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The events here take place a year or two after the movie. I'm not actually sure how long, but it has been enough time that Nick and Judy are officially together, and Judy is very, VERY... Well… read on and find out.

Note: I am going to use an internal dialog technique here that I am totally stealing from another author. I loved it so much I'm test driving it here in hopes of using the same technique in my original works.

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Now, on with the show.


WildeHopps Apartment - Monday evening

Locking the apartment door, Judy dropped her keys into her bag and pulled out her phone, sending a text to Nick.

J: I'm heading to Therus now.

N: Awesome. Mike & I R just finishing up. Suffering through paperwork. Should be there shortly after you R.

N: Please tell me you are taking the car and not going to try and walk it.

J: R? Really? Yes I'm taking the car. In my condition, just getting to the car is a marathon. Now quit complaining and just get it done. Does Mike suspect anything?

N: /Laughing fox emoji x3/ Yes, Really. Mike? Not a thing, though I suspect that won't last long after we get there.

N: What about Lizz?

J: That is kinda the point, right? /skeptical rabbit emoji/ I'm sure she's weirded out about meeting a rabbit at Therus, but with Fin working as the cook, I'm sure I'll be able to pass it off.

N: Okay. Gotta finish up if we're going to make it. Love you.

J: Love you more.

Judy pulled up to Cafe Therus on the edge of Savanna Central and downtown about twenty minutes later. It was late afternoon, and despite having eaten just a few hours prior, she was hungry again. Checking her phone now that she was parked a bright smile broke her short muzzle as she fired off a text letting Nick know she was there.

J: I'm here. See you soon. \\kissing rabbit emoji x5\\

Looking up at the cafe, Judy smiled again, this time with a mischievous glint as she got out of the car. With a careful stretch, she moved out of the way of the car door and shut it with a grunt. Mumbling to herself. "Gods. If these kits are not born soon, I won't be able to even move."

Glancing inside, she smiled again, her smile transitioning from mischievous to down right smug upon seeing that her mark, as Nick would put it, was already there. Walking, or more waddling towards the door to the cafe, thinking to herself.

Why are we calling Lizz a mark again?

Because this is a surprise.

Yes, but a mark?

Well, getting her here was a bit of a hustle, no?

Well... I suppose... We've been around Nick too long I think.

Oh, that's a given, five minutes is too long, but it's a bit late for that now isn't it? I mean... It was you...

/snorting/ Okay... No need to rub it in.

Good, so let's go say hi then.

Judy's worked her way slowly into the cafe. The waitress behind the greeting desk, an attractive cougar in a short skirt looked down in surprise at seeing Judy. The door having chimed cheerily from some hidden electronic alarm. Judy, given her angle, was glad, and yet disappointed, while also feeling a flash of shame, that the waitress was wearing shorts under said skirt.

"Excuse me. Ma'am?!"


What? We're still a mammal. Just because we have a mate doesn't mean we are not allowed to look and appreciate the view.

Yes it does, in so many ways, and she can probably tell that we're looking.

We're a rabbit, it isn't as if it is deliberate, she's wearing shorts even. Up-skirt just happens to be in our eye line to look up at her.

/resigned sigh.../ Whatever. Too pregnant to care at this point.

Good, so stop complaining and respond.

Judy finished looking up to the cougar. "Yes?"

Looking down at the rabbit nervously. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I think you are in the wrong establishment. We don't really have much in the way of prey friendly fare. Even our salads have meat of some kind on them."

Judy grinned wickedly causing the waitress to blink in surprise. "Oh, not to worry. I'm familiar with your menu. I'm here meeting a friend. Large tiger, very pregnant as well." Pointing to the booth Lizz was sitting at, tail tip flicking lazily.

A deep voice from behind the counter caused Judy's grin to become down right predatory and the waitress to take a step back from her. "Erin! What are you doing girl?"

Looking back over the counter then back to the rabbit that was somehow giving her the feeling of staring down a large hungry predator. "Sorry sir. I was just letting a rabbit know that we don't really serve prey."

"A rabbit? Very pregnant and giving you a look that makes you think she's going to eat you?"

