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This is going to follow the traditional format of Minecraft but with a twist.

This might be a bit hard to stomach at first, but bear with it.

Well, this ought to be interesting...

This was not good. This was not how he imagined things would go. This was not how he wanted things to end. He had things he wanted to do. He had places he was going to go. People to impress. Family to prove wrong. But of course, life always seems to have something out for him.

"Look honey, I know what you did was self-defense, but did you have to go so far?" His mother, bless her soul, asked. She was clearly distressed about the situation despite her soft spoken nature.

It wasn't like he didn't feel bad for putting her through that, but those idiots had it coming. Seriously, they thought that 3 versus 1 was a fair fight? Pathetic.

Ok, so they were all nearly unconscious when the teacher came to them, and he also could've stopped when the other 2 were on the ground already, but come on, how lame do you have to be to plan out a fight only to become a crying mess when things don't go your way?

He honestly got second handed embarrassment seeing them act all high and mighty only to become blubbering messes when he beats them down. Years of training only to be able to fight a couple of wannabe tough guys really has gotten him to feel down. Jeez when would he be actually challenged by something.

He could hear the growling behind him. Or at least he thinks they're growling. All he knew for sure was that those things were not any creature he has ever seen before. They seemed to be some sort of arthropod. They were docile until the big one laid its eyes (he thinks they're eyes) on him. Now here they were chasing him down with the big one leading the hunt.

He would not scream, he would not cry, and he sure as hell wasn't going to beg for mercy. But those things were gaining on him, and despite how proud he was of his athleticism he was no animal. Those creatures were faster than him, and they will gain on him unless some sort of miracle happens.

"The hell is wrong with you? Where's all those balls you had before? Don't tell me you're pussying out?" He stood over the little roach. Seriously, he talked a big game till his two buddies were down.

"Look man, I'm sorry ok? I just wanted to give you a good scare!"

"By beating the shit out of me?"

"Ye- I mean no! You got to understand, we have our reps ya know? we didn't know you were -aahh!" Before the roach could finish a fist landed on his face. The fist's owner then wiped his hands on one of the unconscious boy's shirts.

"Shit man, here I thought this was gonna be good. You really had to waste my time with this?" He walked up to the roaches. Two were still squirming. He squash one with his foot before it tried to crawl away. As for the last one…

He was the biggest one of the three. The leader, if he could even call him that, had tears streaming down his eyes, and his nose was bleeding pretty badly. Well, they do say that a cornered animal did fight the fiercest. Maybe this could still be interesting.

The irony was not lost here right now. Except the worst thing that happened to that roach was a couple of cuts and bruises, along with a broken pride. But pride can be fixed. His life on the other hand…

Why the hell was this happening to him? What did he do? What the hell went wrong? No matter how he looked at this, it didn't make any sense.

"What the hell happened?" His dad bellowed. He is the latest person to learn about the "fight", although calling it that was a stretch. "How could you do this? We trusted you wouldn't do this again. Then we turn around for a bit, and we hear about this!"

"Dad, he had it coming. Besides, you were the one to tell me to defend myself when someone tried to mess with me," the young boy said back, "Ok, maybe I may have taken it a bit too far-"

"A bit? A bit?! You had the boy on the ground bleeding and crying while getting the whole class to taunt the poor kid. What did he do to deserve that?" the aging man asked, he grabbed his son by the shoulders and pulled him to his face, "What horrible things did he do to you that incited that?"

The boy looked away for a moment. That snake had it coming. Damn it. Why him? He did what he felt was justified. If that meant humiliating the snake, why did he have to get punished?

"You never answered the question. What did he do?"


"Then make it simple."

He really did contemplate on snitching the snake out. But at this point what difference will it make? The snake has slithered away now, and he's left out having to answer for what the snake did. Dammit, maybe the snake already got what he wanted. Sure he was humiliated in front of the entire class and probably the entire school. But all he would have to do is switch schools. The teachers, faculty, and even the parents of other children all look at him like a psychopath. But he was at the top of his class. He was seen as someone great, a star student, but all of that now came crumbling down.

That damn snake.

"Are you going to answer?" His dad asked.

"He...tricked me…" He half-admitted.

"How?" his dad interrogated.

"I…" he looked away again.

"Tell me please! We need to know in order to help you!" the older man pleaded.

"I can't say..."

"Please! You need to say something! Anything! Anything to explain this mess!"

Finally the boy lost his temper and yelled, "It doesn't matter! That jerk deserved everything that happened to him! I don't care how bad he got treated or how hurt he got! HE DESERVED IT!"

He seriously needed to reevaluate when it would be a good time to reminisce about the shitty things in his life. Those creatures were right on his heel.

Waking up in this desert has got to be the worst thing to happen to him. Hot humid air, no civilization anywhere he looked, and the thirst was unbearable. Seriously, what kind of rotten luck does he have to wake up in a total wasteland.

There was a cave with a small opening up a head. Finally! A goddamn miracle. He will survive this, and afterwards he's going straight home, somehow. There has to be a way to go back if he ended up here. Maybe he would need to make some landmar-

He tripped.

The creatures wasted no time ganging up on him. Each of them surrounded him, blocking any escape he had. Then they began ripping him apart.

He would not scream.

"AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! NOO! Please!" his leg was getting torn open. He felt them grab his arms and started pulling them apart. Another was stabbing his legs and ripping the meat out.

He would not cry

Tears were falling down his face as his arms got dislocated. His legs were getting smashed to pieces.

He would not beg for mercy.

"Please! don't do this!" He cried, "I had plans! I had things I wanted to-AAAGGGHHH!" he pleaded as one of his arms came off.

God damn it. He couldn't even keep promises to himself.

"Listen,You can't spend the rest of your life terrorizing those around to get what you want! One day you won't be able to keep up this act of yours!" The older man lectured.

"Why?" the boy asked apathetically.

"Because one day you'll be the one in the other end. And I won't be there to help you. No one will. And you'll have no idea what to do. You're going to feel what others felt when you targeted them. And I don't want that. But it seems like that's the road you're taking..."

"Someone! Please! Hel-AAAGGHH!" One of the claws found its way to his throat.

The desert was silent once again.

Well then...that was something.

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