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Morning, Sheeriton Imperial suite. 6 AM

Fran slipped out of their room, day bag in paw and a grin on their face. They snuck aboard the aircraft, looking for Terry, finding him standing though clearly not fully awake in front of an open panel that hid a small kitchenette. Slipping up behind them on silent paws, Fran hopped up and wrapped their arms around Terry's neck, kissing the back of their nick then giving it a small nip.

Terry for their part had detected Fran's scent just before they leapt, so they were not taken fully by surprise. However, having Fran land on their back, and then nip caught them fully out of left field. They had not been able to get to sleep and were in desperate need of coffee. Or they were. As Fran slipped off his back, giggling at Terry's completely puffed out fur. Terry was, for the moment, completely alert.

Turning slowly, Terry looked down at the mischievous grin on Fran's muzzle. "Good morning. I feel I'm still going to need the coffee for when the adrenaline wears off. Would you like some? Despite what Ann said, I can do some things without a grill. It's just that an electric grill that I can hook up to the ship to power, so I don't have to carry bags of charcoal or fuel canisters, it is safer and takes up less space. I do keep some wood chips and such in case I want to add some smoke, but otherwise I would rather use the space for food."

Fran nodded with a grin. "I'd love some coffee. Make it how you do, and then I'll doctor it if needed. As for the grill, that makes sense, and would be why you have developed those skills above all else. Although from what you were saying, you are missing out on some of the other things you could do with that. I saw it by the entrance hatch, now that I know what to look for. You don't even have a flat top or set of pans to go with it. Perhaps I can expand on your cooking skills where Ann was unable. Since we will still be using your grill, just in ways you may not have considered."

Terry nodded and turned back to the coffee. "Sounds good. I smelled you, but wasn't expecting you to do that. I don't know if you realize just how intimate that was for me." His fur finally started to relax.

In response, Fran giggled and latched their teeth on the base of Terry's tail causing him to freeze. Once they released him, Fran stepped back to examine their handiwork. "I'm quite sure. Although I think my point is made." Terry turned slowly to stare at Fran, eyes wide and dilated. "I have done a bit of research since we met at the burrow. Also reached out to a few friends, of the striped feline sort, that I met online."

Fran stepped forward, running a paw over the brand on the back of Terry's shoulder. They then pulled down on that arm until they were able to kiss it gently. "I slept, but for the first time in my life I had dreams of that sort. Seeing you standing here in just shorts was more than I could take and really only made things worse. You are far sexier than I expected."

Terry swallowed thickly. "Noted." Turning back to the kitchenette and finished the coffee, then handed it to Fran, who suddenly looked less confident. Giving Fran a warm smile. "If you were expecting a scent response, you won't get one. I don't remember if we got into that, but like I suspect with you, because of, reasons, my scent doesn't change unless the emotional swing is truly severe."

Fran nodded and relaxed with a sigh, taking a sip of the coffee and grimaced. "What the hell is this?"

Terry chuckled. "Coffee."

Fran shook their head. "No, this is not coffee. It might be useful for de-greasing parts, but it is not fit for mammal consumption. This is truly cheap stuff."

Terry shrugged. "I'm used to it."

"Only, I'm sure, because you haven't had a choice. Nope." Taking the cup from Terry and dumping both.

"Hey! I was drinking that!"

"No, you were not. Not ever again if we are going to be together. I've got nothing against strong, but that was turpentine." Grabbing Terry's paw. "Come, I will fix you a proper cup." Leading them off the craft.

"Shouldn't I get dressed?"

Fran glanced back at Terry, looking them up and down. "No." Then turned back and led the way to the kitchen of the suite. Shortly thereafter, they had the espresso machine running and produced two coffees. "Now, drink that."

Terry took a cautious sniff and was surprised to find that it wasn't acidic, but had fruity notes. Taking a sip, his eyes went wide as Fran sipped their own with a grin. "That's… That's amazing."

