A new Walton story. No storyines including this time, just a small shot including John and Olivia, in 1957.

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59-year old Olivia Walton woke up with a strange sensation one morning of 1957, despite having slept very well. Still tired however, she turned to her husband´s side of the bed, to hold him and sleep again, just to see it was empty.

''John?'' Olivia called in confusion, thinking he was somewhere in the room. When he didn't respond, she decided to get up and look for him. It was a rainy day, and two days ago they had visited Jason and Toni's home to celebrate his birthday. Since they were home alone, the old couple decided to spend most of the morning in bed.

As Olivia opened the door, she came face to face with John, who was carrying a tray with toast, two cups of coffee and a piece of cake she had made a few days ago.

''John!? What's this?'' Olivia laughed.

''Oh, come on Liv, come back to bed!'' John said with a smile.

''Humm, how romantic…'' she teased him ''Here let me help you!'' she said and they gone back to bed.

Once in bed, John and Olivia enjoyed their breakfast in silence, until John smiled and kissed her.

''Alone at last, what you think about it?''

''Honestly, sometimes I am terrified, as it means our children aren't children anymore. Oh I know Elizabeth and Drew are down the road, but they aren't here. In this house." She said '' I just hope they raise their own children, the same way we raise them.''

''Our daughters had you to teach them how to be a great mother.''

"The same goes to the boys, they're good fathers thanks to you," Olivia smiled.

''You remember the first time I brought you breakfast in bed?'' John asked.

''How could I forget? It was on our honeymoon'' Olivia smiled longingly. "'Burned toast is good, when made by the ones you love. Remember when the children tried to bring us breakfast in bed?''

''Oh, sure!'' John laughed. ''A few days after Jim Bob was born they almost destroyed the kitchen. And when they tried again three years later when Elizabeth was born, Ma insisted on helping them."

''Thank God for Grandma,'' Olivia's eyes filled with tears. ''I can never be as great a grandmother as she was."

"Well, I'm still teaching all our grandchildren to fish. It's a work in progress." John rolled his eyes playfully.

"As you said, its our first time alone since a long time and how long we will be like this again, so lets enjoy the most of it before Jim Bob gets back."

John and Olivia kissed passionately.