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Late the following morning, Hopps main burrow.

A lone red fox vixen stepped out of a Zuber driven by a weasel, the driver opening the trunk to retrieve her bag. "You sure about this ma'am? This is the Hopps burrow. I mean, I know that's where you said you wanted to go. But… They're rabbits, and not exactly the most tolerant."

Giving a nod, she smiled. "I appreciate your concern, Travis. However, I was actually invited. Things are changing in the world, and the Hopps are in fact going to be at the center of it. Them, and my son."

Looking at her curiously as he opened the trunk so she could retrieve her bads. "Your son? Wait! You're Mrs. Wilde? Nick Wilde's mother?"

"I am at that." Giving a smirk and chuckle. "You stay safe out there. I'm sure there isn't much call for Zubers out here at the moment."

"More than you would think, but there are only three of us so what demand there is gets spread pretty evenly. Still, you're sure?"

As the vixen helped to pull her largest bag out and closed the trunk, the front door of the burrow opened. "Vivian!" Turning, Vivian and Travis see Bonnie Hopps coming down the front steps. "Oh my Serendipity! I'm so glad you could make it. The transport is supposed to be here in a few hours. We were so worried you wouldn't be able to get away from your store."

Vivian laughed. "I've been training my staff for almost two years to be able to take over when needed. It's well past time I put that to use. It isn't as if they can't call me if something happens. Plus, I have access to the camera system, and my son and daughter-in-law are the ZPD's newest detectives. No one is going to do anything stupid, and if they do… Well, I wouldn't want to be them. Clarence and Clair will make their lives hell long before Nick and Judy could get to them."

"I believe it." Looking past Vivian to Travis. "Travis. I'm glad to see you are doing well. I hear you found yourself a mate. You should look Gideon back up, he's in need of some help at the bakery. I'm sure he'd be willing to give you a chance."

Travis looked over at Bonnie in shock. "I… Uhm… Yes, Mrs. Hopps. I did. Henry has been wonderful to me. He's better than I deserve."

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Oh pish posh, Travis. You need to come by for dinner tonight. You and Henry. You missed the last special dinner we held. Things are changing, and we need to prove to our kits, and their mates, that we are serious about that change. That means you too, Travis. Henry may not be my kit, but he is my sister's only son, and his happiness means more to me than who he found love with. He's been happier than I have ever seen him, but also worried, because of who he is with. Stu and I refuse to be the cause of our kits misery anymore. We want to be better. Will you give us a chance to prove it to you?"

It was clear that Travis was in shock for a moment before he gave a full body shake. "I…" Nodding, Travis shook himself a second time. "I will talk to Henry. And I will stop by the bakery." Looking down, clearly ashamed. "I haven't seen Gid since… Since the incident. We both ended up in Juvi. He got out and… well, got his act together. I didn't. They finally let me out when I was twenty three. I think they forgot I was even there, or didn't care. I went through a lot. Henry has helped me."

Bonnie wrapped the unsuspecting Travis in a crushing hug. "Oh, dear. You didn't deserve that. You weren't that bad a kit, not even Gideon was. You just needed all of us around you to treat you with the respect you deserve. Something we were sadly incapable of doing at the time. You needed our love and respect, not what you got, and for that I am truly sorry. I'm just glad that you and Henry found each other.

He was a pretty angry kit himself, having lost his mother and all his siblings. He's actually a bit of a hybrid himself you know? His father was a Jackrabbit. It's why he is so tall. Back then, even that wasn't accepted. I liked Jacob. I really did. I didn't think it was right what happened, but I wasn't brave enough to stand up for them. It cost me my sister. I promise you. You. Henry. All my kits that have found love beyond their species, that I will never let that happen again. I almost lost Judy over it and the chance to know her kits. I won't let it happen to anyone else. I promise you that."

Travis actually held onto Bonnie as if for dear life. He'd never felt a hug so genuine. "I believe you. We'll be here. For dinner."

Giving Travis one last squeeze, Bonnie released him with a smile. "I look forward to it, and hearing all about what you have been up to now. How you and Henry met. He hasn't talked to his auntie Bonnie since he left the burrow. So I will hold you to it too. Being here for dinner. I miss him."

Travis smiled. "He misses you too. He just doesn't know how to come back, after everything. Especially not with me as his mate."

Bonnie laughed and wiped her eyes. "Well, then as a good mate, you will just have to figure out how to drag him here."

