Chapter 2: Falling Hard

I walked into the office to meet up with Celeste prior to heading to the police station for our debriefing session with the first responders.

"Hi Mia. How are you this morning?" I asked.

"Thank God it's Friday, the after hour calls were crazy last night. Meredith was on and I needed to call Camille in as well." Mia sighed.

"What happened?" I asked.

"A lot of DV calls" Mia shook her head. "Maybe it was the full moon."

"Maybe, let me know if anyone needs help, okay." I offered.

"Okay, how are you feeling with Nathan and Galina?" she asked.

"It will take time to process, but Pavel helped me get out some of the anger yesterday." I informed her.

"I wish Pavel would help me get my aggression out." Mia said slightly seductive.


"What?" Mia said shrugging her shoulders. "He is so hot!"

I shook my head at her "I will put in a good word for you, maybe one night you can come with me."

I started towards my office as Celeste came out of her office and said "You ready?"

"Yes, do you wanna drive?" I asked.

"Sure, but we are stopping for coffee on the way, I don't want any of that crap they serve at the police station."

"Okay" I laughed at her. I walked into my office grabbing my flash drive and other necessities for the debriefing.


I got a group text from our boss that our whole team was expected to be present at a debriefing related to incident the other night. I am a fucking hostage negotiator, I know how to handle crisis situations even when it is a tragic outcome.

I pulled up in front of Ivan's apartment complex and for once in his life he was actually waiting for me.

"What are you so happy about?" Ivan asked "Did you get laid last night?"

"Really Ivan!" I said pinching the bridge of my nose and exhaling loudly.

"What? Have you gotten any since you broke up with Tasha?" Ivan rudely asked.

"I am not discussing this with you."

"What about the hottie from the other night? You should bang her." Ivan suggested.

"I am not discussing my sex life or Roza with you." I said a little to roughly as I pulled out of the apartment complex. Shit, I gave away too much, Ivan has known me forever and he's like a dog with a bone and will not let this go.

"Roza? Is that the name of the hottie from the other night. I wonder if she will be running the debrief?" Ivan said with the biggest smirk on his face.

God, I hope she will be running today's debriefing it will make it so much less boring.


We arrived at the police station about twenty minutes later with coffees in hand and some chocolate donuts for me. We ran into Stan who showed us to the two conference rooms filled with first responders. Celeste and I randomly picked which conference room to go into and I recognized some faces from the other night as well as people that I have run into in past confrontations.

I can't lie that as I scanned the group, I was looking for one tall, dark haired man with chocolate eyes, but unfortunately I didn't see him. But I knew it was wishful thinking since he's a negotiator, he is already trained in conflict and debriefing, so it would probably be a waste of his time.

I went thru my usual presentation that I have done so often that I could probably do it in my sleep. I do try to mix it up since some of the responders have participated in the past and I want to make it worth their while. I explained which feelings where normal in a traumatic outcome and pointed out symptoms and thoughts to be aware of and when further help might be needed. I also demonstrated exercises to help process traumatic events. I did indicate in this particular situation, based on my knowledge of Nathan that unfortunately as soon as he walked into that house, no peaceful resolution would have happened no matter what we did.

We had lunch delivered for the group giving us all a break from the debriefing. Celeste came over to the room I was in and I pulled out my phone to text Mia, Meredith and Camille. I wanted to see how they were doing and to see if they wanted to go out for drinks tonight. Mia said she had a date tonight, Meredith texted back stating that she was exhausted and was heading home shortly to sleep and Camille said she was on call tonight, so she declined.

Thankfully, Celeste was in need of some drinks tonight. After lunch, Celeste and I continued with our presentation and activities followed by a question and answer session as well as letting them know that any of us counselors were available for independent sessions if needed.

We finally finished up around 5pm, I started picking up my supplies when Celeste walked into the conference room that I was in and asked "Are you still up for drinks?"

"God, yes!" I replied.

It was a short drive from the police station to the bar and it was surprisingly packed already. We made our way to the bar and two men graciously offered their seats to us. However, they hovered over us and if there was one thing I was not a fan of, it was when guys tried to pick me up at the bar, usually with the goal of a one night stand.

The two men introduced themselves to us, and I honestly couldn't remember their names, mostly because I didn't really want to know their names. Even Celeste was not interested and she could be the female version of a man-whore at times.

Celeste and I both ordered a shot of vodka and while we were waiting for the bartender to pour our shots, Tweedled Dee was trying to impress us about being a lawyer. Little did he know that I detested lawyers because I felt they tried to circumvent the truth.

The bartender handed our vodka shots to Tweedled Dum who at least paid for our drinks. He passed them over to Celeste and I and as we were listening to Tweedled Dee go on and on about some court case.

