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Chapter 2: Making a name for yourself

The next day Izuku went walking around Mustafu City. He was trying to find some small criminal gangs or thugs that he could work with so that he could make a name for himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to start as a villain and he can't really ask anyone or they'll look at him as if he's crazy.

He was currently wearing a white hoodie with some black pants and black sneakers. He wore a scarf around his mouth and his hood up to protect his identity. Can't have anyone recognizing him and telling the police that he's a villain.

He walked around for hours until dusk. It was getting late and he had no luck.

'Dammit' Izuku thought frustratingly. 'Where could these villains be at. Well I don't blame them. Can't be out in the open talking about your secret plans.' he realized.

As Izuku was walking down an empty street, he heard some men talking. He decided to listen to their conversation just to see if they were villains he could work with.

"So when are we doing this" one man spoke, his voice sounding deep.

"Tomorrow, first thing in the morning." another man spoke, his voice a bit lighter than the other.

"So we just barge in the store and take the money?" the first man said.

"Yeah, pretty much" the second one said.

Izuku couldn't believe his luck. Two villains planning to rob a store, and they didn't even have a good plan. He decided to confront them and ask if they wanted more help.

'Calm down Izuku, you can do this' he thought while taking deep breaths.

" You don't seem to have much of a plan" Izuku said, his voice a bit muffled by the scarf around his mouth.

"Who the hell are you" the first man said while getting a knife that manifested out of nowhere.

This is when Izuku got a good look at them. The first man was tall, about 6'0 ft, wearing a black sweater, jeans, and some run-down boots. He had short black hair with a beard, a buff physique, skin that looked tan, and black onyx eyes.

The second man was a bit shorter than the first, but not by much. He was wearing a grey shirt, blue jeans, and some blue sneakers. He had short blonde hair, was skinny, had pale skin, and blue eyes. The first man looked a lot more intimidating than the second, but Izuku had the feeling the second man was the leader of the two.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to rat you out or harm you" Izuku said with a calmer voice. He's trying to let the men's guard down so he could talk business with them.

"And why should we believe that?" the first man said with a bit of sarcasm.

"Well if I wanted to rat you out I would have called the police already and just run away. And if I wanted to harm you I would have tried for a sneak attack, and well, I don't really look like I could take the both of you on and win" Izuku responded, trying to act friendly.

"Then what did you come here for?" This time it was the second man who asked with curiosity in his voice.

"Well I want to help you out." Izuku said, answering his question.

"Why?" the second man asked.

"Because I want to make a name for myself as a villain. Everyone's gotta start off somewhere right? So I decided to help villains with their plans, like a strategist. No offense, but your plan doesn't seem that well made. There are so many flaws with just going in and out. You could easily get caught by heroes or the police." Izuku explained, mumbling a bit off topic.

The first man seemed ticked off at the statement but the second seemed genuinely curious. He was wondering if this kid had a talent for strategizing. And he had a point. The plan wasn't the best and had a lot of weaknesses.

"Alright then, we're planning to rob the gas station up in the North. How do you think we should go by it?" the second man asked.

"Well…" Izuku broke off for a moment, thinking. After a couple moments, he got his answer.

"Well first you should either rob at night, or early in the morning, because that's the time there are the least amount of people. Then you should check how far the police station is and the hero patrols. The police are actually 20 min away from the gas station, so if you cut that by half, then you have at least 10 min to get in and get out. The earliest hero you have to worry about is Quicksand, but he reaches the gas station by 9:00 am, and if he got the call that you were robbing the place, the earliest he would get there is by 7:00 am, and by then you'll be long gone. You should also get rid of the cashier as fast as possible to reduce the eye witnesses. You should wear masks and try to leave as little DNA evidence as possible. The only problem are the camera's, but I should be able to take care of them."

Izuku actually learned computer science before, and learned enough where he learned how to hack systems. He only took it as a hobby though, since at the time he still had the dream of being a hero.

Both men were shocked. The second man especially saw how much potential this kid had as a villain and a strategist.

"Oh, sorry, I rambled on again. You see I just want you to spread my name around. You don't have to give me any money." Izuku replied honestly. If he was going to become one of the best villains he had to let the villains know how valuable he was as an asset.