Travis nodded. "I will. We will see you tonight. I'll tell him I'm taking him out to dinner tonight. That I found a special place where we can have dinner together."

Vivian chuckled. "That should work. You should get going though. I'm sure you have some convincing to do."

Nodding again, Travis took a deep breath and wiped a tear from his eye. "I do." Climbing back into his car. "See you tonight."

Bonnie nodded and waved. "Dinner is at six. But if you need to be a little late in order to get him here, no worries."

"We'll be here. We have reservations, after all."

They all laughed, then Travis drove away. Bonnie turned to Vivian. "Well, Vivian." Holding out a paw. "It is a pleasure to see you again."

Vivian pulled Bonnie into a hug. "We're family, Bonnie. We're well past paw shakes."

Returning the hug, Bonnie laughed. "I suppose we are at that. Given that our kits have made us both grandparents. Something I'm not sure either of us expected from these particular kits."

Vivian laughed as she released Bonnie. "That is so very true. Don't get me wrong. I was happy for Nick and Judy, more than I think they will ever know. I never expected him to find a mate at all. I had pretty much just assumed that he was lost to me, that Fin would one day call me to let me know that he was gone. Instead, Judy happened to him. She brought him back to me, and brought him back to life. She gave him a reason to live and be the fox I always knew he was. Seeing the two of them together. The light in their eyes. The life they breathe into each other is beautiful."

Bonnie nodded. "Prior to that recent trip to Zootopia, no… I'm sad to say I had not seen them together. Not after they were together. I suspected. I guess I didn't want to see it. During the trip, they were worried about other things, but still. I could see it. They truly were made for each other. I can no longer pretend, and I don't want to."

Stu's voice came from behind them. "We don't want to. I'm just glad we didn't lose any of our kits before we came to our senses. The revelations about pop-pop sure helped too. Still, we have a long way to go. Was that Travis I saw, Bon?"

"It was. I invited him to dinner tonight. I hope he actually shows. Now, Vivian. You promised to share some recipes with me."

Grinning, Vivian patted her bag. "I brought my entire cookbook with me. So show me to the kitchen, and we can get a few things tested before the transport gets here to take us to meet our new grandkits."

Stu nodded and held out a paw. "Vivian, it is a pleasure to have you here with us. Is your daughter going to make it as well?"

Vivian shook her head and using the offered paw, pulled Stu into a hug as well. "No. However, she has apparently been offered a residency at Wilde General, which is a major surgical center in Von, or so she claims." Releasing Stu as Bonnie led the way into the burrow.

Stu chuckled as he followed. "It's completely crazy. To think. An entire city established by ancestors of both our families. That the histories that the family historians have been putting together, with the help of the Nightwolves, and information from now dozens of other families. … That they are true. It rewrites the history of the world and how and why prey and predator started working together."

Vivian nodded as she entered the burrow, taking note of the fact that she didn't have to duck at all. "I know. There are so many things written in the histories. To find so much confirmation of some of it, makes me wonder about other things. To think, the Wilde family ancestor stone might actually exist."


Hop General, Von. Recovery room. The same time.

Nick and Mike sat next to each other, between the beds their mates and young rested on. Both ladies had woken several times during the night to feed their young, the males doting on them and doing any diaper changing needed. There was a TV on and turned low, playing some local game-show. It was interesting as a distraction. The show revolved around mammals dressed up in ridiculous costumes with the host offering them various things, including money or potential prizes, though that wasn't always a good thing. (Let's Make a Deal - Wayne Brady)

"Nick, we're fathers now. I… I'm kinda shocked I'm not freaking out. I mean, I can feel it on the edge, but every time I look at them… it just goes away."

Nick nodded. "I know. Never something I expected, especially not after I got with Judy. Yet… Here we are, in a city that for all intents and purposes, was founded by mammals both Judy and I are descended from. If that doesn't mess with your head, I don't know what will."

Mike nodded. "Speaking of. How goes the planning for the pact, as well as the updated history revisions?"

"Those go quite well, actually. Now we have Von that can likely contribute to that effort with the Histories. They might even have a more expansive and accurate accounting. The pact itself is well under way. The overall text has been worked out and is being polished.

As for the event itself, it's being covered up by a massive family and friends gathering to include a dozen or more weddings for Hopps that have mates that are not rabbits, including Judy and I. That therefore brings in the family and friends of those non-rabbits, as well as non-rabbit friends. A careful effort to link up groups non-related already to a Hopps rabbit or two that are involved in the weddings is also in progress so that there is reason for them to get invites. The authorities, which we know are going to try and block this once it's a full reality, are going to have a hard time doing that. Especially since Maria is going to stage a huge Gazelle concert as part of it all as well. Her gift to Judy and I.

