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A/N: The story takes place in Chicago Fire around season 2 when Gabby was at the academy. I decided to make it so that Mills left during this time because if he hadn't there wouldn't be a place for Tali at the firehouse. Ziva had been around 21 when she first showed and concluded that between her and Tali there is a 4-year gap. Meaning that in Season 6/7 Ziva is around 24-25. I made that gap smaller for 2 years. Since it has been 2 years-ish throughout my story, this means that Ziva is around 27-28 and Tali is still 26 as mentioned in chapter 23.

By: Chelsea Q.



"There is some good news, your baby girl is alright, bad news, you have to start pushing now without any medication." The OB said as she shot Tali a caring look, one of sympathy. A nurse went out to inform Severide who was now surrounded by his friends from work.

"Your baby girl is going to be born, like right now." The nurse said as she pulled him with her to the room Tali was in. Severide shot a quick text to Gibbs telling him to come quickly. He walked into the room noticing Tali had been changed into a pink hospital gown. He rushed to her side to hold her hand knowing the situation she was in and how she wouldn't be receiving any pain medication. She was only 6 centimeters dilated but she had to start pushing since the baby had dropped while she was being changed making her 8 centimeters dilated. Severide then started whispering one sentence over and over into her ear as he kissed her temple.

"We're going to have a baby."


Soft whimpers and screams filled the room as Severide kept by Tali's side no matter how hard she squeezed his hand. He was sure it would be bruised in a bit. She had been pushing for three hours and was only able to dilate one more centimeter, leaving her at 9. Gibbs was almost there with his team, they had taken a private plane seeing as it was a family emergency for them all. Yet another hour of strained pushes, blood being drawn from Tali's lip from how hard she was biting down to not let a sound slip, and refusing to let a tear fall, Gibbs, her sister, and the team made it. They let three people in with her at the same time. Gibbs stood behind Tali rubbing soothing circles on her back, Severide held her right hand, and Ziva the other. Breaking through the audible silence besides Tali's soft whimpers, the OB spoke.

"Alright, you are at 10 centimeters give me one more big push you got this. Just imagine being able to see your baby girl now." The OB half-shouted over her increasing cries of pain. Her family gave her a bit of encouraging words as she pushed one final time. Another hour had gone by as she kept stopping feeling that the pain was too overbearing. Then the OB said something none of them would have wanted to hear.

"If you don't push now your baby will be in trouble, come on just one more push!" She encouraged Tali while all she felt was fear that her baby girl could be harmed. Tali nodded as she started giving a final push and shortly after silence filled the room the crying of a baby girl filled the room. Tali could hear some 'congrats' and 'you did it' but it was all hazy. She saw a tiny figure with only a little bit of hair seeing as she was born prematurely. Ziva and Gibbs had left the room to give the new parents a bit of privacy. They would have to take the baby girl to the NICU seeing as she was born early but after letting her parents see her. As they wrapped the little girl in a blanket and started walking towards Severide and Tali, the monitors started going off with an increasing 'beeping' noise. Tali's vision started to blur and she tried reaching out to her baby girl but her arm fell limp to her side. Letting her eyes close since she knew her baby girl would be safe.

"Tali….no! no! no! no! Tali! Tali wake up!" Severide let his tears fall as a nurse backed away with a crying baby girl and other nurses pushing Severide out as the monitors were going crazy and her body was limp and getting paler and paler. They shut the door in his face and he stood in disbelief. His coworkers went up to him smiling but the smiles dropped once they saw him with tears in his eyes. Shortly after he finally spoke up.

"It- my- our baby girl is fine she has good lungs but T- Tali sh-s-she-" Severide couldn't continue as he broke down then and there. His closest friends all-enveloping him in a big group hug. They lead him to a chair in the waiting room with the rest of his friends and family. Gibbs and his team questioned what happened after a while, breaking the somber silence that had fallen over the room. Kelly continued to explain what had happened not letting slip how concerned he was and confused.

Back in the Room

The monitors were going crazy and Severide had just been pushed out. The OB had been able to take out her placenta right after the baby was born and before the monitors went haywire. Tali was starting to bleed from her lower region which left the doctors intrigued and concerned as to what was happening. They started running around checking her vitals and hanging another liter of blood with some saline. Then the monitor started to flatline. Quickly, the doctor in charge reclined the bed all the way back and pressed the 'Code Blue' button. A cart was quickly wheeled in and the OB placed the board under Tali's light paling body. When the code had been paged or the alarm was sound, it had caught the attention of Kelly and everyone else leaving them shocked and worried about what would be the final outcome.

"Hang another liter of blood!"

"Get me another bag of saline STAT!"

The portable ultrasound in here NOW!"

"Pushing one of EPI! Charge to 200…..CLEAR!"


"She's in V-tach! Charge to 360! Clear!"


"Resuming chest compressions!"

All this went on for another 10 minutes until they finally got a rhythm.

"Alright, we got a rhythm! Rush her up to get a scan now!" All doctors cleared the way and headed up to get scans for her. Passing through the waiting room where everyone stood out of concern and Gibbs holding Severide back from running to be by Tali's side. Dinozzo too holding Ziva back from running to be with her little sister. The doctors rushed into the elevator and the doors closing shortly behind them. After they did a quick scan they noticed that she had a bit of internal damage so they would have to do surgery so they rushed to the first available O.R.

Three Hours Later

There had been a few complications during the surgery that were quickly fixed. Three hours after, Tali was finally taken into a patient room where she was under heavy sedation. Severide and Ziva were let in 30 minutes after se had been situated. They finally wheeled their baby girl into the room. Gibbs had left on his usual coffee run so only Ziva and Kelly were left in the room. It wasn't until an hour and a half later that Tali came to.

"K-ke-kelly? I- Is s-she o-ok?" Tali asked as her throat was scratchy from how dry it was. Her body was exhausted and she could feel the stitches on her lower stomach rub the blankets.

"Oh Oh my god Tali!" Severide clasped her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Ziva too started talking with her and they both explained that their baby girl was fine. Severide stepped out for about 10 minutes to explain to everyone that she was fine, leaving Tali with her sister. The two sisters talked for a bit shedding maybe a tear or two, they wouldn't let anyone know though. Then Ziva stepped out and let Severide in with his wife and newborn daughter.

"Jennifer or Jenny," Tali stated as she was looking over at her daughter in her husbands' hands.

"Jennifer, little Jenny, I like it but why?" Severide asked.

"After your mother of course, and the old director of NCIS Jenny Shepard, we were close and she helped me survive long enough to meet you and have her," Tali explained. Severide handed her their daughter and she was finally able to see her clearly. Some faded dark hair showing and a mix of blue, green, and brown eyes. Tan skin and small hands. Tali fed her daughter for the first time feeling as content as ever. She had survived.

She was married.

She had a husband. And a daughter.

But the main thing is.

She survived.

The End…

I decided to make it a happy ending cuz