Fran nodded. "One of those few jobs I was able to get where I didn't get harassed a lot was at a coffee house as a barista. We'll need to update that kitchenette on the ship a bit."

Terry took another drink with a smile and nod. "If you're going to keep making stuff like this, I'm on board."

Jannet appeared on the stool next to Terry. "I'll take my usual, Fran."

Fran chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Sure, sis. Coming right up." Turning back to the machine, and got right to work.

Jannet smiled. "Make two. I expect Domi will want one when she gets here." Looking up at Terry who was clearly lost watching Fran work, though she suspected it was Fran's tail that truly had Terry transfixed as it flicked energetically. "Terry. Would you mind giving Domi and I a ride somewhere? Domi said something about wanting to take me to a special place, and that we'd need a flier."

"In that case, Domi will probably be bringing in her personal vehicle. She's actually an accomplished pilot, but never uses it. If she's taking you where I think, however, I may have to fight her over first rights to it." At no point did his attention waver from Fran.

Domi spoke up from the second landing pad entrance. "No worries, Terry. Going to site three. I want to take Jan to some historical sites."

Terry nodded. "Cool. The swimming hole is mine today."

Domi laughed. "I can see that." Sipping the coffee set before her by Fran. "Oh, that's good. Thank you Fran. I do hope you can help this hopeless oaf."

Fran grinned. "As do I. What he tried to serve me on his ship was pure swill."

Domi almost choked. "He tried to serve you that?" Glaring at Terry. "You trying to chase them away? Why did you think serving them that scorched horror you call coffee was a good idea."

Terry shrugged. "Wasn't thinking. They'd already nipped me on the back of the neck and tail base. My brain is still not fully engaged."

Domi turned to look at Fran with wide eyes. Fran blushing furiously. "You did what?"

Fran felt like they would burst into flames. "So, how do you know Terry?"

"Went to school with him. We enlisted together. He did his stint and got out, used the training as a pilot to become the premiere pilot for the city."

Fran nodded. "Ah, then you are the D, that Ann mentioned last night."

Domi grinned in shock. "Oh, now I know it really is that serious. He took you to Ann last night? You already pick up the ring then?"

Terry's ears folded back. "They don't open until nine, you know that."

"So you already made the call. Nice. Well, congratulations. All the more reason for me to stay away from the swimming hole. I think we'll go to the peak, since you and I are two of the five pilots actually allowed to go up there."

Terry rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and we're also two of the three that have ships that can actually get up there."

"At least of those ships that are privately owned."

"RIght, and the other three pilots work for the service, so…"

Domi rolled her eyes with a flick of her ears. "Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. No need to give us a ride, though I am shocked by your state of dress, or lack thereof."

Terry shrugged. "Fran snuck up on me in the Cerebel, right after I woke up and was making coffee. Of course, what they did woke me all the rest of the way up."

Fran giggled. "So, the ship does have a name. Is it painted on it somewhere?"

Terry nodded. "Yes, and you will get to know it much better later today."

Walking up behind Terry and stroking his tail. "Why not now? Teach me some things about the Cerebel, before we head out. You could even take me on a short flight to get some breakfast."

Domi laughed at Terry's wide, dilated eyes. "Oh. Fran, you have his full attention." Turning to Jannet. "If those two haven't mated by the time they get back, I'll officially be shocked."

Jannet laughed with a nod. "I completely agree. I have never seen Fran act like this." They both turned to find Fran and Terry in a kiss, their muzzles interlocked and paws wandering. "Oh damn!" Slamming a paw on the counter, startling them both away from each other. "HEY! You two need a minute. Clearly. Terry, go get dressed, I'm sure showing all that fur is not helping. Fran, you cook breakfast for yourself and Terry, by the time you're done, he should be dressed and you should both have a clearer head."

Fran nodded as their crimson ears flopped behind their head. "Right…"

Terry gulped. "Sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Domi tapped her nose. "Terry. You two are both actually giving off pheromones."

