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Precinct One - Tuesday Morning after Roll Call

Mike stood outside of Bogo's door, shifting from paw to paw, trying to get up the courage to go through with the plan. His ears were all the way back and his breathing was fast, tail trying to curl up between his legs. Looking down at his phone, the text to Lizz already written, but not yet sent as he looked at it while not actually seeing it.

M: I'm knocking now. See you soon. Love you. I can't wait to be able to be open and be with you.

Okay, so... Hit send and knock.

But... What if it goes wrong? The chief looked surly today.

/scoff/ He looks surly every day. That's his default. Only time he isn't surly is during a Gazelle concert.

Fair. But... What if he separates us?

He didn't separate Nick and Judy, and they were just starting out in their relationship.

Yeah, but...

No, buts. You have five plus years together under the nose of everyone, including Bogo and other trained sniffers. Nick only found out because of that raid and the fact that he was literally on your back, for twelve hours. Even if some suspected, they never knew for certain.

Yes. But were we really careful enough? What if he is just waiting for...

Stop it. You're just stalling now.


No! Stop acting like a pup! Your mate. Your very pregnant mate is waiting outside the station for you to get this started. Are you really going to let her down after all this?

/sigh/ No... When did I start having conversations with myself like this?

I blame Nick and Judy.

I can buy that. Okay... Let's do this.

Good. Hit send and knock.

Mike hit send on the text, took a deep breath as he put his phone in his pocket, and knocked. A moment later a deep, gruff voice came from inside. "Come."

Taking another deep breath, Mike took Nick's advice and let his nerves feed into his voice as he entered and closed the door. Looking up at the buffalo behind the desk. It's like Nick said. Just like a raid, do it now, freak out after. "Sir... I need to talk to you about my partner."

Giving a long suffering sigh, Bogo set his reading glasses on the pile of reports he had been reviewing and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Karma help me, what did I do in a past life to deserve him?" He mumbled, clearly not realizing he's said anything out loud before looking to Mike. "What did Wilde do now?"

Mike's voice was tight, breathy, a smirk at the chiefs comment barely hidden behind the nervous grin he had on. "Sir. I'm in love with my partner. I have been for years now and I can't keep it a secret any more."

Bogo physically recoiled, shock passing across his face. "Say that again Sergeant." Clearly not believing what he had heard.

Mike spoke quickly, letting his nerves push him faster, his heart pounding in his chest. "I said that I am in love with my partner, sir. We're mates and have been for some time. They're the most amazing mammal I have ever met." Looking away from Bogo as he ticked off a list, his voice getting stronger as he described them. "They're kind. Loving. Tender. They're just so amazing. I'm still not sure what they see in me most days. I mean, I'm just a generic wolf." Shrugging his shoulders as he turned back to face Bogo, his voice wistful. "If it wasn't for the family I come from, I'd be literally no one within the pack. Yet they seem to love me as much as I love them."

Shaking himself from the shock of what he was hearing, Bogo tried to stop the wolf. "Sargent... Mike. Slow down a second."

Miked turned his entire attention to Bogo, his voice hardening. "I can't sir. I just can't. I cannot let this go on any longer. We've proven that we can work together and maintain professionalism while on the clock. No one has known, despite how long we have been together. I don't want it to be a secret anymore. We're together and nothing is going to change that. I just need to know that, as long as we can keep things professional on the job, that you won't separate us."

The Cheif raised his voice. "MIKE! Stop!"

Mike stopped and looked up at Bogo, ears back and tail down. "Sir?"

Bogo let out a long suffering sigh. "Mike. That really isn't possible... I didn't think... Wilde? But Hopps..." Worry crossing Bogo's face. "At least not unless Wilde..."

Cutting Bogo off, Lizz burst into the room, closing the door behind her. "Chief. I need to talk to you about my partner. I'm in love with him, sir. I can no longer keep it a secret, but I need to know that you won't separate us once I get back from leave." Noticing Mike. "Mike!" Stepping over to him and pulling him into a hug that he gladly returned. They shared a quick kiss.

"Lizz! What are you doing here?"