The waitress looked back at Judy nervously. "Uh... Yeah actually."

Stepping up onto the counter to look down. "Well hey there farm girl. I don't see the red menace, you hungry and he still working?"

Judy's smile shifted to just a simple grin. "Hey Fin. Yeah, kinda. Here to meet with Lizz." Pointing to the tiger. "Nick should be here shortly." Her phone buzzed at that moment.

N: On our way. About 10 min. Mark2 in tow.

J: Okay. See you then

Judy grinned wickedly for a brief moment before slipping on a mask that Nick had been helping her perfect. A simple, innocent smile that put a grin on Finnick's face and sent a clear shiver from the change down the cougar's spin. "Actually, it seems he'll be here in about ten, with a guest."

Finnick nodded. "Got it. The usual then?"

"I'm pretty hungry actually, so extra shrimp and some of that lemon grilled salmon."

Shaking his head, Finnick turned and looked up at the waitress, Erin. "Erin. Please show the nice officer over to her friend's table and make sure she is comfortable." Looking back to Judy. "Extra shrimp, and salmon? There is something wrong with you rabbit."

Looking down at her belly. "Yeah. There is a name for it, and a name to go with said condition."

Scoffing, he turned and jumped back down behind the counter, his deep voice carrying as the door to the kitchen swung open. "Yeah, that too. But you liked it before that was an excuse." additional deep voiced mumbling could be heard before the kitchen door shut.

The waitress watched him go and then turned to Judy with concern written all over her face. "Uhm... Ma'am?"

Keeping the innocent mask on, Judy turned up the innocence in her eyes which clearly unnerved the cougar. "We're old friends. It's a running joke. Me being a rabbit and all. Though, it has been a few weeks since I was last here, so I am guessing you're new?"

Turning to lead Judy to the table where Lizz waited. "Yes. Started last week."

"Don't worry about it. If you keep working this or the evening shift, you'll see a lot more of me."

"I certainly will remember that. But really, a rabbit in a predator restaurant? Even if you do know the cook." Erin was clearly still disturbed by the astonishingly pregnant rabbit, in a predator restaurant, meeting with a pregnant tiger, and who knew the cook. Oh, and who also seemed to be utterly free of any fear whatsoever.

"You must be new to Zootopia as well." They stopped at the table and Judy looked up at the chair with a sigh, then looked at the waitress. One of her ears drooped at the midpoint before returning to attention. "Erin. As much as I am loath to ask this. In my condition, there is no way in any version of hell I could make that leap, or climb the steps. Would you be willing to lift me up."

Lizz looked down at the rabbit. "Judy?"

"Hi Lizz. How are you?"

"Good. I'm still unsure why you, of all mammals, would want to meet up here."

Judy just nodded. "Just a second Lizz." Looking back at Erin. "Erin?"

Erin looked down at Judy. "You want me to lift you up. A pregnant rabbit, so you can sit at a table with an equally pregnant tigress?"

Allowing her smile to brighten. "If you would be so kind. I would truly appreciate it. Lizz is a co-worker and friend. No, I'm not scared of your claws, as I am pretty certain you have no intention of harming me, right?"

Erin blanched, her ears laying back. "No! I would never."

"Then I have nothing to worry about. Though if you are uncomfortable, I can wait for my mate to get here and help me."

Erin looked at the rabbit in disbelief for a moment then bent down. Carefully taking Judy by the hips and placing her on the chair, then helping her to adjust the height.

Giving Erin one of her patented thousand candle power grins. "Thank you Erin. I am normally a very, do it herself, doe, but in my condition…" Waving a paw over her belly. "I have had to learn to ask for help a lot more than I am used to." Offering a paw. "Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD."

Realization playing across Erin's face as she took and shook Judy's paw. "Oh... OH! It is a pleasure to meet you. You're mate will be joining you here as well?!"

"That's the plan. Like I said. I know the cook, as you might have noticed."

Glancing back at the kitchen. "I did."

"Please get me two Fox sized peach-blueberry tea's."

Erin smiled warmly, clearly grabbing the opportunity and slipping into waitress mode. "Sure thing. I'll have those right out to you." Turning to Lizz as she pulled out her pad and made a note. "And can I get anything else for you, ma'am?"

