The water horse represented the element Water. So, naturally, this steed was fierce and bold, like Elsa. The sort of horse that had to be tamed.

Elsa sighed. Her white dress fit so elegantly. Her silvery-blonde hair flowed down her shoulders. But then, her fair faced got her into trouble, for it was her ice powers that led her away from Arendelle last time. Now, Arendelle was at peace, and so was Elsa.

"Let's go to Ahtohallan," Elsa told her water steed.

The horse whinnied, riding off across the frozen water towards the island Ahtohallan, which was covered in snow.

Elsa breathed a sigh of relief. She could expect nothing less but satisfaction. The frozen water was firm and stable, perfect to travel.

Her ability to walk on water was extensive. Her ice powers allowed her to walk on water, creating ice under her feet as she walked.

And here she was at Ahtohallan. She dismounted, right as she spotted a fluffy adult Emperor Penguin sniffing some flowers. The Emperor Penguin waggled his tail, hardly noticing the guest that had just arrived.

"Hello. Aren't you quaint?" the Emperor Penguin chuckled. "Here. Let me warm you up." He sat down next to the yellow flowers, embracing them, but sad when the petals fell down. "Aww! I was hoping they would stay up."

Elsa chuckled. "I think what this needs is a little magic." She waved her hand, causing the flower petals to be restored on their green stems.

The Emperor Penguin chuckled, saying, "Well, I never expected to meet a beautiful alien."

"Alien? You must be mistaken," Elsa said, confused.

"No! You're an alien! I'm Mumble Happyfeet," Mumble said.

"Elsa from the Enchanted Forest," Elsa said.

"Enchanted Forest?" Mumble said in delight. He stood up, waving to her, "Wait right there! I know what to do!" He rushed over to a piano. Putting on a black top hat and a black bowtie, Mumble played a few notes. "You know, I love movies. The magic, the wonder, the adrenaline rush." Mumble sighed. "Ah! So good."

"Movies?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah, the movies." Mumble waved his flipper, before turning on a projector. "Take a look." He watched the screen float on the island. Elsa did, too, not knowing what dangers lie ahead.


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