"We talked about this. I was going to tell Bogo about us."

Mike shook his head, as Bogo looked on in complete disbelief. "Yes, we talked about it, but it was me that was supposed to talk to him."

"Well, I seem to remember from our discussion with Nick and Judy that we should see him together."

"You're right. That's what it was." Mike turned to Bogo with a grin. "Sir. Lizz and I have been together for five years. Mates for four of that."

Lizz grinning as well. "Mike is the father of my cubs. We need to be open about our relationship before they are born. Nick and Judy are helping us find our way in being more open about it. We understand that we must maintain professionalism on the clock and in uniform, just as they do. As Mike said, I think the past five years has proven that we are more than capable of that. It is just… for our relationship to move forward..."

Mike picked up from Lizz. "For the welfare of our cubs... We have to be able to be ourselves, as mates, outside of the home we have shared for the last four years."

Lizz continuing. "When we are not on duty, of course."

Bogo growled loudly, his frown deepening. "Enough! Both of you, sit down." Mike and Lizz sat quickly, holding paws as Bogo rubbed his temples. "This has Wilde written all over it. First. Tell me that this is not some elaborate prank. One of his fox, gettings?"

Lizz looked down right horrified. "Sir!"

Putting his hoof up. "Please. I had to ask the question. Thank you for telling me first. You'll be heading to MR from here I assume?" Getting a nod from the pair. "Good. I'll approve the leave for Mike once your cubs are born. No, I won't separate you, as long as you can maintain the professionalism you have shown thus far, while both of you are in uniform." Looking to Mike. "I expect you're going to do some sort of PDA before joining Wilde for your patrol today?"

Mike nodded. "That was part of the reveal plan, sir."

Bogo nodded, reaching into his drawer and pulling out a bottle of antacid and painkillers. Popping the painkillers with a slug of his coffee and then chewing three of the antacids, then washing them down with the rest of his coffee. "Wilde helped you come up with this?"

Lizz smiled sheepishly. "Judy actually had a pretty big part to play as well. Getting me to that restaurant last night just in time for Mike and Nick to get off shift and show up."

Groaning, Bogo shook his head. "She's been around him too long, but I cannot argue with their effectiveness, like with yours. They balance each other, so despite them being mates, I cannot in good conscience separate them. Even if they do slip up occasionally. Keep to or better than the standard they set and you have nothing to worry about. Congratulations, both of you. I expect an invitation to the wedding if you have one. I also expect to meet those cubs as soon as they're ready for it. Now, please get out. You have work to do Sergeant, as do I, as well as a migraine to nurse. Lizz, have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you back at work when you are ready."

Mike Saluted and got up with Lizz, both heading for the door, paw in paw. Lizz looking back. "There will be a formal mating ceremony for Mike's family, and mine, as well as a wedding. So do keep an eye out for the invitations sir."

Nodding and picking up his glasses. "I will." Turning back to the reports on his desk with a grumble about foxes, rabbits, and disruptions of reality; along with a long shake of his head..


Closing the door behind them, Mike and Lizz stopped at MR for a few minutes to fill out and file the appropriate paperwork. More would be needed once their official mating ceremonies were done, but it was enough to ensure Mike would get leave once the cubs came.

They then made their way towards the front desk, paws never separating and grins of joy on their faces. Many of their co-workers greeted Lizz only to stop mid greeting as they saw the pair. Paws joined. Loving looks towards each other and grins. Several cups of coffee were lost and needed to be mopped up as they passed through the break-room itself. A trail of mammals following them trying to process what they were seeing.

Nick and Judy heard the murmur of the crowd following Lizz and Mike and turned to see them approaching the front desk. Upon seeing the looks on Mike and Lizz's face, Nick and Judy found themselves unable to not mirror the grin of joy on their friends' faces.

Ben, following their gaze, blinked several times as he processed what he was seeing. His eyes flicked from the joyous grins on Nick and Judy, to the grins on Lizz and Mike, then down to the joined paws of Lizz and Mike. "O... M... GOODNESS!" Getting louder with each part of the statement and ending with a high pitch squeal that caused all ears to fold back. "WOLFEYER HAS HAPPENED!" Heads turned to see what generated the ear piercing sound as Ben leapt up and began dancing on top of his desk. "THE SHIP HAS SHIPPED!"