Lizz smiled. "Just wondering when my food will be ready?"

Erin nodded. "I'll check on that while I get your friends drinks." Turning and heading away.

Lizz turned to Judy. "Okay. You, meeting me, here? I know you hang out with Nick alot, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to be around as I eat. Or your mate for that matter."

Judy held her mask in place, as a simple smile, with great effort, holding back a grin. "Not to worry Lizz. What did you order?"

Her ears folded back. "I was super hungry. I swear I cannot eat enough, but also cannot eat large quantities. I was kinda hoping the food would be here before you were. I ordered the lemon grilled salmon. It really sounded good."

"Oh, it is. I'm sure you'll love it. It is Nick's favorite here."A fondness for the dish slipping into her voice.

Blinking a moment at the response, Lizz smiled. "Well, knowing his tastes having partnered with him a few times, I look forward to it. One thing Nick does know is good food. Still doesn't explain why you wanted to meet here."

Taking a moment to ensure her innocent mask and smile didn't slip, Judy looked up at Lizz. "I just figured you might be more comfortable here, I know the cook, and it is close to the precinct."

Narrowing her eyes at Judy. "Not an answer. Not really. You said you were going to introduce your mate to me."

Nodding, Judy glanced towards the door where Finnick was talking with Erin. "Yes, that is the plan. I consider you a close friend, and given our matching conditions, someone I can at least kinda relate to. I also hope that you consider me a friend."

Lizz shook her head with a smile. "Judy, as strange as it is, for me, a tigress to be friends with a rabbit, I do consider you a friend. Still confused why we're at a predator restaurant."

"Yes, where you, a very pregnant tigress, can get food you can enjoy, and I know the cook so my mate and I can also get food we like."

"Okay. As long as you are really okay with it. Predator's eating around you... I mean, Nick once told me that he switched to a mostly vegan diet while on duty. But... I guess that if you really know the cook and can get something more rabbit friendly, meeting here makes sense. So, how have you been?"

Judy let her mask slip for a moment, her smile widening. "HA! Yeah, he did try that, for two months. At which point I had to force feed him a chicken sandwich. It's actually how we found this place. Knowing the cook, I was able to get a nice salad, sans-meat, and he got the food, protein specifically, that he needed. Yeah, foxes are omnivores, but they still need some protein. Damn thoughtful idiot." Pausing to bring her mask back under control. "As for me. Probably the same as you. Completely stir-crazy. I need some adult conversation. There is only so much daytime television I can watch. I feel my brain melting as I watch inane game show after inane game show, followed by some mindless soap opera, and then Maury Hogovich. I mean. My gods, how can a mammal not know who the father is... after the hundredth test!?"

Lizz chuckled and nodded. "Oh gods. I know, right! The writing in those soap operas is so bad. I try reading, but I cannot stay away in the chair for long either."

"Right! I can't get comfortable in a position for long, or I dared have a drink of water."


"Don't get me wrong. I talk to my mom and sisters that have kits all the time, but they're all farmers wives, with only a few exceptions. They're ability to relate really is more limited than you might think, with me being here in the city. Even Jassica, my litter mate, who only has one litter, just doesn't get it. She's had the rest of our sisters, cousins, nieces, and mom, to help her out."

"Oh wow. Yeah, I can only imagine. I only have brothers, and none of them have mates yet, so I don't even have any sisters-in-law to lean on. My mom has been as helpful as she can, but really, it is just my mate that I have been relying on."

Judy noticed Lizz glancing away when mentioning her mom, tail twitch stronger to match. She knew the tiger, and that she was being at least misleading if not outright lying. Still, it wasn't time yet to call her bluff. "I know how that is for sure. He's just a great male. I would cook dinner at first, but I've gotten so big I feel like I could give Ben a run for his money." Both chuckled in agreement. "If we shrunk him down to rabbit size. I'm reduced to microwaved stuff because I cannot safely get at the stove anymore." Pointing accusingly at her belly. "They are now fully and truly in the way. So now, despite getting home exhausted, he still cooks. Though when he works late or has a late shift, we end up doing delivery more often than not. It pays to know the cook at a place like this."

