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By: Chelsea Q.


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What if Ziva David's little sister Tali, never died? Instead she survived the Hamas suicide bombing. Tali went through Mossad training with Ziva and they were both at the top of their classes. Since she was small, Tali had always wanted to be a firefighter but her father, Director Eli David of Mossas, had different plans. This takes place right after the season 6 finale for NCIS starting season 7. It also takes place after Mills leaves Firehouse 51.

A/N: You can skip this chapter, it is not really necessary. Short summary would be. Ziva was taken hostage at the prison camp in Somalia. Two months had passed and Tali was getting worried so consulted with her father Eli. He brushed her off no caring so she took matters into her own hands. She consulted NCIS but Director Vance decided to not share with Gibb's team. Tali then went to save her sister in Somalia.



Ziva had fought her way through the first guards at the prison camp. Being the badass she is, she took them all down. Four men were posted out front. One shot...two shots...three...four shots. DEAD, all dead. She sniped them and proceeded to walk into the camp. Some men nearby had heard the shots and went to investigate. Ziva took them by surprise, elbowed a man and when he went to punch her she grabbed his outstretched arm, twisted it and snapped it. She then put a round in his heart. While she was doing this the man behind her lifted his assault rival to shoot her and she sensed this and she hit him with a roundhouse kick knocking his rifle away. She swept him off his feet and as he fell to the ground more men came running. She put her boot to his face. DEAD. She continued to try to fight off the rest of the men but she was overpowered. She had been kicked in the ribs and sucker punched in the jaw. She taunted them because in Mossad they had trained her to never be caught alive. Yet they wouldn't kill her. Then came Saleem. He spoke in arabic not knowing she could understand him. He said, "Don't kill her…take her to a cell. I want her alive."

One man then head-butted her with the back of his assault rifle. Ziva woke up tied at her wrists and ankles. She coughed because her throat was dry and itchy. She opened her eyes to see a small stream of light coming in through a small hole towards the top of the wall to her left. It was night time. She knew that when she had gotten there it was around 3:00pm according to the position of the sun. She started to get up when the door unlocked and walked in Saleem.

"Who are you?"He asked in english this time.

She stayed silent.

"I said WHO ARE YOU! Answer me goddammit!"He spit out as his back hand finished hitting her face. She fell back.

"You will be sorry you didn't talk. You will BEG for me to stop!"He screamed as he walked out. Days without water or food, Ziva counted the time and days. Saleem would come back almost daily beating her senseless to try and get information, but knowing Ziva she wouldn't break. Then after about two weeks of the beatings, Saleem walked in.

"Ziva David. Who would've thought the daughter of the director of Mossad could grace me with her presence. Now tell me...who sent you here?" He spatted.

"Go to hell."She shouted at him and spit on his face. He beat her for the rest of the day and made her go two days without food and water. After that she woke up with a bag on her head. She was tied down to a table and could feel the cold surface beneath her. She was naked. They had stripped her naked! She couldn't believe it. She didn't want to. She tried her best to stay calm. The door opened and she could hear the footsteps of two men. Hadar was the man's name who accompanied Saleem. Hadar tore off the sack from her head. Saleem spoke,

"Since you won't tell me who you work for, why don't I have ehh a little fun, ay?" He had been smoking when he walked in and put out his cigar on Ziva's stomach. She grimaced through clenched teeth.

"Let the fun begin!" Saleem said with a sinister grin.


Mossad Headquarters:

Tali had not heard from Ziva for two months since she had gone on a mission. She was starting to worry. She barged into her abbas (fathers) office.

(Conversation in Arabic)

"Shalom, Tali" He greeted his youngest daughter.

"Shalom, Abba. Have you heard from Ziva? She has not contacted me and she said she would give weekly reports. It has been two months. I-"

"Tali I am sure she has not had the time. After all she is on a mission. Do I need to remind you that the mission is more important than contacting you?"

"Abba that is not fair! She told me-"

"ENOUGH! That is enough out of you Tali. Go home and leave this alone. You are not her handler and you are certainly NOT her mother!"

In disbelief Tali walked out annoyed and neck red with anger. She could sense that something was wrong. She decided to call Abby. She mentioned to Abby that she would drop by the next day. The team had never met Tali before only Abby had. Abby had taken a vacation to Israel and ran into her. She had seen Ziva with a woman that looked identical to her. The woman with her whom had piercing green eyes was four years younger than Ziva. They had been introduced to each other and became good friends quite quickly. Tali had enjoyed meeting Abby which was rare for her.

NCIS- Bullpen:

That night Tali took a plane to D.C. to talk with Abby. As the elevator doors opened she immediately recognized whom Ziva had been working with. The older man with the piercing blue eyes and salted pepper hair. The annoyingly kind of handsome Tony Dinozzo. Last but not least The kind young man typing away at his computer obviously McGee. As she walked in Tony let go of a paper ball mid throw. He caught his breath. He thought he had just seen a ghost.

"Psst! Probie! Who is that? She looks like Ziva. And she's hot!"He said as he walked to McGee and stood behind him. She walked closer towards the bullpen and Gibbs approached her with a cup of scorching hot coffee in hand.

"Can I help you?"Asked Gibbs.

"I am looking for an Abby Scuito? Could you point me in her direction?"Said Tali with a heavy accent that rolled off her tongue.

"And may I ask wh-" Gibbs was cut off by Director Vance.

"My Office NOW!"He said as he looked at Tali. She rolled her eyes and muttered nevermind under her breath as she went up the stairs to the director's office. Tony got up and moved to get a better view of Tali's ass as she walked up the stairs which made him receive a head slap to the back of the head from Gibbs. McGee just snickered.

Director's Office:

"Tali David... I got a call from your father saying you might show up here. Why is that?"

"No offense director but this doesn't concern you. I am only here to see Abby."

"Well if you're here to talk to an employee of mine then I guess IT DOES! Now why are you here? Don't make me ask again?"

"Fine.. I'm here seeking information on Ziva. She went on a mission roughly and has not reported back to me like she promised. She does not break her promises. I was hoping that maybe Abby could triangulate her satellite phone."

"You can go down and talk to her but you aren't to speak of this to anyone."

"Yes of course director and thank you."She rushed out the door and down the stairs into the bullpen crossing towards the elevator. She went down to Abby's lab.

"Hi Abby."

"TALI!"Shouted the cheerful goth as she rushed over and hugged Tali.
"Oh I've missed you! So what's the number so I can triangulate it?"

"Abby promise me one thing before we do this. You can't tell the team please. At least not until I know she's fine?"

"Sure but just know that I don't like it."

"Thank you, Abby, really this means a lot. The number is 222-055-6789 (i pressed random numbers lol)"

Abby ran it through the system and got a hit. She triangulated the last known address at the Horn of Africa in Somalia near a prison camp. Tali instantly knew Ziva had to be there. She hadn't heard the full mission but enough to know her sister could be there. A second later Gibbs called Abby telling her to head up to the bullpen with Tali. When they got up their Abby introduced Tali.

"Guys meet Tali, Ziva's little sister"Tony being his usual self walked up to her straightening out his lapels and extended his hand.

"Hi I am Very Special Agent Anthony "Tony"-"

"Dinozzo, yes I have heard of you. And Timothy McGee, Doctor Donald Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, and Leroy Jethro Gibbs."Tali interrupted Tony and shook their hands accordingly. They all greeted her and then they all turned to look at their Director Vance.

"I have some bad news."He said and then continued, "It's about Ziva."