I'm just concerned about this prophecy that has been talked about on the edges of everything. I hate prophecy. They're always so damn vague, and when they are not, mammals tend to go out of their way to make things happen."

"Wow. So you guys have been busy. Wow, again. Do you have a best mam already?"

Nick chuckled. "Yeah, that's Fin. However, I do hope you'll stand up as my alternate."

"I'd be honored."

"Great. Thank you."

Mike nodded. "Of course. Now, didn't Maria send you something on it?"

"Yeah. Just waiting for Judy to be awake enough for us to read it together. She's already starting to wake up." Pointing at the side of his head. "I can feel it. Because of the link, so if I know, if I read something, she'll know it, but we like to learn things together, not just because the other learned it. Something, if you two keep going the way you are, you'll experience too."

Lizz yawned. "Morning, boys. Experience what, Nick?"

Grinning, Nick leaned over and kissed Judy on the top of the head to which she churred in response. "The whole, knowing what your mate does." Nick pointed at Mike. "If he reads and learns something, you'll know it by default, because you will have access to each other's knowledge."

Judy nodded with a huge yawn and a stretch. "Right. It can be very disconcerting at first. There is however an amazing side benefit, and it is when you are truly in tune and making love. … Mmmm… You get to feel your mates' pleasure as well. It takes things to a whole other level. You always cum together when it's like that, and it is earth shattering, every time. And it is never just once." Her grin was a mix of amorous and blissful.

Nick nodded. "No question there. It is an experience for sure. Now, are you awake enough to read through the prophecy, my love?"

"Sure, Slick. The kits are not going to wake again for an hour or so. The nurse checked on them very early this morning. Said something about them getting their first vaccinations today."

Nick nodded again. "I remember that. Because you were awake for it."

Mike shook his head. "Are you able to tell the difference between the things you learn directly and that you know because the other learned it or knows it?"

Judy nodded with a smile as Nick replied. "Yes. The stuff I get from her, and she from me, is like an immersive movie. One of those VR-like things is the best description I can give you. It's there, and you know it, but you just know it wasn't you that knew it to start with. Hard to explain until you have experienced it yourself."

Judy pulled up the doc on her phone, Nick having already sent her a copy. "Okay, lets see. Blah blah blah… Chosen ones… Yadda Yadda… Here's the meat of it." Reading out loud.

The chosen shall join together as their ancestors did. Predator and Prey. Fox and Rabbit. Their start shall be hard, and one based on adversarial dealings. As they grow together, they shall reshape the world with their love. As once was, shall be again. They will bring together many as one. They will form a bond that binds them to each other, and others to them. Their gifts will be many, their hardships many more. Swathed in blue and gold, anointed and empowered by the Night, they howl. They will stand tall against those that seek to exploit the differences of mammals, to bring about a better world for all. Behind them shall be many more, pushing towards a better future, and their young a world better shall they inherit.

Judy groaned. "Oh gods. That's just vague enough, but also specific enough. Blue and gold."

Nick groaned. "Dress blues. Both of us with gold because we were valedictorians. Both of us are descendants of the ancient Hop and Wilde clans. Having kits. Anointed by the Night they howl… Nighthowler… Just open enough for interpretation."

Judy nodded and laid back. "The rest doesn't really matter. Lots of this and that. Interpretations and such. Bets on the Von flag being blue with some sort of gold highlight on it?"

Nick shook his head. "Nope. Not a bet I'll be taking, that's for sure. Gods, I hope they haven't built a religion around that."

Judy gave Nick a death glare. "Don't even suggest that."

Doctor Fangmeyer entered the room. "Good morning everyone. Your primary obstetrician, doctor Yetterbuilt is busy with another birth, so he asked me to step in as doctor Anderton is off today. Something about having his own wife to attend to. I mean, the nerve." Giving a smirk that had those in the room chuckling. "They both asked me to stand in since you're familiar with me." Flipping through some paperwork on a clipboard. "From the test results and initial birth physicals for your kits. I'm happy to say that all of them are perfectly healthy hybrids.

As for your concerns about the prophecy. Well, there are those that take it more seriously than others for sure. It's something taught in early school, and around which children's stories are written. There are dozens of novels on bookstore shelves of one author's interpretation and idea of how that would shake out. A few recent ones actually feature a very obvious version based on the four of you." Something that got a groan and eye roll from the four mammals. "Most know not to put too much stock in such things, as no matter how many times you think it has come to pass, there's always something missing.