"I'd ask what kind of bunny your mate is, but if he's willing to meet you and I here, he must be just as unique as you."

Judy noticed Nick and Mike had entered and were heading their way and her mask slipped, a loving grin taking over. "Well... You're about to meet him... again." Waving towards the door. "Hey, over here pretty boy! You alone?"


Some time earlier in Precinct One.

Nick leaned back in his chair to look three cubes up and on the other side of the aisle to his current temporary partner, Michael Wolford. They had been paired together because both of their partners were out on maternity leave. "Come on Mike. It's even on your way. It won't take but a few minutes."

Shaking his head, Mike looked back at the fox. "If it'll get you to shut up and finish your paperwork so we can leave some time tonight, fine. I'll go. I can finally meet your mate and come in tomorrow to crush poor Ben's WildeHopps dreams."

Nick grinned widely, unseen by Mike. "Already done my friend. Already done. One thing living with Judy has done to me, as lazy as I try to portray, I cannot, not, do my paperwork. The abuse I put up with in those first few weeks partnering with her. Especially after we moved in together... As she was my ride, if I didn't get things done fast and accurately, I walked home."

"Okay. Didn't know that, and ouch. That's brutal. Still tripping that you, a fox, and her, a rabbit, live together, with your mates. She must be some tolerant vixen, and he must be a rabbit as crazy as Judy herself."

Nick ignored the statement about his and Judy's mates with a smile. "Yeah, but I'm better for it. Don't get me wrong, I still complain to her wit's end, but I get it done. In your inbox for review. Not that we did much today."

"True." Mike hit send on his reports over to Nike. "Back at you."

They were quiet for a few minutes as they reviewed the other's reports. They then sent them off, Mike printing a copy to drop off with Ben on their way out.

Ben waved to them. "Have a good night guys! Nick! Tell Judy to call me. I've got those items she wanted."

Turning and giving Ben his usual two finger salute. "You got it Benji! Keep up the good work, you're looking slimmer every day."

Grinning widely, Ben laughed. "You say that every day, but I am down fifty pounds already. I can't thank you and Judy enough, or you, Mike. You guys have all been the motivation I needed to get things under control."

"Keep up the good work and that gray taskmaster will be back nipping at your heels soon enough. Have a great night Ben."

"You too. Good night Mike."

Wolfard waved back as they passed through the front doors and headed towards their destination a few blocks away.

Looking down and back at the fox following him out the door, Mike shook his head. "So, what is this place again?"

Nick nodded as he pulled out his phone. "It's called Cafe Therus. Great food, relaxed atmosphere. A good place for you to take Lizz on a date. I know the Cook and manager, an old associate of mine. His Salmon is to die for, and I have to say I have a bit of a weak spot for the spicy shrimp burritos, as does my mate." Smiling as he sees the message from Judy and replies before putting his phone away.

J: I'm here. See you soon.

N: On our way. About 10 min. Mark2 in tow.

J: Okay. See you then

Mike nodded. "Cool, I'll..." What Nick had said registering. "Nick. We've been over this. Lizz and I are not an item."

Chuckling, Nick looked up at Mike. "No, you're clearly much more than that."

Frowning, Mike glared down at Nick. "Yeah, and you and Hopps are married."

Nick pulled his wedding band off the key ring in his pocket and slipped it onto his finger. "You'd be surprised what one knows, or not." Looking at the ring fondly for a moment. "Level with me Mike. I see you as a friend. I know... Me... Nick Wilde, hustler, con-mammal, walker of the thin legal gray line. Having a cop friend. More than one cop friend actually. Hanging out with cops, going out drinking with cops, living with one. I mean, I'm a cop now myself, and apparently a decent one if my last review meant anything. Considering how few people ever got classified as more than just an occasional acquaintance before Judy happened to me. Calling you a friend is big for me. I hope you think of me that way as well."

Putting a hand on Nick's shoulder making him look up, Mike smiled down at the Fox. "I do. You're an interesting person Nick. Fun to be around. You keep the day from dragging, even on boring days like today. We also work very well together. Not the down right spooky way you and Hopps know what the other is thinking or going to do, but we get each other enough to get things done better than most. So yes, I do consider you a friend."