The both looked at each other. Fran sniffed at Terry. "Yeah… Shower, you. I think I'll go take one as well."

Terry nodded. "Yeah!"

Two very shocked and embarrassed mammals headed in opposite directions. Fran to their room, Terry for the Cerebel. Domi chuckled as they both stole glances at each other as they walked. "Well, I don't know about Fran, but for Terry to be giving off an excited scent and pheromones… That's a new thing."

Jannet nodded. "Oh yeah. Same for Fran. They've never had any reaction like that to anyone. Even a few mammals they seemed very interested in never got them that turned up. No way in hell I'm taking a bet about those two. They'll be lucky to make it off that ship once they land. I think they'll be able to focus while they are working in flight, but once they're down…"

Domi nodded. "Swimming may not be in their future after all."

Jannet helped Fran prepare a more predator friendly breakfast, which Fran appreciated significantly. Predator food preparation was not in the list of skills most of the cooking staff at the burrow had, although that was quickly changing.

After breakfast, showered and separated for a few minutes to clear their heads, Fran and Terry boarded the Cerebel with Terry explaining everything from what the power plant was, how much power and thrust each engine could generate, how much lift the wing surfaces provided, etc…

After cleaning up, as Fran and Terry were still distracted by each other, Domi and Jannet cleaned up and then headed out themselves. Leaving a large portion of the breakfast waiting for whoever woke up next.

As 8:30 am rolled around, Vivian, Stu, and Bonnie exited their rooms just in time to see the Cerebel power up and lift off. Vivian sniffing the air. "Well, from what I remember, it took a lot for my uncle to give off any pheromones. Given I am picking them up from both Fran and Terry, I think you'll have another mated pair by the time they get back."

Bonnie nodded. "Oh, without question. I was actually up earlier, found them trying to eat each other's faces. Got sent to shower and get some separation by Jannet, as they were chatting with Jan and Domi. I expect those two will also be fully mated by the time they get back."

Stu nodded. "Yep. I don't think there is a question about that."

Bonnie smirked up at Vivian. "And then, after we eat. I saw we participate in an old family custom and perform a little kit-napping, so the parents can rest."

Vivian grinned. "I'm on board with that idea."

The grandparents then enjoyed the left behind breakfast, before deciding to simply order in a large cross species spread for the rest. They were at the Sheeriton, in the Imperial suite, they figured they'd try and abuse the fact a bit.

Just before 9am Mike's parents, Victoria and Aaron, as well as Lizz's mother Madeline arrived, and with prompting from Bonnie and Vivian committed their own act of kit-napping. While the idea was initially foreign to them, they welcomed it happily.


The Sheeriton Von, Imperial Suite

Around 10am—WildeHopps

Judy woke up wrapped in warmth and the scent of her mate. This warmed her heart, but as her mind pulled itself back to the waking world she noticed changes. First, she was cuddled right up against him, her nose in his chest fur. Something she hadn't been able to do in months due to being pregnant. This thought brought with it everything of the past day, the poisoning, Von, giving birth. Sudden panic started to set in as her ears snapped to attention, smacking Nick in the nose, waking him and making him sneeze.

Listening, she was able to just hear her mother, Vivian, and Victoria? This confused her a moment, but she ignored that, focusing on the fact that she heard her mother and Vivian fussing over kits. And if Vivian's comment about someone being a stinky little mam, they were changing diapers. Sighing as she realized what had happened, Judy's ears relaxed as she snuggled deeper into Nick's embrace.

Nick chuckled. "Slightly panicked that the kits were gone I'm guessing?"

"Yeah. But I can hear our mom's fussing over them. Probably came in and snatched them up so we could get some rest, and now that we're both awake."

"Exactly what happened. I think they came in around 8am, just after the last feeding you did. I was still slightly awake when they did, and they were not nearly as quiet as they think."