But before I could grab the shot to down it in order to drown out these guys, I felt a warm muscular person at my back. And even before I could turn to see who it was, I could smell the mixture of pine and a manly scent that seemed familiar but I couldn't currently place.

I then heard the smooth accented voice as an arm came from behind me and he addressed the bartender "Excuse me, but can these ladies have two new shots as this man to the left dropped a pill into these drinks."

I looked behind me and saw that it was Dimitri and my heart started racing at his proximity to me. The two guys started to deny that they had done anything to the drinks but Dimitri raised his hand to stop them and held out his hand so he could confiscate the rest of the pills. Dimitri took out his phone texting someone as the bartender poured us new shots as well as one for Dimitri. We clinked glasses and downed the shot. Dimitri was unaffected by the shot but Celeste and I both coughed as it went down burning our throats.

Shortly thereafter two cops showed up at the bar and briefly spoke with Dimitri. The officers handcuffed the two guys and interviewed Celeste and I. Dimitri stayed with us until the officers were finished.

"Why don't you two come over to our table?" Dimitri suggested. I looked at Celeste and she nodded, so we got up and followed Dimitri. I slid into the booth next to Dimitri who had placed his arm behind me on the back of the booth. It was crowded in the booth, but I didn't mind since it made me have to sit really close to Dimitri.

Dimitri introduced Ivan to us again, who Celeste seemed to be interested in and appeared to almost be sitting in his lap.

"Thank you for earlier" I said to Dimitri, referring to preventing Celeste and I almost drinking a vodka shot that was most likely laced with GHB or a similar drug. Dimitri shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

It was really noisy in the bar since it was packed as well as the music pumping through the speakers. Dimitri leaned over and spoke in my ear and said "So, I wish I had been in your group today."

I gasped "I didn't realize that you were even there."

"Yes, our whole team was sent by our supervisor. It's always good for our team to debrief after a situation with a bad outcome. Usually Ivan and I lead it for our team, but we don't go in as much depth as you and Celeste do. You have some great suggestions about coping after hostages are killed."

I sighed as I thought about what had happened, if I was honest with myself, I hadn't really debriefed myself.

Dimitri noticed the change in my mood and whispered into my ear "I am sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up."

"No, it's fine. It's just frustrating when you get so close to getting some one out of a dangerous situation and then something like this happens." I said.

Dimitri tucked some hair behind my ear as he said "I know what you mean." And I knew he understood being a hostage negotiator.

A waitress came over and Dimitri asked "Do you want another shot?"

"No, I'll take a beer" I said as Dimitri said "Make that two".

We continued talking about the debriefing today and I started fidgeting with the bottle of beer that was in front of me. I started spacing out thinking about the last few days, when Dimitri grabbed my hand and started running his thumb back and forth. I looked up at him and he graced me with the best smile I think I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

The song "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull came on and the entire table and everyone near us starting hollering heading for the dance floor. Dimitri grabbed my hand pulling me to the dance floor and said "This is kind of our theme song."

Everyone was dancing in a circle and I was facing the center of the circle with the Dimitri behind me. All of the guys were singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs and it was hilarious to watch.

Tonight I want all of you tonight

Give me everything tonight

For all we know we might not get tomorrow

Let's do it tonight

Dimitri grabbed my hips pulling me back into his chest and he started grinding on me when the chorus played:

Excuse Me

And I might drink a little more than I should tonight

And I might take you home with me if I could tonight

And baby I'ma make you feel so good tonight

Cause we might not get tomorrow

Dimitri felt so good against me and suddenly I couldn't wait til tomorrow night for out date. I had never had sex with anyone on a first date, but I might have to make an exception for him. On the next chorus:

Grab somebody sexy, tell them hey

I turned around and grabbed his shirt pulling him to me saying "Hey".

Dimitri kept his hands on my hips and then he turned me around again and was grinding my ass even harder and he was singing in my ear:

Excuse me

But I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight

And I might take you home tonight

Cause we might not get tomorrow

I decided to step it up a little so when the lyrics repeated:

Grab somebody sexy, tell them hey

I turned around, grabbed his shirt and kissed him hard and thankfully he kissed me back with the same desperation that I had.

Once the song was over, we went back to the booth and ordered another beer and a bottle of water because I was sweating my ass off.

I looked around and I couldn't see Celeste. Dimitri noticed that I was looking around intently.

"What's wrong Roza?"

"I can't find Celeste" I said.

"She went home with Ivan" Dimitri told me with a smirk on his face.

"Fuck, she has my keys in her car." I said.

"I can give you a ride home." Dimitri offered.

