Chapter One

Stripekit woke up and left the nursery; the deputy Scamppelt was speaking with Squirrelstar. The deputy had never liked him and he did not know why. For some reason she favored Yapkit more than him. But he saw Yapkit crossing the ShadowClan border yesterday. What was that all about? "All cats old enough to catch their own prey join me under the Highledge for a clan meeting!" Great, a Clan meeting. Thought Stripekit. "Yapkit come here." said Squirrelstar. "I hereby call upon our warrior ancestors so they can hear and approve my choice. Yapkit, do you swear to uphold the warrior code?" "I do" said Yapkit, smirking. "Then from this day until you reach your warrior name you shall be named Yappaw." "Yappaw. Yappaw" howled ThunderClan. "Scamppelt, will you be Yappaws mentor?" asked Squirrelstar. "Yes Squirrelstar." meowed Scamppelt in approval. Stripekit turned away. When will I get to be an apprentice thought Stripekit as he watched Yappaw leave camp.