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It had been a month since the day Horatio had saved Marisol from the oncoming car's path. Not only was Marisol and Eric grateful, but the entire Delko family also expressed their gratitude.

As he recuperated from his injuries, a few changes occurred at the lab. Usually, he would have had Megan take over while he was out. However, she had left not long after he was discharged from the hospital, so Calleigh took over as supervisor. He heard from Eric how she did a spectacular job of leading the team in his absence.

As for his injuries, the sprains and concussion were easy to heal from, but the cracked ribs required more recuperating time. Marisol would come by to see him and help him before heading off to work. She would then come by after work to help with dinner. Horatio found a lot more about Marisol. He realized just how much they had in common and how intelligent Marisol was, like how her brain had little random knowledge. He also found out how she got her love of cooking from her mother, Carmen, and that she could make a mean ropa vieja would make it for him to try one day. He also found out that not only did she want to be a paralegal, she also wanted to find a good man, settle down and start a family. That he could help with.

Three weeks later, his doctor cleared him for office work, and lab work providing it was not strenuous. He knew it was time to ask Marisol on a date, a proper one this time.

When he returned to work on desk duty, he decided to ask her then. He knew that today would be one of her days off, and he knew from experience with his ex-fiancée and that she would need time to go get ready. He called her and, as he waited, began to get nervous. No one has made him this nervous, and dang it, Marisol was making him nervous. He was about to hang up when he heard, "Hello?"

Nerves getting the best of him, Horatio managed to get out quickly, "Hi Marisol, it is Horatio, and I uh was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me."

Marisol was smiling; she had been waiting for this call for a little while now. She thought he sounds so cute when he is nervous.

She asked, "Of course, what day are you thinking of?"

Calming down a little, Horatio asked, "How about tonight at seven?"

Marisol replied, "Great, I will see you then, handsome!"

After they each hung up, Horatio gulped and thought there is no backing out now!

Meanwhile, Marisol thought I am so going to make Horatio want me now!

Marisol went to get ready for her hot date knowing how the night would end.

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