"Thank you that would be great since my car is still at work but she also has my apartment keys." I said.

Dimitri said "If you are ready to leave, we can track Ivan down."

"Okay" I said not sure exactly how we were going to do it. Dimitri said goodnight to a few of the guys at the table. We walked out of the bar and the gentleman that Dimitri was, he opened the passenger door of his black Ford Expedition for me and helped me in. Dimitri got into the driver's seat, clipped his phone into the driver side visor and called someone as he started the car.

A woman answered and said "FBI".

"Hey Jessica, it's Dimitri, I need the 20 on Ivan"

"Sure" she said and I could hear her typing on a computer. "He is heading south on Main Street just past Dover Street."

"Thanks Jessica" Dimitri said as he hung up the phone. He turned to me and asked what kind of car Celeste was driving.

"She drives a white Honda CRV" I told him.

We were speeding down Main Street when we spotted Celeste's car and Dimitri asked "Are you up for a little fun?"

"Sure" I responded not knowing what he had in mind. Dimitri pulled up right behind Celeste's car and put his red and blue emergency lights on. Celeste pulled over as Dimitri pulled up behind her. Dimitri said "Stay on the shoulder of the road near the backseat passenger door" he said as he exited out of his car.

Dimitri went over to the passenger side of the car and knocked on the window. Ivan rolled the window down and asked "Officer, what is the problem?" while he pulled out his wallet, probably to prove he worked for the FBI.

Dimitri started "Miss, do you realize that you are about to engage in questionable behavior with a shady character?"

It was at this point that Ivan looked up to realize who was at the window. "Belikov, you asshole!"

Dimitri and I broke out in hysterics and I walked over to the window where Dimitri was speaking with Ivan. Dimitri said "Sorry, but Rose said the keys to her car and apartment are in here."

Speaking for the first time, Celeste said "Shit, I'm so sorry Rose, I totally forgot that you had your stuff in here". She passed the bag to Ivan who then handed it through the window to me.

"Thanks, have fun you two!" I laughed at the two of them as I wiggled my eyebrows at them. And as Dimitri and I started waking back to his SUV he yelled "Use a condom" as Celeste pulled back out into traffic.

Once we were back in the SUV, Dimitri asked where my car was. I told him the address of my office, but I told him that we were closer to my apartment. And if he didn't mind, he could just drop me off at my apartment and that tomorrow I would do my morning run and pick up my car.

"Are you sure, it's really no bother to get your car." Dimitri said.

"Yes" I said and then I gave him my address. Dimitri pulled into my apartment complex, parked in the visitor space and despite my objections to just drop me off in front of the main door. Dimitri got out, opened my door taking my hand and leading me toward the entrance.

Dimitri walked me to my apartment on the tenth floor. Normally, I would have told whoever I was with that I was fine and they didn't need to walk me to my apartment. I was usually pretty guarded as to where I lived, not letting dates know where I lived until it seemed serious. Jesse was a perfect example of that idea, but I was relishing being in Dimitri's company and something deep down just told me that I could trust him.

We reached my door and I unlocked it and stepped inside and Dimitri leaned against the door frame. I looked up at him and I bit my bottom lip and I swear I heard a sexy growl coming from him.

"I would invite you in, but I am afraid I would break my rule and not let you leave until tomorrow morning." I would never say anything like that to someone I just met, especially someone I was going out on a date with. But I suspected the alcohol was giving me a little liquid courage.

Dimitri rubbed the stubble that had started to grow on his face and said "If I came in, I probably wouldn't leave until the next morning when I knew you were completely satisfied."

I looked down at my feet allowing my hair to fall around my face so he couldn't see the blush spreading up my face. Dimitri put his hand under my chin and guided my face up so he could look me in the eyes.

"I like you Rose, a lot, but I am a little old fashioned. I want take you out and date you before we do anything too physical. I hope you don't mind, I know that's not the fashionable thing to do, but it was how I was raised."

A smile came across my face and I said "No, I like the idea of getting to know someone first before things get too physical. And I really like you too." I said.

"Can I kiss you?" Dimitri asked as I noticed his accent was thicker than I had heard before.

"Yes" I breathlessly said.

Dimitri cupped my face with both hands and brushed his lips against mine. He kept it brief but that was probably a good idea since even though we agreed to get to know each other, there was so much underlining sexual tension.

My phone started buzzing in my back pocket and I said "I am so sorry, I just need to check my phone, things have been crazy at work the last two nights and I told them to call me if they needed help."

"Don't feel bad I completely understand."

I looked at the caller id and realized it was Jesse. I sighed out loud and sent it to voicemail. Dimitri noticed my demeanor change and asked "Is everything okay?"