Judy laughed lightly. "Yeah, old family secret. You are just loud enough to ensure at least one of the parents knows what is going on, but not loud enough that they fully wake up. Thus they know where their kits are."

"Your super hearing answering the question before I could address it, since they're just in the other room. Otherwise you would have started to panic and I would have let you know what happened."

"That and I would have picked up what you remembered once we were both awake enough. Then I would have felt like an idiot because I know better. I've helped abduct my siblings kits in the past for this very reason. So they can get some sleep. Benefit of a big family."

Glancing at his watch. "Well, given the time, I suppose we should get up for a late brunch, or likely lunch."

Stretching as Nick released her, Judy grinned. "It's nice to not be weighed down by four kits anymore. Now I have to start working out again."

"As if you stopped. You're just as sexy now as you ever were."

Sitting up, Judy looked down at Nick with a smile. "Careful buddy, that's how we ended up that way to begin with."

Shrugging and pulling her down into a kiss. "Yeah, and? I know you're fertile as all hell right now, and we really don't want more kits, at least not for a bit. That doesn't mean I don't still find you to be the sexiest creature on the planet, bar none."

Grinning with a heat in her eyes. "Yeah. I'm fertile, and you know what that means. Get that tail moving. Grab several of those condoms from the night stand that I know they will have put there, and get your ass in the shower. I haven't felt you in months, and I'm not waiting."

Nick's gaze ignited with desire. "You're sure, Fluff? If it breaks."

Shrugging her shoulders. "If one breaks, it breaks. So be it." Hopping off the bed and flicking her tail at him. "I may not feel all that sexy right now, but I need my mate, if he's up to it."

Nipping at her tail as she dodged just out of range with a squeal and giggle. "I thought we have long established that there is nothing, and I mean literally nothing, that makes you less sexy in my eyes."

With that, Nick was on all fours, stalking off the bed towards her. Judy saw this, and with a joyous laugh, took off into the bathroom of their room, Nick quite literally hot on her tail, condoms in paw.


The Sherriton Von, Imperial Suite

Same time, Wolford-Fangmeyer suite.

Mike and Lizz woke together, both sighing in satisfaction from the closeness, Lizz happily wrapped tightly around her wolf. Mike, feeling secure and warm, surrounded by his tiger. "How long have we been out, kitten? I don't hear the kits."

Lizz chuckled. "Your mother and Mine, along with Nick and Judy's, snuck in early this morning and abducted the kits. Some half whispered comments about letting the parents sleep and getting to spoil them."

"Ah! I wondered how I was able to smell mom… Wait, mom is here?"

"Both of our mothers, actually. Bonnie, Judy's mom, made some comment about being a Hopps family tradition to give the new parents some much needed rest."

"I suppose it makes sense. We've certainly had the chance to bond with them from birth through their fist full day and night."

"Exactly. Vivian dropped something off on the nightstand, although I am not sure what it was."

Extracting his head, Mike looked over Lizz's shoulder to the nightstand. "Huh… Condoms."

Lizz jerked. "They left what now?"

Chuckling as he nuzzled and nipped at Lizz's neck making her gasp. "They left condoms. A good dozen of them. I can't speak for Nick, or any other mammal, but the fact that you just had my kits is so damn sexy. That you can. It doesn't help that I can smell just how fertile you are right this second. It's kinda clouding my brain a little." Nibbling down her chest as she laid out and stretched.

"Oh gods. Mike. Stop!"

"Mmmm. No. I mean, if you truly want me to, I will. I was thinking, shower?"

Lizz snapped her head up, locking her eyes on Mikes, both of them almost savage with desire. "Yeah. Shower, and grab those."

Mike slid up along her body to kiss her passionately. "You're sure. I want you so bad right now, but if it breaks."

Pulling Mike into another kiss that almost blew his mind. "Then so be it."