That said, you two fit the bill better than most. Police officers, dressed in blue with gold badges. You are descendants of the founders, have kits now, seek to make the world a better place, etc… You have dosed yourselves with Nighthowler, which could be interpreted as anointing. So… Yeah. Thus why the council is going to want to meet with you. I assure you, they are not seeking to confirm if you are the prophesied chosen ones, just to confirm your intentions. The council are politicians. Good politicians, but politicians nonetheless."

Judy nodded and looked at Nick. "Yeah, and we're also building up a revamping of history, and a great pact to go along with it."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Binding many as one. Yeah, I picked up on that interpretation too. Binding others to them as they bind to each other." Thumbing at Mike and Lizz.

Mike frowned. "And why are you bringing us into this?"

Dr. Fangmeyer chuckled. "Oh dear. I see why you are concerned then. Well, don't be. The worst that will happen is that the council will wish to add onto that pact, joining it. That's what the rest of the prophecy states. The instructions part of it, if you will." he got a far away look as he recited something from memory. "Those that follow it are to join with the chosen, to support them and lift them up. To drive the change for a better world." His eyes focused back on the now. "It is the ethos of Von. To make a better world for all mammals. Initially that was done by creating a haven for hybrids and the marginalized of the world. Kept in secret to protect them all."

A new mammal, a Wolf with stripes, entered the room. "And now that we have revealed ourselves. To advocate for the changes that will bring the rest of the world up with us. Where all are equal according to their ability. Equality is nice, but Equity is better."

Nick nodded. "Right. And you are?"

"Kreaven Wolford. Ranking member of Wolford pack, Von." Giving a Deep bow to Mike and Lizz, then Judy and Nick. "Designate, Regent, Firsts. It is my honor to be asked here to act as your guide and liaison within the city of Von. Both by the Von council and the Alpha's of Wolford Pack, Von."

They all give nods in return, Mike speaking. "Well met, Kreaven Wolford. You honor us. How is it that we may assist you?"

Kreaven smiled. "It is I who am here to assist you. I have brought additional Night Wolves with me, and they are assigned to protect you while you are here. The press are mostly the problem, but are likely to remain reasonably respectful. However, as Doctor Fangmeyer mentioned. There are those that take the prophecy a bit more seriously than others. It is them that we need to keep away. Most are mammals a bit too enamored with the prophecy and its implications. Knowing that you are here, and as you mentioned, you fit the description a bit better than most. They are likely to try and make contact with you, with various wild demands and expectations. Expectations that you will be able to perform all forms of miraculous and absurd things."

Judy groaned. "Which means there are also going to be those that take it seriously and will seek to end us, for that same reason. They fear the prophesied world that we are supposed to help bring about."

"Exactly so. And it can be very hard to tell the difference until they are pulling a gun on you."

Nick sighed. "I wonder if that prophecy, or some version of it is not part of what Dawn was basing her hate on? You remember how freaked out she was when we walked into the interview room together. Looking back on it, the reaction seems far stronger than just hate for us for busting her."

Judy frowned but nodded. "Possible. We will have to ask her when we get back to Zootopia." Turning her attention to doctor Fangmeyer who stood to the side with a smile. "When are we due to be released, doc?"

"Well, I can release you all this afternoon, once the kits have gotten their vaccinations, unless you're going to refuse them? I also assume that you have or Kreaven has arranged somewhere for you to stay?"

Both sets of parents nodded their heads vigorously, Judy speaking. "Oh, they're definitely going to get those. From what Nick read, they won't even need another set of vaccinations until they're five, instead of damn near constantly like back home. As for where we are staying, I'm going to guess that Maria will have taken care of that, but I will confirm with her."

Dr. Fangmeyer gave a strong nod. "That's right. They won't need their boosters until they're about to enter school. So I will get that scheduled. Kreaven, dear. Do make sure you take good care of my patients."

Kreaven nodded. "Of course." Giving Dr. Fangmeyer a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Let Tillia know I'll be late, if I make it home at all."

"Of course. We will see you when you are done. This clearly takes precedence."

Mike frowned as Lizz spoke. "If we are going to be keeping you from your mates…"

Kreaven shook his head. "Not at all, and worry not. I spend far more time with Tillia than Richard gets to, so this will give them a chance to catch up with each other, without me there as well."