"Alright, you can join us, but if you betray us, you don't want to know." The first man said.

"Don't worry, I won't" Izuku said worriedly. He really didn't want to get on these guy's bad sides.

"Well kid, if you want to get your name around, you've got to tell us your name" the second man said.

"It's Arata" Izuku replied.

"Well Arata, I call myself A and my partner with the beard here is Ailward." A said.

"What are your quirks?" Izuku asked.

"Well I can put people to sleep by touching them and Ailward can summon 1 small object on each hand. It can be a knife, gun, or a picklock." A replied.

"Meet up at the gas station by 6:00 and get everything you need ready. And don't be late." A said while he and Arata were walking out of the alleyway.

Izuku couldn't believe it. He impressed the villains enough to where they allowed him to help out. He could have started jumping for joy.

Izuku quickly went home and greeted his mother. He said he stayed out late to just walk around the city and luckily his mother believed him. He quickly got everything ready. He would wear the same outfit he already wore and he would bring his laptop so he would be able to get into the gas stations system. He brought a secret knife he hid in his drawer, just in case he ever gets into a fight.

He looked at the clock and it said 10:45. He had less than 7 hours of sleep until he had to meet the guys so he went to bed and quickly went to sleep.

When Izuku woke up he was a bit confused at first until he remembered what happened yesterday. He looked at the clock and it read 5:15 am. His mother was still asleep and wouldn't wake up until 8 or 9 so he was safe with her. He quickly packed up and quietly left his apartment.

He would have to take a train that would take 30 minutes to get to the closest station to the location. And to get there would take a 15 minute walk so he would get there just on time.

When he reached the gas station he saw A and Ailward at a dark corner of the store, away from all the lights.

Izuku noticed that both of them were wearing masks and dark clothing, so that meant they actually took his advice seriously.

Izuku quickly reached and greeted them.

"So you actually came kid." A said.

"Yeah well, I didn't lie to you." Izuku replied.

"Good." Ailward grunted.

"So you have everything?" A asked.

Yeah, I just gotta get ready." Izuku replied.

"Well, we're starting now, so get ready right now" A said as he and Ailward were going into the store.

Izuku quickly opened up his laptop and got into the gas station's system. It was surprisingly easy since he thought they would put more effort into their security. Izuku then got into the camera's and disabled them and put it to where they wouldn't come on until 6:30. After a couple of moments, he heard the alarm. Izuku hoped that they remembered they had at least 10 minutes before the police arrived.

After 7 minutes and them not arriving, Izuku got impatient. He got up, put his hood up to conceal his identity more than the scarf already did, can never be too cautious, and went into the store.

What he saw was the employee knocked out, and A and Ailward grabbing money out of the cash register and a small safe, Ailward probably used his quirk to open them.

"What's taking so long, we have 3 minutes left." Izuku said hurriedly.

"Don't worry kid, we're almost done" A said right as he and Ailward put the last of the money in the bag.

"Well let's go then." Izuku reminded them and all 3 of them ran out of the store. And right at the ten minute mark, when they all were a safe distance away from view, they saw the police arrive.

"Well shit kid, you were right. I don't know what we'd do without you." A said.

'Get arrested' Izuku thought blankly.

"Well, after everything you've done for us, I think you deserve 50,000 yen. Oh, and don't worry about your name. We'll be sure to tell everyone underground how great Arata is" A said.

Izuku was surprised. Not only did they agree to spread his name, but also gave him an extra bonus. He thought villains were all, well, not so nice. It seems this is another flaw in the current society, always judging others. Not all villains are bad but not all heroes are good either.

As A and Ailward were walking away, Izuku called out to them.

"Wait!, will we ever meet each other again?" Izuku asked

"I don't know kid. The thing about being a villain is, if you work with other people, they tend to leave after a certain amount of time, unless you join them as a group. Will we meet again, maybe." A replied as he and Ailward were leaving.

Izuku stood there, taking in the knowledge, and decided it was best to remember it. As he was walking home, he started to look back on what happened. He just robbed his first ever store and it was successful. And not only did the guys he was working with agree to spread his name, they even gave him a bonus.

'It seems I'm starting to make a name for myself' Izuku thought with a smile right as the sun was coming up.

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