"I guess, it's that Jesse guy I told you about where we went on one date and he seems to have invented a relationship between us. I need to block him, I keep forgetting to look up how to do it." I said as my phone beeped. I expected it to be a voicemail when I saw that it was a text message and when I opened it up I said "Ewe, he sent me dick pic, gross!"

"Here, I can do it if you like." Dimitri offered.

"Please? I would love that." I sighed as Dimitri played with my phone and handed it back to me saying "You should be good but let me know if it doesn't work."

"I better let you get some sleep, you look tired." Dimitri said.

"Thank you for tonight especially with those drinks and the creepy guys." I said.

Dimitri whispered "I would probably do anything for you" as he leaned back down to kiss me. When he pulled back he said "Sleep well Roza. I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

"Good night Dimitri" I said as I watched him start walking down the hall. I closed the door and leaned up against it with the craziest smile on my face.

I woke up the next morning remembering that I had to go get my car. I got dressed in legging, a sports bra and a hoodie and put my hair up in a high ponytail. It was nice weather for a run, not to hot or cold, the sun was out and it was relatively quiet and my office was about 10 miles from my apartment.

I was about halfway to work and I was cutting across the park when I noticed Dimitri running towards me.

"Fancy meeting you here." I said as I stopped running when I neared him.

Dimitri laughed and said "This is my usual path, honestly, I am not a stalking you."

At this point we had stopped running and had been talking for about five minutes about nothing of any importance. We heard a high pitched scream and looked in the direction of the scream to see a huge grizzly bear coming right towards us. I looked around and saw there was nowhere to provide us with shelter from the bear.

Dimitri must have come to the same conclusion but then he yelled "Tree!" We ran the few yards to the tree and Dimitri literally threw me up into the tree. I climbed higher so that Dimitri could fit in the tree as well. There was a garbage can at the base of the tree so Dimitri climbed on top of it so he could then jump to the first branch.

The bear walked over and was circling the tree and then he dumped the garbage can over and started rummaging thru it. I was thankful that the bear was more interested in the garbage than us. Dimitri pulled out his phone and said "This is Agent Dimitri Belikov, I am at Westledge Park we need animal control near the south end of the pond. There is a bear running through the park." Dimitri said. There was a pause on his side as I assumed whom ever he was talking to was asking questions. "In a tree" was his answer and it made me burst out laughing at how absurd this seemed.

Dimitri hung up the phone and started laughing himself when he saw me wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. "Not exactly how I envisioned my morning going." Dimitri said.

"Me either!" I laughed.

About five minutes later a bunch of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and animal control pulled up to the park. I was surprised that with the amount of noise the emergency vehicles made that it wasn't enough to scare the bear away from the bottom of the tree.

Dimitri looked at who had arrived and said "I'm never going to live this down."

I looked at the crowd that had gathered and recognized some of Dimitri's colleagues. Obviously they had heard the call and came to watch as there was no need for FBI assistance. I noticed that they all had their cell phones out and were recording the situation.

The animal control officer was able to get in position and shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart. It took about two minutes for the bear to fall over and then the fire fighters helped to load the bear into a truck so he could be released in the woods outside of the city.

Dimitri then jumped out of the tree and helped me to climb out of the tree as well. "Come on, I'll give you a ride to your office, I think we have had enough nature for one day." Dimitri said.

"Well, hopefully our dinner tonight won't try to eat us." I joked referring to our dinner plans at the Aquarium. Dimitri let out this robust laughter and I loved hearing it.

We approached Dimitri's colleagues and earned ourselves a round of applause. Dimitri was giving them all murderous looks, I however embraced it and bowed to them.

"Alright, you guys can all go and get out of here! Ivan can we drop Rose off at her office before you take me home."

We arrived at my office building and I noticed there were more cars in the parking lot than normal for a Saturday including a van from the Corrections Department.

"Hmm" I said more to myself but Dimitri heard it when he had opened my car door to help me out.

"Hmm what?" he asked.

"Nothing, there usually aren't this many cars here on a Saturday." I said.

"Does your department occupy the whole building or are there other departments?" Dimitri inquired looking around. I could tell he had switched into FBI mode and was assessing the situation.

"We occupy the majority of the building, but there are a few other departments relating to mental health and court cases." I said. "Anyways, thanks for the ride. I'll see you tonight."

"Yes, I can't wait. Are you sure everything is okay? Do you want me to go in with you just in case?" Dimitri offered.

"No, it's fine. Mia's here. I see you tonight."

Dimitri quickly looked around and then he cupped my face and planted the sweetest kiss on my lips. "See you later" he said as he climbed back in the SVU. I watched them drive away and then I basked in the sunlight for a minute before heading into the building