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It was a fine, sunny day up on Mount Olympus. My name is Harbringer, and I'm the goddess of bad things yet to come. I don't work exclusively for Ares, he's more like an older brother to me instead of a master, but on occasion, I do him a couple of favors, like representing him for a battle he can't attend, or something like that. I had been called up to the throne room because I assumed that Zeus needed a favor. He had commandeered some nymphs to guard the palace, and they nodded to me as I passed them. When I entered, Zeus was lounging on his throne, getting a massage from another nymph. When he saw me, he dismissed the nymph, and she bowed and walked out a side door. I made no move to bow, as Zeus well knew that he had no hold over me and that I could come and go as I pleased. "Ah, Harbringer." said Zeus, "I've been wanting to talk to you for a while." At this, I moved my hand to my sword hilt, wary of his words. "About what." "I've decided that you should marry Ares!" "Wait, WHAT?!" I exclaimed, "You want me to marry ARES?" "Why yes," he said, as if this was obvious, "he's a great guy! Why wouldn't you want to marry him?" "I'm 14, he's already in love with Aphrodite, and he's definitely more like an older brother to me than husband material!" "Well, since no one knows who your father is, I am going to act as him and choose who and when you marry." ok, seriously? He's pulling THAT card? "Actually, like EVERYONE knows who my dad is! It's HERMES!" "Hmm. Well then, I'm your king, and I order you to marry Ares." "If you seriously thought that you could just pull the king card and I would be all 'Yes Lord Zeus, and while i'm at it can I give you a massage?'? HADES NO!" "Are you completely sure that you will not marry Ares then?" he asked "Yes, I am COMPLETELY SURE." he sighed and snapped his fingers, and armed guards trooped into the room. Their captain asked "What do you require of us, Lord Zeus?" "Lock her in the dungeon, then summon Ares." "yes Lord Zeus" the head guard replied, "Men, arrest the Lady Harbringer, and take her to the dungeon." "We're not afraid to injure or kill, even if you come quietly." one of the guards said, "So don't make us have to." "is this the best you can come up with?" I asked mockingly, "I can foresee some very bad things in your future happening if you make that decision." the guards moved closer to me, fanning out in a semicircle with a huge open window behind me. I really didn't want to hurt the guards, but I knew they also wouldn't just let me fly off just like that. I figured the window was booby-trapped, ready to ensnare me if I went through it. Sure enough, a hawk tried to fly into the throne room and was trapped in a celestial bronze web. As the guards advanced, I snapped out my claws and charged forwards at the newest guard. At the last possible second, he lost his nerve and dropped his weapon, a finely crafted sword. I broke through the ranks of guards and turned to face Zeus. "I really didn't want to have to do this, but…" the next thing I knew, I felt an electric shock coursing through my body, and pain. Then I blacked out.