Lizz quickly rolled off the bed, snatching several condoms from the nightstand. Mike popped up on all fours and caught the tip of her flicking tail in his teeth causing her to squeak. Looking back as he grinned up at her, rolling his eyebrows, his grin just getting bigger as he could smell the further spike in her need. A giggle escaping her muzzle, Lizz pulled her tail free, he really wasn't holding it tightly, and ran for the bathroom, Mike hot on her tail, grabbing a pawfull of condoms as he followed her.


The Sherriton, Imperial Suite, Von

As the showers came on, Bonnie chuckled as she cradled James and Richard. "Sounds like the parents are up, and likely doing exactly what all of us knew they would."

Vivian laughed, adjusting Elizabeth and Aurora in her arms. "Bonnie, they're only doing that because you talked us into snatching their kits and leaving a pile of protection for them."

Bonnie looked over to Vivian, an ear falling slightly to the side. "What? Tell me you didn't agree with it? That you wouldn't have done the same if you had the opportunity?"

Rolling her eyes, Vivian shook her head. "Oh hell no. John and I would have taken the opportunity in a heartbeat."

Victoria laughed as well. "Agreed. If we were not so completely wiped out, Arron and I would have been the same way. Most mammals don't have the large extended family that you do that lets you give those freshly minted parents the opportunity to rest and reconnect so much sooner. I rather like it. Plus, with the quality formula that Maria has obtained, we don't have to worry about disturbing them." Picking up Michael and Victoria. "I mean, it also gives us a chance to connect so much earlier with these beautiful little beasts." Kissing both between their ears as they cooed. "They'll know all of our scents so much earlier. It is more like what the pack used to be like."

Aaron nodded, holding Madeline and Jason. "I wonder if there is some way for us to bring such a thing back, maybe some way to arrange for it with other members of the pack?"

Victoria nodded in agreement. "I think that might be possible. Especially after the pact is signed. The pack, and the family in general will expand a lot."

Madeline, Lizz's mom, chuckled as she took her namesake from Aaron, bottle in paw, handing him a second bottle for Jason. "So very true. I certainly never would have thought I would suddenly have wolves as part of the family, and for them to be the pack Alpha's! I'm still getting used to the idea. Not complaining, mind you. Those same wolves gave me grand-cubs I didn't think I would ever get."

Maria laughed with a nod bouncing Anna on a knee, the little Merg laughing gleefully. "It will, as will the world in general. That pact is going to reshape the world. The original was signed to stop wars and pointless slaughter of both predator and prey. They were going to fight each other to extinction. The prey outnumbered the predators, just as they do now, but the predators were really good at taking down dozens or more prey per predator killed. It really kinda balanced out.

Given that, neither side wanted to just give up. The predators were looking at starvation, and the prey, Sheep and larger types like buffalo and such, did not like the idea of just being food. It is the literal reason why smaller predators like foxes and prey like rabbits, squirrels, etc… were initially left out of it."

Adrian nodded with a snort. "Fact is, there are still some species that are not included in that pact. Squirrels are actually one of them. A lot of rodents, and most that land on the small and tiny part of the size scale. No one thinks about it, but they aren't. Everyone just assumes that it covers all species, and if they don't know because they're not rabbits, foxes, or others that have had direct experience of this fact, or had such a conversation with them, they simply don't know.

The terrifying thing is, a predator could go on a hunting spree in the city, and as long as they only hunted those excluded species, they could get away with it. If their defense attorney were to bring it up. However, there is an unspoken rule amongst lawyers, especially defense and prosecutors. While it could be construed as part of a proper defense, it would be such a miscarriage of justice, none of them are willing to acknowledge it."

Most of the rest of the mammals blanched at this, Patricia sighing with a nod. "It's true. As absolutely horrifying as that is, it's true. When it gets close, you should reach out to those species not included. I am sure most would leap at the chance to sign onto such a pact. It would expand, and extend the protections from the old pact and law properly to those species because it would tie them into those laws and rules via those already part of the old pact.