Dr. Fangmeyer frowned. "You are hardly in the way, and besides, she likes you more anyway."

"Only because she spends more time with me. It'll be good for you both. Make her dinner tonight."

"You're sure, Krea?"

"Yes, I'm sure. You both have the next few days off, so use it to reconnect."

Mike smiled. "Sounds like a good plan in my book."

With a grin, Dr. Fangmeyer nodded. "Fine. I guess I will need to stop by the store on the way home. I should have just enough time to get some glazed salmon cooking by the time she gets home."

Kreaven smiled with a nod. "That sounds perfect." Turning to the rest of the room. "Tillia is a White tailed doe. Not a hybrid at all, and so she doesn't eat meat outside of our home. She rather loves some fish, but is self-conscious about eating it."

Judy laughed. "Well, we may just have to strong arm you into introducing us. I'm always in need of some other prey friends that don't mind a bit of meat on occasion."

Lizz laughed. "On occasion, Judy? You're really going to go there?"

Judy frowned with a pout. "Don't go there."

"Oh, I'm going there. Every time I have met with you since you revealed that you knew about Mike and I, you have eaten meat, and a lot of it. If I'm given to understand from Fin, that is not a new thing associated with your pregnancy, but probably the cause of your ability to get knocked up by your fox."

Judy crossed her arms with a huff. "Fine. So I like my shrimp, okay! I had to start eating meat to get past the plateau in my training for becoming an officer. Doctor said I should eat a bunch of beans and such, but yuk." Sticking her tongue out in disgust. "Do you have any idea how many beans, or the epic amounts of tofu, I'd need to eat to equal the protein in a piece of fish jerky or pred-bar? I'd be so gassy, and fat! Besides, my friends in high school had their fish and turkey jerky, and it was good."

Kreaven grinned, shaking his head at the conversation. "I think we will just have to do that. It would make her millennium."

Dr. Fangmeyer nodded in agreement. "Oh, it very much would. She's a fan, for sure. Drag Gazelle with you, and she might just faint."

Nick grinned wickedly. "Kreaven, we have some planning to do then. But first, doc, get those shots ready for the kits so we can get out of here. I don't expect we'll stay in the city for more than a few days, but I do hope to explore it a little bit."

Judy nodded. "Yes. Agreed. The question then is… When is the council wanting to meet with us, and what is already planned? You would not be here, Kreaven, if there were not already things on the schedule."

Kreaven nodded with a smile. "Well… They want to meet with you as soon as possible. I wouldn't want to drag you there before tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. I have arranged a hotel for you all. Adjacent, joined, rooms. There is already a supply of things for your young, including strollers, diapers, wipes, a diaper bag, and everything else you will need, in the room. I have transport carriers for them outside in the waiting room.

I figure, since it'll be late afternoon when you are officially released. I love Richard something fierce, but sometimes he is too thorough." Giving a smirk as Dr. Fangmeyer slipped out of the room with a scoff. "That said, it is that attention to detail that has saved many lives as well. I just like to give him a hard time about it, because he can be a bit much when he gets home. Has a hard time letting go of the job, same as Tillia. It's why they are so good for each other. They force each other to relax, so this time with just the two of them will be good for them both."

Judy grinned. "Sounds like what Patricia was saying Ben and Adrian needed."

Lizz grinned as well. "I agree. So, Kreaven. You and Dr. Fangmeyer both seem to be wolf-tiger hybrids, is that right?"

Giving a large nod, Kreaven pulled out a tablet and began to work on it. "We are. Not closely related though. My family moved to Von about four generations ago, when my great great great grandfather married a Siberian Tiger. It comes as a shock to many mammals outside of Von when they come up pregnant across such wide species divides. Imagine the shock several hundred years ago. Oh, the accusations of cheating, despite there being no other large felines in the area, let alone Tigers. That she never smelled of any other mammal but him. None of that mattered to the rest of the pack. They'd barely tolerated their union to begin with and were just looking for an excuse. Gramma coming up pregnant just gave them the excuse.

When they were driven out of their town and pack, they headed westward, and ran across a caravan that was under attack by primals in the wilds. Grandpa was a soldier, and Grandma was as well. It's how they met, and even pregnant, she could still roar and had her claws. The caravan was a Von search group, out to locate hybrids, persecuted mammals, etc… and bring them back. Grandma and Grandpa fell right into that category. So they joined the caravan, and had their cubs on the road. The rest is history, as they say. They didn't initially join a pack when they got to Von, choosing to just join the defense forces. Understandable given the rather bad taste their previous pack had left. As a family, we joined the Wolford pack of Von when my parents decided to finally give it a try. The fact we were welcomed with such open arms was refreshing, given the stories we had been told."