"Okay. Then level with me. How long have you and Lizz been together."

Mike sighed heavily. "Nick..."

Nick put up a paw. "Hold up on that denial there Mike. You remember that raid last month. That last minute raid that had me mounted to your back like you are some kind of mobile snipers nest?"

Looking at Nick with a hint of nervousness in his eyes. "Yeah. That was a long day."

"It was. 14 hours, non-stop. Mike... One canine to another. I was on your back, muzzle in the back of your neck for 12 hours. No matter how much musk-mask you use, you cannot cover it up for that long, that close. Especially as you didn't get a chance to shower or scrub it in, or her scent out, since it was so last minute."


"Yeah. Oh. So... How long?"

Mike looked around carefully. They were several blocks from the precinct now and no other officers in sight or scent. "Seven as partners. We've been together for five years."

Nick nodded. "Cool. Means Judy and I win the pool."

Mike frowned as his ears laid back in embarrassment. "Wait... There's a pool?" Shaking his head. "Of course there is a pool." Mike wiped his paws down his muzzle in resignation. "What was I thinking? It's just a damn shame that you and Judy found mates. I was rooting for you two. We could have coordinated things like first dates, kisses, and such. That way I could have won a few frames on yours."

Chuckling, Nick looked up as he opened the door to the cafe. "We'll have to see about that there Mike. We're here." Sniffing. "As are both of our mates."

Mike looked up seeing Lizz and cocked his head to the side, sniffing. Confusion taking over his face. "I smell Lizz, several foxes, not including you, and... Bunny? Almost smells like Hopps..."

"Hmm... Is that so?" Nick started walking towards the table.

A cheerful voice coming from the table. "Hey over here pretty boy! You alone?"

Nick grinned and walked over, giving Lizz a nod as he walked past, Mike freezing as he stepped up to the table and realized who was sitting there. Nick stepped over behind Judy and glanced up at Lizz. "Well hello there bunny girl. You here with your mate? Why don't you trade up and let a real fox take you home?"

"Maybe. Think you can take my mate?"

"Pretty sure I know his type. Besides, anyone that would leave such a beautiful bunny as you, alone and at the mercy of a tigress, is surely not worth your time."

"Oh, I don't know. He's also thoughtful, hard working, honorable, sexy, and has the biggest heart."

Nick grinned and blushed, nuzzling into the crook of Judy's neck causing her to groan in pleasure. "Ah geez Carrots. I can't keep up the joke if you're going to go there."


Lizz cut her off. "Hold up. You said you were going to introduce me to your mate. So what the hell is Nick doing here?" Turning to Mike. "What are you doing here Mike?"

Mike was staring in disbelief at what he was seeing and smelling, Lizz's voice kicking his brain back into action. "Nick... That's what you told me we were doing."

Nick and Judy share a sideways glance and sudden grin.

Nick and Judy share one of their near telepathic looks...

J: So, you think they've figured it out yet?

N: Sure do, but I don't think they want to believe it.

J: So, how do we drive the point home?

N: Good question.

J: ...

N: ...

J: ...

N: ...

J: Marking?

N: Marking!

Nick slides he muzzle along the top of Judy's head, marking her and rested his chin on her shoulder when he finished. Reaching back, Judy digs her carefully sharpened claws into the thick cheek fur of Nick, scritching him and pulling him just a bit closer so she can run her chin up the bridge of his muzzle to right between his eyes.

Watching Mike and Lizz's eyes bug out at the display. They share a quick sideways kiss and glance, as they grin at the tigress and wolf facing them.

N: Think that did it?

J: I sure hope so. If not, we're going to have to get a bit past PG13 to drive the point home.

Judy continued to scritch Nick's cheek, working her way to his neck, drawing a pleasured sigh and purr from him. "Mike. Lizz. I'd like to introduce my mate and father of my kits. Nicholas WildeHopps"


A/N This story took on such a life of its own. I'm so very thankful for all of you readers, and the reviews and notes I've gotten since first posting this.