If a lawyer were to ever cite the fact that a given species is not included, they would become persona non-grata almost instantly. While legally they'd be right, they would literally paint a target on the back of every member of that species, as well as any others not included. Because we all know that there are those out there that, given the opportunity, would look it up and then go after them."

Eric stretched on the couch next to Jeff. "I think that is a really important take away. I wonder if we could talk Peter and Fabienne into joining it? They'd need an excuse to be there and transmitting remotely."

Jeff yawned. "This couch, with you, is way too comfortable. I'm sure we can work something out. Also, yes. I know they would leap at the chance to sign onto it. It would give them the protection they need to be open finally. You know how much they want that."

Victoria barked and then laughed. "I knew it! I knew those two were together!"

Eric leaned up and looked at the others. "What?"

Vivian laughed in kind. "You two were talking while you were dozing over there. You just revealed that Peter and Fabienne are together and were trying to figure out how to get them on site for the pact signing, having them reporting remotely."

Eric nodded. "Oh. Well, yeah. They're very private about it. A lot more know than they like, but so far everyone has been quiet about it. Met them at a higher end party."

Maria nodded. "They're good mammals. Haven't however gotten married because that would be a bit too public. Same reason Jarvis and I haven't. I mean, they are married, as far as they are concerned. I performed a small ceremony for them, but they never registered it."

Bonnie nodded, setting the kits in the bassinet. "With their public profiles, it's no surprise. That would have just been for them. I wonder if they'd want to take the chance and get publicly hitched at the burrow with all the other weddings going on."

Maria nodded. "It was. However, as Eric suggested, they would love to be open about it. Signing onto the pact would give them that freedom, because it would protect them from the worst of the blow-back. Peter got Fabienne a beautiful ring, but she can't wear it in public."

Vivian sighed sadly. "That's sad. Just for that reason, we need to figure out how to get them there and be a part of it. Let the authorities try and stop it when it is being broadcast live."

Victoria grinned. "Oh, now we are talking. I've been wondering exactly how you were going to keep things under control and keep the authorities out and from interfering."

Bonnie laughed. "It really is mostly Nick and Judy. They're leveraging their pending bunny wedding, and since they are so high profile, a lot of those that want to join the pact can use that as an excuse to be in Bunnyburrow. Those that can't are being hooked up with various members of the family to make friends, and thus make it onto the guest list. At this point, a mammal should be able to just walk in off the train and no one will question it. Which is its own risk. Thinking about that, Nick and Judy having their bunny wedding could be an excuse for Peter and Fabienne to show up for a special report or something."

Maria nodded with a thoughtful smile. "When things get closer, I'll bring it up to them. I think they could probably pull it off for that reason, and that would put them right where they will need, and want to be."

Jason nodded with a grin. "Which is where the Nighwolves come in. Our job will be to keep the signing, and every mammal in the region, safe. Every Nightwolf not otherwise assigned will be there. Heck, if some of the messages I've been fielding from the locals mean anything, then we might have the extra clout of Von itself. Though that remains to be seen."

Maria nodded with a smile. "Good." Helping settle the now fed, burped, and sleepy kits in their bassinet. The group in silent agreement moved to a different part of the room where they could talk but otherwise not overly disturb the kits, all of which were quickly in a snuggle pile. They had initially tried separate bassinets for each kit. That had not gone over well. Then separate ones for the groupings were tried, and while that was better, they just would not calm down and sleep.

With that, Maria had a much larger bassinet delivered, one meant for a hippo, and with all nine kits curled up together, they knocked out almost immediately and slept soundly. Many photos were taken to be shared with the parents. It was clear that the kits/cubs/pups were going to be a handful. They slept fine with their parents in the room, but if not around their parents, they seemed to instinctively need the presence of the rest of the grouping.


Some time later, approaching 11am

The Sherriton, Imperial Suite, Von

Nick, Judy, Lizz, and Mike exited their rooms, fully refreshed, rested, and smiling. Knowing that their kits were safe with the grandparents and closest friends protecting them, they were able to reconnect with each other, and get rest that, unless they are a Hopps rabbit, most freshly minted parents never get.