Mike nodded. "Well, I certainly hope we can meet with the pack Alpha's and council before we leave. It would be good to learn from your pack, one that is so diverse, given who my mate is and that she will become Alpha with me."

Kreaven nodded with a grin. "That's also on the agenda after the meeting with the city mammals. Those are the big ones. I was just checking and I have requests to speak at dozens of schools, the university, etc… Though I think that might be a bit much. Perhaps we will arrange a presser in a few days?"

They all shared a look, Judy answering. "That is probably for the best. Control things, satisfy the curiosity of mammals, etc… So let's do this. City tomorrow afternoon, Pack the following afternoon. Presser the day after that, then we can spend a few days just exploring the city, before heading home. Although, considering how we got here, I'm not sure how we are going to get home, or get around. Heck, I'm not even sure exactly where Von is on the planet. Unless that's part of your job?"

Kreaven paused and looked at Judy. "Did your mate explain how you got here? I was under the impression that you were unconscious when you arrived."

Judy chuckled. "He knows it, so therefore I do."

Lizz nodded. "You get used to it."

Kreaven nodded again with a slight confused frown and returned to his tablet as he clearly made some notes. "Okay. That schedule sounds perfect. As for transportation, I have all of that arranged, or I should shortly. I'm still trying to nail down the pilot and his craft. It seems there is an alternative bidder, which is odd, and frustrating. Terry normally jumps at any chance for a charter from me. He's my cousin.

Nick, your sister has been offered a residency at Wilde General in the north east section of the city. We're currently in the south, just inside the entrance to the valley. Wilde General is the premiere surgical center in the city, and she is quite talented from what I understand.

Also, a transport should be here tomorrow some time with your parents and a few select siblings, Judy. As well as your mother, Nick. I do hope your parents bring their game faces, there are several grocery chains chomping at the bit to get some honest to the gods, Hopps produce into their stores. Just the name alone would be enough."

Judy laughed. "I'm sure they will be. Although I'm sure they'll try and talk them into carrying some HFF meat as well."

Kreaven frowned. "HFF?"

"Yep, weird fact. The Hopps maintain one of the largest bird farms in the state. We raise and sell chicken, turkey, ostrich, eggs and meat, something called squab, and a lot of other things. We also started up a bug farm about five years ago on a section of land that is simply un-farmable without spending decades digging out the rock and bringing what little soil there is, to life. It appears that, given what we are learning now that we're getting a proper accounting for the earliest histories, that there are reasons for that. Von being a direct result of one of those bits of history no one wanted to give credence to, given what it implied."

Kreaven's eyes went wide. "Wait‽" Putting his paws up and waving to stop. "HFF stands for Hopps Family Farms? Seriously‽"

Nick nodded with a laugh. "It does. Crazy thing to learn, as a predator. Some of the best poultry comes from a clan of rabbits."

Mike chuckled. "I remember you saying that, but just… Wow! And yet your parents?"

Judy shook her head. "Mom and dad never had much to do with it. There were only a few of us kits that even knew about it, and fewer still that had anything to do with the running of the business. It was us, but mostly run by some coyotes and pigs. The pigs being the ones we rabbits dealt with. Although as I understand it, now that mom and dad are moving past all that fear. They're taking a far more active roll in it, the pigs are out, and at least two of them are up on charges for embezzlement and such. It's a whole different mess.

From what I understand from Henni and Harvy, they're the ones that mom and dad had running it from our side, with mom and dad finally opening up, they've been able to react to what had been going on. They have wanted to get rid of the pigs that had been in the management positions for years and put at least one of the coyotes in-charge. They've got the experience, and the qualifications for it. The pigs that were in charge before just didn't trust them, because…" Everyone rolled their eyes, knowing what was implied.

Kreaven shook his head. "Well, how about that? I guess when they get here, I'll help put them in contact with who they might need to talk to. Although I think their primary focus is going to be on their newest grandkits."

Further plans were made from there, and the little ones woke up needing to be fed and changed. Something their fathers quickly took on without question or complaint. Although there was some argument over who had the kit with the worst stinky that cycle. The conclusion was that it was a tie, if only because both fathers' noses were pretty much dead after the first diaper.



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