McHorn walking up and glaring at Clawhauser. "Ben, get down! Was that really necessary? What did Nick and Judy do this time?"

Ben looked up at the rhino, almost eye to eye with him from the stop of the desk. "Not WildeHopps, but Wolfeyer! Lizz and Mike! Look!" Pointing with another, though less epic, squeal.

McHorn turned to see Mike and Lizz come around the desk, paw in paw, their grins taking on a slightly embarrassed form. "Lizz, Mike..."

Lizz waved at the rhino. "Eric... Didn't know we had a moniker like Nick and Judy. Guess it makes sense. What did you have in our betting pool?"

Shaking his head with a chuckle. "That it was not a thing, would never happen, etc..."

Lizz looked down, her ears splaying. "Oh..."

McHorn waved his paws in front of him. "Hey, don't be like that. You two. You're always perfectly professional, unlike WildeHopps. They are just too close. With them, it's going to happen at some point."

Nick chuckled. "You think so, Eric?"

McHorn laughed without looking back to see the arm Nick put around Judy, or the fact that his tail was wrapped around her as well, which she was absently petting. "I do. I just don't understand how you two cannot see what the rest of us see." Tossing his arms up. "I know. I know. You're just super close friends and rabbits are cuddlers. Whatever. But Lizz, Mike. I'm actually happy for you. How long?"

Mike grinned. "Five years. With the cubs coming soon, we need to stop hiding. We were here to reveal it to Bogo, and then the rest of the precinct. Figured that Ben would be best way to get that information spread."

McHorn nodded. "No question about that being the most efficient..." Stopping to process what he'd just heard. "Wait... Five years! You've been together for five years! HOW‽"

Ben gasped and pulled out his betting pool log. "OMG!" Flipping through to the Wolfeyer section. "That means Nick, Judy, and the Chief split that pot."

Mike groaned and Lizz laughed as she spoke. "You're spooky Nick."

Mike then looked up to Lizz as they stood in front of the front desk, pulling her into an embrace. Snarlof and Anderson coming in through the front with suspects in tow. "Well love, Nick and I need to get on patrol before it becomes parking duty. You and Judy have a fun day and we will try and see you for lunch, but dinner without question."

"Stay safe." Lizz's face fell as she glared death down at Nick. "You keep him and yourself safe, and come home, or so help me..." Pointing an extended claw at Nick. "I will help Judy raise you both from the dead so we can kill you again!" Taking that same claw and poking Mike on the nose with it. "Same goes for you, puppy."

Nick saluted. "Yes Ma'am! I know Judy would do that. Besides I have kits I have yet to meet and I need to do that." Looking down at Judy who was looking up at him. "Besides. We're done hiding too." Pulling Judy into an embrace and a deep kiss which she enthusiastically returned."

Taking that as a hint, Mike and Lizz shared a kiss as well. The approaching officers freezing in place as they see the two couples kissing. McHorn looking between the two couples in disbelief, focusing on Nick and Judy as what he was seeing was processed. Ben's eyes started to bulge at seeing Lizz and Mike kiss before he registered the kiss between Nick and Judy and let out a new, louder, and higher pitched scream of pure unadulterated joy that caused most of the precinct to flinch. Ben then fell into his chair, fanning himself.

After some additional explanations to the approaching officers, Nick and Judy collected their winnings from the Wolfeyer pool. Mike and Lizz collecting theirs from the WildeHopps pool, other payouts to be made as officers and workers came in or left for the day. Nick and Mike then headed out on their scheduled patrol only a few minutes later than when they should have started.

Lizz and Judy headed out together for their planned girls day out. The eyes of the precinct split between watching Mike and Nick head for their cruiser and Lizz and Judy walking out the front. Everyone not fully convinced of what they were seeing, and somehow having a hard time acknowledging the double reveal that had just taken place.