First finding their kits and collectively gripping their hearts over the pile of cute that was the snuggle pile of all nine, they moved away to join the rest of the adults. There, meal planning, meeting schedule finalization, etc… were completed. Kreaven was not actually present, but participated via a video link with Maria. The rest of the adults then descended into a somehow quiet game of Uno.

Judy chuckled as she leaned into Nick's side. "You know, mom, I never, NEVER, as many times as I participated in a kit-napping so my siblings and cousins could rest and reconnect with their mates; I never in a million years thought I'd be the target." Drawing a card from Nick's hand and slapping it on the pile. "Reverse Wilde." Pronouncing the E at the end. "Draw four Eric. Blue."

They were playing Uno-Teams, based on mated pairs, with Jason teaming with Vivian. The first pair to run out of cards won. Each member of a pair had their own hand, but were allowed to access each other's cards, as Judy just did, leaving Nick with 2 cards in hand and Judy one. Uno called only when there was a single card for the pair.

Eric groaned, pulling the four cards from the deck, groaning again when he saw them, pulling two more before dropping a blue skip down. Jeff was already out of cards, but now he had more cards then when they both started. "Finally! Skip."

Bonnie laughed, grabbing a card from Stu, leaving him with three cards. "And right back to you again, Eric. Reverse wild, draw four, green"

Drawing four more cards with another groan, Eric slaps another card down. "Finally. Right back at you Bonnie. Reverse wild, draw four, red."

Stu drew the four cards and dropped a red three down, all eyes turning to Jarvis as he rolled his eyes and started drawing cards. He had one, finally pulling and placing a red six down and leaving him with five cards now in hand. All heads turned to hear a giggle and found Vivian cuddling Aurora.

Nick chuckled. Slapping a Wild down on the pile. "Red."

Judy Then dropped her final card down, another wild. "Red. Uno." As only Nick now had a card.

Nick then set a red two on the pile. "And we're out." A collective groan going around the tale.

Standing Nick and Judy laughed and headed over to the kits. They were starting to wake up and it was time to snuggle their new little ones.


Entering the room at about one in the afternoon, Kraven smiled as he saw the parents surrounded by their young, the grandparents, and friends. "Good afternoon everyone. I see you all look rather more rested than I would expect."

Bonnie laughed. "Hello Kraven. We're doing well. The grandparents and friends decided to apply an old Hopps tradition and kit-nap the kits while the parents slept. Give them the chance to get some rest and reconnect while knowing their young are safe."

Nodding Kraven smiled wider. "Oh, that's wonderful. So... The council, if you are up for it, would like to meet with the four of you this afternoon. It's just short of one, so with their meeting and committee schedule, that'd be around four or four thirty. The rest of the family can come, they'll just have to wait outside, although once the meeting is over, I'm sure many of the council mammals will want to meet with the young ones and everyone else."

After a quick discussion, they all agreed. Kraven then stepped aside to arrange the transport with Terry. Reporting back that Terry and Fran would be back in a bit over two hours, as they were currently occupied. Something that got knowing chuckles from most of those present.

Nick laughed outright. "Ha! What do you think, Carrots? Did your sib finally find themselves someone?"

Judy nodded. "Maybe. I sure hope so." Seeing the look on her mothers face, Judy laughed. "I change that to, pretty much certain."

With that, the group turned to fawning over the kits, even Bogo ending up somehow holding several in his massive arms, with pictures taken, much to his frustration. The genuine, warm smile, on his muzzle notwithstanding. They could all swear they could hear the squeal shortly after the pictures were sent to the chat group that included Ben. It may have been their imagination, but no one could be quite sure.



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So keep those reviews and comments coming. And also remember, if you see issues, misspellings, etc... Let me know in PM, I'm under no illusion of being perfect and want to fix those things I miss.